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got myself a 30EUR woodie in a shop and each time i went "trying" I've felt making some progress.

also: it's pretty fun and rather straightforward. run fast, drop, step, go wheeeee. And the "really good" locals on the beach are very down to earth. no mystical up it's ass vibe surfing has

does anon skimboard? discuss
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looks interesting...

Any online shop suggestions for skimboards?
for a cheap wooden one: decathlon in Europe or Walmart i suppose, in kids water toys section. you want the biggest you can get

or go to a local surfshop if there is one, they'll help you with the size. and lastly, unironically go to wakeboarding reddit, they gotta have more info
Cut your toenails last time I went skimboarding the board got pushed towards me by a wave and it went in between my big toenail and the skin and ripped the whole nail off. It took 6 months to grow back
Sometimes in the summer I like to go to the beach near me and go skim boarding. Can't surf on LM and can only body board on windy days so it's pretty popular.
i've never seen anyone do anything cool on a skimboard. i don't get the point.

i looked up some videos of pros and it seems like you're supposed to skim in and get a 1/2 second ride off of a beachbreak, but i've lived near the beach my whole life and never seen anyone do that.
>i've never seen anyone do anything cool on a skimboard

i'm in Portugal now, seen some dudes with epoxy skimboards doing wraps/carving a bit pretty consistently.

Also some flatland skate stuff like shoves/spins in air are a thing. Check this dude out for wave skimboarding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldMEWIOl2FY&ab_channel=SkidKids and that crazy kid who does his "urban skimboarding" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwYNqqeAM94&ab_channel=AdrienRaza. I do it because it's easy to "pick up and start", initial investment is cheap (as long as you're living by the beach) and it feels fun. There're still places one can take this whole concept too, so hop on, anon, you might like it enough to become the next big dude
I saw this little schmuck in Hawaii doing frontflips off the waves he was hitting. Was wild
my wooden 30$ board seems like it's overstayed his welcome, i'm seriously thinking bout buying something more advanced

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