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I’ll start
Also, never realized how stupid his pose was until this pic

File: ruiz.jpg (196 KB, 756x866)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
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his babyface underdog storyline is ending soon anyways
Because the saudi terrorist asked for one. Why are wrestling fans retarded? Why do you all lack common sense?
But anon the boxer is already fighting for the prince in december
Might be his tattoos if he wanted to do Saudi Arabia

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He had 2 with Karen and like 3 with the new one
There are literally thousands of kids that need to be adopt here. But. No. They have to have to go to anothet country to adopt because it will get more attention.
why did he abandon Jason?
Probably a joke post, but this is literally what's going on, you'd be surprised by how many people pop kids just to say they got no time for their actual problems
The US system is SHIT and likely could have been denying them for dumb fuck ass reasons. Also celebs are ONE couple YOU could go adopt ya fucking simp. You want real change? Call your Congress men, fight for adoption standards to be easier for singles and non rich couples both straight and hetero to get.

You just wanna bitch not make real adoption change you fucking smooth brain re re ass nigga.

File: wa9sis18h8431.jpg (731 KB, 3547x3547)
731 KB
731 KB JPG
Which version of the Undertaker was the best?
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I'll tell him you said that, anonymous guy on the internet. He always wears ill-fitting pants and none of has the heart to tell him he looks ridiculous.
Where does he take the niggas?
03 for me but that's just because bikers are cool and he showed he could cut good promos when he didn't have to be a dead man.
But my second pick would be around 09 or so
Yeah to give credit where it's due he's kept himself in good shape for the role which is impressive considering his age and injuries
I started watching in 2002 so for me is American Badass but I really want to see the Minister of Darkness run but my network subscription ran out

I fucking hate le whacky gimmick. Vikings, Demons, Dinosaurs, tarzan and all similar gay shit. Wrestling was best when they were all gym rats in street clothes who only cared about lifting weights, fucking whores and fighting one another. These faggots all dress like homo power rangers
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File: Luchasaurus.jpg (591 KB, 960x640)
591 KB
591 KB JPG
Did you just fucking insult


He's 65 Million years old AND has a masters degree. The fuck you ever done op?
Based watched it earlier.
In what? Fagonomics?
This is a middle school tier burn. You may as well have said poopy butt fart
did you even read the post i relied to or are you just completely oblivious as to what sarcasm is?

>CM Phil likes Paramore
Holy shit what a fucking poser
No self respecting Punk would enjoy that Hot Topic Poser shit
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Weren't people predicting the Strokes were gonna save Music?

new punks sucks first of all, but more importantly being punk was a way of life, the music was a smol part of it

neck yourself posuer
Listen to the Offspring faggot
>boomer doesn't know the Negative XP meme song
I feel sorry for you
Lmaoing at your life virgin

That song and music video makes me so sad because Billy Corgan wrote it when he was turning 27 and wanted to write one last youthful song as he felt he was getting older and wouldn't be able to connect with his youth anymore so now I am that age it hits right in the feels. It is somehow manages to be nostalgic for no date in particular, just a phase in people's lives. It is so well written.

I don't wanna grow up bros
Just be like Big Tunes and buy your own-
Okay, just create your own wrestling company
I wish Billy would play this song and then proceeded to smash the guitar on Jim Cornett's head.
This might be the most based thing in the universe, you have a beautiful mind

File: carlito.jpg (36 KB, 543x361)
36 KB
arlito Colon left WWE nearly a decade ago, but some fans would love to see him get another run with the company. He’s been working in Puerto Rico since then and as a Colon, he’s doing well.

A lot has happened since Carlito’s May 21st, 2010 WWE release. Now the company might want him to come back.

While speaking to Hannibal TV, Savio Vega said that WWE tried to get Carlito to come back. He told him to take them up on the offer too.

>“They tried to get Carlito back, I talked to him last week. I said, ‘Brother, just go up there and get a contract. Get whatever money it gets higher every year or whatever. Because you’re not gonna make that kinda money on the street. Make some money, live okay, it’s good. If you have the opportunity then do it.'”

Right now Carlito is doing well in Puerto Rico and getting bookings. He is also traveling to the United States on occasion. It is apparently possible for Carlito to make a WWE return and Savio Vega certainly wouldn’t fault him for taking a deal if one is offered.
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His cameo on the Edge and Christian show on the WWE Network was funny. I highly recommend.
who the fuck cares?
>AEW signs Carlito


>WWE signs Carlito

who? lolwwe
>It is apparently possible for Carlito to make a WWE return and Savio Vega certainly wouldn’t fault him for taking a deal if one is offered.
thank christ savio is ok with it
>Anyone signs Carlito
I thought he died or something?

