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File: unnamed.jpg (208 KB, 900x900)
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Get in here gentlemen
P1 P1 P1 P1 P1!
God I love to hate that stupid fucking render of Bronco.
I tried to get into this but all the fights are underwhelming as shit
What fights have you watched?
File: FKDbLr2XoAgwdq1.jpg (283 KB, 1256x1570)
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283 KB JPG
Time 4 frog
File: kenny.png (473 KB, 941x548)
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473 KB PNG
/tv hates battlebots no one replies to threads
Youtube exclusive got posted.
Valkyrie vs Triple Crown

[spoiler]Interesting concept. Exposed and complicated drive system with predictable results[/spoiler]
Didn't know spoiler tags don't work on bluebords.
File: BBS6E6.jpg (63 KB, 628x785)
63 KB
Old thread's about to 404, so using this one.
MIA robots:
>Big Dill
>Double Jeopardy
>Perfect Phoenix

>Black Dragon
Another opener between two higher-end bots. Black Dragon just happens to be the higher-er end one.
This certainly isn't as lopsided as Blade's last match was, so against a much weaker opponent, this will be its "Prove-it" fight. Still, Lucky's pretty good, so I think Blade will drop another match.
Well, I feel cheated. We could have gotten the Brazil civil war in Black Dragon v Minotaur, we could have gotten Dragon Slayer v. Black Dragon, but we got neither. Expect this to be a humbling for Dragon Slayer.
I still have little faith in Pain Train. Yeti should be able to bounce back here.
This doesn't seem like a terribly friendly weapon matchup for Kraken.
Riptide impressed me in its first matchup, don't see it losing here either. Most lifters suck.
Hypershock is a bit of a jobber against higher-tier bots, so Lockjaw might enjoy a breather here.
>Deep Six
Now this is a truly bizarre matchup. SMEE's bizarre build more or less weakens the potency of Deep Six's weapon, but Deep Six's build makes it rough on SMEE offensively as well. Going with Nightmare's spiritual successor here.
F to the thread of threads
The king is dead
Long live the king
Are we still having the individual episode discussion threads on /pw/ while we keep the general mid-week discussion here?
The Cult is extra uppity tonight, they are going to go hard on trying to get the mods to bring down the BB threads on /pw tonight I think
so another night of making a thread before each match? the jannies will never win
Got a thread up on /pw/ right now
They work on /co/ at least
File: Lock-Jaw-bot-2021.jpg (233 KB, 1140x760)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
if only you kept the weapon in front
File: battlebots.jpg (95 KB, 1140x760)
95 KB
Where is rusty ?

Well, that wasn't what I expected at all.

Episode 3, though it's the original rather than the new one shown on the BB site. Apparently Mk2 wasn't done in time.

File: g1lpdmt1iiv51.png (206 KB, 832x559)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
Give me your innovative robot ideas.
Thar She Blows
basically it's just chomp but with a retractable harpoon
I heard that flywheel-powered flippers are extremely powerful, so in theory you could use a large spinner as a flywheel, and use the momentum of your spinner to power a secondary weapon
>long ass forks
>which didn't let smeeeeeeeegma to his weapon
>which also trapped him in the buzzsaw
For the smaller weight classes the killsaws might be an hazard. But for the heavyweights do the killsaws actually do anything?
All I've seen them do is just be a hole for forks to get stuck in.
They can fuck up wheels pretty good but bots are built tougher than they used to be, not going to cut right through like they could in the comedy central days.
File: BBS6E7.jpg (284 KB, 1256x1570)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
A bit late on this tonight's fight card. Last week's no-shows are the same as this week's. Looks like a pretty stacked card on paper.

They're really not being friendly to Subzero this season, are they? This just feels like a brutal primary weapon mismatch.
Ghost Raptor is still a jobber, Cobalt is getting fed here. Next.
This one feels a bit close, and Deadlift is a fairly solid bot by lifter standards. Still, I don't like betting grapplers on principle, though I wouldn't be surprised if Icewave's slow startup time bites it in the ass.
See above. Plus, Blip is legitimately dangerous. I don't expect Overhaul to be as easy of pickings as Rusty, though.
Huge isn't Rampage, nor do I expect it to lose in stupid ways twice in a row. I fully expect Retrograde to get humbled here.
This could easily be main event fodder on paper, and it's gonna be a close one. Copperhead should have an edge in terms of raw weapon power, but this one may end up coming down to driving skill.
This matchup is why I'm not mad the previous one isn't the main event. This will likely huge tournament implications moving forward, as both of these bots are some of the finest in the roster. This should be a huge slugfest, but Whiplash feels like the stronger overall bot.
Slammo is much easier prey for Switchback than Gruff was, though the opposite could easily be said for Switchback, compared to Hypershock. Still, my rule about grapple bots applies here. Actually might be a decent YT match for the first time in a while.
We've had 2 great weeks in /pw without getting deleted, lets's see if we can make it 3. Sadly the Cultist is very uppity today after Dynamite's Rating
that tranny was handed a win because they realized that tranny bot will never win. Even on farooqs face you could see it.
subzero got absolutely mobility killed
Spoiler: Ghost Raptor loses.
This tops Icewave splitting Vanquish in half, and we will probably never see a robot being Quartered ever again

It's up.
>TFW actually got my prediction card perfect for once
gj anon
File: BBS6E8.jpg (936 KB, 1256x1570)
936 KB
936 KB JPG
It's that time again. Definitely a lot of bracket implications here.
At this point, it's fairly safe to say Malice is fighting for dear life for even the faintest hint of a spot in the tourney. While they're 0-2, they've also gone up against two tourney-worthy bots in a row, and Blacksmith should be a bit of a breather match. Similarly, Blacksmith is more or less fighting for a spot every bit as much, and has gone up against decent competition. I expect this to go to the judges, and I'm gonna guess Malice finally eaks a win out.
>Black Dragon
Claw Viper may be one of the best control bots in the roster this year, but they're gonna need to go above and beyond if they want a chance here.
This is a design mismatch for SMEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Expecting a fairly easy win for Gigabyte here.
Given how low to the ground Glitch is, Hydra may have to explore alternative configurations if they want to win here. And given their history, that's exactly what I'm expecting here. Glitch does rookie things. Hydra's no Ghost Raptor.
Tombstone's had durability issues this season, and Free Shipping is fairly durable when it isn't busy exploding. Still, not expecting a repeat of the Shrederator fight here.
P1's done better than it has any right to, given how weak its weapon is compared to the rest of the field. Consider this fight a gut check for it.
>End Game
The winner of this fight may be the top seed in the tourney. Both bots are 2-0 against solid competition, but End Game has a better recent history behind it. This could easily go either way, though.
>Cpt Shrederator
The good news for the Captain is that it gets a good matchup here. Multibots are one of the best matchups for it on paper, on top of said multibot being a rookie. The only question is, can it last long enough to actually get damage off? Given that this is a YT exclusive, this will likely end with a quick KO one way or another.
Where the fuck is RUSTY??

