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File: teddy.jpg (50 KB, 600x567)
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How many concussions have you had?
What has your experience been like?
Why did you get a concussion?

>Anywhere from 5-7
>It ranges from being completely fine, to feeling depressed or anxious for a while, to being a low IQ smoothbrain for a while.
>I got them from skiing, skating, and surfing. Sometimes from plain bad luck, but usually because of pushing the envelope too much or being overly tired.
Im a bmx rider and I can't even remember all the cuntcussionsbI I've given myself. The worst one was pathetic as fuck which makes it more embarrassing. I ate shit on a pothole and spiked myself headfirst into the street.
I don’t have any.
I do mma, but I haven’t fought and only do very limited harder sparring as well as having a defensive style, or an attempt at one
File: eb7.png (314 KB, 638x359)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
Just one as a kid I was riding my bike without a helmet because I'm too cool for bikes and th?????????? as I woke up on the side of the street surrounded by the ambulance crew thinking "this isn't my bed why am I waking up" and then passed out again being woken up by extremely loud and very bright cartoons on the TV the children's hospital and threw up a bunch of times and passed out again.

I don't remember my stay at the hospital or for how long I was there but I remember being discharged feeling fine and also taking a memory/observation test where you would have the names of colors written down randomly and they would also be in different colors so "blue" was maybe in red or green ink, and they'd ask you to just read the text, and then only say what colors the words are, and also see how fast you could do it. There was also a logic quiz and they tested my grip strength.
thats pretty intense how do you feel different today?
Don’t see that as embarrassing, it’s a dangerous sport and you got unlucky. Pay to play
just the one, I was playing footy at school when I was 15, not even sure if I was properly in puberty at that point because I was small as fuck. I darted into the pack and grabbed the ball only for one of the coconuts who was probably 190cm already at that point and who only knew how to play rugby picked me up and threw me head first into the ground.
can't remember much about what happened after, my memories only return with me walking around dazed and asking my mates if I had hit my head and whether we had a maths test that day. apparently I had asked those same questions about 10 times in the space of a minute
Damn that’s a heavy one, what did the coaches do about it?
5 maybe 6
Very strange. One of them was really bad, immediate hospital visit. CT scan, MRI, encephalogram. electrocardiogram because my heart was acting up. I was in bed for a month after that, feeling so strange. I was constantly freezing even though it was the middle of summer, I was wrapped up in my winter coats underneath the blankets wearing dark sunglasses because the light would bother me too much. Emotionally I was all over the place. I also had the worst nausea of my life. Could hardly stand up.

Another time it wasn't as bad, physically. But over a month later, I was in a terrible mood. Depressed and angry about everything. Really weird. I realized it was after the concussion and it slightly calmed me down but even then it was lousy feeling that way. Feeling off is the best way I can explain it. Like your brain has short circuited.

The rest of them haven't been this serious but
I'm pretty sure they add up.
couldn't tell you lmao, I don't remember much of the day. probably was just a slap on the wrist, it's a full contact sport so a bit of rough stuff isn't unheard of
2 Maybe 3
Football as a kid (4-6th grade)

It's fine, just type a letter in the wrong order occasionally.
Just one. Happened when i was 8. On trampoline with a couple teenagers. They double jumped me and I landed face first. A double jump is when another person(s) preload the springs by pushing down with their legs just before the jumper lands. Result is considerably more jump height for the jumper. Since i was under 100 pounds and they were both north of 170 i went flying. Knocked out cold. I don't know if it had long term effects.
6 or 7. After the 3rd you just get more stupid.
Holy shit this one is insane. What happened for you to get the concussion that hospitalized you? Do you think it's easier to get concussions now, like your brain stem got weaker or something?

I can relate to feeling off, it's a derealization thing. A really strange feeling of being in the present moment but not fully comprehending reality, dreamlike but definitely not a dream.
What'd you do to get that many? I hear you on that, remembering shit is way harder after a couple concussions and sometimes your train of thought just fucks off
What'd you do to get that many? Do you still do those sports?

