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Was driving with my bike from an early ass appointment back to my crib with 4 hours of sleep on me and thought i should take my time and learn it there

Getting proper sleep tonight and then tomorrow going to this open field, where there's not that many NPCs walking around, even if there are gonna be a few and i know they still will be there, there's no better time to learn to do this

Crazy to think how it's almost 4 years ago when i first watched yt tutorial vid on this on my phone when actually outside and without any success in my first attempts i just proceeded to just not do it, feeling really determined rn, any additional advice lol?
No point in watching any new vids as they all are essentially the same and I just did watch a 4 min compact tutorial on 2x speed before making the thread
Same advice literally anybody else will give you but

Learn with flat pedals
Get good at wheeling on your balance point.
Then just lean back and pull until you can at least loop out.
After that it is practice.
I am starting to learn manuals as well and can do 10-50 feet depending on speed
I'm going to join you. I've always been too much of a pussy to loop out. Wish me luck.
Learn to fucking pump. Doing a few yards just on momentum it's time to learn how to use your hips and manual indefinitely.

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