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File: 1549438840790.webm (669 KB, 720x720)
669 KB
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Kenny Omega spoke about a bump like this once and said he could feel all of his organs shoot up against his rib cage and shit. Said he felt like throwing up immediately but other than that it wasn't that bad or unsafe.
yeah but Kenny Omegas is a fag who hangs around with trannies
File: 0qxuhbfr3vk01.jpg (325 KB, 500x750)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
That was the match against Ibushi in Budokan Hall in 2012. Kenny took a frankensteiner from the top rope to the outside floor.
What is dangling from his forehead?

It's April 6th 2019
Seth Rollins has just Seth Rollins'd himself and is out of action for at least 10 months.

With 24 hours to go, who do you chose to go over Brock clean the very next day while having absolutely zero story or build behind it at this point?
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"Uncle" Charles Manson
imagine if seff is injured, roman has the lukes, and dean is kayfabe fired and all return at the same time to reform the shield and take out the (not)bullet club
Have some darn faith, Vince!
File: 1547165808406.jpg (260 KB, 1200x675)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
>Heyman and Brock go out to the ring
Ladies and gentlemen, [usual Heyman intro].
You might have heard but in case you didn't: Seth Rollins didn't show up for work today.
The WWE knows that you paid your hard-earned money to see The Beast in action. So a number of phone calls and emails went out asking superstars if they wanted to fight BROCK LESNAR. They all said "no."
And that does diminish those superstars in any way. It takes time to prepare yourself to fight BROCK LESNAR and twenty-four hours just isn't enough time.
Therefore, the McMahon family asked us to come out here and declare that this match will be an OPEN CHALLENGE, that ANYONE has a chance to walk down that ramp, come into this ring. and fight BROCK LESNAR.
Now at this point, I'd like to apologize to the WWE Universe because no one is crazy enough to ch-

File: global elite.jpg (48 KB, 770x439)
48 KB
Without mentioning Tony Khan and his dad's money, what is the difference between Cody Rhodes's AEW and Jeff Jarrett's GFW?
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>Kenny is the only non-WWE draw

Jeff Jarret is like HHH except less succesful
you make it sound as if wwe has any draws
Cody is a master carny like his daddeh
JJ is a failure
only one of those two guys worked vince out of six figures in cash in one night.

it wasn't cody.

File: ishii_en-352x528.png (195 KB, 352x528)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
When will he choppa Switchblade?
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>DAE think this guy whose job is to make the main eventers look good should be champion
>>>/reddit/ is that way
How can a man with no ye main event?
File: ishiisad.png (996 KB, 1244x706)
996 KB
996 KB PNG
Please Gedo
I want a match between him and Shingo.

File: johnny1011.png (651 KB, 1000x707)
651 KB
651 KB PNG
What's the ceiling for my guy Johnny 1011?

File: eric whackoff.jpg (58 KB, 1200x800)
58 KB
*reveals age old media trickery to you as nothing more than emotionally tugging, carny professional wrestling tomfoolery in the vicinity of your pathway*

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Lets give baby CTE just like daddy
Are you retarded
The only person BTFO here is you, ya shoot simp.
Absolutely worked and it's a bad thing!
Did randy ever procreate any boys?

File: vannam ALBUM COVER.jpg (37 KB, 431x431)
37 KB
I have a very serious problem which is shrugged off by many as just being a mental health issue. I assure you I have no delusion when I say that I have been stalked by a woman believed to be named Marjorie Polites (and her associates) for a minimum of 5 years. I have recently heard her speaking about changing her last name because of my knowledge of it. I have reason to believe she has many contacts in the mafia, holds a private investigators license and has contacts within law enforcement agencies, the medical profession and the government. I believe she has unlimited resources as she has managed to follow me wherever I move. I have good reason to believe that my house is bugged with microphones and rf cameras and that she is staying right next door to where I am living. Marjorie speaks within my earshot often about brutal murder and such things as if she's "my God" when I'm actually Christian. When she destroys an opportunity for me to improve my life or further destroys my reputation she calls it a “leg down” and I've heard her use that term probably more then 200 times all up, referring to jobs I've applied for, individuals, social circles or social media. I believe she also launched an aggressive smear campaign against me in approximately 2014 through word of mouth and on various social media platforms
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Imagine unironically posting this on a wrestling board
Take a break from smoking the herb mate, things will clear up, they did for me
Get ready for part two of 89'
This better be leading to the big showdown at wrestlemania
You can run for now anon, but you won’t be able to escape when you’re INSIDE THE WORLDS DEADLIEST STRUCTURE, AT HELL IN A CELL 2019!

