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/xs/ - Extreme Sports

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On a rainy day, you cant longboard downhill without major risk.

i cant do cycling superfast with my thin ass triathalon tires

/fit/ has forbidden me olympic weighlifting for 4years now (thanks clownworld, cherry on top... cunt)

the inside world is such a drag, people like me were never meant to sit under a roof made of solid material, the rooftop my people dwell best under is that of the night sky and a shelter that comes with you.

so i was thinking super moto / husqvarna 701 with a bit of trail hiking once i get to the spot (loaded backpack), however i want to hear this boards thoughts.

pic related seems to be the best in class option for weight and power ratio i want.
vid related looked interesting to me, and also eying an african twin if they made it 700 and smaller weight option, but this is just a rumor.
I wouldn't trust any answer given here, you'll end up with some stupid build like /n's 90's mtb that's shit at pretty much everything but being a meme.

That being said here's my opinion:
Distance and surface are your biggest deciders in your build, longer distance go with something more road orientated with 2cly, most of them will be a pain to ride offroad but you'll thank yourself when your not shaking yourself to bits on asphalt, not having to rebuild the engine as often and not having to worry about the gearbox on the pavement since the bikes meant more for dirt don't have transmissions built to deal with the grip asphalt gives (can be solved with a special cushon hub but this has its own problems). Tenere is the only good non custom route here. Cbr 250 rally is underpowered and has shit suspension, tenere 660xt is just the 700 but worse and the african twin is underpowered and overweight.

If you don't have to cruise at 70 for very long go with an enduro machine with some lights (Stator installs on mx versions can be a bitch and a half), slap some soft panniers on it and have at it, you'll have a lot more fun on the dirt. Any fuel injected 450 or 550 4 strokes are your aim here. Could go with some taller gearing here to make highway more bearable

Tyres are another choice you'll need to compromise on. Unironically take a look at the dual sport subreddit for some inspiration.
thanks for the feedback; are you or any sources you know of turned off by the husqvarna 701 enduro lr - it seems to be the lightest and packing the most punch, and yeah the tenere seems like the only competition, but heavier and i hate the exhaust placement relative to the husq; i'd prefer a tighter profile when panniers are affixed.

this board is mega slow and that was mega disappointing.

i have never thought of this, but was wondering what capability this husq with supermoto tires would have in the offroad; i have heard it is quite capable - maybe that offsets the problem you highlighted?

although i would think dual tires for a mountain cruise not a bad idea to swap for. suburbia and minor off road was the here and now unless the particular seller has options i guess.

oh i was looking at that ktx300 suzuki popped out, but figured if i can get dmz400 at that small too if i wanted to save money for other ascessories.

my concern with my is i want to pack a military style backpack for camping, and keep side panniers and back. the weight of myself, i begin to wonder if i need more of a pack mule moto moto...

what would be the best setup to defend against an invasion of these (picrel) from the distance?
you don't need thin tyres to go fast, in fact the thin tread meme has been ever so slowly dying over the last decade. I run tubeless 48mm and I literally hit 30mph/50km if I want to.
your bike probably isn't set up for thicker treads but my rims are only 23mm so it's not impossible.

can't seem to spot how this is /xs/ at all. I mean you're not doing anything extreme or sport related, you just want to travel and hike? /n/o/
how is; wtf do you do during a rainy day, as a general extreme sport cope, not related to how to circumvent the rain in a /xs/ way?

hardly any of the prior discussion had anything to do with bike ride.
>90s mtb
Kill yourself.
Dual sport tyres are pretty good off road and miles better on road. They don't deal with mud all that well but everywhere else they're great.
Not had amy experience on the 701 or had any mates buy one but there's a large community around them so I'd ask around there.
Don't go with pack mule life, carrying around loads is going to be painful, just pack light, you don't need much to camp and hike comfortably. You can fit loads in two soft panniers and a roll on top.

>>>/out and >>>/o tends to have some of these types of threads every now and then if this board's too slow.

This board has an identity crisis anyways, at this point I'd call it more of a niche sport board. Should've kept it as /asp.

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