Also come one SlamPIg MALICE we need this win.
Hydra and Boomstone with free wins.
Blacksmith jobs again, even to Malice's subpar wepon. Malice is built to absorb shock from tumbling around after a hit, no hammer is going to bother it.
>Black Dragon
idk why but Brazilians just know how to rip up enemy bots. Love to see it.
This one is going to be crazy. Both bots are equally disadvantaged by the shrunken battlebox. Obviously if Gigabyte gets around to a wheel of SME then it's over, but SME more than any other bot should have a very easy time smothering Gigabyte before it can spin up.
Glitch is a great rookie and all, but the omni drive is evidently really hard to control. Hydra's wedgelets will surely get underneath Glitch's solid wedge, and then it's off to the races.
Just like Malice, Tombstone can handle impacts and tumbles no problem. I wonder if he will use a lighter bar to spin up faster and mitigate damage from hitting the box if/when he gets flipped.
P1 jobs.
Sawblaze is looking better than ever this season. Endgame is a very powerful vert, sure, but always seems to have reliability issues.
Never bet on Shred, ESPECIALLY when it's a youtube exclusive.
Let's go lads
I think SMEEEEEEEEEEEE is going to pull the upset, but aside from that, I agree with all of your picks.
Oh the Cult is back up to it's Bullshit
We had 3 weeks of no problems, now the shit-eating Cult has to have a problem with Battlebots gamethreads. I guess the Big Bang Theory Lead-in wasn't good enough
never surrender to the trannies
I knew it couldn’t last forever bros….
Things were going so well...
File: flail.gif (538 KB, 640x360)
538 KB
538 KB GIF
After the initial pushback, things settled down and we had a pretty fun thread this week.

In other news, Ribbot is 3-0. Bow to your frog overlords.
In all fairness, he went up against all control bots. Probably will get a good seed and get some wins in the tourney, but I'm not convinced he's a serious nut contender.
i think he could have won it with better driving. he's never been the most aggressive though.

good to see mommy bunny back on top again.
File: End_Game_BB2021.jpg (91 KB, 897x683)
91 KB
End game? more like no game, i fucking hate this piece of shit bite force 2.0. Its got no personality whatsoever and who cares if it wins the big nut
captcha: KGAY8
So in qualifying each bot gets 3 fights right with two guaranteed to be filmed , so Rusty will be back next week?

I heard Dave was working on a new bot but it was not ready so he had to throw Rusty in again . is this right?
HOw do they decide which bot leaves qualifying to tournament , is it raw scores or do TPTB decide for reasons?

It's up. One Glitch upset away from a second perfect card in a row.

IIRC it's one fight that's guaranteed a filming. Not sure, though. The rumor mill claims that Rusty will get another filmed fight, though. I know Rusty Mk2 wasn't ready for the Blip fight, not sure if we'll see that one this season or if it will be something for the next.

Once again, not 100% sure on this, but I think the judges fully decide the bracket. I presume things like W-L record, individual fight performance, and strength of schedule are all factors in deciding seeding.
lol no, they only gave most teams two fights this year. Previous years it was 3 or 4. Everyone was pissed. They filmed a ton of stuff at the end and it killed a couple days that should have gotten teams to 3 fight night fights instead.
>red team wins
uncanny, almost makes me wonder if there is bad reception from blue box or something
Feels like they're mostly just stuffing the better bots in the red square as of late. Though the positions on the fight card are reversed for Shred/Jager compared to the actual fight.
the text on the red square "pops" out more and people read left to right so they probably but the "better" more famous bots there.
File: BBS6E9.jpg (902 KB, 1256x1570)
902 KB
902 KB JPG
Just two more episodes till we get a bracket. Definitely some fights here that will determine whether or not certain bots see the tourney.
This one's a tough call. Cobalt's legit dangerous, but Gruff's an absolute fucking tank. Unfortunately for Cobalt, it's not built to go the distance, whereas Gruff is. I think Gruff manages to outlast Cobalt.
Duck is trash this year. Why on Earth did it get three televised matches? At least Riptide should be able to show its potential here. If it gets a win here, it's very much on the bubble of tourney contention.
Better luck next time, PMF.
>Lock Jaw
This fight is going to serve as a litmus test for Blip. It's been fed easy opponents so far, but Lock Jaw is a legitimate threat who's only 0-2 because of a stacked schedule, and more or less needs this win for a legit shot at tourney status. I think Blip looks mortal here.
Minotaur's elite driving and mobility carry it here. Was kinda hoping to see more of D6's potential this season, but oh well.
Subzero's had a real rough go this season, but Hijinx has shown vulnerabilities that might allow Subzero to not go winless on the season, notably slow weapon startup.
I think Skorp has an edge here based on durability alone. Hopefully we get an actual decent main event this time.
With how many lifter/control/grappler bots we've had on the roster this year, it's surprising it took this long for two to go against each other. I don't trust Retrograde here.
no rusty again .... sad
>Cobalt KO
Gruff is fucked. Promo pic has the two teams looking at the ceiling too
>Riptide JD
Pushing match after 30 seconds, but the current Duck! build just isn't it
>Valkyrie KO
PMF's weapon will probably break after two encounters
>Lock-Jaw JD
Kino inbound. Rooting for Blip.
>Minotaur KO
Brazilians should outmanoeuvre Deep Six. Praying for Weapon on Weapon contact
>Hi Jinx JD
Subzero is shit, but will outlive HJ's weapon
>Yeti JD
Should be fun. Skorpios just doesn't have the killing power it needs here
>Defender JD
Hopefully both lifters work, could be a fun 3 minutes if they do
No Rusty again... where is /our/ Bot? He had one match.
Bases Slam Pig Valkyrie needs this win
LockJaw seriously needs this win as well.
I hope Subzero murders Hijinx
'ate control bots, simple as
Sad to say but Duck! will never be a winner again. The cuckbill which the producers made them add, functions more as a damage target, of which the old design had none, than an offensive weapon.
>Pardon My French
I'm rooting for the less experienced team here, just because it's a cool weapon that I think has potential. Plus Valkyrie is vulnerable against any opponent that can misalign it and make it attack the floor.
Luv Blip, simple as
As much as I do love Deep Six, Minotaur has such a huge advantage in maneuverability that it will be a trivial matter to get around the side and dismantle the flanks.
Either Hijinx presents xer front and gets jammed up at the rush, or presents xer rear and gets flipped by the tail. Hijinx loses 41% of the time, all the time.
Tough call on this one, looks like a great matchup for the main, but I've always thought Yeti had the control/damage meta dialed in to a perfect recipe. Independent arms are redundant, adaptable, and effective, yet compared to a wedge arm, still light enough to not detract much from armor/weapon weight. Skorpios still stands at least a 50/50 chance though, especially if he can gain the flank and draw first blood on Yeti's wheels or arms.
Cool bot concept, similar philosophy to Yeti of integrating control with damage. Love to see it.
>No Rusty again... where is /our/ Bot? He had one match.
I'm surprised by this as well, given how much of a fan favorite he was last season. Only explanation is that he had a dumpster fire match at some point, which may show up after the season ends on the Battlebots YT channel.
The Cult is extra sensitive tonight BattleBros. The ratings were delayed, their lord and master's big announcement was nothing, and they are all worked by Pat's interview with Vince. I think they are going to be spamming hard to try and get game threads deleted
let's go bros
File: 1645315891868.jpg (13 KB, 185x251)
13 KB
>never fed a jobber bot unlike BITCH DOGtor and DUMBstone
>took the 0-3 like a champion
RIP in pieces, Lockjaw
How to spot a champ: built more for not fucking falling over than for doing anything else.
>No Rusty again... where is /our/ Bot? He had one match.
The last match he was in , he was a like a comic relief character or a clown the way the hosts talked to him and introduced . The other bot team apologised to him before the fight publicly before he hit the button and annihilated rusty in 30 seconds . Its like to trick people at home that they could build a battlebot
in their garage out of scrap and compete when in reality it requires big bucks and/or major sponsors.

