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File: God forgive me.jpg (65 KB, 336x1000)
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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu General
"S-stop looking at me like that, Gordonkun~" edition


Belt Checker

Previous thread

Thread question: Pull guard or attempt takedown?
Blowjobjutsu general.
>Ah, I see you’ve photoshopped my face onto a pornographic image of an anime cat girl. I’m sure you find that amusing, anon, but if you want to see something that’s really amusing, then I hope you won’t mind my demonstrating a kimura from side mount on you. I’d advise you not to resist, you’re only making it harder on yourself.
>Pull guard or attempt takedown?
Attempting takedowns will force you to train your bottom leg retention better and side mount escapes more. Besides, just stand up, remember?
>pull guard or attempt takedown
Do tomoe nage and achieve both
>Ah, anon, I see you're attempting to start a new minecraft world. You should know that the number one most effective method of survival always starts by punching trees and collecting wood.
File: you-just-know.jpg (407 KB, 1000x1000)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
> Do tomoe nage
> Achieve both
> Both
>t. previous op
>tfw "everyone keeps bitching about thread creation pace and my OP images, what if I just fuck off and let another anon take the wheel this time?"
>tfw thread OP is this monstrosity
File: sponge.jpg (151 KB, 960x849)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
>tfw pic rel
>tfw forgot my face
Does anyone have links to free instructionals? Just listened to the craig jones jozef chen podcast and it seems like there are a bunch of links out there
pick a search engine of your choice https://www.reddit.com/r/Piracy/wiki/megathread/all_purpose/

type in name of instructor or technique, hope someone has uploaded it

bitsearch is pretty good
I made the first general with this OP template and I pray for you all to find Jesus and renounce your gay retard ways
Who's training today? Also, fuck DST.
not the anon you're replying to but, any recommendations for beginners?
Just watch Jordan Teaches Jiu Jitsu and Jon Thomas on YouTube.
>Jon Thomas
You mean this guy that had a video about how to stop people from posturing out of a triangle and has his feet backwards?

How to stop people from getting out of your triangle
Step 1: actually learn how to do a fucking triangle correctly
kek, not sure what you mean
often people will lock up a shitty triangle (like in the picture) before they get the angle and figure four the legs, it's pretty common
File: 1687888739827861.png (413 KB, 762x670)
413 KB
413 KB PNG
forgot my picture
No wonder John has never won a competition
Are you saying I won't get anything more out of downloading those paid instructionals than I would watching these two on youtube?
As a brand new guy probably not
if you're not paying for the instructionals, then you're not really losing anything by watching both.

when you're just starting out, youtube is fine for supplementing your learning of the fundamentals your coach is going to be teaching you.

i'd say instructionals are a lot more useful later on when you have developed the necessary skills to utilize them; my coach always tells me he wished he started watching them earlier, but when you're only a couple of weeks or months in, watching john danaher give a 6 hour speech on the fundamentals of bridging can be pretty intimidating.
Am I right in thinking that there aren’t really ‘illegal moves’ in BJJ outside of the obvious striking/biting/neckbreaking? I’m a couple of classes in and keep having vague ideas of what to do to get out of X or Y situation whilst rolling, but because I know so little about the sport I don’t want to try something that I haven’t been taught.
best to ask your coach what techniques are legal and illegal: some places use IBJJF rules and don't allow white belts to use wrist locks, heel hooks, knee bars or toe holds. dangerous techniques like the scissor takedown are also banned under the IBJJF ruleset. some places allow everything.
There are a ton of illegal moves bro better just look at the ibjjf rule set and follow that until you feel things out. Like you try heel hooking the oldest guy at your gym and see how that goes for example.
Outside of neck cranking locks, many illegal moves are things you wouldn't even consider being possible, let alone pull off on even a bad partner
Who are good people to study for nogi?
>some places use IBJJF rules
and those places you should turn 360 degrees and shrimp out the door
Marcelo Garcia, Andrew Wiltse, and Gordon Ryan without a doubt.
>don’t want to try something that I haven’t been taught
That’s probably the smart approach. If you find yourself attempting a sub you’re unsure of, just ask.
If you feel compromised and don’t know how to get out of something, just tap and ask about it later. Not all escapes are intuitive and training safely is an important skill
Heelhook defense? Just don't tap lol.
I continue to maintain that if you feel the need to watch instructional videos of any kind you have a shit teacher, shit academy, and should take your time and money somewhere that's actually giving you the services you're paying them for
Probably popped his ankle but his knee might be ok. Looks like Tata was bridging into the back of his knee, and when he switched his grip he lost the toes. Some dudes are super flexible (and willing to take damage)
Yikes. Landing on your head like that looks worse than a heel hook.
Acting this way about any type of skill acquisition is absolutely retarded and indicative of your skill level. Get back in your cage luddite
the only thing absolutely retarded is paying someone that's supposedly an expert to teach you things in person and continue to give them money while going online to ask questions and troubleshooting problems by watching videos
There's a cap to how much information you can retain so exposure to more information isn't going to yield better results and will usually yield worse outcomes because of a cognitive overload
so if you're looking for more info then clearly you aren't receiving value or don't trust what's being told to you in class

