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File: kenevo 2.jpg (29 KB, 768x574)
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Anyone have any experience with adding throttles to decent eMTB's? Not Lunas or Frey's, but brands like specialized, trek, cannondale.
Is this a plan to make high end EMTBs more of a boomer toy than they already are?

Nothing says midlife crisis than an S-works levo on the kids track
If you think you need a throttle, you simply don't belong on a mtb at all. You don't have the requisite fitness or skillset to ride safely at speed so you'll just be a danger to yourself and others.
Mid drive motors do not work like that. You'll have to stick your legs out so the pedals spin on their own without your legs slowing them down if they were made throttle based.
Just save yourself the money and get a Zero instead
..Is that actually a thing OP? If you can't buy it off the shelf your best bet is to either buy a dengfu frame with the bafang ultra motor and build it up with high spec components yourself or buy an older eMTB which can be adapted to accommodate the bafang ultra motor. If you don't care about torque sensing and just want to drive it on throttle then you can convert an MTB with standard bottom bracket with the BBSHD motor, you want an ally frame though not carbon.

Bafang motors are mid drive and have the capability for throttles. I can't imagine a Bosch or Shimano is that different mechanically speaking. Whether they have the physical i/o or capability in the controller is another matter. I could be wrong though.
it's not a levo, it's a kenevo sl.
different suspension kinematics
I wasn't talking about your picture.

I was talking in very general terms about people on very high spec, 10k + ebikes who barely know how to ride them
ive heard e mountain bikes have been fucking up trails. can anyone who doesnt ride gay ass ebikes give me a rundown?

Nah. It's just the same whiney karens and boomers that bitch about normal mountain bikes.
that doesnt make any sense. why would people who dont ride trails complain about trails being fucked up. its the karens and boomers on ebikes from what ive seen and from what ive heard its boomers having mid life crisis buying emtbs with no mtb experience

in most places - in particular on the west coast of the US where all bitching originates - MTB trails are multi-use and there's been an ongoing conflict between the MTB community and hikers/equestrians literally since the invention of the mountain bike. The electric motor thing just gives them something new to bitch about - nobody is taking these thing down trails faster than they could ride a normal mtb. Up, maybe.
ah ok interesting. the complaints i heard were about emtbs basically being lite dirt bikes and ripping shit up, the complaints were coming from other mtb riders so idk. when i briefly did some mountain biking all the trails were bike only with jumps and shit that seemed like they coulda been fucked up by a ebike.

well, there are a tiny handful of dudes who are mounting 3000watts of motor and those are basically dirt bikes yeah. They're not supposed to be riding on public trails with those, but there's always a few dbags out there. A normal commercial ebike shouldn't ever be an issue for groomed, dedicated mtb trails. people just like to bitch, you know how it goes.
It's also the influx of people who don't bike (and don't have the experience, skill and etiquette to) flooding in because the ebike lowers the barrier for entry. Same thing with drones and RC. RC was a niche hobby until anyone could buy a drone and piss everyone off.
its so embarrassing seeing people riding around on ebikes who look so uncomfortable like they haven't ridden a bicycle since they were kids. its crazy that such a easy and reliable way of transportation is only now being adopted by americans since they put little motors in it so you dont have to do any work. most of the people i see on these things in my city are lanky nerdy looking white people who I cant stress enough, look so fucking uncomfortable and stiff and are probably only going like 3 miles max. mexicans and chinese use them too but they actually look comfortable and not like theyre gonna fall over.

Eh, for commuting an electric assist bike is pretty useful. Especially in places with fucking heaps of hills and shit tier cycling infrastructure.

I'll still take a normal bike out for riding for fun at weekends, but weekday commuting? Ebike wins. I'm trying to get somewhere, not work out.
this desu
That's because nobody taught these people that their saddle height should be high enough that their knee has a slight bend when at the bottom of the stroke. Instead they have the saddle low so it's easier to get on the bike and then when they pedal, they wobble around with their knees sticking out.
I think it's good to get as many people on bikes as possible. For me eMTB is about long epic rides.
Not personally but it’s something I want to do.
It wouldn’t be any harder than giving it to an electrician with a wiring diagram.
I think the easiest way would be to have a switch between standard torque sensing to a separate throttle only circuit.
Otherwise it’s going to get complicated.
Like with software n shit.
I don't think it's quite as easy as you think

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