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Does anyone know good books on learning Muay Thai or BJJ? I'm interested in learning some basics so when I finally can join a class I'll be a bit more knowledgeable / have an asier transition.

Some information BJJ dummy a punching bag and floor mats.
youtube videos would probably be better than a book.
Drill to Win is awesome, since you guys don't nearly drill enough anyway. The Bas Rutten books are ok.

Don't really know any REALLY FUCKING good books on martial arts though, most are shit desu and I read a lot of them.
Drill to win looks great, a bit pricey but great.

As for Bas Rutten looks like he specializes in TKD might check it out.

Thanks anon.
Just join a gym honestly.
Books aren't gonna help unless you practice physically already >>71363 vids are good but they will also barely help somebody who doesn't actually train.

>I'm interested in learning some basics so when I finally can join a class I'll be a bit more knowledgeable / have an asier transition.
How much do you work out?
How's your cardio?
If you have good endurance you will be able to practice for longer. If you have good strength, you can use that to block techniques with brute force or force techniques from suboptimal positions.

Tell me about what kind of training you do.
I'll give you the basics though, for BJJ:
>don't let people move you around
>don't let people pin your arm down or control it with both arms
Basic positions:
>guard (one person on the ground; legs wrapped around top's waist)
>half-guard (ground has one leg blocking the waist of top; other leg is inbetween top's legs)
>side-control (top has their body perpendicular, controlling one side of the opponent, legs are freed)
>mount (top is sitting on the belly of bottom, legs squeezing bottom's waist)
>turtle (bottom has hands and/or elbows on the ground, knees/feet on the ground, laying down like a "turtle")
>north-south (similar to side control but instead of being perpendicular, both top and bottom are lined up and their heads/chests are together)
Look on Youtube John Danaher's escape from mount and practice that.
For Muay Thai and physical exercises:
>kick trees with both legs
>do sprinting HIIT and running
>do pike pushups
>forearm and wrist exercises
>neck curls, look up Gabriel Varga's neck workout
Jack Dempsey Championship fighting

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