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File: DehqQhtXcAE7gYY.png (2.55 MB, 1200x1200)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB PNG
what are you most optimistic about?
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File: 1394053563565.gif (1.82 MB, 150x114)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB GIF
Im optimistic that there will be an even better thing than the internet that 4chan will get its wriggly little fingers on and thrive once again...
Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner
Getting a new computer soon.
File: clipped eye.png (215 KB, 850x262)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
lovely thread

File: 1550486037995.jpg (299 KB, 1440x1080)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
what are you most pessimistic about?
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My comfy NEET days will be over soon as has already happened to all my friends and it's not giving me much to look forward to.

Love (khv, T-6 years to wizardom)
My wagecucking prospects once I gradute

File: tegaki.png (10 KB, 400x400)
10 KB
How to stop being anxious around people? I drink 2 cup of coffee a day and I have these weird feelings in my body. For example I shut in inside my room and play videogames instead of eating with the guests.
idk, I'll let you know when I figure it out

File: Froged.jpg (268 KB, 1200x705)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
Dys, I would just like to congradulate you on being, quite literally, a mentally handicapped retard. Never in my life have I seen such shitty moderation, that someone created an alt board of /b/, and actually fucking succeeded. I want you to dwell on this fact for as long as you can, until you realize what must be done, and jump off of the tallest building near you. You, singlehandedly, have killed this board, one of the most popular boards on this website for several years. I am not sure whether to be impressed, or pity you for being such a pathetic sack of shit. It is truly shocking how one person can be this much of a heaping pile of dogshit. If we got some stupid, trashy, hot cheeto munching negress to run this board, it is guaranteed it would be in a better state right now, than with your cock sucking, reddit browsing, morbidly obese, fat fucking ass draining this board of it's lifeforce like some sort of autistic vampire who can't control himself and just destroys everything he touches. Dysnomia, go fuck yourself and run bare ass naked into the Whitehouse and start trying to stab people in the hopes that you get shot, and your miserable existence comes to an end, and the world may be at peace once more.

Go fuck yourself,

fuck off back to >>>/qa/
I'm here forever

File: 1540646955185.png (79 KB, 420x450)
79 KB
This thread will last until Halloween.
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Keeping the dream alive.
File: 1d7.jpg (370 KB, 1424x842)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
how about no?
File: tegaki.png (4 KB, 400x400)
4 KB

Post your rare moots
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File: 36843556.jpg (882 KB, 1704x2272)
882 KB
882 KB JPG
File: 33393166.jpg (71 KB, 800x600)
71 KB
File: 10136866.jpg (35 KB, 640x480)
35 KB
File: 99326573.jpg (683 KB, 1704x2272)
683 KB
683 KB JPG

File: 079Slowpoke_Dream.png (13 KB, 312x295)
13 KB
Merry Christmas, /vip/!!!!
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File: tegaki.png (16 KB, 400x400)
16 KB
Oh I simply wait for Christmas to come around again
hey its summer
Eagerly awaiting Christmas.
Happy birthday 4chan!
File: tegaki.png (11 KB, 400x400)
11 KB

File: INT. TRADITIONAL BATCAVE.png (368 KB, 1546x1670)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
File: anime-girl-laughing.jpg (39 KB, 1021x574)
39 KB
>It contains a coupon for new parents, but is expired.

So how are yall doing today?

Anything big happening in life good or bad?

Took this pic from my new home of my shitty old new to me dump truck.

Been fighting mowers to the point I'm done. I've built a remote control mower but over winter I'm building an autonomous mower. Maybe more than one.
File: broly.jpg (2.64 MB, 4160x3120)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB JPG
Doing fine, just got pic related in the mail today, pretty happy with it. Although the shop I bought it from is called BigBadToyStore and had that name all over the package. So I guess my mailman thought I ordered a sex toy or something.

File: 1562663700582.jpg (80 KB, 1200x598)
80 KB
What are your top 5 most used boards?
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File: 1565170742983.jpg (118 KB, 970x970)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
your life has no value if you still use /r9k/, /mu/, /qa/, /adv/, /v/, /b/, /d/ or /aco/
File: Omiko.jpg (507 KB, 949x1300)
507 KB
507 KB JPG
/w/, /c/, /cm/, /vp/, and /gd/.
/w/ is super underrated and /c/ and /cm/ are very pleasant and friendly. /vp/ is pretty much the worst board I browse full of underages and people who can't reply to anything without buzzwords, but I love pokemon and when it comes down to it appreciation threads for specific characters and Pokemon are fun to be in.
File: Spoiler Image (74 KB, 1280x540)
74 KB
/tv/, /pol/, /bant/, /news/, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>/vip/.
/pol/ /g/ /a/ /v/ and /jp/

File: 1556815068948.jpg (99 KB, 848x720)
99 KB
>No new boards created in 2 years.
I understand that it's expensive to increase server capacity, so just replace /mlp/.
Does anyone even still watch that shit? They'd be more at home on reddit anyway.
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I want a highly moderated board for general discussion. Where low-effort posters are given no mercy.
There's a website for that; iot starts with an r and ends with a t.
wew imagine actually replying to a tripfag
Would you say it's Very Important?
Apart from a few enclaves, that websites thrives on nothing but low-effort posts

File: 1446909969094.jpg (31 KB, 500x375)
31 KB
Just gonna post my favorite interesting photographs and shit. Post some too if you want.
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File: 1565634169883.jpg (120 KB, 750x737)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
File: 1565106624269.jpg (139 KB, 718x960)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
File: 1565106679893.jpg (90 KB, 607x960)
90 KB
File: 1565633706153.jpg (122 KB, 889x750)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Not actually deformed

File: Zombatar_1.jpg (11 KB, 180x180)
11 KB
I'm trying to log into 4chan and I keep getting this message with an error text: "Connection Error. Please make sure both 4chan.org and 4channel.org domains are whitelisted if you are using a script blocker."

I can obviously log into 4channel, but not 4chan. I saw a fix that was posted a few months ago going to 4channel.com/auth or something like that but it hasn't worked. Any fixes?
File: tegaki.png (4 KB, 400x400)
4 KB
Never mind. Based jannies/mods helped me fix it. Have a benis.
How'd you do it?

Having the same problem
Nvm, figured it out, was Brave browser's adblocking. Have to turn it off for 4chan.

Fucking Eich

File: 67492692_p0.jpg (124 KB, 700x800)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Where are you heading off to when they nuke 4chan?
I go wherever /cm/ takes me.

File: 1565405245693.png (197 KB, 407x718)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
>4chan pass status: auto-renew

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