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File: chad.png (169 KB, 1232x592)
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169 KB PNG
>Seth isn't base-
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File: Oncesavedalwayssaved.jpg (1.08 MB, 2197x1444)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
you're standing and breathing
that should be proof enough sinner
File: 1527644512372.jpg (49 KB, 552x679)
49 KB
confirmed anti-america card carrying antifa commie.
>not accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior
CRINGE! No wonder this guys career is completely down the shitter. Enjoy getting boo'd in this life and the next.

File: 1565892504071.jpg (201 KB, 1080x1349)
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201 KB JPG
Previous thread >>7597846


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The Pebble will gain more accolades in a year than the rest of them combined over their entire careers
I wanna marry Vanessa, and swing with Zack and Chelsea
Reina is an absolute unit
She even looks like a brown version of Charles when she was in nxt. Funny since she will get pushed the same way

File: DREAM-MATCH.jpg (105 KB, 777x437)
105 KB
105 KB JPG

>WWE are reportedly trying to put together a dream match between the legendary Undertaker and WCW icon Sting for their next Saudi Arabia show. Vince McMahon has used the controversial trips to the Middle East to entice a host of Hall of Fame names out of retirement.
>WWE wants to book his [Undertaker’s] dream match next year (most probably at a Saudi Arabia PPV) and are hoping to get Sting medically cleared for this bout. >Sting suffered a neck injury during his last match, which was against Seth Rollins back in 2015 at Night Of Champions PPV. “Sting (age 60) getting cleared at this point will be very difficult, but the hope is still there among WWE officials.”

>Despite the 54-year-old Undertaker and Sting’s age, the prospect of seeing two of the biggest names to ever compete would certainly be an intriguing one for the WWE Universe. The two men were key players in the Monday Night Wars between WWE and WCW back in the late 90s and remain huge fan favourites to this day.
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I can't be the only person that never cared about seeing this right? I didn't see the appeal 15+ years ago let alone now.
If true taker is the carny king. How much can one based man milk from sand nigger marks?
>so why is vince giving a dream match to a bunch of sand niggers instead of americans?
$uffering $uckotash! I wi$h I could figure thi$ out! Why would Vince ever do $uch a thing. It make$ no $en$e at all. It'$ $o $trange....
I love Take but there's no fucking way this would be a good match, he needs people able to work with him, and a 60 year old Sting ain't gonna fit that bill
I don't want Sting to die bros

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Unironically one of the best guys they can sign available right now
>mainstream exposure
>not a manlet
>actual big guy
>years of experience working on TV
>familiar with WWE mindset
Better than hiring 5'5 Henry Quicksplit or whoever the fuck from the bingo halls at least
I'd fucking love for Ryback to come in and hit shoot piledrivers on the Bucks.

>Renew their angle

What angle

File: Lance.png (370 KB, 734x852)
370 KB
370 KB PNG
Lance Archer seems to think he's available to work AEW
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He's not leaving. when he was on WOR he sounded like he fucking loves NJPW (tho he could of been just sucking up)
every run dies
>he wants to run off.
not everyone is a 19 year old weeb that thinks living in Japan is just like anime. very few guys like to stay there for a long time. most wants to go back to their family.
if the 19 yr old weeb is attractive enough to crush a lot of sideways puss he'll probably stay
Sign him yesterday. Have him replace Hangman Page and win the title.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has been named Hollywood’s highest paid male actor for the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW.

According to Forbes, the former wrestler has earned an estimated $89.4m in the last 12 months thanks to roles in Fast & Furious spin-off Hobbs and Shaw, action thriller Skyscraper and his HBO comedy Ballers, which makes him $700,000 an episode. A large portion of his wealth is down to a lucrative back-end deal that sees him earning up to 15% of the box office from his films.
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But still gets more pie one day than you will ever get in a lifetime.
Nashetty seething
File: 1549448288367.jpg (62 KB, 600x698)
62 KB
still a closet homo
BASED Rock absolutely comfortable with his sexual preferences and happily kisses men whilst being proudly married and a father, all while the biggest dime drawer in movies


