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you know....you know......you know making fun of me gets you those pure strikes


File: 1542048202149.webm (1.11 MB, 480x600)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB WEBM
I hope yall /asp/ simps ain't losing your time with whitetty women
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Why does he do the gay ass finger point
>dominican republic

So...Dominican? You fucking moron
While dominican people are mixed race you don't label races by their nationalities, dumbass
File: 1549998566457.jpg (54 KB, 512x512)
54 KB
It's usually pretty safe to just say nigger instead of either of those other options, we'll all know what you mean.
Pic related is you, you nigger lover.

Did they?
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thak christ for vince then. wwe would be averaging 1.5 million viewers if that bitch was shitting up raw the way becky and ronda are
Mandy is Vince’s girl, Toni Storm is Hunter’s girl, Bliss is the creative team’s girl
Vince, Paul, and Dunn all love Alexa.
>He's a Bliss chad
>even though she had one of the most irrelevant runs on his NXT roster
HHH fucked Asuka, Charlotte, Bliss, and Paige

File: carmella.jpg (50 KB, 696x521)
50 KB
She does not have very good taste in men.
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She likes alpha black men, keep seething fat incel
Pussy has a skull made of glass. No woman in their right mind wants their child to be immune to brain damage

He and his wife are covered in ugly tattoos, it was obvious to anyone with a brain that marriage wasn't going to work. They're both trash individuals with terrible decision making ability.

I was going to shit over R-Troof, but I just can't.
R-Truth and Big E would be a massive fucking improvement over what she's been with so far.

File: dbz.jpg (28 KB, 300x240)
28 KB
>Ends in a dusty finish in your path

Is 50/50 booking the key to a long and interesting feud?
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Vegeta is a little bitch compared to Goku.

Your admiration for Vegeta is an admiration you've got over a character you deem badass, characters who in real life would be considered absolute cunts. What is saddening about most Vegeta fans, is that they don't understand how Goku is both physically & mentally stronger than Vegeta. A strong person is both compassionate & powerful, a weaker person is only powerful and shows no compassion because they are afraid or want to feed their sadistic urges. It takes more strength to have compassion for wretched people AND at the same time keep them from hurting others. Compassion will get you killed if you aren't strong enough to hold an enemy down, and THAT's how strong Goku is and why he'll show compassion.

Goku is and always was better than Vegeta. The only literal flaw with Goku is that he's sometimes a goofball (and even calling that a flaw is subjective & highly debatable). Goku's kind, gentle, strong. He fights to better his skills and save others, he dies so others can live. He's very simple yet a very impactful character. He shows mercy to everyone even his enemies and gives them other chances, if he wasn't this way he would have killed Oolong, Yamcha, Piccolo, Vegeta, Android 18 and Fat buu and many others who eventually because of these chances learned from their evils and you've seen they aren't really wholly evil (as no one is), instead of killing them all Goku believed people change so they become his friends. Goku's a pure heart and never fought to kill or for sheer revenge or for the pleasure of the hunt like Vegeta himself stated. Goku will only kill someone once they have no other choice, but when he knows he can both defeat his enemies & show compassion he'll choose the latter option because he's strong.

Goku is what we all should strive to be like, a hero.
Except he beat Goku the very first time they fought
Gohan made the save by turning into Ozaru
Vegeta beat/killed
GoD Toppo
Goku Black
Android 19
The entire Ginyu Force
1 half of Broly

That’s a better list of wins than anybody not named Goku
Vegeta has better workrate. Only marks like goku.
File: DodoriaMooriNV (1).png (150 KB, 340x255)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
Also Dodoria

Graves did nothing wrong

File: img_6087.jpg (66 KB, 540x568)
66 KB
>TFW WWE is litterly IMPLODING before our eyes



Basic brand information for beginners: https://pastebin.com/CxdBGA6W (embed)

Shoe reviews: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnSv7MyhLozYdGM1a1FUMHNtTkRFN0xkVmt3dEZ0NHc#gid=0
Submit a shoe review: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Y70Tug_iI9-dW2VqBBzsI9PCnFlw1jIOu9yTlHcc-wY/viewform




trick tip: Heelflips are ollies with your toes hanging off the board

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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just like with everything else.
can think of so many good songs i would set my skate part to but i fuckign SUCK at skating
File: skatedrugs.png (10 KB, 602x523)
10 KB
don't we all?
Skate twice as much as you do now if you can and focus on improving and learning. You can do it anon.
Bretty good track bruh.