Rusty is manoeuvrable and can move fast, and can self right well . and is fairly tough. but its weapon is pointless and any serious bot wipes it out in seconds once it catches it , It can win by the other bot breaking down. I not convinced it killed the tranny bot last season, I think it/they/them just 41%'d although rusty did stick its spike up its butt., not sure that did anything.
I don't think anyone's going to fool themselves into thinking that Rusty could ever be a serious contender, even for a tourney bracket seed. It's definitely a lower-tier bot, but could easily hold its own against other lower-end bots. If you rewatch Rusty's match history, it's clear Eaton has become a better driver over time. If Sporkinok fight Eaton was fighting Kraken, Rusty would have lost.

That said, I feel like swapping out the drill for a hammer was a net downgrade, though I could still see Rusty still beating out some lower-tier bots out of this year's roster, though I still hold my previous point of most theoretical fights involving him probably not being good enough to be aired.

>I think it/they/them just 41%'d although rusty did stick its spike up its butt., not sure that did anything.
Both are probably correct. Spork's weapon wasn't working to begin with. It was destined to be arguably the worst bot of the season. Would probably have jobbed against something like Aegis or Rampage too.
Sub-zero? Yeah sub-zero performance!
the reason subzero sucks is the same reason the producers love subzero: the drone. the smart strategic move would be to ditch the drone and armor up the bot, but then it would cease to be unique. and who knows, maybe there's some sponsorship stuff going on behind the scenes too. anyway, look for subzero to continue sucking due to carrying the dead weight of the drone.

Bonus fight's up. It's about what you'd expect from two grapplers.
this plus the concave shape of it is the exact opposite of strong. knightly armor is made to be as convex as possible to deflect blows, which ends up looking kind of bulbous in odd places. subzero looks wicked cool but its shape is hungry for damage.
both teams had a hot chick in the box ,
File: End-Game-bot-2021.jpg (199 KB, 1140x760)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
Yeah, I dont think anyone can beat Endgame unless it's weapon suddenly stopped working 5s in
It's baffling that Subzero runs a drone to begin with. Rake incident notwithstanding, a flipper is arguably the most hazardous weapon type to be paired with a drone. At least something like PMF's minibot has actual synergy with the main bot.
File: file.png (1.28 MB, 1256x1570)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
Guess there's a lot of bots not getting a third fight
You would be correct, at least in terms of aired fights. I think most got three in general, but we won't know for sure until they start releasing unaired stuff.

That said, some interesting matchups to close out the metaphorical regular season.
As one-sided as this seems at a quick glance, CV does have enough speed to potentially keep Bloodsport from getting its spinner up to speed. However, CV lacks the maneuverability to realistically pull this off.
This is gonna be a bloodbath.
This is a pretty neat weapon matchup. Switchback may be able to reach Huge's weapon, but I haven't seen enough out of it to think it has a real chance.
Glitch's driving improved from match 1 to match 2, and Kraken will have a harder time grabbing Glitch in a bad position with the omniwheel drive scheme Glitch has. This one could go either way, though.
Another oddball weapon matchup, but I think Mammoth's design messes with flippers. This feels like a potential win-and-in fight overall.
>Witch Doctor
Poor Rusty. He's gonna need a miracle for the slightest of chances here.
This fight will either end quickly or turn into a long slugfest, and I don't see any in-between. Fusion should have an edge here.
I really like this matchup. While I presume neither of these bots will make the tourney, regardless of outcome, it still comes off as a "Prove-it" fight for both. Blade should finally be able to show off what it's capable of.
>Bloodsport KO
Bloodsport's spinner should make short work of Claw Viper, but even if its weapon breaks, it is still a competent push bot.
>Madcatter KO
This should be a fun squash match for veteran Madcatter over jobaholic Rampage.
Why is Rampage such a bad bot?
-High center of gravity
-Cannot self-right
-Short range spinner
-Steep wedge angle
>Huge JD
Very interesting matchup of two unique bots. Switchback has enough beef to allow it to both survive a clash with Huge weapon to weapon and also bully Huge around the box. Huge is a proven killer, but it will have to get around to the side of Switchback in order to seal it. In the absence of breakdowns or unforced errors, this one will likely go all the way.
>Glitch KO
Even with its unwieldy handling, Glitch has the low ground to dominate the pushing match and tear Kraken apart from beneath. However, Kraken becomes much more dangerous if it can take advantage of battlebox hax to get underneath Glitch, especially if it goes to the 3rd minute when killsaws can lift up edges to create openings.
>Mammoth JD
Let's face it, neither bot is going to even need a paintjob after this fight. I respect the innovation of the punch flipper, but Mammoth is still every flipper bot's worst nightmare. Only Mammoth flips Mammoth. OOTA is the only path to victory for either bot.
>Witchdoctor KO
Sad but true. Rusty doesn't have the speed, handling, or offensive efficacy to take on Witchdoctor. Let's all get ready to boo the *itch.
>Fusion KO
Team Whyachi has a tough fight ahead of them, but I think they have the bot build and the driver experience to win. Icewave should never be discounted, but the smaller battlebox this season has proven disadvantageous to big horizontals. Fusion tanks the hit and then brings its back weapon around.
>Dragon Slayer KO
This rookie bot needs some work before it's ready. Blade too brittle, body shape too vulnerable. Not that DS is so great, but I think its wedge/vert is favored in this matchup.
File: 1632690026252.jpg (104 KB, 976x818)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>Witch Doctor v Rusty
Was hoping the leaks weren't real. They are DESPERATE to let El Goblina qualify
File: 1570463588817.jpg (20 KB, 399x400)
20 KB
>no Rotator, no Uppercut, no Tantrum, no Whiplash
instead we got 2 predictable fight like Kraken vs Glitch and Rusty vs Witch Doctor, WTF?
>rampage, switchback, kraken in the final card
Shouldn't this be the battle of teams trying to get into the playoffs? Win and in, what's this jabroni garbage matchups.
Their opponents (save Rampage's) are both very much on the playoff bubble, and their respective fights will determine whether or not they even make it. Plus, Huge-Switchback and Kraken-Glitch are at least somewhat intriguing matchups on paper. MadCatter-Rampage is an obvious feed match, and if anything else, Rusty-BitchDoctor is the other obvious feed match. Past that, the only actual irrelevant matchup is Blade-Dragon Slayer.
BitchDoctor politic themselves so they could upstage /our/ Bot Rusty. They really are the Charles Flair of Battlebots
File: Battlebots Bracket.png (1.26 MB, 1920x1080)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
Here's the bracket. Looks like we're getting the left half of Round 1 next week, the right half the week after, the RO16 after that, then the rest of the fights all in the final episode.