File: Taker WP 1.jpg (186 KB, 1024x768)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Last thread got archived. We cannot let the G.O.A.T down again. Get in here right now, or feel the unholy wrath of the mighty Lord of Darkness!
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File: Badass vs Spike.webm (1.72 MB, 432x336)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB WEBM
Didnt he Tombstone someone on the escalators fo Shogun Saturday Night?
>tfw I'm not allowed to think I can just walk away
File: Mmmmmmmmmm.gif (739 KB, 600x600)
739 KB
739 KB GIF
Damn this is based

shit like this makes me realize that DB is such a great fucking character
At this point we should just have an Imposter Rowan general

File: John-Cena.jpg (19 KB, 618x412)
19 KB
When he retires, what will be his legacy?
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I never understood people saying first ballot. Deadlock maybe but first ballot? Doesn't work like that
This generation's Bret hart in my opinion
A good wrestler killed by terrible booking. He was great, had the potential to be a superstar, to be loved by everyone. But they booked him like he was invincible and had him easily defeat all challengers, it made him boring instantly. And no matter what he did, when he would switch up his wrestling style, when he would add a few moves to his arsenal. It would always be the same, "dominate the opposition". Which is why CM Punk was his greatest rival, CM Punk did the one thing Cena couldn't have done. Earn love and respect from the fans. But, in typical fashion. Cena must win and dominate, and he couldn't win and dominate over CM Punk as CM was the fan favourite. So CM became a midcarder (with the top title) and Cena continued dominating.
This was my first time seeing Bray Wyatt. In University, one of my flat mates used to watch wrestling and stopped after Punk left and I was the same. So we decided to watch WM 30 just for old times sake. And at the start of the show, it gave the rundown of the card. And seeing Bray Wyatt made us burst into laughter.
Hawaiian shirt, fedora, neckbeard vs Cena, who we remembered as the super hero who never lost. Then later it showed the promo and Bray instantly became our favourite wrestler. Especially since the Wyatt family had those sheep masks.
It was also the Undertaker vs Lesnar on that card. It was really awkward explaining to my girlfriend who the Undertaker was and how he was undefeated and how I can't wait to see how he beats someone like Lesnar. Then yeah, he got concussed pretty early on and Lesnar dominated.
File: tanahashi.jpg (158 KB, 600x600)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
All will be forgotten except for his monumental retirement match against the ACE at wrestle kingdom, and we shall remember Cena as based for his worked with Tanahashi-san

Previously on /in4Bliss/: >>7647469
Formerly /spiteful/ and /goddess/

•Social Media•

•Alexa's title wins•

•Images and WEBMs•
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Fuck off mascot, Blisschads like Mandy we hate the 4 horsememe (not Charlotte)
Based Liv
File: 1554783681385.jpg (55 KB, 600x445)
55 KB
a-a-a-are they sharing boots?
imagine the smell
File: WlnU7Ld.png (271 KB, 430x323)
271 KB
271 KB PNG
blue bliss is best bliss

File: IMG_20190821_134906.jpg (128 KB, 1080x1057)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
>Could it be?
>It is!
>It's imposter Rowan!
what is up with bryan's torso
it's like his ribcage is connected directly to his hips
Bryan was trying really hard not to laugh here

File: 1566368550669.jpg (126 KB, 1080x1346)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
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Got more?
That’s not pg
File: 1546122383175.png (79 KB, 446x435)
79 KB
Stop. Mandy is pure and not for sexuals.

File: 1536415071926.png (1.22 MB, 1280x720)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
holyshit, just give them the emmy now
>big dog didn't slap him
>rowans dad didn't protest innocence
Whole scene was nonsense desu senpai

Why does he have such disdain for people of colour?
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>He talks about wrestling
Get a load of this loser
>starter pack with all sorts of eclectic bullshit that makes no sense
Kek, left can't meme
Watch spic telenovelas. The whiter you are the more important your character is.
I thought white Hispanics dont exist....
I’m not w*ite but Jordan Peterson is based

File: 54dc9-1527743427-800.jpg (44 KB, 696x392)
44 KB
*single-handedly destroys AEWho*
>the one wrestler to fall for pauls revisionist history of wrestling is CAWdy
Triplenose always wins baby
Watching NXMEME
I can't wait to read your copings once your pissant show jobs to NXT.

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