File: foxfire.png (649 KB, 766x775)
649 KB
649 KB PNG
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>believes this lie
Why are Meltz fags so gullible?
He says "they" meaning WWE, who booked and shot it.
He says he doesn't know why any of it happened
Incel drones hear: Dave Meltzer reported Fox doesn't want firefly funhouse
Are we clear NOW? Faggot
>Incel drones hear: Dave Meltzer reported Fox doesn't want firefly funhouse
no one said that. rent free aewtist
It's literally in the OP E-boi


File: aew.jpg (63 KB, 770x433)
63 KB
>constantly doing heel shit
>bucks spit on opponents all the time
>brandi interfering in matches
>cutting in illegally during tag matches
>constant cheers

>get beaten up by boomer, gay zoomer, Jacked Hagar, and LAX
>get booed
>we're supposed to believe Bucks are the good guys

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In theory, but usually in wrestling they tend to lean to both sides often
Here’s the thing. Most people won’t do it. There are too many other forms of entertainments to take up your time. That’s why I call it trash storytelling. No other medium requires outside viewing to make sense of the main show. We know that’s the story but anyone new is basically frozen out from getting it
That's fair enough. It's not for everyone Some people don't feel like having to invest as much, I wouldn't say they are the only people doing it though. In UFC for example, all of the stories and rivalries are built outside of a UFC show.

I enjoy it.
Which works when UFC isn’t a narrative and is real. I know they want to be unique and stay mostly ringwork but it would help so much in getting these characters over by playing the BTE vids on the TV show
you'll get the same stories with or without the supplemental stuff
it'll just take a little longer without it

File: Mayu P.png (522 KB, 382x606)
522 KB
522 KB PNG
Future Tokyo Dome main eventer and protagonist of joshi puroresu Mayu Iwatani. Please continue to show your support!
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Hana is sexier than Mayu, but Mayu is cuter than Hana. Learn the difference, it could save your life.
Hello /asp/!!

Here are 3 reasons why I want to have sex with! Mayu!

1) Mayu is cute
2) She's a great wrestler
3) I would like to have sex with her

That is all. Thank you for your time!
Mayu is cuter and also I actually watch Stardom unlike false fans in Hana threads, so I know that Hana is the drizzling shits in the ring and not that compelling of a character. She will never be the protagonist of joshi. Cope cumbrain.
Fuck off faggot
God I wish that were me

File: 20190921_210216743.jpg (353 KB, 661x994)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
Mmmmm Show the Dead Man some respect, or you're gonna pay.
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Only is Nash were there also for some "remember the time" shit.
I'd rather Stone Cold be there with him, actually. It would be seriously epic if the two of them were sitting there, just shootin' the shit.
I'd like Brett Hart myself, since Undertaker is one of the guys Hart respects and the feeling is mutual. They could share some neat memories together
Why do people always say "mmm" when they talk about The Undertaker?
>can't find the answer even though it was asked in this thread

File: twat an ugly vunt.gif (2.88 MB, 400x225)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB GIF
Why does wwe fake crowd reactions?
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Because it's a TV show in the end...
Why don't you go kill some then.
Marks like this actually have a job in the wrestling business now. The absolute state.
>business now
you just start watching?
Unless you're autistic you know what I meant.

Previous thread >>8198751

Aliyah: https://twitter.com/WWE_Aliyah
Bianca Belair : https://twitter.com/BiancaBelairWWE
Briana Brandy : https://twitter.com/briana_brandy
Candice LeRae : https://twitter.com/CandiceLeRae
Catalina Garcia : https://twitter.com/diva_del_ring
Chelsea Green : https://twitter.com/ImChelseaGreen
Dakota Kai : https://twitter.com/DakotaKai_WWE
Deonna Purrazzo : https://twitter.com/DeonnaPurrazzo
Io Shirai : https://twitter.com/shirai_io
Isla Dawn : https://twitter.com/IslaDawn
Jazzy Gabert : https://twitter.com/Jazzy_Gabert
Jessamyn Duke : https://twitter.com/jessamynduke
Jessi Kamea : https://twitter.com/JessiKameaWWE

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: EGxXD6xUYAA_q_B.jpg (497 KB, 2048x1366)
497 KB
497 KB JPG
File: EHbUvtaU4AAbV22.jpg (598 KB, 2048x2048)
598 KB
598 KB JPG
File: EGdIoudWkAE7FSj.jpg (399 KB, 2048x1482)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
Hope she gets a boob job like Peyton did

File: CharlyCaruso.jpg (409 KB, 715x902)
409 KB
409 KB JPG
Well. I guess this proves Charly Caruso isn't trans. How disappointing.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
no it doesn't
Wwe doesn't hire trans.
Looks like a twink
fuck, i'da worn that little thing out

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