you sure as fuck aren't going to a personal trainer and then looking up exercises online
I guess BJJ is magical though and defies all conventions, after all physics was only theoretical until helio gracie managed to crack the code and invent leverage
Pulling guard should be penalized if the other guy can just disengage.
> JUST STAND UP, they can't do anything!
I can't afford a personal teacher. The money I pay monthly for my gym would get me like 1h maybe 1.5 hours with a personal coach.
One pro about having them in video format is you can go over them in slow motion until you get it.
it doesn't need to be 1 on 1 lessons, if your teacher isn't doing an office hours type open format after class where you can ask specific questions then he's a con artist that doesn't care about you and is just taking everyones money without doing his job.
his job is not done because the class is over. If the gym is open and there are members inside of it he's on the clock to answer questions until closing time
Pretty much yeah, his mistake was engaging with the jiujitsu instead of just standing up
craig fell off like a day 1 white belt
>I guess BJJ is magical though and defies all conventions, after all physics was only theoretical until helio gracie managed to crack the code and invent leverage
Why are you so triggered?
I can't think of a single field where you are meant to only get information from one source. Instructionals have leveled the playing field for people who live far from the John Danahers of the world.
Coaches should be able to answer your questions and troubleshoot, but that does not make them experts at everything.
Single source of information guy is also won't clean the mats guy.
Any other morning/day class bros here?
I work remote and work has been slow, training during the day has been life changing. I have so much more energy and my evenings are free finally. I can eat dinner at a normal time

>won't clean the mats guy.
lol please don't get this shit started up again
My old Judo teacher didn't know uchimata worth a shit. It wasn't his throw. He was a seionage guy. I had to get with a different guy who won comps with uchi mata to actually learn how to throw it in randori.

If someone is watching Marcello Garcia vids on how to attack from north/south because their coach never made that a big part of their game, how am I gonna talk shit when I did the same thing?
Looks like this will be a 2 parter
Martial arts has always been an industry where people leverage social status and the power dynamic of being a perceived jedi master to cheat others out of money and not provide what they've been paid to provide, bjj is no exception to this.
I'm advocating for higher standards and when you say it's good enough you're opening the door for grifters to poison this just like every martial art you thought was cool when you were 6 years old but turned out to be for fags. This is right behind it, the process is happening.

People like Rener Gracie who certifies garages in people's homes as training centers where they get run by blue belts and he gets paid royalties. And that is allowed to happen because it's tolerated and people just go "well you can just research online"
Like fuck you can, and we as prsctitioners of an art are only as legitimate as the minimum standard we will collectively put up with.

These white belts that don't know their ass from their elbows aren't going to learn anything from videos
They go down a rabbit hole watching a dozen+ videos every night with titles like ThIs PaSs WoRkS oN bLaCk BeLtS eVeRy TiMe!!!
And then they come every day with a new retarded comment or question thinking they had a eureka moment
>yeah man I think I'm gonna be a rubber guard player
And then this 3 month white belt starts cranking his knee sideways because he thinks that's how it works
Or this one I got last week
>I was watching a video and decided I'm gonna be a collar sleeve guy, you ever heard of collar sleeve? ( He says to someone that has been training for a decade as though he found some kind of secret lost knowledge) What can you tell me about it?
Huh? The fuck are you even babbling about? Sometimes you grab it sometimes you don't, what are you trying to do specifically?
don't forget about spending the night diving at people and kicking them in the face they saying
>hey I'm having some trouble and I can't quite get this right, any advice?
Flips his phone around to a video of Rafa Mendes doing a teleport pass
My advice is delete Instagram and put your phone away.

Then these people comprise 90% of the posts on all BJJ forums around the internet saying, guys I've I feel like I'm not getting any better what should I do?
Only for people to turn around and recommend more videos for them to watch

Well no shit you haven't gotten any better at jiujitsu, You haven't really even tried to learn it, you're just looking to bypass all of the work involved with it and look for some easy solution to your problems.
And the cure for a mind virus isn't more mind virus.
You need somebody at a minimum to take you from white to purple belt
From purple belt onwards you can be mostly self-taught if that's the route you want to go, but the only reason that's possible is you already know jujitsu.
Unlike a white belt you will be able to watch a video one time and immediately know if the technique is BS or if it's something worth learning
White belts cannot sniff out tomfoolery so they watch aikido tier clickbait videos of some super sweet elite technique that will make all the bitches want ya and all the niggas wanna be ya, but it's actually just fake meme garbage. And for the few techniques that aren't that way, their little pea brains will not be able to comprehend them anyway.

I'm going to burn this entire sport to the ground one player at a time before I let it become karate
I'm saving it and eventually you will be on my side even if you don't see it my way out.
If they're guard is that poor, you don't need the points penalty, because you should have gotteb your pass, right?
Shitty self defense BJJ and bad white belt techniques have something in common- live resistance/sparring will always filter them out in some way:
>get smashed, quit BJJ
>get smashed, stop rolling with everyone and stay out of the way
>get smashed, remain terrible and serve as a training dummy for everyone else
>get smashed, realize your techniques are dogshit
For the most part, I think instructionals are leveling the playing field and making everyone better. I meet moderately smart white belts that watch Gordon Ryan instructionals and tap experienced blue belts. Yes, there are idiots who try to berimbolo before they can escape mount, but that has always been the case. It really should not concern you so much.
In fact, I don't know a single serious person that does not watch instructional material. This includes the successful, full-time competitors that I train with.
People who are advanced can watch instructionals and get something out of them, watching footage is a proven method and even better if people are sharing what they did, but most instructionals assume you already know jiujitsu. For example just off the top of my head if you watch Gordon Ryan's body lock passing video he is making the assumption that you already comprehend half guard passing, systematic leg pummeling, and what he means when he says things like shelving, stapling, and other lingo.
That has less than no value to a white belt it would actually be harmful because you're diving into something you can't comprehend properly.

