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File: brian_shaw.jpg (81 KB, 640x539)
81 KB
>hehe I'm the world champion in super lightweight jiu jitsu
>with superior technique and speed I'll surely beat that meathead's - AAAAAAAAACCCKKK
>gets head crushed with one hand
I really don't think these giant strong men have the cardiovascular endurance to win over a long period of time
If you can stall them out with a high work rate for 2 minutes they're done
In fact a full on sideways flying Kani basami should end it right there
No amount of stability work is going to create a human knee capable of withstanding even a featherweight hitting it from the side with their full body weight
Can't wait for the full length videos of him at Roka. Less interested in the Gordon stuff and more so that bigger and more autistic Dan. Curious how he's gonna look against what's essentially his usual discrepancy in reverse.
It's not strength or even skill that determines who'll win in a fight, but rather the immediate explosive power one party produces within the first 2 to 3 seconds. The skill helps expand the knowledge of what to do and the strength as a form of ammunition, but without the power or snappiness, it's meaningless.
There was no tap
>he was getting his ass blasted the whole time, didn’t land a single strike, and was about to get his arm broken but he didn’t tap so take that!
Cope more
4:30 the absolute cope
don't trust your lying eyes! he threw 4 punches none of which connected with their intended target!
it was 5 punches and every single one landed. Bare knuckle punches glance off of foreheads because its round hitting round, they don't have leather to deform and thump the way you're used to punches with gloves on landing

at the end he was about 2.2 seconds away from losing the bite on the arm, he wasn't in position to finish the break and they knew it so they stopped the fight before the escape happened
pedro "grab my wrist no my other wrist" sauer was belly down with a full extension of the hips which means he was completely bottomed out against the floor, there's nothing he could've done to increase breaking force from that position so if it didn't pop there it wasn't going to pop (this is why nobody does belly down armbars anymore, they are unreliable)
you can see from the arch in his back he's giving it all he has and it's not working, you can also see from how extended his legs are that the elbow was clear of the fulcrum so his hips were pressuring against the forearm and not behind the tricep

as we all know, helio gracie was a card carrying member of the brazilian fascist party, he's been photographed with party leaders wearing the uniform and has his iconic photo hanging up in academies all over the world standing in front of the red and black lightning bolt flag
it's not some random decorative choice to have a red bar on the bjj belts
they're greatest skill is propaganda
Tl;dr lol, cope
Propaganda gobbler
Haha I bet you go to gracie barra
Why do people who think powershitters are the best fighters barely ever post fights where powershitters win?
You know why
No I just don’t waste time reading and writing long winded posts responding to retards like you
if a 4 sentence refutation is long winded to you I'm not sure you're in a position to be calling other people retards
>*4 sentence cope

Royce beat much more athletic fighters than this mountain of fat
>mountain of fat
Akebono was a well respected sumo wrestler. he wasn’t just a random dough boy.
I don't know why it's surprising to people, but a huge number of strongman and powerlifting competitors wrestled at some point, and the top guys always seem to have really complimentary things to say about grappling when it comes up. It couldn't be that people who think either is perfect don't actually know top guys in either.

But anon, the point of every single BJJ-related thread is to determine a single best martial art or who would win in a fight. During that discussion, you're meant to bring up the following:
>pulling guard wouldn't work
>judo is the best
>something negative about the Gracies
Please adhere to the community guidelines
BJJ talks a big game but remains completely unable to back up the claims
There have never been any truly great fighters from bjj
File: PENN_BJ_L.png (338 KB, 460x700)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
>There have never been any truly great fighters from bjj
It's not that easy to say who is "from bjj" when everyone is crosstraining but I guess this guy is from bjj
Don't you get tired of these dated BJJ arguments? This happens on every thread, I'm thinking it's an autism thing
What the hell are you babbling about? Every fighter in the UFC has to cross train bjj at some point in order to be competitive. That should say something about it’s efficacy.
>Every fighter in the UFC has to cross train bjj
every submission commonly used in MMA is a judo technique
It just needs to be called out, The entire scheme is a house of cards
Fortunately it's being exposed for what it is finally now that the people selling it aren't in control of the narrative around it
>The entire scheme is a house of cards
Leglocks are bjj technique