File: ericbitchoff.jpg (20 KB, 645x370)
20 KB
*walks into your path*
>Hey Anon
*slaps you in the face*
>You dum, real big dumdum
*adjusts jacket*
>Yeah real dumdum
>Me not dumdum
*chuckles under breath*
>u dumdum though, big dumdum


>u got worked, me wrestle man, not dum dum, we call that work, u worked, media same do
Based dumdum

What did Mufasa Ali mean by this?
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Yeah, we whites mass shoot our loads onto your mums face every night after she tells you to go to sleep.
Jewish includes Europeans
File: God Bless America.jpg (244 KB, 870x615)
244 KB
244 KB JPG

Your tears are delicious.
The Muslims were framed. Those shots were far too accurate for sand people
Peace and clarity is the best meme of 2019

File: 1529736867808.jpg (7 KB, 250x241)
7 KB
>cage match
>door escape
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>the product
Based worked and seething
Ya boil?
>run full speed toward opponent with sledgehammer

>hit him in the stomach
Wrestling is fake, yeah, but... that is quite a fall for someone so old.

>“Asuka’s not even on the card [at Elimination Chamber] so whatever she’s doing at WrestleMania and nobody knows that right now. Because I mean, people are pitching for that one. Who knows how that’s gonna end up?”

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They get her to Smackdown by simply making it happen. Vince points out that the show has lost it's two top women and promises to compensate. That compensation will be Bliss
>Ronnie was going to be the face, Chuck was the heel. It would have worked but Becky fucked it all up.
No as a main event, no fucking way, the entire hype around this entire thing is Becky.
I know /asp/ is being retarded on this for some reason, but she is the one who gets the big reactions and why the people want this as a main event.
This whole thing started all the way back at SummerSlam.
Becky is a star NOW
She was not a star when the plan of Chuck vs Ronnie was planned.

Nobody saw Becky getting over like this and didnt plan for it
Was the Nia thing a shoot?
As in Becky told her to punch her for real so that she didn't job to Ronda at Survivor Series?
No. Becky wasn't going to tap, she was going to maul Rousey and get DQ'd.

File: Rebecca DiPietro.jpg (214 KB, 530x800)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
Isn't time we began to consider Match of the Decade contenders?
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File: brainlettttt.jpg (45 KB, 800x450)
45 KB
Was 2000 apart of the 90s? How fucking gay are you?
>I don't understand how calendars work.
Okada vs Ishii G1 2016 or Nakamura vs Sakuraba WK

Is he one of the worst champions ever?

>Shit moves that people twice his size have to actually sell
>can't promo
>flip, flip, flip, flip starshit gayn

Say what you want about Austin Aries but at least he was a believable champion
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By Odin its Jonson Midgard what is he doing here?
>beautiful story
You think we'll get old school moose back? He made an appearance at WOS with his original theme and ring attire and it was nostalgic as fuck

File: Kojimaaaaaaaa.webm (2.48 MB, 800x480)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB WEBM
Based Kojima working Tanahashi and Nakamura into shoot
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The whole world expected a 60 minute because nobody is going to want to lose a cross promotion title vs title match, so the work is actually booking somebody to win the match seconds before it ends and make it look like an accident or something went wrong.

It all went to plan, the young boys didn't have a clue what the finish was so they got worked too.
Doesn't matter, all 3 are anti-draws
>work the crowd into thinking outside of kayfabe and thinking it suddenly became a shoot

sorry Russo but they don't do that bullshit over there
it's cute when an anonetty tries too hard
Nakameme wasn’t even over until they gave him a dancing gimmick.

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