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File: mein1994.jpg (33 KB, 480x480)
33 KB
Any sad /xs/ stories? I'll go first.
part 1
>be me
>junior year of hs in the 90's. Had a gf once maybe, in 7th grade.
> went paintballing with my buddy chris with gear his dad customized for us and everything
>came home, thought we were alone so we undressed in the livingroom (we were covered head to toe in paint and dirt and shit)
>mom walks in, starts bawling and tells me thats the last straw
>she calls me a faggot
>try to explain to her whats going on
>she tells me that the devil is a liar and so am i
>i get kicked out of the house

(To be fair, i had done alot of things to piss her off so this wasnt just a random outburst. )

my dad died in second grade and we moved to indiana afterwards. My mom and I lived in an RV. all of my relatives were in jersey, so i really had no one. Chris lets me stay for maybe a week before he has no choice but to kick me out.

>offically homeless. I stop attending school and instead hit the road.
>i end up in detroit, since its only a 3 hour ride from where I lived. (I hitchiked)
>i had nothing but the clothes on my back, half a bag of pizzarias (which were pizza flavored chips), a bottle of water, little hotel bottles of shampoo and conditoner and $53
>instant regret
>i stay a few nights sleeping at the park and whatnot and the majority of the day scoping out the city
>constantly paranoid ill be shot or mugged, so i try to ask people around the college if they have anywhere i can stay.
File: happyending.jpg (11 KB, 299x168)
11 KB
part 2 >>18908

>they all say no, so I decide to start befriending people during the day. Meet someone around my age, maybe 22 at the metro who tells me that theres a pretty chill camp nearby
>he introduces me to a homeless camp that hes apart of, and the “patriarch” is a chilean guy with a stutter named rusty who is in his early 60’s.
>He tells me that he stabbed and gouged out the eyes of another homeless man who took his crack in the 80s
>”with a rusty spoon”
>I make a few friends and eventually meet this guy/ recrooter from a nearby club who tells me that i could make easy money by blowing a few of his “clients” since im “young” and “feminine looking”.
>i agree, but only because money is scarce and theres no turning back. By day, im out in the field, and by night im back at camp.
>Sucked maybe like 9 dicks before calling it quits. Pimp is mad, but decides its not worth it to push me.
>i eventually have enough to move into a small room in the home of a mexican family
>work my way up and get a job with one of the mexican guys doing construction of some sort.. Replacing apartment blocks with town homes…
>finally, after 7 months, have enough for a complete train ride to jersey + a few more for other things
>move back with my uncle and cousins in jersey and get my GED at 19
>find out that chris died of a heroin overdose after falling into a deep depression in 1999. Fly back to indiana one last time to say goodbye to my buddy. I see my mom at his funeral. Never see her again.
>work in the fishing business and meet an amazing woman in 2001 and eventually marry her.
>have a son a year later
>take him paintballing every year on his birthday
>fuck you mom.
Jesus anon, I'm glad you turned out alright

Not super "extreme" but this is my only depressing sports injury story...

>Be me
>16th birthday
>Always been a tubby fucker that got made fun of in school
>Get given an old steel Raleigh road bike by my uncle
>Start riding it to school and around town. Discover that I fucking love riding long distances. The pain chills me out.
>Start to get fit. Get more confident. Girls start talking to me
>Turn 17
>Around the same time I start learning guitar and form a band with my friends. Makes me even more confident.
>Decide to start training for a big 2-day double-century (200 miles in 2 days) ride in my area
>Train every day. Work my "hard day" average up to over 100 miles. Start wondering if I could be one of the chads that does it in one day
>I'm feeling amazing. I'm getting REALLY fit and starting to get popular. The band is going great too. We played a house party and lots of people came
>Literally got my dick sucked in the bathroom by my 10/10 qt scene girl crush. Gigachadmode.jpg
>3 weeks before the big ride. Decide to push my mileage to see if I can do 200 miles in a day like the big boys
>Ride 190ish miles in one shot. I get home exhausted but excited. My hands and forearms feel really tingly but that's probably nothing right?
>I go to bed.
File: HotPinkDeathMachine.jpg (1.66 MB, 4000x3000)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB JPG