And to make one even more meta commentary, while instructionals do have value seminars are a scam. God bless anyone that's able to pull those scams off but people paying for them are total suckers. Week long camps are fine, 1 day seminars are a waste.
Watching a video of Nicky rod teaching an armbar escape at a seminar. "And then what I do is I turn my arm so my elbow is facing towards the ceiling and I start to walk my way out"
Woaaah bruhhh! Mind blowing!!
I wonder how much money those trained seals spent to have a guy tell them which way their elbow bends. Just turn your arm bro!
Why are people sitting in a seminar having an armbar escape they should've learned their first day explained to them?

but this shit right here is what irks me the most
"how to beat a bigger stronger person in BJJ"
You want to know how? Train consistently a few times a week for several years and then you can do it
But the answer isn't in a fucking 14 minute video so fuck this guy and everyone like him peddling this garbage to beginners
Every time someone quits BJJ because they are feeling frustrated it's on guys like him, they are the ones to blame
"Obviously this guy is a black belt he knows what he's talking about, I must be the problem, there must be something wrong with me which is why I am not getting it"
>seminars are a scam
You're not entirely wrong, but I understand the appeal for people who are big fans of the person. It's like a meet and greet. I went to a Lachlan seminar after his ADCC run and he showed some cool 50/50 stuff that I still use (although it is definitely covered in his instructional)
>Nicky Rod teaching an armbar escape
Lol. I train at B-Team and dread the classes he teaches. He shows stuff I can tell he learned from Danaher or Nicky, but leaves out a lot of detail because he is athletic and talented enough to get away with it when competing.
>Jon Thomas
Yeah that guy is fucking annoying. The most reddit BJJ personality I can think of
Ref stoppages need to happen for this shit
Coming off a four year layoff after having trained for like 3 or 4 years is kinda disheartening. I was pretty much equally matched with guys that had been training for less than one. I thought I was close to or even at a blue belt level at one point and now im definitely feeling like im nowhere near it
It's not a video game. You don't pick up from a save point. Get that mentality gone if you really want to get back in.
Youre right. But damn is it hard to do, especially since i cant train much
wtf I hate Jon now
File: 1668052809888828.jpg (43 KB, 640x640)
43 KB
>You want to know how? Train consistently a few times a week for several years and then you can do it
That's what he says in the video thoughever.
Inject test if ur over 35
Not over 35 and dont know how to acquire
Check ur levels first
I think my test levels are fine i just need more practice
question for triangle bros, cause I dont work triangle but if I lock up a triangle from bottom position and I can, is there any reason not to roll them on their side? like using my legs I have wrapped up in the triangle to force them to the ground on the side of whatever arm I've taken? if they have a wide base or manage to post out they could probably stop it, but if the opportunity is there, is there a problem? I do it cause I find it adds pressure, makes it way harder for them to try and stack into me, but I don't know maybe it makes it weaker somehow?
Triangle accounted for only 2% of submissions in IBJJF at black belt for the 2023 season, that puts it tied with wrist locks and americanas
it accounted for 0% of ADCC submissions

so basically its a completely useless technique that only works against people that suck at jiujitsu and you really shouldn't waste your time on them
it's the lowest of low percentage
That's a bit disingenuous of a stat the way you're using it - it's not that triangles are ineffective, it's that arm-based airway chokes, mostly the rear-naked choke and guillotine, are overwhelmingly dominant currently.

Triangles are therefore still an extremely effective tool
>Inb4 "MMA people suck at Jiu-jjitsu"
Sure, but we expect them to suck mostly proportionally to this chart
>inb4 "MMA people go for different subs"
This would be you moving the goalposts from "its a completely useless technique" to "okay it's potentially quite useful in a solo combat or MMA context, but not in dedicated sport jiu-jitsu" which makes it clear that your statement is obvious copium and learning triangles is indeed worth one's time
stats can't be disingenuous, they are what they are
showing guys in MMA fall into them within their context at a slightly higher rate doesn't disprove anything especially when he's asking about bjj class so stats from a different sport are of no concern.
also you can't inb4 to preemptively invalidate a counterargument just because it's inconvenient to your position

I'm assuming that chart is every UFC submission ever as there haven't been lapels in the UFC for decades, so by the numbers 84 triangles across 30 years and nearly 7,500 fights is hardly encouraging that it's worth your time
more interestingly who cares what boomers decades ago fell for when a hobbyist purple belt today has jiujitsu lightyears ahead of what jiujitsu specialists were doing back in the 90s and 00s
a more informative metric would be the 2022 UFC stats (can't find a complete record of 2023 YTD) which show out of 98 submissions 3 were by triangle, or 3.06%
so add ground n pound to the mix and your odds of a successful triangle goes up by 1%. Not great
It sounds like you're describing using the triangle to sweep with. You can sweep with it if you can cut the corner far enough to hook a leg. After you sweep them your best bet would be to come up all the way up for a mounted triangle, IMHO. Don't just lie on your side.
>>stats can't be disingenuous, they are what they are
"Water is poison, 99% of people who drink it go on to die"

>he's asking about bjj class
You don't know that, and he never says "bjj class" explicitly - you assumed. He could be training MMA, he could be talking about street fights, hell, he could even be crazy and telling us about problems he runs into murdering Taiwanese hookers.

>inb4 to preemptively invalidate a counterargument just because it's inconvenient to your position
you can if they don't respond to the inb4, which you didn't

>I'm assuming that chart is every UFC submission ever as there haven't been lapels in the UFC for decades
all chokes, yeah. If you'd see fit to teach someone a lapel choke or ezekial, you should teach someone a triangle.

