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Is there any point in buying the kickboxing gloves over the normal boxing ones?
If you do Muay Thai then yes, the gloves are padded uniformly. Boxing gloves have more padding at the knuckles then everywhere else.
If you are competing then you want gear that is similar to regulation stuff that you will fight in for your training gear.

If you aren't then it probably doesn't matter that much.
Muay gloves are easier to clinch with.
muay thai gloves also have padding on the edge of the palm for blocking kicks
If you only box buy boxing gloves they have a grip bar that feels better for punching IMO. If you do Muay Thai I would recommend Fairtex they don't have a grip bar and make clinching easier and catching kicks etc. but it's ultimately preference . I know a lot of guys that use Twins for Muay Thai they have grip bars. Muay Thai Gloves also don't really fit as snug either. Make sure to buy a sparring weight glove that's more important really, given you won't really be fighting for a while.
File: 1646842746002.jpg (22 KB, 400x400)
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Recommend me two pairs of Muay Thai gloves ($50 max and $120max).
6'1 (185cm)
180 pounds (82 kg)
Getting 12 Oz. Have small hands and thin wrists.
recommend yourself

twins special
top king

all good

12oz too small for your weight when beginner. is not about hand and wrist size. size inside glove different between brand. size inside glove no matter much. is about weight behind punch. use glove too small hurt training partner if no experienced. use big glove more shoulder endurance good for beginner. move to small glove later for bag to teach proper knuckle punch and wrist alignment
Damn, CTE really is dangerous...
Why did you necro bump this thread just to say something nonsensical in context?
File: 1655276531571.jpg (59 KB, 1440x1080)
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what about the opposite
i want thai bison leather gloves for boxin' 'cus they're cheap

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