I hear you on it making you dumb. Remembering shit gets harder and harder, not to mention your train of thought decides to fuck off every now and then.
File: brain.png (38 KB, 623x371)
38 KB
>What happened for you to get the concussion that hospitalized you?
I fell backwards on tile. Because it was backwards I couldn't put out my arms or anything to break my fall. It was straight to the back of my head. I cracked it open. I was fully unconscious. I don't know how long I was out for, but when I did get up, very nauseous, I left a puddle of blood on the floor, and then I left a blood trail when I was trying to get up and walk away.

During the other one that I mentioned earlier, I also cracked my head open, but it was in a different spot, so even though there was some blood, it wasn't as bad as the previous one.

I don't think it's easier to get concussions now. But maybe it is? I think it can happen anytime you hit your head too hard. But I don't actually know for sure. It could be? They say the more concussions you get the worse it could be later. But who knows. I pad up now if I'm skating head high transition or higher.
i cant remember

Falling off my bike when I was 9. Helmet didn't do shit

Head on collision with another safety in football when I was 16

Helicopter crash when I was doing my FAC tour, also fucked up my hip and knees. I was 27ish

Slipped and fell trying to show my youngest how to use a slip and slide when I was 40

I get migraines sometimes. I get angry when I'm sexually frustrated. That's it
Probably 1 or 2, it's actually pretty hard to get a proper concussion on aggressive inlines methinks

Oh jesus christ, my 2nd one was downright terrifying.

>fuck up a 540 and slam my back on a shitty DIY park halfpipe
>dont hit my head, but it whips back pretty fucking hard, pretty sure this caused the concussion.
>figure now's a good time to take a break

I thought things were going fine but one of the possible concussion symptoms is a temporary shift in personality and jesus fucking christ it's terrifying. You're aware that you're acting differently, saying different things, and so is everyone else, but no matter how hard you try you can't actually act as how you remember yourself.

I remember my friend asked me if i was ok and i was acting weird. I wanted to say "Haha yeah, I'm fine. Just a bit rattled" or something but instead i went "Im normal haha im not normal im normal"

i immediately lied down and asked him to check for visible concussion symptoms (dilated pupils and stuff), but he couldn't spot too much.
Several throughout my 26 years of life. 4 stand out pretty vividly. Got knocked out on a trampoline, bashed my head off the cement while skating, a mild one when i crashed my car, and most recently got punched in the head.

In recent years I've been getting these weird spells where my brain feels all fuzzy and I get clammy skin and nausea. Its almost a daily occurrence at this point and i wonder if repeated head injuries could have something to do with it. Or could be stress or some shit idk.

First i knocked myself out learning to do a back somersault. Second i got kicked in the head while i was trying to kick the other dude in the head and the back of my head hit the ground pretty hard. Third i got osoto-gari'd and the due came down on top of me and my arm was trapped so i couldn't break fall.
File: 1607513344247.png (717 KB, 984x1040)
717 KB
717 KB PNG
Freshman year high school wrestling tournament, went up against a real buzzsaw of a kid. The last thing I remember is trying to break his grip around my waist before waking up to a bright light, seeing people stare down at me like in the movies.
My piece of shit coach made me wrestle another match after that, and I was too scared to say no, so I probably got even more concussions. Fuck you DeBerry, you fat faggot, you weren't in the Marine Corps anymore
That's fucked anon. I know wrestlers pride themselves on their toughness but that boomer should have known you can't regrow brain cells.
Just felt kinda dizzy
Hitting my head when doing a bodylock suplex
He probably knew, just didn't care. He was a real dickhead. His idea of coaching was if we were doing poorly during a tournament (which we did often because we were mostly freshmen who didn't have much experience) was to take us into the locker room and scream at us at the top of our lungs to get off our backs and do better

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