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File: download (1).jpg (4 KB, 199x253)
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>think a scooter will get me to work faster
>wall 4km in 40 minutes
>think scooter could save 2 minutes (half)
>end up saving 7 minutes, while being drenched in sweat
Wtf I thought scooters were easy
They are. Stop being fat.
Lmao, I imagine OP saw all the fags on their E scooters and was too dumb to know they're battery powered and just went out and bought a razor.
Not fat
This one wss cheaper
7 minutes is enough to justify it. It will be more time saving and less sweat when you get better. Use long and hard kicks rather than rapid kicks. Walk up hills rather than try to kick. Find a route with smoother pavement; roads are better than sidewalks if you aren't afraid of traffic.
>t. Rode a scooter to class in college
My biggest problem is complete incompetence with my right leg when kicking. I always end up leaning, and then falling to my right. My best strategy right now has been kick with my left 5 or 6 times then walk for a bit to give my right a rest
this happened with me and my skateboard. You just aren't used to it yet. Keep doing it.
Also don't keep doing it get a skateboard ;v)

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