Malice showed what it was capable of in the Blacksmith fight, but Skorpios is a stronger opponent. Similar to its first two fights, it doesn't show up against a higher-tier bot.
Barring its flipper getting busted again, this should be a fairly easy matchup for Team Whyachi. Defender kinda just snuck in.

>End Game
Q1 is pretty stacked, but this should be a breather match for End Game in its title defense.
Bloodsport's durability has been suspect, and it is vulnerable to faster bots, which Minotaur is one.
Lucky is reasonably good, but Copperhead's taken down better bots this season. I see little reason Copperhead jobs in the RO32 again, since Lucky's a more standard bot design.
>Witch Doctor
It's REALLY hard to peg this season's WD based off of its fights, given that it got pitted against a genuine contender and two low-tier bots. I really have to go off of history, and I think this match comes down to driving, which WD is still solid at.
Hijinx doesn't really have a good answer here. Barring a miracle, this should be an easy win for Sawblaze.
Glad to see P1 make the cut, and in a decent seed at that. Still, I don't think it's good enough to make it out of the first round.
This is a bit of an odd weapon matchup for Uppercut, but it should be able to clean house pretty quickly anyway.
I really don't want to trust a rookie, but Shatter hasn't looked as good as its seeding would indicate, plus it does seem like a bit of a weapon mismatch.
This is just sad , Rusty
File: 545gg.png (444 KB, 800x486)
444 KB
444 KB PNG
The way it was lying on its side trying to raise its arms and work its flipper , sad ,zoomers make a webm

And there's the last bonus fight of the season.
File: bracket.png (825 KB, 983x539)
825 KB
825 KB PNG
I will be first to throw my hat into the ring here. It seems like half the seeds are spot on, and half are completely ludicrous. Of course, I am basing my picks off of all-time performance, while the seeds are probably supposed to just be based on this season. Do your worst, reddit.
Fight me
He kept fighting till the very end
Battlebots is for children, let's get some real fucking combatbots with guns and explosives and shit. Or take it to the 3D plane with battledrones.
Hydra is kaput. Whatever changes he made for this season have resulted in a lot of unreliability. If you read between the lines of his AMA on reddit, he basically said he won't drive Hydra anymore. He met his goal of flipping a bot to the ceiling and that's it.
You like the rookie flipper over Tombstone? Big if true.
Hypershock maybe driven by cringe, but it is an effective combat robot, unlike P1.
Everything else is believable.
File: roundof32predics.jpg (557 KB, 3300x2550)
557 KB
557 KB JPG
My biggest gripes with your brackets:
>Captain Shederator getting past Round 1, especially with Rotator being his opponent
>Hydra winning it all with its weapon reliability this season
>Icewave over Whiplash
Gonna be honest

I just really hate Whiplash, and like Icewave, so that one is a preference pick
>Glitch over Minotaur
you're dreaming m8
>Hypershock all the way
oh i see, you're just trolling
You're right, I am, but it's good dream so far
I honestly think with Will's driving and how maneuverable, Hypershock is it has an honest shot. I'm not trolling, but I may be playing favorites.
have team hypershock done anything to harden their wheels against damage? it seems like wheel loss is always their downfall. it is a durable bot in all other respects, and it has a respectable weapon, but i just don't think they have the luck to make it through five fights in a row against real contenders without losing wheels. glitch especially is well suited to slip under hypershock's high clearance and shred the tires from beneath. and sawblaze has the wedge to happily eat shots while maneuvering to get the right angle. of course, with flawless driving, anything is possible. man i love this sport
I have a final four of End Game, Sawblaze, Blip, and Whiplash, with Sawblaze getting revenge on End Game for the loss earlier in the season but then losing to Blip in the finals.

>rookie flipper over Tombstone?
I see Tombstone vs. Blip as a mirror of Carbide vs. Apollo/Eruption over in Robot Wars. It's all dependent on whether Blip's armor can last longer than Tombstone's weapon, and considering that the team has said Blip is even more armored up than Tantrum is, I think it will.
Where's our /pw/ thread? Someone needs to bake ASAP
File: tranny.png (66 KB, 157x199)
66 KB
reminder that BITCH DOGtor blackmailed a rookie team to eat another jobber
>The absolute state of this guy

Also, recaps before going into next week's predictions:
>Riptide > Shatter
Riptide played this fight perfectly, and showed why hammerbots are a tough sell in an increasingly-agile meta. Shatter's no slouch, but Riptide was basically able to nullify any potential offensive it had. Unfortunately it gets a much meaner fight in the next round.
>P1 > Hypershock
Elite driving matters, kids. Hypershock ultimately played itself in a fight it probably should have won. P1 feels like what Duck should have been: A robot that capitalizes on opponent errors. And P1 did a fine job of that.
>Skorpios > Malice
Surprise surprise, Malice got fucked by durability issues, as one would kinda presume, given this season.
>Minotaur > Bloodsport
Elite driving really matters, kids. Similar to Riptide, Minotaur put on a solid driving performance, and played perfectly to its own strengths. Its next fight should be fun.
>Sawblaze > Hijinx
Sawblaze absolutely has deep run potential, thanks to being well-balanced. It exploited Hijinx's glaring flaws for a pretty comfortable win.
>Witch Doctor > Mammoth
Well, GG Glitch's weapon shitting itself. We went from interesting matchup to utter slaughter. WD had no issue dealing with Mammoth's unorthodox build. Hopefully Glitch comes back stronger next year. The potential's there.
>Copperhead > Lucky
No full fight here, but Copperhead was a fairly solid counter to Lucky on paper, and that looked no different here.
>Uppercut > Huge
This was a rough first-round matchup for UC due to an odd-build opponent, but it managed to eak out a win after a double KO, but a win's a win.
>Endgame > Skorpios
Endgame's tear continues, making yet another solid bot look like an absolute joke. This fight made it look like it has a good shot to repeat.