>84 triangles across 30 years and nearly 7,500 fights is hardly encouraging that it's worth your time
That's more an indictment of jiu-jitsu submissions in general than triangles, RNC is jiu-jitsu's most powerful tool and all it can speak for is "500 of 7500" finishes? You want results, go train kickboxing and wrestling to win the other 6,900 fights instead.
that doesn't change the low percentage of the triangle choke vs other submissions
you want things that will work consistently against people who are good and as we see a triangle is somewhere between 0-3%
>If you'd see fit to teach someone a lapel choke or ezekial
I wouldn't teach that. There's no value in learning things that only work on white belts aside from showing it once just to say "hey sometimes people might try this shitty dumb thing on you, here's how to beat it" and then it'll never happen
>0% of ADCC submissions
Wrong, there were 2 triangles (side and rear)
>muh statistics
You have to consider that submission statistics (success and attempts) are heavily influenced by meta and popularity. You see way more guillotines in ADCC because there is more wrestling. You see a low submission rate in IBJJF because of the scoring criteria and tactics.
>no value in learning things that only work on white belts
I really hope you don't actually have students. Insane to be so autistic you think you know more than world champions and their coaches. Danaher only focuses on 6 submission systems, and triangles are included.

To focus on retarded flawed statistics instead of thinking about it for a minutes shows your inexperience. Being able to chain submissions/threats is often the only way to submit talented opponents, and triangles come in handy in a lot of scenarios. Go back to the TMA threads faggot
Pretty laughable you're going to try and call me a TMA faggot while vehemently defending an observably bad submission because of dogma, tradition, just cus?

You have nothing on your side, you can't bring any evidence to the table that triangles are better than wrist locks in ANY situation. We've gone over 3 different formats with different rules and requirements and it sucks in all of them. Name one where it doesn't.
>Danaher only focuses on 6 submission systems, and triangles are included.
Wow the guy that makes his living selling instructional DVDs to novices has a triangle one, you don't say.
He's meeting a demand, People want to learn this dumb move and spend hours and hours and hours trying to get it right ( I would challenge you to think of a more finicky move that has as many things that can go wrong as a triangle)

I did the math, I have about 1000 rolls a year, it's a bit more but we'll call it 1000
In the last calendar year I've been triangled want to say twice, it might only be once and the other I'm thinking of was further back but we'll say twice.
The reason I can remember them is because it's such an outlier moment it stands out, And both times it's because I made a mistake. I didn't get set up into a triangle, I made a technical error immediately realized I fucked up and was pissed about stepping in shit like that.
But as Anderson silva showed us there's always a chance you might walk into something because you lost focus and played around too much.
Not a great plan to make your strategy "wait until my partner screws up and hope I can get this move off"
>( I would challenge you to think of a more finicky move that has as many things that can go wrong as a triangle)
Gogoplata -- Activate!!!

>You have nothing on your side, you can't bring any evidence to the table that triangles are better than wrist locks in ANY situation
And so the goalposts continue their ongoing march from
>"its a completely useless technique"
to the booooring
>"okay it's potentially quite useful in a solo combat or MMA context, but not in dedicated sport jiu-jitsu"
to the now somehow even more tepid
>"Okay, even if they're useful in sport jiu-jitsu, wrist locks are more useful!"

>The reason I can remember them is because it's such an outlier moment it stands out
It stands out because it lives in your head rent-free as a "do not let them hit this" submission in guard, one of BJJ's most common positions, and that's the point. Either you can get hit by it, or the knowledge someone can hit it on you forces you to pay a continuous and ongoing mental tax in your game that completely changes how you approach guard - there's a reason the guard meta on top is
>stay postured up and keep your arms in close until it's attack or escape time
because the mere existence of the triangle makes alternatives a recipe to get triangled.
I mentioned Danaher because he coaches extremely successful grapplers, who pretty much all have proven the effectiveness of triangles in the highest levels of competition. He was doing this long before (and alongside) the selling of instructionals.
Triangles are found in kimura, arm bar, back attack, and front headlock situations. I genuinely don't understand how you can try to argue that triangles are useless. Is this an autism-induced contrarian thing or what?
>more bullshit statistics
The amount of submissions does not invalidate the submission. There was only 1 kimura at ADCC, does that make kimura a useless white belt move? What about the 19 failed RNC attempts?
You're retarded. No one cares about the nobodies at your gym that failed to triangle you. You can get along without perfecting certain submissions, but to completely neglect them or call them useless is idiotic and closed minded.

By the way, is this the source for your (incorrect) 2% claim? You need to work on your reading comprehension after you learn triangles
>Coming in third was the triangle, with 4 triangles executed successfully throughout these matches
>Danaher only focuses on 6 submission systems
What are the six?
>showing it once just to say "hey sometimes people might try this shitty dumb thing on you, here's how to beat it"
A person doesn't master something by seeing it once. Perhaps the reason elite level competitors don't get caught in triangles often is because they and all their training partners have been triangling each other thousands of times for decades.
Bow-and-Arrow choke
Neck crank pressure
the goal posts haven't moved a single time and you're schizoing really hard about it
it feels like you have these pre-canned responses from being an experienced internet arguer and are just posting without thinking
>okay it's potentially quite useful in a solo combat or MMA context, but not in dedicated sport jiu-jitsu
I literally didn't say anything like that, in fact I refuted it immediately
you're not even attempting to engage in a good faith discussion because you can't
you literally haven't defended your position with anything other than no u >:( tier remarks

you're absolutely seething because you know I'm right
christ this fucking thread always sucks with you asshat uppity blue belts thinking you know shit
seriously lets see if you manage to stay in this sport longer than 2 years, until then shut the fuck up
>post belt
you wont
or because its a bad move that only works on people that suck
ah yes, and we all know how legendary the americana and omoplata is, certainly this proves triangles work!
>its a bad move that only works on people that suck
How do people that suck become people that don't suck?
>what are the six
Front headlock, kimura, arm bar, RNC, heelhook, TRIANGLE
>muh belt
I remember you posting a belt in another thread as if it matters. I don't care if joe schmoe gave you a black belt at the retirement home in your flyover town. I don't care if you have a coral belt, you're still posting stupid shit.
>asshat uppity blue belts
You're getting replies from multiple people of (I'm assuming) multiple levels lol and there is a consensus that your opinion is retarded. No one is seething except the moron with the delusion that one of the most popular submissions is useless

