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Striking + Wrestling = MMA
I wish the term martial art hadn't been so bastardized. MMA =/= a martial art. Its a fuckin sport, and a shitty mutt nigger culture imitation at that.
so what in your opinion is a better combat sport than MMA?
anything that has strikes and limits ground fighting so it doesn't turn into a bjj fuckfest.
Yeah that sounds about right, figured you were a bitch who couldn't grapple
God this board is terrible.
MMAfags always feel that they have so much to prove.
Hey shit for brains, you're on an anonymous image board, so unless you're going to pull IPs so you know who's who, don't play that faggy guessing game of "oh ho ho, i got a witty response for thee," and you're not even talking to me.

But you know what, I can't grapple very good, might be because I don't train in combat sports. I have no interest in wrastlin a bunch of fucking dudes so I can go on, step into a tiny box, and wrastle even more dudes, in front of a cheering crowd, which is mostly dudes btw. The whole thing is very fucking homoerotic. I almost exclusively train judo and glima for my ground game, why? Because they are actual martial arts and you know the difference between martial arts grappling and combat sports grappling? One has me putting people on the ground and getting up from it as quickly as possible, while the other has me rolling around like a queer with a death wish.

Obviously no one in this thread has ever been in a real world, chaotic fight situation, where it simply is utterly retarded to surrender your back and drop your guard, which you absolutely have to do when you're using combat sport grappling.
>I don't train in combat sports
>I train judo and glima
>a sport where men literally grab eachother by their garter belts

this is way gayer than bjj
Butthurt wrastlin faggots just realized that in a real world situation they'd get their face stomped in by someone waiting in the wings or have their spine destroyed because they gave up their backs... Now real quick tell me about how your extremely limited sport centric experience of the world of violence has taught you that what I just said simply isn't true...

This is why this place is a joke. The fact that retards can't understand that just because something can be a sport does not make it exclusively so... Can you use MMA style grappling in a real fight? Absolutely, so long as your fight just happens to be with someone who's not willing to do anything that would be against the rules in an actual fight... Literally all of the most dangerous places too punch a human is against the rules...Fuck I'm retarded for trying to explain this to retards.
did kot win??
Your definition of a real fight seems to be a riot in a California prison and "combat sport grappling" as pure bottom game and guard pulling. Both are too narrow so your whole point is stupid. Plus you talk like a fag and glima is gay.
Maybe the definition of a real fight goes beyond macho man posturing fag shit that you're obviously accustomed to. If there is no threat to your life, then as far as martial arts are concerned, real martial arts, then it's not a fucking fight. Also, name a submission move allowed in MMA that doesn't leave you open in a way that could be fatally exploited by someone not playing by your faggy fucking rules. You retards act like your fucking mainstream definition of violence is the end all be all and to suggest that ITS A FUCKING SPORT AND LETHAL SHIT ISN'T ALLOWED is somehow patently incorrect... What the absolute fuck, pull your heads out of your asses. This whole read is bjj faggots desperately coping.
Getting in a fight on the prison yard where people might kick you in the back of the head is one type of fight, sure, but not every type of fight. I think that's pretty easy to understand. I wouldn't do a rear naked choke in that type of fight. I might use a rear naked choke if I get jumped alone, or I need to put a guy out and I have my friends around, or yeah, some kind of challenge match. These are all fight situations where I might use a submission.
And funny enough, the most "lethal move" is in fact a choke.

>real martial arts
Whatever, I don't care about your false dichotomy. In English, we use the term martial arts to refer to all kinds of things. Some of those things are sports. A lot of these sports will make you better at fighting, e.g. boxing.
And that is why martial arts are fucked and the premier venue promoted as martial arts is just fucking bloodsport that has almost nothing to do with MA. That's the problem, the west has bastardized the term so that it barely even reflects the truth anymore. You are where faggy fucking belts came from, you are what caused McDojos to flourish, etc. You're literally everything that is wrong with martial arts today. Martial Arts is more than two sweaty faggots slugging it out in a bdsm cage or queers in leotards playing grab ass. That's the problem with the west, you think you can just pick apart another culture, slap together your own abominable version of it and pass it off as the original. Not once did I ever refute that there is overlap with sports. A martial art may be dumbed down to be a sport, but doesnt work the other way. Because then it's not a sport anymore... Is anyone following me, does anyone get it?
What fucking culture are you talking about buddy. Martial arts is just a term, it has changed meaning over time. This is just how words work.

Again, what OG super lethal martial arts culture are you even talking about.
Holy fuck you're dense. Do you think that what you consider martial arts for is what they were made for you fucking troglodyte? There is an original intention that came with the creation then there is the bastard version of martial arts the west and chink land keep churning out for $.
I asked a very simple question. Who are these original creators in your autism worldview?
Any original martial art intended for use in warfare. Any original martial discipline that includes the instruction on use of lethal force. There is no one creator. It is the intention of the original concept dude.

Merriam-Webster's definition of "martial": http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/martial

mar·tial | \ ˈmär-shəl \
1: of, relating to, or suited for war or a warrior
//martial music
//a martial tone of voice
— Tim Appelo
//martial prowess
2: relating to an army or to military life
//martial discipline
//stories of martial tradition
— Ewen Macaskill
3: experienced in or inclined to war : WARLIKE
//its martial people fought the British to a standstill
— Mary Anne Weaver
Yeah, I get that. But language doesn't remain static. The term martial art at one point referred to fighting with like a pike or a sword. That's the earliest use of the term. Eventually it fell out and was ressurected to refer to Eastern martial arts. When Gene LeBell was doing challenge matches in the 50s he was called a martial artist, as distinguished from boxers and wrestlers. Now it's more of an umbrella term, referring to unarmed fighting styles and some historical weapon styles. If we used the term literally, then we would have to call driving a tank or artillery training "martial arts". This is just not what the term means nowadays. This is not a bastardization. It's just change. We already have a term for unarmed fighting that is not competition based, self defense. This appeal to "true" martial arts or whatever just seems like autismal raging.
And I am saying that is what's wrong. Yes driving a tank would be considered a martial art by its intention. Without that intention, I'm arguing that it isn't a martial art. That's why I'm arguing for how combat sports, by their very purpose, are not complete martial arts. They are cherry picked elements that are restricted by design to be more entertaining & less lethal.

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