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Redpill me on muay thai/kickboxing/boxing gloves.
I bought some shitty lonsdale gloves for like 20 bucks some time ago but now I'm looking to get something a little bit better.
quick google searches tell me that venum elite are one of the best out there, and since they're easy to find here and don't break too much bank, should i cop? Or are the thai jews just out there to get me?
Venum is a really good brand for gloves, my last 4 pairs were venums
You will not learn the correct wrist positions for bear knuckle punches which may fk youd wrist up if you ever hit without gloves.
Gloves will stop you busting your knuckers open every time you work out.
I train at a gym with people who fight in Glory, UFC, etc. Multiple champions what not. Anyways, most people where Fairtex, Twins, maybe Windy or Top King.
Obviously there are other good, brands, but have no idea why you'd buy anything else.
I own a pair of 16oz Top Kings. I like them, but they are too wide so my next pair of 16ozers I'll go elsewhere. Although Top King shinguards are GOAT tier. Literally just ordered a pair of Fairtex 12ozers, BGV1s. Those are very popular and what I'd recommend.
I'd don't know what compels people to buy Hayabusa, but I'm convinced it's a meme brand. I think it's some weird sunken cost fallacy because the shit's so expensive people defend it like they don't want to admit they were wrong. Like just fucking design normal stuff, make it really nice, and then charge more. You don't need to make fucking bizarre designs that don't pan out.
I'm sure some Hayabusa stuff is nice, but everything I've bought from them was more expensive and worse then your Fairtex/Top King etc equivalents.
File: gloves.jpg (881 KB, 2016x1512)
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881 KB JPG
You're the guy who asked the same question on /fit/ ? I still think you should get Fairtex or Twins depending on your budget.

Out of pic related the Twins are my main gloves atm, I use them for pads and sparring, I've also used Fairtex, Leone and Nordic Fighter.

The Everlast gloves are cheap shit, I use them for bagwork.
Ring Horns is Venum's budget subsidiary and the quality is bad, also for bagwork.
Venum Contender gloves look good but have a very synthetic feel and there's no actual wrist support at all.
Leone gloves are just ok but they look good, sizing is weird.
I'd say Fairtex and Twins are more or less equal, I prefer Twins though, feels like better quality material is used in them.
The Swedish brands are surprisingly good but you probably can't get them where you are.

I tried ordering Yokkao once but they had oversold the model I was ordering, which they didn't notify me of until I e-mailed them and got a reply way later, and they also oversold the model they were offering to ship instead which was ridiculous. Got my money back after them holding it for two months. Crap company.

I feel like Hayabusa is a trap for new people, you always see enthusiastic beginners buying Hayabusas as their first pair but they're really not good compared to the traditionally popular brands. Probably just a case of solid marketing.
^like he said, use boxing gloves if you are training to compete in something that will have you wearing them. if you are just training to learn how to throw punches for self defense, just use wraps to protect your knuckles.
>Fairtex or twins for a beginner

Bruh no one has the money for that

There is really no right or wrong when it comes to gloves. Fairtex and Twins are excellent brands but the price of these are not something i would recommend for a beginner.

Honestly even off brand stuff is ok if you get gloves that look like they dont fall apart the moment you touch them

For MMA stuff i get stuff from Okami (very good mouth guard for the price)
For cheap international gloves maybe try A1 gloves?
I heard that they have some ok quality for the price (try windy gloves if you want a bit pricer but good quality stuff that doesnt tap into fairtex/twins territory)

People that write to get something top shelf for the beginning should remember that its absolutely ok to get something cheaper most of the time if you dont have the budget

Also, imo doesnt really matter if you get muay thai gloves or boxing gloves bc most are the same just marketed for the specific martial art to increase the pricing
Yes, that's exactly how I ended up with shitty hayabusa shinguards lmao.. Of course, I wasn't training at a top level gym at that point.

80 for a pair of gloves isn't too much considering the price of training in general. It's not a pair of Cleto Reyes.
I was going to start training at a boxing gym this summer, do I need to buy/bring my own gloves or would that be weird?

I've never trained any Martial arts before
I find 80 for a pair of gloves that gonna wear out in 3 years anyway quite a lot. I would say for someone who isnt doing this as a pro i wouldnt buy gloves over 50 euro or dollar. Even a dedicated amateur/hobbyist doesnt need gloves that pricey(invest in a decent mouth guard instead or a bag or weights) and can go with 50 bucks gloves no problemo
You need your own gloves and some bandages and a mouth guard. The first two can be anything that isnt 10 bucks crap but for a mouthguard i recommend a shock doctor or Okami mouthguard.
Well, I have a job and live in America so that's not very much money, especially for something that lasts "3 years" as you say.
Well in my expierence boxing gloves often get soft after prolonged use and you can feel every punch. Not really that comfortable for the hands on the long run. I just didnt notice that much of a difference between 50 and 100 gloves that i would buy them and not use the rest for other equipment but you do you bro
I just got some Fairtex gloves and I love them so +1 for those but the reason I like them is the padding is very stiff. This might sound weird but it kind of stings with bag work and I really like they way that feels. At one of my old boxing gyms they had a few super dense taped up bags and they hurt but it felt really good too. This stiffer padding isn't quite the same but it's similar and kicking one of the taped bags would suck ass.
I tried em yesterday for the first time. Only complaint is the end of my thumb kept running into the end of the thumb holder
Oh that sucks. I have smaller hands and I got the regular fit instead of the tight fit so they work great for me, I forget other people have bigger hands than me.
File: cpvovpyhemk11.jpg (374 KB, 2048x2048)
374 KB
374 KB JPG
any thoughs on BOON?
i bought some 80 dollar fairtex gloves because of this post. im very excited for when they arrive
How heavy my first gloves should be? For muay thai, probably will use them for light sparring and pad work. I'm 89kg or 196lbs.
16oz for sparring.
16 oz for everything is ok (mostly sparring and bag), 14 oz if you want the "allround" package in your weight class
Thanks, ill get 16oz twins i guess. Do people wear wraps under their gloves even when training? Ive heard conflicting information.
Yes that's how you're supposed to use wraps. Although I really only use them if I'm going to be hitting hard. So far Thai pads or bag. Not for sparring or glove/focus mitt drills.
Go with ringside. Got a pair of 14 oz ones about 7 years ago and still use them

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