Also, even if most bjj submissions had been in judo before, most mma fighters probably learn them on bjj trainings
gracies lied about their training and made a career off of fixed fights and gang violence
here is one such example
This literally has nothing to do with whether or not bjj is effective today. The art has outgrown the Gracies
when every innovation in the last decade has come from the anglosphere it's not BJJ anymore
BJJ sucks, nobody is questioning jujitsu as a whole, It's the brazilian variety in particular that's overrated and largely ineffective

the Brazilians don't get to shun leglocks for decades to the point of not only making them illegal but rioting in the streets if they see an athlete attempt one in a competition
then the entire gi lapel game gets revolutionized by some faggot in california with stuff he invented, a bunch of faggots from new jersey and their kiwi instructor starts tearing shit up with leglocks in nogi with stuff they invented and the brazilians go "actually those were part of bjj all along :^)"
>bro jiujitsu is great just not Brazilian jiu-jitsu
Now you’re just being autistic
change the word from brazilian to japanese and suddenly you have the consensus
now america has displaced brazil
Stop shitting up every BJJ thread with this autistic bullshit. You’re basically arguing with no one. We don’t give a fuck about Brazilians or the Gracie. Most people say “jiu jitsu” IRL anyways. It’s very inconsequential nomenclature
Like it or not when you wear a belt with that red bar on it you're hitching your wagon to the gracies
They're the ones that started it because helio being a card carrying fascist wanted a red band to be part of the uniform

I can only hope you come to your senses and wear a plain solid colored belt like many of the more level headed Brazilians do in the gym
The only reason they wear the red bar for competition is its part of the ibjjf uniform policy. "You may not be a nazi yourself but you're gonna dress like one if you compete here"
Couldn't care less about any of this. I don't even wear a gi
>oh no muh fascism!
Is that what this is actually about? You’re some weirdo obsessed leftist who needs fight le fascism all the time? Go to /pol/ if it’s such a big deal to you and leave the rest of us in peace, nerd.
>implying fascists aren't leftist
Being right of Stalin doesn't make you right wing
Sorry sweaty, You don't get to let the genie out of the bottle by talking about an oganization founded by nazis and then get mad people have commentary about it
Go make commentary on >>>/pol/ faggot
A lot of strongman events are extremely cardio heavy. A strongman competitor with shit conditioning won't do well.
I'll be the retarded that jumps in the middle of this but everything I saw from jujitsu was a bunch of useless stand-up joint manipulation stuff, in contrast to BJJ
this is what traditional mainline gracie approved BJJ looks like

it's total garbage and always has been
Literally nobody cares about “mainline Gracie jiujitsu” in this thread. you’re ranting and raving like a schizophrenic against an imaginary opponent
You did this in another thread. Get help.
I realize it's a tough pill to swallow due to sunk cost and all that, but it's important bjj goes though the same thing as karate
Its exposed as being a pretty shit approach towards what its trying to accomplish
There's much easier and more effective ways to this stuff

It has to get called out
You have multiple people in this thread telling you you’re autistic and don’t give a shit about the Gracies and you still insist you’re enlightening people with some new perspective that’s never been though about before. You’re genuinely retarded and obsessed. The Gracies live rent free in your head.
>it has to be called out
Go back to xitter, fag.
I'm talking about BJJ
let me make it more clear, if you practice BJJ you're a faggot that can't fight but think you can just like everyone doing karate
A very dull and boring troll attempt. Not even trying at this point. Ya blew it
You have blinders on
This all started with a video of Pedro Sauer losing a rigged fight while rickson copes and lies through his teeth with a voice over trying to justify bjjs effectiveness
Then a video of the very same Pedro Sauer giving a black belt to someone for doing an aikido demonstration

Know the reason it takes 10-15 years to become an expert grappler via bjj? Because it completely sucks
Teenagers can become world class athletes in 4 years through wrestling or judo but not bjj

All those videos you see of bjj blackbelt versus wrestler or judo black belt
A.k.a. Grappler with over a decade of experience VS someone with less than 5 years and bjj still can't win