You should go to a competitive gym and put up a triangle bounty on yourself. We will fund it and pay for your helmet so you don't get hurt during your tantrum
now this is a good question, and the answer isn't in techniques it's in principles
if you're disciplined with your principles of tight elbow, not allowing your bottom leg to get pinned, occupying inside position, keeping your head higher than your butt etc. it nullifies a most submissions
think of it as a jenga tower
your partner is going to try to remove pieces with gripping, off balancing, feinting etc. until it collapses /gets caught in a submission/ your job is to replace those blocks so the tower never falls.
in the case of the triangle it requires you to take away so many freakin blocks that someone with good principles is going to easily replace them faster than you can knock them out.

"bjj takes a long time to learn because its so complex" it isn't though, its simple if you look at it the right way. People think it's complex because they learn it backwards. Its treated like trying to learn a shitty bug language like chinese with no alphabet, you just memorize thousands of words by what they look like
this is how toddlers communicate, they push buttons with pictures on them
jiujitsu is like intelligent western languages, you don't memorize what the words look like, you have an alphabet so you can read them and even if you've never seen it before you know what it says
how often do you hear "I don't know what to do from here"? that means they don't know jiujitsu and have no handle on principles, because even if you've never experienced a position before you should know exactly what to do from there.
the flowchart way thinking of he does this I do that he does this I do that isn't sustainable
sooner or later you run into a situation you've never seen before and you're fucked. So take the time actually to learn BJJ, don't just learn the BJJ moves. These are not the same thing.
I've beaten gordon pre-juice at purple, I've won pans adult at brown, world master 1 at black, I've done enough in the sport. I just roll for fun now
How do you propose to get good at taking away/replacing jenga blocks?
Would attempting/defending triangles not be an effective means of practicing the principles you are describing? Doesn't finishing/escaping a triangle demonstrate mastery of those principles?
You are going to get triangled, there's no question about that, but you'll see it as a problem that goes away just like I'm sure at some point like all of us you were frustrated with getting "stuck" under side control
And then you learn there's no such thing, not only that but at the highest level competitors get to side control transition away from there as quickly as possible.
When there isn't much knowledge on the table it seems like a great place to be but once you get good you realize the guy on the bottom can start working against you pretty effectively from there.
What used to be an ideal place to hang out and work from as a lower belt becomes a very precarious place to stick around as a high level competitor.
And that's what happens to the triangle, and for the same reasons.
The side control position is a leaky lifeboat that has 5 holes the person can get out of and you can only block at most 4 at a time, So if you stay there for too long they will get out and you will lose everything you just worked so hard for.

This same problem exists with the triangle, the counter measures are too abundant and the consequences are too great for getting it wrong.
Mechanically the triangle is inherently bad because the control mechanism is the same as the finishing mechanism, Your leg entanglement is doing both jobs, the arms are just providing extra horse power and not much else. So by defeating just one layer you've defeated the entire move.
An armbar for example the arms and legs are 2 seperate control systems, if one is defeated the other is still attached so they have to defeat both. A failed arm bar attempt, you might be able to just reset back into the same position if your control is properly applied, At worst he's probably ending up in your guard.
In a triangle though you converted your guard directly into an attack, the guard itself is the attack. So if you fail you didn't just lose a move you've lost your guard as well and given away the pass
Therefore, white belts should practice triangles.
Or are you also suggesting that white belts should NOT practice side control escapes?
They should not spend the disproportionate amount of time they do trying to make it work
It's not you that's the problem, the triangle is a hard shitty move to pull off and not worth the investment in the end
I'll put it another way, if you don't have the legs where you can naturally just wrap it up and the only way you can finish triangles is by cutting hard angles and hand assisting and what not
Just stop it, it's not your move stop trying to make it your move
Being a generalist is a lie, find out what you are equipped to do and focus only on those things

It's actually a pretty good racket the Brazilians came up with where one of the first moves they teach you is a move that doesn't work, so that way you keep coming back to class for years thinking you are the one screwing it up and have to keep learning, not realizing the move it's bad.
>Mechanically the triangle is inherently bad because the control mechanism is the same as the finishing mechanism
By this logic, kimuras and guillotines are inherently bad.
Or you're just inherently a bumbling idiot
>I beat Gordon 20 years ago
>I beat a bunch of fat old men in IBJJF
Great story grandpa. Time to take your lazy bottom half guard nap
>By this logic, kimuras and guillotines
Can you make it any more clear that you're a beginner?
The baffling thing is that you would come here with such little experience and have the audacity give people advice
In what way are either of those anything like how I described the triangle? I'm seriously asking because I'm having trouble getting into the white belt mindset of stupid questions with obvious answers like you have and don't see it