TOURNEY FIGHTS (RO32, Right side)
See >>87430 for my analysis of the win-and-in fight..
I could see Hydra's weapon issues biting it in the ass in this fight. Even if Ribbot's way overseeded, it's still a solid bot. If Hydra's weapon works correctly, however, this could very well turn into the upset of the tournament.
This fight could easily go either way, but Madcatter's improved enough where I give it a narrow advantage here.
Another fight that could easily go either way. Really depends on whether or not Valk ends up hitting the floor with its spinner, but an undercutter seems like a good anti-Blip weapon, so I'm picking based on that.
Wouldn't be surprised if Tombstone played spoiler again, but its durability has been suspect this season.
Icewave isn't that good. Whiplash should stomp.
This feels suspiciously like a mirror match. Two stupidly destructive bots with less-than-ideal longevity. Could go either way, but looks fun.
Captain Shrederator's real victory was making it to the tourney in the first place. I refuse to believe it doesn't get bodied here, though.
Tantrum only looks better since last year's Cinderella run. That said, I could see Gigabyte's weapon type counteracting Tantrum's greatest strength (mobility) a fair bit. Still not gonna change my prediction, though.
spill the tea queen
P1 decision was a farce. Hypershock sent P1 up into the air and crumpled its shell. P1 did no damage, and will job like a wagie for Sawblaze, whereas Hypershock would have stood a fighting chance. Down with control bots, and down with judging criteria that enable them. It would be one thing if Hypershock had never self righted, and had never got the big hit on P1, but ugh. At least we won't have to look at Team Hypershock anymore.
Even if you only factor in damage, Hypershock only narrowly won at best. P1 was still fully functional despite the damage done to it, whereas Hypershock lost use of its weapon potentially due to spending so much time inverted. P1 will probably get mogged next round for sure, though. But I do agree with the judge's decision.
hypershock are a bunch of cucks, they got what's coming to them courtesy of brandon and they haven't stopped whining about how P1 should be banned since
>create a good bot
>went 3-0 with zero problems
>seeded vs witch doctor
>tfw i made it.jpg
>Andrea Gellatly comes to us
>probably to congratulate us before the fight
>but why is she holding that crowbar, though?
>she immediately smashes our bot's main weapon mechanism
>we pushed her away
>but the damage has already been done
>she yells as she was escorted by the other teams' members
>no matter, we can still fix this
>tfw one of the producers approached us
>said we were the first to fight in the brackets
>and the fight is in 15 minutes
try reality out for size
>create an obscenely expensive billet wet dream but forget to leave channels for wires so you spend the first few days of the comp dremeling slots
>win 3 fights because aren hill designed your weapon but your drive barely works
>hmm we want to spin faster
>have your only set of weapon pulleys machined down, strip entire robot
>slack off putting it back together until day of the fight
>very end of day robot is together finally and your new high speed pulleys don't have enough torque to spin the weapon
Is this an older event or is Tombstone still rolling around?
What do you mean? Tombstone still fights, at least for now. Ray fucked up his hand a while back so its sort of in flux.
File: wat.png (141 KB, 177x568)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
>"Lookit the gash on that thing!"
banned? i've gotta hear the argument in favor of that lol
P1 trolled them so successfully it was fun to watch them seethe and cope. but i do consider it somewhat a fluke. hypershock remains the more intimidating bot, even in inverted configuration.
File: 1548631314197.png (109 KB, 554x439)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
How do you even beat current End Game without using memebot? Can Bite Force 2019 do it?
uh oh, are we going to find out tonight if slampigs can fly?
Flipperbros... I'm starting to feel good
The refs are a bit aggressive with the count outs
IMO. Lets the fights play out,
19 flips in two minutes , the "recharge rate" is highly impressive. and its armour is tough as hell
the other robot spinner broke when it hit it
very well engineered bot
this, why stop the fight at all? i guess the producers are in a rush to get the fight over with so they get back to the human interest fluff that is what really gets audiences tuning in.
i always hated the rule against crab walking. if you can spin to aim and then hit reverse and use friction to fling yourself in any direction you desire, that should be considered "some sort of controlled motion." either allow crab walks or stop using that deceptive phrase in the broadcast. ribbot almost crossed the whole box from wall to wall, and got a KO? i mean clearly they were not at an advantage, but come on. both bots dealt considerable damage throughout the match, so hydra didn't necessarily have a decision clinched. there was a lot more fight left in both bots.
Gigabyte with the jump from the ropes.
The raised platform is very bad for the horizontal spinners like gbyte , its boxes em in that corner and they hit off the walls .

The bot whisper dude is saying that the platform was led to a big increase in action and KO's .
Is there anything more annoying for the teams than having a damaged bot or a bot thats stopped for a few seconds and trying like hell to get it going and that referee pops up alongside and "I NEED TO SEE CONTROLLED MOVEMENT"
It's that time again.
>Hydra > Defender
This was about what one would expect, since Hydra's weapon kept working as intended. They're looking legit this tourney.
>Cobalt > Yeti
Yeti looked like it could have pulled something out early on, but they gave Cobalt's weapon too much wiggle room to take a win from them.
>Black Dragon > MadCatter
I said it before, and I'll say it again, this could have easily went either way. But in the end, Black Dragon's drive train was the X factor for it to take the win.
>Jackpot > Tombstone
Tombstone's weakness was durability, and Jackpot going all-in to exploit that weakness paid off handsomely.
>Blip > Valkyrie
Blip played this out perfectly. I was skeptical going in, but I'm starting to believe this thing might be for real.
>Tantrum > Gigabyte
Compared to last season, Tantrum looked surprisingly mortal here. It came dangerously close to getting KO'd, but it played a good enough match to win.
>Ribbot > Hydra
I got the winner of this wrong, but outside of that, my predictions were pretty spot-on. Hydra's weapon being the deciding factor, Ribbot being overseeded due to being fed control bots. P1 got the last laugh here.
>Whiplash > Icewave, Rotator > Captain Shederator
Looks like both of these fights will end up on Youtube, given HUGE/Uppercut and Copperhead/Lucky are up there (vids related). I'm just gonna presume Whiplash skunked Icewave and Shederator stopped working randomly again.


Overall, 5-4 for this episode, could be worse.
>End Game
I could definitely see Minotaur upset this fight, but End Game is nigh devoid of actual weaknesses. Still, it might have one of the best chances of actually taking out End Game.
>Witch Doctor
Copperhead and Witch Doctor are fairly samey, and this fight comes down to driving skills, which I think WD has an edge in.
P1 made the tourney, P1 won a tourney fight. P1 probably gets walled by Sawblaze, who is not a jobber unlike Hypershock.
Riptide was a fun rookie story, but Uppercut is just the stronger bot here.
>Black Dragon
Do I really want to bet against Hydra here? Fuck it. BD has had a tougher strength of schedule this season, and may be a bit underseeded in this tourney.
After its last two matches, I believe.
Versatility and good driving should give Whiplash the edge here, though I'm far from counting out Cobalt.
After the last matchup, I can't say I really trust Tantrum, ESPECIALLY given Rotator's elite driving.
It's kinda unarmed, so maybe a nice hit from tombstone or icewave would do the trick
I thought Black Dragon over Mad Catter was a pretty contentious decision. Admittedly, BD probably deserved more control points, but idk I guess the judges give more weight to drive damage than wedge damage? Which is dumb imo. MC was able overcome the drive damage with good skill, always staying aggressive and never really becoming vulnerable. Whereas BD's missing wedges opened it up for at least one good hit late in the fight. I look forward to seeing MC again next year.

