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File: 1647406194491.jpg (35 KB, 582x281)
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Why would anyone EVER go cave diving?
>scaring people away from the cave treasure
nice try
File: 1642206211604.png (601 KB, 1141x677)
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>not posting the real one
Indo not know
Only true divechads deserve the cave treasure
They probably get a thrill out of exploring places that no humans have ever gone before. Same with cave spelunkers.
>Fact: It CAN happen to YOU!
That’s not a fact
File: wtf.png (93 KB, 191x195)
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Black carpet tendrils wrote this post
Why would anyone spend months underwater? Why would people dive to 300 meters?
Why would anyone freedive with no fins or weights to 100 m depth?

Funnier than suicide, same purpose
its crazy how they tried to cover this up
Id be more at peace with cave diving if you couldnt go from everything being ok, to a quick death, from nothing more than a panic attack.
not everyone is scared of the world. you have to go through a ton of training to get cave certified. other cave divers don't want to go along with some sissy who is going to forget all their training and panic. Training is all about safety and what to do if there is an equipment failure at the deepest part of your dive. There are safety procedures that you put in place to get out safely.

If you want to learn how to dive, step 1 is probably getting off 4chan and working up the courage to go outside
I want to explore certain places that most people won't go to, but I got to figure out the prices first and pay off the c.c. debt I owe first. After that, I'll start looking at it more.
I’ve been watching heaps of shows on cave diving accidents on YT recently, it’s fucking insane how many people die in seemingly mundane circumstances in caves.
Like people do X daily in open water. Try same in a straight down pothole.
6 people die.
I don’t dive, but I can see the objective similarities. It seems having walls around you for some reason increases your chance of death by at least 6 gorillion % for some reason.
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