Also I'm in my early 30s ya dunce, I'm hardly old and with this attitude of yours clearly better than you'll ever be
>you s-suck!
>Here's some accomplishments
>n-n-not good enough! ;_;
My advice is that people should learn triangles, pretty valid.
Don't care if you won ADCC 10 times. Saying triangles are useless is retarded
Starting to stray from the leg lock game entirely (outside of using it for sweeps and defending)
Not worried about injuries, but people are getting so fucking good at aoki locks and straight ankle variations that playing any entanglement game has become risky even if I hide my heel well. Trying to use the positions to enter passes and backtakes.
Actively denying a position is a valid strategy. Might not work at the super competitive level, but at the very worst everyone who trains with you has to learn to stay safe or be undeniable while attempting to enforce a leg attempt.
just wear a gi and go ah! no! agh oh jeez! the rules!!! that's against the rules!!!
then claim moral superiority and tell people if they don't do the gi they don't really know jiujitsu
I kind of enjoyed the gi but after stepping away from it for a few years, I’m not sure I can ever go back
There's no reason to go back really
It's quickly becoming a niche novelty

If it was up to me I'd never put one on again, aside from it being dishonest and silly It's mostly because my neck is absolutely fubar, like if I turn my head the wrong way my fingers go numb
And tugging on the collar just aggravates it even more
It's the main reason I don't do judo anymore either
nta but I think most of the hype around triangles for beginners is that there aren't a lot of beginner-friendly attacks from guard even though it's a pretty common position and triangles make a pretty good
>meh, it was worth a try
sub because they don't take a lot of energy as the attacker and usually if you fuck it up you can just return to guard

Like, what do you consider the serious alternatives in guard? Everything else is kinda "whatever"
>go for armbars (fine, but predictable after a while, and you don't have amazing leg contorl)
>stand up (aka "Stop playing guard")
>go for sweeps (aka "Stop playing guard")
>go for less effective airway chokes than the triangle (same problems but worse)
and sure, maybe "that's just how it is, playing bottom position's dumb", but given it's a position that constantly comes up I think it merits white belt focus because it's a constant skillcheck grapplers are going to try on you which, if you can't pass, mean you're just going to lose.
It should be as you suggested to get up
The main focus of white belt training should be getting on top or back up
The guard is a losing position, we shouldn't be telling beginners how to counter attack from a losing position we should be teaching them how to convert to a winning position
So all guard work for white belts should be about sweeps and stand ups, all submissions should be done from the top
And that's just a grappling principle everyone should understand but for some reason bjj refuses to accept which is the main reason it's being completely left behind as a base style for MMA. Its principles are simply poor for fighting
>So all guard work for white belts should be about sweeps and stand ups
What sweep is better than victory, pray tell?
risky attacks instead of safe transitions to better positions may occasionally find you victory but you want victory across a repeatable consistent timeframe
everyone has those hail mary submissions but that doesn't make you good
haste makes waste, get your sweep then sub him from a secure position

its like if you were teaching boxing and someone gets stuck in the corner you would teach them to cover, keep it tight, circle out, create some space
the triangle mindset would be telling that person when you're in a corner just bite down and throw a hard overhand right and you just might get him
Never forget that submissions in UFC are more uncommon because
1. No GI
2. Slippery from sweat and grease their corner rubs on them in between rounds when the ref is thinking about how cool his dreadlocks look
3. The shitty fucking gloves that make it harder to do most things you'd be able to do in a regular no gi situation
4. yeah you're getting hit lmao no deephalf or diving ankle locks 4u
Damn, what happened to your neck? Could it have been avoided?
My neck was an issue for a while until I took time off and really changed my rolling habits. So miserable.
>Drunk guy starts shit with you
>Immediately flop on the floor and wait for him to hop on top
>Drunk guy kicks you in the face instead
>You are now dead
Why the fuck do you morons think BJJ is anything but a huge joke?
The Gracies are well known con artists.
If you want to learn to fight then study Judo
>no diving ankle locks
While it was destined to fall apart, it was kinda fun watching Hall break that rule for a bit
you have a nerve compression probably caused by a cervical spine injury/fucked disc
t. have it as well but from nogi
btw but I had someone do a can opener and had issues
If you hurt your training partners, fuck you
He went against someone else who was competent in bjj and knew what he was going to do.

Yeah that's the dirty little secret of MMA everyone likes to pretend doesn't exist. The total skill potential of the variety of fighters doesn't mean much beyond the scope of the 1 on 1 skill match. Just because something isn't a perfect idea in every fight, doesn't mean it's not sometimes a great idea in some fights.
This is the result of multiple injuries, different people and many years to get where we are today
I remember every person that hurt me and reflect on it with malice in my heart
Because in every case of what I would consider a major blow out happened because my partner disregarded my safety and did the wrong thing
>Drunk guy starts to hit on you
>Immediately flop on the floor and wait for him to hop on top
>Drunk guy fucks you in the face instead
>You are now gay
BJJ is gay
Anybody competing today?
Are there some big ones going on?
I think practical BJJ shows you openings to get off your ass safely
So the technical stand up is probably the most underrated and practical thing in BJJ
Everyone else that imagines every threat as a gay cuddling session is delusional
File: gay.jpg (17 KB, 322x271)
17 KB
if you want to get off your back you should talk to a wrestler, their entire purpose in life is to get off their back
Next week
In my experience they never get to that point
So I feel like wrestling is more prevention in that regard
ounce of preventions worth a pound of cure and all that
IBJJF has something in Nashville today

This is called a trap triangle retard. You typically set up the triangle from here rather than launching straight into it.

> personal trainer
lol that’s completely different. Trainers work with you one on one, not in a class format. Most Bjj gyms are class format, sometimes you get personalized instruction if the instructor comes around during your rolls or drills.
There's no trap, his legs are backwards
Uke can just sit up right out of it
Which org?