Happy to see Boomstone out in the first, his time has definitely come and gone.

I agree, Tantrum didn't look himself. It didn't help that Gigabyte actually held together for the whole round for once, even after several KO-caliber hits that would have each finished him 9/10 times in his previous fragile iteration. Hopefully the team can get Tantrum back into tip top shape and fulfill his potential.

It's been said already, but even though Hydra beat Ribbot convincingly, the early stoppage dishonors both competitors. Ribbot surely still stood a fighting chance, and Hydra would prefer a KO. Early count just throws doubt over what could have been a decisive outcome.

Whiplash humiliated Icewave by winning without the saw. I hope they put it back on for future fights, because I can't root for a pure control bot.

Shredbros, did it ever even start?
End Game/Minotaur is going to be the hottest matchup of the whole tournament if you ask me. Two absolute powerhouse veterans going head to head. Both have devastating weapons, thick armor, reliable wiring, and predatory drivers. Five star match in the making.

The deciding factor in ***** Doctor/Copperhead could be Copperhead's willingness to capitalize on opportunities for followup combination hits while their opponent struggles to self right. Copperhead easily drives inverted, so they should be safe from that kind of vulnerability.

I've been very impressed with Riptide so far. Damage output, defensive capability, reliability, and driver skill are all present. I say this one is an even match, and a fun one at that.

Black Dragon has proven it's got the durability to survive the kind of damage that Hydra puts out, whereas all it takes is one serious hit from that eggbeater to seriously injure Hydra. I love Hydra, but I think his only win here is to dominate nonstop for 3 minutes and win JD on control points, or OOTA.

Blip on the other hand has the ability to flip high and flip often. However its high profile opens it up to get slapped around by Jackpot's powerful spinner. Close call here but I'm going Jackpot.

Whiplash if he uses the saw, Cobalt if he doesnt.

Tantrum has excelled last season and this season, and so I want to believe its difficulty during the Gigabyte fight was just a fluke. But if it shows up with that kind of behavior again, Rotator will make short work of it.

Stacked card. These are the matches I tune in for. Hype is in the house.
The Youtube fights are up as of yesterday, as presumed.


Definitely feel you on MC v BD. Both put up a great fight, real shame one of them had to lose. Definitely could have went either way. Whiplash didn't really even need the saw, to be fair. Icewave's lack of self-righting in combination with the box setup made control actually viable against it. Though I can't knock it as much as something like Rampage, given that its design more or less helps keep it from getting flipped to begin with.
Endgame-Minortaur definitely has match-of-the-tourney written all over it on paper, even if Endgame has made solid bots look like shitters this season. That said, definitely a lot of tough fights to predict, which is a good sign for the episode overall.
A robot that has a bigass hydraulic bolt on it. Think of a cattle stunner but with more oomph and length. Maybe put some claws on the sides in order to scoop the enemy bot towards where the bolt comes out.
A bot with a human controlled arm (functionally like pic related, but i'd rather have it be able to fold into the chassis for protection) that can change between weapons such as a saw, a drill, or just a spatula. Accuracy is the game for this bot instead of brute force. Imagine chopping off wheels and power belts off bots with the precision of a surgeon
Sounds a bit like an iteration of OB Overlord.


Would probably struggle without a good means of controlling enemy movement, and even then, it would be an uphill battle.
the box is big, and the operators are stationary. so for this to be feasible, you'd need a camera on the end like an actual surgery bot that you allude to. would be epic to see the killcam on the broadcast of the show.

i think magnets are underutilized on the show. some bots use them to stay close to the ground, but i would like to see them embedded in lifters and grabbers to get a better grip on the opponent. maybe even immobilize spinners, idk
Holy shit this was one of the best episodes ever
File: bot2.png (51 KB, 1080x720)
51 KB
I doubt this would work in practice but it seems cool in theory
Absolutely. Some instant classics in here. Not even mad almost all of my predictions were wrong.

>Riptide > Uppercut
Uppercut may be destructive, but its mobility isn't great. Riptide was able to control the tempo from the word go, not even giving Uppercut a chance for a clean shot.
>Tantrum > Rotator
Incredible fight from both sides. Plenty of back-and-forth ending in a last-second OotA. Tantrum looked much better here than last fight, and not a moment too soon.
>Blip > Jackpot
Blip's build pretty much perfectly countered Jackpot's. Combine that with solid driving and mobility, and a comfortable win is his reward.
>Hydra > Black Dragon
BD's weapon just couldn't really hit here. Hydra's could. That's about all there is to it. BD really did show its durability, but that doesn't mean much when your weapon can't hit. Also, this means we get the coveted Hydra vs. Blip matchup next week.
>WD > Copperhead
Not really much to say here. Outside of the first blow, WD basically had a perfect match, delivering nasty chains of hits to Copperhead, not giving it any breathing room.
>Sawblaze > P1
As soon as Sawblaze was shown to win the ground game, P1 was 100% screwed. Without the ground game, P1's trash. Kudos to them for getting to this round, though. A bit of a shame we don't get a Sawblaze-Uppercut rematch, though.
>Minotaur > Endgame
This fight 100% delivered on the hype. Back-and-forth momentum, both bots showing off their strengths, plenty of destruction from both sides. This is one of those fights where it sucks one of them had to lose. Minotaur's driving and stronger weapon earned it this win.

Guess I'll see how Whiplash-Cobalt ends in due time. I'll do final predictions after that airs.

I'm sure the results of this fight will be a subject that will cause absolutely no arguments within the fanbase, no sir.

Thank God this didn't air, would have soiled an otherwise great episode. I do agree with the decision, particularly on the front of damage, and even if Whiplash did manage to get un-stuck, it likely would have been a double KO anyway.

But with that, we have our final 8, and one more episode.

>Minotaur vs. Witch Doctor
This feels like a timeless matchup between two iconic combatants. I think this comes down to driving once more, so Minotaur should have the edge here.
>Sawblaze vs. Riptide
Riptide impressed in the last matchup, but Sawblaze lacks the vulnerabilities that Uppercut did, and should overall be too tough a matchup to overcome.
>Hydra vs. Blip
Flip bowl? Flip bowl. I think Blip should be able to come out on top, thanks to a more compact build and better maneuverability.
>Cobalt vs. Tantrum
This is a design mismatch that heavily favors Cobalt. Only way I can see Tantrum having a shot is by taking full advantage of its superior mobility.

