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>constantly told how fingertip strikes like the karate nukite are useless
>one day decide to casually hit myself in the abdomen with my finger tips while on a walk
>hurts like hell more than getting punched in sparring and this is just with what little force I can generate biomechanically towards my own stomach
>the next day have bruises everywhere I jabbed myself

The fuck bros I haven't even done any finger conditioning or anything like that
how old are you?
You sound anemic
Nah but I am on an inhaled steroid for asthma which increases bruising

they work, but i think they're for soft targets. Like the neck, armpit, solar plexus, and gut are great places to do a murder poke as i like to call them
Poking someone unresisting is one thing.
Poking someone who is resisting is a whole other matter.
The number of ways it could go badly compared to more conventional strikes are huge.
Generally speaking it isn't worth the added risk to your hand most of the time.
but if i'm close enough to punch you, couldn't i deathpoke you too?
Fist, palm, edge, and elbow. Everything else is a meme.
Realistically, no.
You would be far more likely hurt yourself then your opponent.

It is only even semi-viable with a hell of a lot of conditioning to partially mitigate that risk of self injury.
Meanwhile that time could have been spent just learning how to use more conventional less risky strikes better, which would be applicable and viable in far more situations and against far more targets.
Your best bet would be to develop rigid fingers from finger push ups or some shit, I highly agree with >>96473 >>96497
Though ask yourself what is your goal when landing such a strike to begin with, do you want to defend yourself or to cause harm? I feel like doing things like that is just immoral and pointless, I saw some eye pokes (accidental or not) in mma and iirc some had to retire from the injury. So like what is the point of doing that to begin with? might as well specialize in nut shots and throat strikes.

What is an edge?
well If we fight in the streets and i know you know how grapple or strike a knifehand finger strike to the bridge of the nose could save me. I'm saying I throw it kind of like a cross and i land it in that meaty part of your face right between your cheek and nose right below your eye. I think it would be effective
>I think it would be effective
And i think that if i can grapple and strike you are:
1) not hitting me with it
2) barely scratching and causing near no damage
3) hurting a guy who is better at fighting than you, congratulations for raising the stakes of that fight you were going to lose
Just to a martial arts gym dude, be it boxing, muay thai or jiu jitsu
Train a real martial art instead of convincing yourself that you can beat a trained person with an eye poke or a bite
>>constantly told how fingertip strikes like the karate nukite are useless
>they are useless unless you use them on a eyeball
Using them against any other target is retarded and you'll break or dislocate your uncles
>the one-inch-punch-on-the-other-hand
If you gonna aim at that spot why not just jab the nose or something, breaking the nose usually ends street fights. Again it goes back to the dillema of what are you trying to achieve, it just feels like poor taste to pull such moves on someone. That's my view as someone who never even been into a fight lol.
File: image2.jpg (64 KB, 500x375)
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Edge strike is a chop basically, but don't use the dumbass weeb version with fingers fully extended. Do this instead.
>t. broke middle finger most outer bone in a sparing partner's chest
fingertip strikes are great in the soft belly, neck, genitals, armpits, and backs of the knees. Anywhere else is gonna hurt your little piggies

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