> legs are backwards

The pressure in a trap triangle is created from backheeling/broken posture. Which ankle is over which is not going to be a determining factor in the uke escaping this position
There is no broken posture, uke is sitting there because he's supposed to
Try harder if you’re going to post b8
Pedantic faggot. The idea is that the “bad” triangle (ankles crossed, posture not controlled yet) can still be used to get a submission. Or maybe you know more than John Danaher
well unlike him I've actually competed before so you know, whatever
nice appeal to authority though, you can keep doing triangles wrong if it helps you sleep at night

protip: eddie cummings made john what he is, john didn't come up with any of it. He inherited athletes and got credit for their talent
>appeal to authority
You have to go back
that's pretty fucking gay advice
Reminder: if you pull guard you're a coward and care more about winning than you do about how you win
You may as well tamper with your opponents equipment or throw sand in his eyes since a shallow victory means more to you than testing yourself and winning against an opponent at his best
>I've beaten gordon pre-juice at purple, I've won pans adult at brown, world master 1 at black, I've done enough in the sport. I just roll for fun now
prove it
you won't because you're obviously a delusional retard with stupid opinions not a single successful competitive player shares
You'll see in the future, I'm daisy freshing this shit and reering a death squad of my own
The school is young, only 3 years old and just now starting to give out purple belts
So far my training philosophy is proving to be correct.
My roster has 80 members on it, the majority is people that dropped in one day and saw what we're doing here then decided to leave where they were
I have 12 black belts here, none of them are mine
So there's a pretty powerful think tank challenging my radical positions, and partly that's why I post my bjj red pills online to see if I can be convinced otherwise.

I'll say this though, you probably haven't heard of me but you have heard of the person I recently became business partners with
We worked out an arrangement similar to renzo and John
I run this academy exactly how I want to, he opens doors to start putting our guys onto big name invitational event cards and gets to attach his name to it
OK satan. Where can I find you online? And where's your gym, and when's open mat?
>mop the mats anon
>anti-triangle anon
>guard pulling tantrum anon(s?)
Glad to see a thriving community here
It's nothing personal but I'm not going to put any info on here, I worry about online psychos causing problems in real life somehow
But also we don't really do open mats as far as rando drop ins.
Everyone's entitled to take an intro class but after that it's a private club, buy a membership OR if I know or at least know of your instructor and he's in good standing within the community, if he gives me a call I'll let people in.

Even then it would just be the genpop classes. I have what we call the animal class which is invite only because it's important everyone in there is on the same page
It's rough and tumble with certain expectations, specifically no white belts and no pussies
It has to be that way because there's a certain pace it runs at and the main goal is hard skill drilling and to troubleshoot specific problems that come up during rolling And it's just not reasonable to have someone that needs basic details explained to them, I need to know we can move quickly and deliberately and you won't get lost because that slows your partners down
So class doesn't slow down to meet the slowest person, everyone is expected to speed up or get out
And that goes for rest rounds too, I need to know that the fitness level is in a certain place
These are full intensity competition rolls so if you're going to fade 25 minutes into the session, that negatively impacts your partners.
And don't forget plenty off seething gi hatred.
OK. Do you own your own facility or are you renting mat space?

If you're trying to fund your comp team, making your genpop classes inaccessible is not going to help you. Frankly, if you want to attract blue chip prospects and hungry young competitors, you'll want to be more visible, not closed-door/secretive.
I don't own the building but it's my gym, 7 years left on the lease and have outgrown the space because this blew up way faster than expected. Just had to hire an instructor and put an extra class every day on the schedule to try an thin out the the density per class. It was either that or start putting people on a waiting list

The aforementioned new business associate wants to do a strong marketing push but I'm resistant because it's been word of mouth and already at capacity
Already doing 3 two hour classes a day and now the 4th the other instructor is doing
Shitty 2-year white belt here. I've got back into BJJ after a 3-month layoff for various reasons. I went back to my old gym yesterday and had a great time and despite getting smashed and being a clumsy mess I'm really glad to be back. I went back to rock climbing during the lay-off which was great but realised quickly that nothing will ever replace grappling for me.

More experienced anons, how do I start off again on the right foot? I would like to compete in a few months but my main goal is just to try and iron out the fundamentals and develop a solid (albeit uncomplicated) game. I guess I'm asking a fairly generic and open-ended question, but I guess I'd like to develop some good habits this time round. What helped you evolve from a mistake-prone whitebelt to a better grappler?
You should keep climbing, there's nothing that creates stronger arms and grips than that
I wish I still had access to a rock wall, I want the Popeye arms back
>iron out the fundamentals
Work on positional/pin escapes, and guard retention. I would suggest some standing techniques too. You don't need to be a wrestler, but don't be clueless.
>good habits
Train at least 3x per week, ask questions, train with intention and thought (i.e. try to fix mistakes, focus on technique, don't spaz)
>What helped you evolve
Training consistently and always trying to problem solve. Sometimes by asking my coach questions, sometimes by using youtube/instructionals. You don't need to take notes and study all the time, but if you fuck something up, figure out why. If something you learned isn't working, figure out the detail that you're forgetting.
>nothing that creates stronger arms and grips
Maybe, but I've never lost and thought "if only I had spent more times growing my arms and grip strength"
I think I will keep a toe dipped into climbing but just on a low level. I am 10kg heavier now compared to when I was a younger psyched climber and getting back to my old level just feels like a Sisyphean struggle. Climbing is a time and energy-hungry sport and I don't have the love for it to get back into the gym 5X/week anymore.