>Minotaur vs. Sawblaze
I don't think Sawblaze's usual battlebox shenanigans will really be super effective here, Minotaur feels like a fairly hard counter design-wise. I think Minotaur can beat both Sawblaze and Riptide here. I'd favor WD over Riptide, but not Sawblaze.
>Blip vs. Cobalt
Cobalt already showed some degree of vulnerability in the ground game in the last match, and regardless of who wins in Blip vs. Hydra, they should be able to take care of business here. If Tantrum beats Cobalt, I'd give it the advantage over Hydra, but not Blip.

>Minotaur vs. Blip
This matchup is probably the worst scenario for Blip. Minotaur's design helps it both offensively and defensively here. So I see Minotaur taking the nut here.
How do stage personnel know its safe to enter
battlebox immediately after fight ?
it's hard to disagree with any of this, except i think hydra will be able to get under blip more often than the reverse. its poor maneuverability is a function of its incredibly low profile getting stuck on every speck of dust. i think hydra has the better chance at a KO, but blip has the edge in a judge decision due to control.

also, Team Carbide mentioned something in their post-fight statement that makes me fear one of these bots might have to pull a Glitch and forfeit, freeing up a spot for Whiplash to re-enter:
>Also Battlebots had control over the fight being highlighted and highlighted it for a reason, which will make itself apparent in time.

to me, an outsider, that suggests Discovery edited the fight the way they did in order to gain audience support for Whiplash as a victim of an unpopular JD, setting them up for a shot at redemption. however, in a case like that, i think Hypershock or Madcatter would be more deserving of a shot, seeing as Whiplash was a dead bot walking for several seconds before its opponent got stuck, whereas HS & MC both went the distance in their respective fights.
So this week's discussion prompt is this:
Conjecture wildly as to which of the 8 remaining bots would be the best/worst matchup for Whiplash in case of a forfeited opponent???
I'm seeing a lot of talk in other Battlebots discussion spots that there's a controversy in the next episode on a similar scale to the Storm 2 v Typhoon 2 debacle
>Grand finalist has to pull out, is replaced by Witch Doctor without a play-off, Witch Doctor wins
From everything I've read about it there seems to be a few things that have become consensus
>Hydra isn't involved so it isn't the vert
>Cobalt isn't involved so it isn't them subbing in Gigabyte
>Sawblaze is seemingly on the receiving end of it
>Sentiments of "good luck getting invited back next year" which tells me it's probably not a judges decision or sub in and is more likely something a team has done
>Jake teasing the idea of "how much can a bot change before it's a different bot?" in the Skorpios vlog
That being the case my prediction is
>some sort of extreme part swapping between teams for the grand final leading to some frankenstein with an eliminated bot hybrid (probably something crossed with Whiplash) winning the nut
But I wouldn't necessarily rule out
>riptide false starts again but they don't stop the match, riptide wins
>riptide false starts again, they stop the match/DQ them and one of the team gets uppity and decks someone
>Frejtas and riptides captain go to blows or blurt out a slur while trash talking
>blip vs tantrum happens but the team sacrifice one bot with a mysterious internal issue to have more repair time for the other
>Sentiments of "good luck getting invited back next year"
Oh shit, that doesn't bode well. I'm anxious about this next episode
On the bright side I think all the talk from teams like End Game or Whiplash saying that we havent seen the last of them while also saying it isn't Bounty Hunters, plus the images of the gold nut, seem to confirm that we're getting an all stars tournament this season.
someone please link the /peedub/ thread
i have to hold back vomit anytime i try to rawdog the catalog over there
People are suggesting there's more than one controversy although one will probably overshadow the other
>a 0-3 bot (presumably Lockjaw) MIGHT make a tournament appearance.
So what Bullshit does Bitch Doctor pull to make it to the finals tonight?
as much as we all love to hate on team WD, the bot itself is no slouch. OOTA is a real possibility.
>that final
bunch of fucking jobbers. even weaker than least years
I think we've found it.
Turns out they just got the judges to give them a free unstuck instead of counting them out.
What a shitshow
see you next year battlelads
Oh, shut the hell up Daniel.
Minotaur lost one of his two wheels and couldn’t do anything else than flip-flopping like a fish.
He should have been counted out before WD getting unstuck.trdx0
They edited the fuck out of that fight, watch it again and pay attention to how far minotaur moves in between cuts to the drivers
>If at any time during a Match, a Robot or Multi-Bot Segment becomes Stuck, and cannot free itself after 20 seconds, the Referees can call a Timeout.
I don't care who would've won, the refs blatantly broke the rules here
The refs definitely blew the whistle too soon and I think Minotaur could have wiggled over enough to give Witch Doctor one more hit to possibly unstick it if given enough time. But no matter how it goes down (timeout to unstick WD, double KO to judge's decision, or whatever they go with) I think WD ends up winning the fight anyways because Minotaur was already gravely wounded anyways.
"controlled motion" has to be eliminated from the rule set. instead require the ability to return to one's corner, leave one's circumference, whatever the test may be. but "controlled motion" has always been wishy washy bollocks.
File: 1637200294795.jpg (58 KB, 1000x667)
58 KB
>Kenny they say trannybot has a 41% chance of destroying itself
Now that the season's over, I just have to say this: the upper deck has gotta go.
Just give Bitch Doctor their Typhoon 2 run already christ
look at those shitty welds
>some sort of extreme part swapping between teams
Read the rules, they basically can't trade much.
Weapon and drive systems are supposed to go full power off when they stop receiving signals from the remote controls.
Immediately after the countdown or a K.O. the referees tell the teams to power down (well usually, I've heard it said dozens of times at the end of a battle).
Usually this simply means powering down anything that might have stored energy like pressurised flip systems, then the remote controls are turned off.
As far as I can tell the remote controls are set aside or locked away until the robots have had their switches or whatever switched off before the teams can touch them again.
>but i would like to see them embedded in lifters and grabbers to get a better grip on the opponent
currently forbidden by the rules
apparently it's not so much because 'it'd be an unfair advantage' or anything, it's because shattering a NIB for instance makes an unpredictable mess and electromagnets could disrupt the other robots electronics and electronic weapons are prohibited
The way the controls work they aren't receiving signal but there is full power to all the controllers. They really should be turning off the robots if they're going to try to unstick them, not just pretending it's alright.
Nah it's not, just not much point since they're fragile and no one wants to risk getting hung up on their own magnetic debris, it's happened to a few teams that use them for downforce
Hydra was robbed
It was so nice to see this highly funded tranny bot self-destruct after a few hits by a robot built by a hillbilly using scrap metal from his backyard.
Well, Tantrum's the hero Battlebots needed, but not the one it deserved right now.