>Wake up the next morning. I reach to turn off my alarm clock and realize the insides (from the middle finger to the pinky) of both of my hands are completely numb and unmovable
>Go to the doctor. They do a bunch of tests and tell me I severely broke the ulnar nerve in both my wrists. It's really serious and might be permanent.
>"Do you ride with gloves anon?" ... ... ... "You're supposed to ride with gloves?"
>TFW I never bothered to buy any gear other than a helmet that I rarely wore because I felt fine riding in cargo shorts and a black cotton tee shirt.
>Not allowed to ride my bike or play guitar until it's done healing
>I'm crushed. I miss my big ride. I can't practice with the band for so long they have to find a new guitarist. It took 6 months to finish healing but there's still permanent nerve damage
>It took so long to heal that I graduated high school and all the new friends I made flew to the 4 corners of the earth and we stopped talking

>Be today
>10 years later. 27yo
>Hands still have dexterity issues. Haven't picked up a guitar since
>Haven't rode seriously since. Afraid I might hurt myself worse if I go too hard.
>I still go hard at the gym on the stationary sometimes but it isn't the same.
>I recently bought pic related though. It's a really nice bike that I got for cheap because it's hot pink. (I dig the color. Don't judge.)
>I'm gonna try riding to work regularly in gloves and see how it goes

If I don't have any issues I'd love to go on some short club rides again. I miss it. Send good vibes bros.
At least your mom wasn't wrong about you being a faggot.
>Pimp is mad, but decides its not worth it to push me.
You are incredibly ugly anon, I'm sorry...
>once homeless, immediately start sucking dicks instead of hitting social servies
kek I guess your mom was right
looks like i found the new 9rk
Not gonna laughed at your title. Thats really rough. Glad everything turned out well for you.
*Not gonna lie
autocorrect lol
>meet this guy/ recrooter from a nearby club who tells me that i could make easy money by blowing a few of his “clients” since im “young” and “feminine looking”.
>i agree, but only because money is scarce and theres no turning back.

You agreed because you're a gay homosexual homie. I'm sorry your son isn't real.
Are you Geh?
share this story loud and clear for the david goggin followers
File: kek guts.jpg (108 KB, 750x500)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
I'm glad you turned out okay, but Jesus Christ, did you have to resort to sucking cock right away? Lmfao
Another day in the 3rd world usa...
I'm too retarded to understand this reference. Pls explain.
>at my first freestyle wrestling tournament
>maybe 9 years old
>lose all 5 of my bouts by pinnage
>pretty sad
>train hard for a year
>won all my bouts and awarded with gold medal
>pretty good man
Sucks to be you guys.
Lmao faggot
>dad can we go paintballin’ today?
>sure thing son
>man dad these guys are really good, we’re getting lit up
>yeah son I haven’t taken this many balls to the face since my days back in Detroit
wtf you're supposed to wear gloves while distance biking? I guess road bike setups one usually puts a lot of weight on one's hands, still, weird.

meh, people stand and jog hundreds of miles, in this case it's more like they were doing it with bad shoes.. though kind of a bad example because barefoot can be pretty good for running form over distance.
Ironic that your mom's bible anger at your homosexuality drove you to actually suck dick.
"Believe in the creator but I don't believe in Satan
I believe the Devil's a Homo sapien"

Thanks for sharing your story.
Go to /b/ with your pedo fantasies you gay of piece of shit.

This image shows the rider riding on the drops but the real problem comes when you ride up on the brake hoods all day, especially if you're doing a lot of hill climbing where you come off the saddle and put your weight on your hands. The bars are padded with tape to help prevent injury but the hoods are basically metal covered in a thin sheet of rubber. I'm sure you can imagine how putting a bunch of weight right on top of a nerve on a hard surface for hours could do some serious damage.
have you tried grip training exercises? maybe that could help at least with the control of the nerves but that sounds rough honestly
Sounds to me like you were a fucking faggot in the first place. Not even a paintball thread.

>Mom "kicks" you out
>instead of going home when she calms her tits you went full retard and left school

Life didn't punish you enough.
I would steal it.
File: 1614134736001.png (402 KB, 534x460)
402 KB
402 KB PNG
he's done it
i would like this thread to live a little longer
this just in bisexuals dont exist
that's right
Your tale of woe has taught me to stay away from paintballing. Thank you for the warning!
weird hill to die on, but okay
Fake story. He claims that he was a junior which would make his mom kicking him out of the house illegal.
File: 1406291870298.jpg (82 KB, 555x526)
82 KB
lol, just straight to the dicks.

"oh no, I need money, can I suck your dick anon?"
nice trips

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