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uuuh aikido hater bros...i think we got too cocky
Oh wow this one guy spent a long time learning a meme takedown and practices real martial arts outside of aikido where he actually learned how to fight. that means the entirety of aikidos pedagogy isnt retarded anymore.
>posting Dan the Autistic man as evidence for anything
File: 1577808800649.jpg (23 KB, 360x360)
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>Fat man doing bad BJJ
Aikido works!!
This guy has the slowest transition to armbar I think I've ever seen in my life
The people who get this triggered by delusional martial arts are even more disappointing than the arts themselves.
>lmao, aikido is retarded
Ok retard
I've always thought Aikido would actually be pretty decent if you took out 90% of the curriculum, pageantry, and teaching approach. Just rebrand it "bouncer-fu" and drill it like wrestling. Looks like this guy has done that.
File: 1622068712314.gif (174 KB, 640x548)
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>aikido is good if its not aikido
Astute observation
Aikido is a nice intermediate approach to dealing with conflict, as you can use standing submissions to secure and resolve conflict without having to punch or kick, or risk going to the ground. It also allows you to reduce the potential damage you do to an opponent, which comes in handy in a litigious society like the U.S..

I've used ikkyo's, sankyo's, nikkyo's, and kote gaishe to resolve conflict without having to actually escalate into punching or kicking or choking somebody out. Without those tools in the kit, I would have had to have resorted to throwing blows, or going to the ground and risking getting stomped by the crowd.

While a lot of aikido technque isn't worth much, it also has some very practical techniques that everyone should have in their kit imo.
Yes, basically. Similar to how Japanese jujujtsu was actually a good foundation to turn into something new. There are some pain compliance moves and wrist and arm manipulation shit I see in aikido that I don't see anywhere else because they aren't very sport practical. But these exact moves would be useful if you need to tard wrangle a drunk guy or insane person. The trouble is you gotta wear a hakama and call some ponytail fat guy sensei and never ever spar to learn them. Aikido can be saved.
Unironically yes. Keep moving goalposts by pretending that techniques don't look similar when applied live even from different disciplines, though. Reminds me of when internet virgins couldn't believe that CWC fucked a prostitute because their own egos depended on his eternal virginity.
>Aikido can be saved
If you have to cut out "90%" of a martial art to "save" it then what exactly are you saving? Youre better off incorporating the useful techniques into a different system. A guy I roll with in bjj for example has a neat wrist lock he uses to escape a guillotine.

As for not having a sporting use, I disagree. Pain compliance is great for escapes and often works on the ususpecring and unprepared to defend, which many people who dont drill these techniques and their escapes are. The only reason we dont see them in sport is because, as you mentioned, it fat pony tail senseis who dont actually know how to fight that drill them and because of that cant make the techniques work.
I'm being tongue in cheek, aikido is kinda shit and what I'm suggesting wouldn't be saving it. More salvaging something from it.

My gripe with bringing some aikido moves into BJJ and Judo is that I don't think anyone will ever train them lol. In both those arts the expectation is that what you train should work against a more or less equally skilled opponent who knows you're coming. I don't think that's the ideal environment for the aikido stuff and so they won't get any attention. Cops and bouncers have the initiative in any given altercation and are dealing with someone who is probably distracted/stupid. They also have an interest in not fucking them up too badly and also not scaring nearby laymen. Who as far as I've seen, freak out anytime a throw is used. Even if it's gentle, because they don't know what that looks like. It's the ideal environment for a standing wristlock or something like that. A BJJ competition is not. Studying the aikido stuff alone might yield fruit to people who work security or maybe work at a mental hospital or something like that. This stuff isn't completely without purpose. Despite being "low percentage."
It is fair to say that Aikido doesn't have any techniques.
The "techniques" are a heavily cut down aikijujitsu curriculum which in no way emphasized effectiveness of techniques in a fight, but rather are meant to capture a certain "essence" of a skill or concept of awareness.

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