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>in love with surfing
>living 600km away from the sea
>spending one week a year at the beach is all the surfing I can get
>have a nice job in my city that I'm too much of a pussy to quit and try to live closer to the sea

Kill me.
Fuckin tell me about it anon. TXfag here. Grew up loving solo sports but not a single on available here. No surfing, climbing, or parkour. Gonna move to east Florida because it's all so tiresome
I love love love snowboarding but I live on a fucking island and the nearest mountains are 3+ hours away. I only get about 3 days a year to go ride, if I'm lucky.
I've managed by also falling in love with skateboarding but goddamn i want to live in the mountains
>grew up in Colorado
>Never went snowboarding, skiing, or to mountaineering
>had a (Walmart) skateboard but could never learn to ollie quite right
>never played paintball or airsoft because it was too ‘dangerous’
>never went once skating
>been to the ocean a few times but never surfed, snorkeled, or even been on a saltwater boat
>never ridden a helicopter
I've done one hardflip in my life, over a decade ago. Have tried time and time again and cannot do the trick
If you're in love with surfing the answer is obvious.
File: 1560582387230.png (996 KB, 1244x706)
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996 KB PNG
i've always wanted to be a pseudo ogre who can lift trees and shit and swing around but i'm 5'11 and 150lbs
File: 1609350718157.png (57 KB, 648x1024)
57 KB
>in love with wild camping
>live in London
If you lift three or four times a week for 3 years straight and go on a semi-dirty bulk you can easily become a bearmode gorilla by the end of it
I'm a skatefag but always wanted to try surfing. Too bad I live in a landlocked country.
International treaties guarantee landlockedfags the right to sea access for trading purposes.

Only for trading purposes.

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It hurts bros...
>start skating at 8 years old
>become good, it takes over my entire life
>win a few local skate competitions
>flow at local skatepark
>start getting in contact with an online board company
>arthritis at 21
>can't even bend down to ollie
>pushing hurts
>26 and still can't skate
Bros........ Do I become a filmer or something?
I wish I had a big enough space where I could build a ramp.
Yeah at least keep yourself stoked filming and maybe try a diet or something that cures the arthritis, dont let them tell you it cannot be cured son
Yeah I do low carb, mostly carnivore. Weed and humira helps too
Nice, I dont know much more but I heard fasting will also help
>wanted to get into motocross
>realised i was way too old to seriously progress in the sport from a competitive standpoint, but wanted to do it for fitness fun and to get into motorsport
>start putting a little money aside for a bike while i do bits of research on the sport here and there
>car shits itself, so i sell it for dirt cheap and buy something better
>finances are eaten into in a big way
>no problem, just start saving again
>previous owner of new car had neglected suspension and it had been fucking up tyres
>get a new set of suspension and new tyres while i'm at it
>finances gone again
>okay, back to square one
>save money again
>year after last batch of repairs, clutch wears out on my car and have to get a new one, along with a few other odds and ends
>getting tired of present living arrangements, too
>repairs and moving expenses destroy savings once again
>decide fuck it, buy a boardyboard and some gear for significantly less
>get into that, instead
i always wanted to play with skateboard on the balcony
Why not? I can't think of anyone specific off the top of my head, but I'm sure I've seen loads of people over the years from all kinds of sports and passtimes that take ancilliary roles with that activity because they still just want to be around it and be involved.
Wish my parents got me into Judo as a young kid. I would without a doubt devote my life to a competitive career
it's never too late
>Absolutely love snowboarding
>At some point about 8 years ago I just couldnt take the lifts anymore cause of fear of heights
>quit snowboarding
Is there any help for me? Maybe I can try catskiing or cross country?
>I've done one hardflip in my life, over a decade ago. Have tried time and time again and cannot do the trick
I didnt learn hardflips until my 30s.
you can heal your arthritis. but it wont happen with a MD. You just need to rebuild your cartilage and connective tissue.
File: 1612227207765.gif (363 KB, 255x255)
363 KB
363 KB GIF
>work in a print shop
>it kills and numbs my feet
>takes all the energy from so I crash as soon as I get home
>but when i do skate my feet go numb when im skating within 15min
>crash and lay on the street for a good while, or until someone checks on me to make sure that im still alive
>so bruised that they hurt the next day
How do wagecucks do it over 30 years? I have been doing for four years and im about to snap. But when im a neet i go crazy and lock myself in, but when i work im wiped and just want to die.
File: 1613246198629.jpg (39 KB, 513x513)
39 KB
Lots of mountains have on-the-ground rope tows to get up the slope, anon. Do yourself some research and I'm sure you'll find somewhere you can go. Fear is nothing if you let it be nothing.
Fix your posture and footwear. You shouldnt be going numb from working at a print shop.
Those ropes only go up the bunny slopes.
Nice; sounds like a friend of mine.
Do what >>10909 said and look at some better footwear. Comfort is king if you're on your feet all day. Hell, comfort is king even if you aren't.
If it keeps up after that, consider seeing a doctor.
>Those ropes only go up the bunny slopes
Well shit boy looks like you gotta get over your fear then

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