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🙏 RIP Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka 🙏
Our dad who disowned us

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>45 mins warm up with running in circles, stretching, line drills and some Wushu jumping
>1 hour pad work
>last 10 minutes or so: Circuit training with BWEs, just push ups, jack knife sit ups etc., nothing fancy

>30 mins warm up with breakfalls, stretching and BWEs
>1 hour randori with changing partners, so you're mostly learning by doing. Roughly 50% standup, 50% ground.
>Absolute beginners get some technique drills for the first 3 lessons or so, over the next lessons the drills are slowly exchanged for randori
You live in China I assume? Where are you training Sanda at?
Nah, Germany. My Sanda coach used to be the Nanjing team's coach though.
MMA here.

>jog around the mats (fairly small matt space)
>practice shots and sprawls while moving around mat
>do some tumbling
>pair up
>coach shows some tech
>coach's kid (basically sub-coach) shows some tech
>practice it
>kid shows a technique
>practice it
>do some rolling
>if this one shitty cunt is there, he likes to try to break/pop something on his less-experienced partners every time

>jog around mat
>move in stance a bit
>coach shows a combo
>practice it
>rinse and repeat
>sometimes put on body gear to let us put some gas on the techniques
>coach leaves
>"do combo-for-combo, later"
>do combo-for-combo (guy 1 does a combo, guy 2 defends, then switch)
>c-f-c quickly devolves into light sparring
>this has devolved into a fight on more than one occasion

Sunday Sparring:
>warm up on your own
>partner up
>light full-step
>go to the wall
>striking from grapple situation
>half-step and clinch
>half-step and clinch swiftly devolves into hard full-step
Is fun
File: kendo1.jpg (140 KB, 1080x720)
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140 KB JPG
>Taiso, 10 minutes warm up
>Suburi, working on form of the various strikes, we typically get through 200-500 cuts depending on if we are focusing on form or conditioning
>Ashi-sabaki, footwork up and down the dojo
>Small break, 5 minutes
>line up, Reiho and putting on rest of armor
>Kihon-geiko, working on the basics
>Waza-geiko, working on intermediate/advanced techniques
>Kakari-geiko, finding an opening and quickly attacking without regard or hesitation
>Ji-geiko, open practice/sparring
>Line up, reiho and bow out
Muay Thai
Start out with a few rounds of jump rope to warm up, maybe 3 or 4 with 1 minute breaks. 15 minutes altogether warmup.
15 minutes clinch work/plum, doing drills back and forth. Teach positioning drills to setup strikes.
30 minutes western boxing. Usually choose a focus for the day like the right cross or head movement or footwork and the drills work around that.
30 minutes of pad work for Muay Thai. Same deal, usually overall focused on a particular technique like the round kick and then drills to practice setting it up. 3 minute rounds, 1 minute break, either do 3 rounds in a row and switch, or 1 round on going and 1 round holding.
After that, the newbies leave and keep floor open for at least an hour. Open sparring for those who want to, bag work, extra conditioning is for fighters at this point.
So just clinching and pads basically? Sounds like what they do in Thailand.
Goju ryu karate
>45 mins warm up with Junbi Undo and maybe Hojo Undo
>15 mins kihon
>15 mins kata depending on your rank
>15 mins drills or iri kumi sparring (basically kyokushin rules)
>30 minutes full contact wrestling throws allowed
>45 minutes randori
>15 minutes conditioning

Jealous. I'd love to do Sanda or Daidojuku over MMA.
*full contact soccer with wrestling
>stretch warm up basics first 15 mins
>whatever the fuck I want to do for the next hour
Feels good to be the king. Did weapons last night, kids could not understand how a tonfa works but were super impressed by me, feels good
>I'd love to do Sanda
It's just kickboxing with wrestling takedowns.
People still train striking and grappling apart from the other? I thought this was an old fashioned method.
5-10 minutes stretching
10-15 minutes acrobatics and gymnastics
20-30min groundwork, usually drilling a particular setup
30-45 min throwing drills
Randori until people get too tired
Rope climbing and calisthenics as a warmdown

If you want to perfect technique, I think you need to isolate it - so there's a real benefit to training striking or grappling without the cross-cutting concerns of combining the two.
any krav maga peepz?
How long do you guys practice crotch grabs. Is there a different technique for a dick grab as opposed to a nut grab.
Krav Maga
30min warm-up and stretching
10min lesson about the drill we’re doing tofay
20min drills - alone then partnered
Rinse and repeat

I’m only a yellow belt though and from what I’ve seen in mixed classes, starting from orange and green, there’s occasional sparring at the end of classes
Black belt shows move 3 times, explains details
Drill move
Live positional sparring
K-1 Kickboxing
>15min warmup (shadowboxing/jogging/dynamic stretches, depends on coach)
>30min pad work
>30min partner sparring drills
>15min ab work for cooldown
>30-35 minute warm up
2 hours of 1 on 1 live matches for 3 rounds with everyone in the room
Only problem my club only meets once a week on Sundays

Has your gym produced any successful athletes?
not a bad idea
krav maga doesn't work nigger
>I'd love to do Sanda or Daidojuku over MMA.
Chinese are now teaching MMA instead of Sanda to their troops.

>Gojuryu karate.
>Warm up 30 mins. Mostly muscle control, strength, and flexibility with occasional light cardio.
>30 mins focusing on the understanding and application of 3-5 techniques or principles.
>30 mins sparring or sparring analogue to put them into application.
Light on rules or structure, but the dudes who take it are 6th dan's and are pretty committed.
Style doesn't need much stamina, just strength and tactical flexibility.

>Just fucking go at it you cunt, until one of you can't continue, then you review some interesting pointers you came across, look at how technique applies to it, maybe change up weapons, and go again.

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