I will land a kickflip today god damnit

do they queef?

File: riseandfall.jpg (76 KB, 375x500)
76 KB
Did Vince Russo kill WCW? The documentary seems to direct a large share of the blame towards Russo, was Bash at the Beach 2000 the final nail in the coffin?
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Vince Russo Comments on Eric Bischoff's WCW Bash at the Beach 2000 Hulk Hogan / Jeff Jarrett "Tale" - Sep 6, 2015
File: nitro.png (317 KB, 1376x1355)
317 KB
317 KB PNG
>The July 6, 1998 Edition of WCW Monday Nitro was held in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia. It holds the record for the largest WCW crowd with 41,412 with 30,000 tickets sold before the announcement of the main event.
This Nitro where they decided to hold Goldberg vs. Hogan, for free instead of building it up for a PPV seems like a big mistake in hindsight.
The fact is that it was pretty much dead before he even got there.
Can you guys explain what killed them before he got there?

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Roman is pissed that he can’t get away from the McMahons, and never will.

They own him, bro.
>has a patreon with hidden amount

Get a real job Vince, you lazy cunt. You sit around calling everyone else marks, at least they have jobs you parasite. Go work in a coffee shop, you can hand out unwanted writing advice with the drink orders you'll constantly get wrong.

>he even managed to get blackballed from Starrcast last year because he likes to cosplay as a religious nutcase

It's amazing how literally everything he touches turns to shit. It's been 21 years since he actually did something that was of any value to anyone.
What game

Just snort some uppers and start a Twitch stream, any fucking moron can do it, and they do. You think any of them have talent? No. Not a bit. But you know what, zoomers give them money to sit there and play videogames. Greatest scam ever invented.

Go and do it right now, and come back in a year's time and thank me.


File: maxresdefault (6).jpg (101 KB, 1280x720)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
>The Kingslayer seeks to take the throne, will this be the beasts final hunt?
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Vince will literally decide on the day at the latest, but it's more likely to be Becky/Ronda////Charlotte
Every one who beats haitch is a Kingslayer?
Why does everyone have to have a cringe nickname now
Seth Fuckin' Rollins!
Reading that in his voice was funny for some reason.

File: 3 musketeers.jpg_orig.jpg (152 KB, 1276x905)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Last thread reached the bump limit >>6134164. Mayu won the Woman of Honor championship! She and Arisa are challenging for the tag belts against Utami and Momo on the 17th. AZM is challenging Hazuki for the high speed belt, but most importantly is the 3 way war with the return of Emperor Leo as she teams with Saya to take on SLK & Hanan and Hina & Rina.
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File: DzXp10oUUAAnfED.jpg (371 KB, 2048x2048)
371 KB
371 KB JPG
why start now?
I hope the rest of QQ gets fit
File: Vince phone kek.gif (2.68 MB, 498x252)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB GIF
Poor Konami's gonna end up like Kana

In an interview with Sitting Ringside (via Wrestling Inc), Buff Bagwell revealed that at one point during his time in WCW, Eric Bischoff wanted him to fake his death for a storyline, which would see him haunt WCW as a ghost.

He said: “100% [true]. MGM Grand was the Halloween Havoc we did – the last one, if not the last Havoc, and [Bischoff] wanted me to die in a plane crash,” Bagwell stated. “I said, ‘Eric, I couldn’t get you to get the cameras in the hospital to see [me injured]. Are you kidding me?’ And so, he was gonna do it. I already called my parents and said, ‘Hey, you know, get ready for this so that I won’t scare you guys, and all that.’ I called them few and my wife, and all them to let them know, and they switched it finally to some kind of run in as, I think president Clinton with a mask or something. At the same time, he wanted me to come down like a ghost on wires after the plane crash, too. That was out of his mouth to me.“

Sounds like eric was trolling buff

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