Lmfao imagine getting choked out inside your own guard
>he’s still going
Stop replying and it ends
Who am I to tell a based schizo poster to stop his ramblings about The Great Gracie Nazi Conspiracy?
Weird how none of the pre-weight class UFC tournaments were won by the fattest fucks on the bracket.
File: 7183949493717284049.jpg (11 KB, 206x244)
11 KB
This thread made me come to the conclusion that Gracies are the descendants of Hitler
The trve Aryan warrior line to bring us all to Heemborea
he was in an armbar and his hands werent connected, it was over.
>oh but he could have fought without an arm
yeah, totallly. Lmao
The armbar had failed, that's obvious to anyone that knows how to grapple
Saying otherwise betrays your inexperience
Did Pedro fuck your mom or something?
He teaches shitty karate and that whole group is full of frauds
This shouldn't be controversial
>Brazilian jiujitsu is actually karate
This is a new one
Watch the testing video, it's the same shit
You never addressed whether or not a Brazilian did or did not fuck your mom so I’m going to assume it’s a yes
I hope you do some self reflecting because right now you're just like those guys defending their karate and Kung fu masters in the 00s
Whatever you say lol, at least I actually train instead of screeching about how much I hate the Gracie’s every day.
I back up everything I say
I'm a well respected member of the community, more importantly nobody has managed to shut me up yet
> nobody has managed to shut me up yet
You thibk constantly sperging out on 4chan is an accomplishment?
You talking about Shaw? Never did hear that name much. His and my great grandpappy worked together on a plantation back in '64. Grandpappy kept a journal about 'ol Shaw. Shaw could carry a week's worth of cotton to the market every Friday and he came back with 5-6 bucks. Grandpappy handled the financials of it all, what with the business end and such. Shaw just loved using his brute strength. In a particularly hot June around this time back then the slaves started getting mighty ornery under this fella by the name of Big Tariq. Big Tariq was the meanest sumbitch you never did see, 6'5 and weighed heavier than his silverback cousins. Stronger too. Didn't care much for the master nor the breaker. We sent Big John out to deal with him, as he approached the slave quarters he could hear a mighty big party going on. Big Tariq had stolen a few white flour cakes and decided to have hisself a little ol shindig to tease John. John didn't take too kindly to this. They got to tussling and as John went for the Suplex-Cock to finally break this buck, Tariq had something different in store. In a flash with great negroid strength he flipped John over and went to town. Big John never did break wind after that. Shaw was on the porch sippin tea when he see John coming up limpin harder than a cripple. Grandpappy didn't hear nun what was said but he saw that Shaw was livid. Figures John told him what happened. Shaw flew into a blind rage. Shaw must've flipped 5 or 6 full cotton carts. Grandpappy says he could've cleaned out all of Chiraq, he was so 'ornery. Shaw started running off to the Slave Quarters, muttering "Niggers gotta learn he place, can't do that what for to a good honest white man. It's time to be great." Shaw come to call big Tariq out. Tariq laughin and hollerin but big Shaw didn't find nothin funny. Shaw tackled him. Picked him up and must've thrown him 20 feet in the air. When he landed Shaw jumped right on him. Big Tariq was in big trouble.
"I'm gonna learn you some manners boy". Tariq didn't believe him, afterall he was the pride of the negros. Big Tariq got to usin his thunder arms what to wrestle Shaw off but the most particular look came across he face when he musta realized Shaw couldn't be beat. Looked like a man who'd just seen a premonition of his own death. Shaw forced his head in the dirt and got to tearin heself and Tariq's clothes off. Grandpappy told him not to be too rough, Big Tariq could work 10 fields of cotton in a day. Big Shaw say "Niggers need to learn, you done raped your last white man boy, it's time for a Double-Decker-Shaw-Classic dunk." Shaw reached down and snapped Tariqs legs. He went on squealing and screaming in pain. Shaw got up hard as a rock and ran back about 100 yards. He come a runnin like a train, must've been a mile a minute. Shaw jumped up when was 20 yards out and in mid air got his cock good and straight. Tariq scrambled away like a madman trying to get away but Shaw was too fast. He came down like a Cannonball. He broke that buck so hard that Tariq's pelvis shattered into a million pieces. Never did look a white man in the eye again. I suppose Shaw's just keepin the family name in style. Be great.
Brian Shaw? Yeah I know him by that name. Hell, I worked with him in Nam. Back then we called him "slant-eye slashing" Shaw because he never came out of a tunnel without a scalp, an ear, or covered with blood.

Most would call him insane, but that is why the green berets trained him. They saw potential. It wasn't until they learned his methods that they truly realized what a monster they created.

You see, most guys that go tunnel clearing take guns. Not Brian. No, he took knives, clubs, hatchets, sometimes nothing but his bare hands. After a few missions I got a chance to talk to him in the mess. He was wearing his blood stained hat, sunglasses, and combat fatigues, smoking a cigarette and drinking johnny walker black. It was contraband, but you NEVER told Brian what he could and couldn't do.

I asked him why he never took guns with him. He lowered is head and took a long slow draw from his hand rolled cig, pulled off his sun glasses and looked me right in the eyes, piercing my soul.

"I do it out of respect. Respect for the white race. These slant eye'd scum bags don't deserve the mercy of an American made bullet, but the slow torturous death of the hands of an American man!"

In a flash he pulled out his weathered, but razor sharp knife and stopped just short of sticking my gut. "The look in their eyes when I slip this baby into their swollen, rice filled bellies is reason enough. To see the last lights flick off in their heads as they see a real killer work."

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