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File: mew.jpg (281 KB, 3200x1680)
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File: 1ING.jpg (7 KB, 276x183)
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goodnight my /asp/ friends
File: 1526773673167.jpg (82 KB, 540x720)
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File: cat chair.jpg (47 KB, 480x463)
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do you know the wrestler TEST only go to the school just to take a test
His fans are Testicles

any good movies or tv shows you watch lately /asp/
No, I read books, i'm not a faggot who watches other people.
I saw Ex Machina a couple days ago that was alright
I’ve masturbated once an hour for six hours. Somehow, cum still comes out.
no because nothing worth a shit has been produced in years

File: two goats.jpg (218 KB, 890x1188)
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218 KB JPG
Last thread reached the bump limit >>5668660. It's been announced that Stardom will have a match next March on the Lucha Estrella show. QQ is challenging for the artist of stardom belts, and Natsuko vs Kyona is this weekend.
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File: DqObK30U8AAS6sH.jpg (439 KB, 1365x2048)
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439 KB JPG
File: DqObMvvUwAAyWgq.jpg (412 KB, 1365x2048)
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412 KB JPG
"Arisa didn't show up on a show she wasn't booked on."
File: DuiB78YUYAAzQL3.jpg (164 KB, 1200x900)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
So how has Stardom's ticket sales been since Io left? Dropped? Stayed the same?

File: oswaldcobblepot.jpg (27 KB, 640x480)
27 KB

File: 1535330666627.jpg (351 KB, 1152x2048)
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351 KB JPG
Are smarks the lowest lifeform on the planet?
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that guy on the left is thinking he could drop that skeleton zack diaper jr and no one would do anything, but he doesnt want to expose the business
>Implying downies can think
He probably just heard a noise.
Hes wondering if they let the audience use the mic stand next to him
try watching a match before commenting you simp
Flippy skeleton that submits his opponents and the audience

here goes the first release http://www.prowrestlingsheet.com/nick-miller-released-nxt/#.XBQtbxNKjOQ
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>to intelligent
They were on their way when they were feuding with AOP and had that ladder match but Thorne was injured then Miller got FAT
NXT fans cheer almost everyone put in front of them, TM61 got plenty of chances to get over as the plucky babyface tag act and never got even close to where say a DIY got. they didnt have anything that made them stand out and dont even get me started on that cringe heel turn where they kept their DDR theme music.

*loses title match*
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*OP never loses virginity*
I fucked last night
*wins my semen in her pussy*
Your girlfriends name is Pamela Handersson
No, and I was pissed because he said he would even if fatsuka won. At least keep ya word faggot.

You big leaguing me Janny?
tfw you'll never burst the blood vessels in a girl's eyes by throat fucking her.
I have

File: ASP Predicts....jpg (44 KB, 327x375)
44 KB
> What is /asp/ Predicts...?
This is a thread where we all vote and see if we can correctly predict the results of the current PPV.
> What are the rules?
Just simply follow the link to do the survey and that's it. If a match ends in DQ or no contest however, that is scratched from the total for the interest of fairness.
> How's this gonna work?
After each match I will post the updated results to see WHO is on their way to being a clean sweeper.
> 12 matches in total to predict.
Link to vote: https://derpy.me/TLC2018
Please offer a courtesy bump after voting, good luck!
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I voted for Asuka because i'm not clearing it anyway so fuck it.

I unironically hope Asuka wins
Time for number 6 baby
I did okay last time. Let's see if I can sweep this time around.

File: 8jGEQ.gif (238 KB, 400x487)
238 KB
238 KB GIF
who was in the wrong?
why didnt daniel tap out?
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What do you think nancy and rockin rebels gf did to make them snap. Because you know they had to do something really fucked.. Everyone says its cte and steroids, but we all know that wasnt the reason..
Goat gif
Daniel was suppose to go over
I’d agree. Even for here, bad taste.

File: jizzola.webm (1.77 MB, 720x720)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB WEBM
wrestling webm thread
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Imagine how many dimes this team would draw in today's political climate
>that retarded amount of zooming in and out after the spear
KEK kevin dunn is one dumb motherfucker
I never touched it and I get very uncomfortable watching that.
Thought it was gonna be
but was pleasantly surprised

ITT:Wrestlers you wish would retire or have an injury that would make 'em retire.
This faggot
Pewds is a wrassler now?? #brofist

File: Hirohito.png (651 KB, 1200x790)
651 KB
651 KB PNG
>Hirohito, Itsu time to eatu
>Not nowu Muzzer, I habu to watchu za creaner depend za strappu againo
Based Hiromoot
Gookmoot would be a massive draw on this board brother
File: pedomod.jpg (181 KB, 949x712)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
he'd get booed out of the buidling, just like pedomod did

File: surprisedchico.jpg (30 KB, 351x406)
30 KB
>yfw pro wrestling in America will be largely dead by 2025.
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Humans will be extinct be 2025 ya simp. Get with the times grandpa and become a NihilistChad
based & blackpilled
No it won't, AEW will make it more popular than it was during the Attitude Era and there's nothing you E-drones can do about it.
I ding-dong diddly hope so I hate being alive bros

File: nP32Wwv.jpg (588 KB, 1536x2048)
588 KB
588 KB JPG
Don't forget to post our BBW MISTRESS!
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Maybe but she does have beautiful eyes.
Her voice really is the worst.

Also why doesn't she have big tits? She has like the worst proportions...
File: 1540236814134.jpg (25 KB, 400x325)
25 KB
flat chested fat women have nothing to offer and don't please anyone.
Nia Snax
Nia Hax
just trash desu

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