>Sawblaze > Riptide
The moment Riptide got stuck in the box, this match was pretty much game, set, match. Pretty dominant victory to end a Cinderella run.
>Tantrum > Cobalt
The best way to beat Cobalt is to never get hit. Tantrum succeeded where Whiplash failed. Even without the OotA finish, all Tantrum had to do was continue doing what it was doing for a fairly one-sided bout.
>Hydra > Blip
Kinda bummed we got rubbed of a Tantrum-Blip fight, but Hydra was simply the stronger bot here. Kinda of a disappointing end to the flipper bowl.
>Witch Doctor > Minotaur
This started out like it would be an instant classic slugfest, but once Minotaur lost control of itself, its greatest strength was taken out of the picture. Should it have gotten counted out? Maybe, but it was irrelevant.
>Tantrum > Hydra
This fight absolutely justified the split decision it got. While Hydra had most of the momentum in the fight, Tantrum was able to shrug a lot of their hits off and get some hits in of its own, though the last-second flip showed that they didn't really faze Hydra either. Overall solid fight, and a satisfying end to the bot everyone loved to hate.
>Witch Doctor > Sawblaze
Tough luck for Sawblaze. They were simply outplayed and outgunned from the beginning. Did getting stuck on the floor for a moment flip the match? Likely not, but an early misplay from Sawblaze quickly ended the fight.
>Tantrum > Witch Doctor
WD finally gets its comeuppance for getting fed a jobber in Round 1, though it took a long time to get there. Once again, the first few seconds set the tone for the fight, with WD's mobility quickly getting kneecapped due to an early ground game loss. From there, it was all Tantrum, and the last-second KO didn't affect the match.

GG Tantrum, GG botbros, see you next season/In the spinoff miniseries.
exterior magnets are basically forbidden by the rules unless approved as a special exception
the only time I've heard of extra magnets being used was for sticking better to the steel floor
>Prohibited Weapons
The following weapon types are not allowed under any circumstances:
>Fouling devices such as glue, nets, fishing line, ball bearings and such.  Squirting liquids or liquefied gasses such as liquid Nitrogen.
>EMP generators or other means intended to damage or jam the opponent bot’s electronics.  Deliberate smoke generators.
>Bright lights, lasers, etc., that are distracting or dangerous to vision.  Weapons that damage the other bot by destroying themselves.

I've contacted them via email about a year ago and somebody replied that most magnets count as a potentially fouling material so they pretty much only allowed magnets on the underside of the bots
that mistake was really uncharacteristic of Mr. Go, he is one of if not THE best driver in the league. to open up his exposed tire to WD's fullspeed weapon, instead of turning the other way to bring the wedge around, i just can't fathom it. if you say he got stuck on something, i'll have to go back and look for that, but that's not how it looked to me. very disappointing performance, although it was a great narrative setup for the people's champion to come in and set the record straight. a lot of controversy in this last episode, but Tantrum definitely earned every bit of that nut. all hail the new THE GUY.
>upper deck has gotta go.
the bot whisper says it was dramatically improved fights in terms of knockouts , kinetic hits, he did a big piece on it .

Hydra flipped tantrum about 10 times
and stayed in perfect control.

Tantrum was aggressive and slightly damaged hydra weapon but hydra was still flipping tantrum at end.

bad decision it was clearly a narrow hydra victory
Regarding witch doctor versus mintour
I seen timeout called because two bots got stuck together i have never seen a timeout because one bot was stuck.

In the finale blip got stuck , Why was a timeout not called then?

Stupid decision by ref ,
Wrecking ball, just a big basketball-sized chunk of iron that ruins every spinner.
There was actually a bot revealed last week that sounds just like that
Eh, it worked out at the end since the Huemonkeys lost and Bitch Doctor got mogged by Tantrum.
Before anyone goes apeshit over this I want to point out that even if the timeout didn't get called Minotaur lost a wheel and was basically unable to continue meaning that both Bitch Doctor and Minotaur would have been Double Counted Out and it would have gone to the judges and they would still call it for Bitch Doctor.
If you watch the first few seconds of the match, Sawblaze stutters in the middle of the box for a fraction of a second, which even Chris and Kenny point out. But it didn't really change the pacing of the fight, though it definitely is a bit out of character for Go to expose his bit like that. Didn't look like it got stuck on anything in particular, though.
I have mixed feelings on it. From what I understand, the builders didn't know it would be a thing going in, and it definitely shifts the meta a bit. With some tweaking, I'd be fine with it. Took up a bit much of the box as it was.
I can definitely see the argument, but with how fights are scored, I'd still give Tantrum the narrow win.
I think it's because Witch Doctor got stuck on the shelf of the deck, whereas Blip got stuck on the top of the deck. Seems like different contexts were in play.
I would have been fine with Minotaur taking the nut, at least moreso than if WD took the nut, given how many asterisks there were on their season.
>After losing their first match, got fed Rusty for their only other match, basically allowing them free tourney entry
>Their original round 1 tourney opponent (Glitch) got replaced with a bot that shouldn't have even been there (Mammoth)
>The whole Minotaur match, even if the outcome was correct
File: 1649379907300.jpg (155 KB, 1280x720)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Did they ever explain, or tell the viewer what's supposed to happen if you get put on the the deck? I mean on the show not some youtube or redit interview. I had to go to fucking redit to see what the fuck was going on.

>Minotaur lost one of his two wheels
So? We've watched minotaur drive on one wheel repeatedly for the last 5 years.
Hell last week he was zipping around like a fucking boss.

Agreed. I guess running away is classified as 'aggression' now.

>I seen timeout called because two bots got stuck together i have never seen a timeout because one bot was stuck.
When they called the timeout to unstick them. I was confused because they were not even touching each other. But apparently the upper deck is not part of the wall. Even though it's connected to the wall. And acts just like it.

The unstick also apparently took quite a wile to do, and they didn't inform the crowd what was going on. On the restart WD ran away from the 'crippled' Mintour like a fucking coward.

If the people at battlebots don't like getting booed. Stop doing the things that look like refball bullshit.
Have much more transparency. Show the cards after every fight. Not just the ones were the viewer would be wondering wtf was that result.

In the end, I'm fine with Tantrum winning. I picked Sawblaze to win it all.
>Agreed. I guess running away is classified as 'aggression' now.
Reminds me of that Chesty Puller quote
>"Retreat? We're just attacking from a different direction"
>supposed to happen if you get put on the the deck?
nothing . you have to get off it which might be difficult for some robots. you can stuck on the screws and sides like blip.

The bot whisper was saying the real issue is its (1) reducing the size of arena proper which has resulted in more kinetic hits and knockouts and damage , more fighting less driving/avoiding
(2) When spinners get driven into corners boxes they hit off wall damaging themselves
the raised box is a horizontal spinner killer
the corners are traps for them.
Pete's trying to spin it as making fights more exciting but really it just fucks horizontals. The corners are miserable and as a driver you can't see very well into the opposite corner. You can see the results of this more than once, a good example is hydra not flipping tantrum while in that corner because he wasn't sure he was fully underneath.
Battlebots is going to shrink or remove it for next season because almost all of the builders hate it in it's current form.
pour one out for my lil nigga blip
12 hours of robot combat. this month's tournament premiered a bunch of new meme bots.

Any news on bounty hunters?
Not yet.

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