Thank you, this is really solid advice.
guys listen, I'm still not going to mop the fucking mats or wear a gi or do triangles or pull guard
but I'll stop being a jerk, it's wrong of me to tell you how to enjoy your hobby
It's sad but true
BJJ is a fake martial art
All you losers do is flop on the floor when someone attacks you
You're just going to get kicked in the face till you're dead
You don't know how to fight
I could kill the strongest Gracie without even using my hands
Well you see, jiujitsu is so terribly simple, so simple, nothing to it really, it's merely a matter of simple principles that are easy to apply, I have an understanding of basic jiujitsu principles you see, so I am impossible to pin or submit and humiliated all the senior students on my first day. Just stand up. So simple!
This but unironically
If you refuse to go to ground BJJ is completely worthless
I train Judo so I can throw you to the ground all day and you can't get me down ever
I will destroy you in 10000000/10000000 fights
It's funny but true
Even the Gracies, with their gigantic egos and inability to tell the truth, admit that Kimura destroyed Helio at BJJ
The only 10th dan BJJ practitioner in the world lost horribly to a shodan Judo practitioner
Therefore 10th dan in BJJ = 1st dan in Judo
Been using a far-side armdrag in training lately and having a ton of success with it. Either getting a sweep, to the back, or a good elevation into the legs or a shoulder crunch. Highly recommend trying it out (usually from half butterfly)
makes sense to me
Anyone know any instructionals which I can find for free (bilibili) which teach details for locking body triangles?
I have long flexible legs but often struggle to lock it properly, like my opponents are all fat, meanwhile I saw a black belt that I know is short and inflexible lock it easily
you are a gay nigger
I don't think this warrants an instructional.
If they're truly too big, you just have to use hooks or post your feet on the top hip (like a body triangle but not locked)
Make sure you're not trying to lock it too high up. On a non-fatty, just above their waistline around the belly button should be the most narrow part. If they are not moving too much and you've established some control, you can use your top hand to quickly assist in locking up the body triangle
>short and inflexible lock it easy
Is he actually getting a true body triangle or putting strain on his ankle?
Please ignore the lazy trolls
I'm not a troll, I just know Judo is better than BJJ in every way and that if MMA didn't have padded floors (Gracie cheating) that Judoka would dominate MMA and BJJ would be worthless
File: paulie.jpg (334 KB, 550x825)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
Reminder that if you do not compete or roll with those who compete 1-2 per week than you are NOT gonna make it.
Hobbyist pussies get the rope.
Hey /bjj/
Black belt here
A Judo guy (yellow belt) came into our class today and I rolled with him
I immediately went to pull guard but he didn't get down on top of me
I stood up and he threw me on my head
I don't remember anything after that
Wtf Judoka are cheaters, BAN IT
File: bj.jpg (130 KB, 1842x944)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Uhm... what technique is this?
Bucciecha Guard
Don't you have anything better to do bro. BJJ better, Judo better... who tf cares. You are a nobody in both worlds. You will never be a world champion. You are screaming into the void on 4chan
>Judo black belt
>spar with blue belt at BJJ open mat
>immediately harai goshi him with ease
>he starts grabbing my leg some weird way (from BOTTOM)
>takes me off my feet and gets on top of me
>holds me down in mount like a pussy
>puts me in a triangle and strangles me unconscious
Wtf this shit is so fake and gay. I scored le heckin ippon and he didn't immediately give up? You're not supposed to keep going and attack from your back. That's against the rules!
getting stacked is fucking humiliating not gonna lie
I've actually seen this in his instructional, kek.
Yeah I found it.
So basically the goal is to shuck the legs away from the body after grabbing around the waist in order to pass the guard.
Why would you bother responding seriously to such an obvious shitpost
Can you take a quick sniff?
Can you use the holes as handles?
Anyone know a good database of competition footage, like right now I want to see footage of double under passes, is there a way to find them?
I don't know desu man, I thought I might show this retard the error of his ways but guess I am the real retard in the end.

The instructional nerd responsible for 'Less Impressed More Involved BJJ' was talking about a new site called Outliers which appears to resemble what you're talking about. It's a subscription service though. I would genuinely ask r/BJJ about stuff like this - there are always going to be autists on there with Danaher-esque encyclopaedic knowledge about specific BJJ matches/athletes.
Footage databases get difficult with any scale beyond completely private, whether personal or for a team. Who has rights to what, paying to host, etc.
This is the complete footage of all BJJ techniques
BJJ is like Judo but for normal people who aren’t autistic weebs
judo niggas be like ”if somebody get you in a gaki-no-tsukai-ya-arahende you can counter it using either a kitano takeshi or a beat takeshi, but never do a toyota kawasaki or you’ll get slampig’d hard and lose the newzealanda”
Do you think older civilisations from pre-recorded history had martial arts where they were buggy choking each other and doing shit like berimbolos? Like what did techniques did the Atlanteans and Sumerians have
Listen to >>176177
Either pay for that autistic website or look around on the BJJ sub. Double unders is pretty specific but I bet for something like a submission it wouldn't be hard to find a resource of footage
This is also correct. Half of the videos on that website are Flograppling (paywall) links or instructional links.
Probably folk wrestling, possibly with some striking mixed in. Pankration basically
The Atlanteans were shooting lasers from their asses.
>3 matches in the gi
>took silver
Absolute hell on earth, my cardio went out the window.
File: cornish wrestling.jpg (51 KB, 400x603)
51 KB
We actually have some really fucking cool insight on what that looks like by looking at Britain, because there were always a few historic fightnerds there taking notes on the scene since about 1000

The above and by extension most ancient wrestling is essentially backyard wrasslin', but, when looking at the above as an example, we see a few old-timey weird modifications and some interesting rule set choices
>The fight will be in the gi
>No chokes, no leg grabbing, below the waist holding, and no finger or wrist grabbing (AKA "basically no jiu-jitsu subs")
>No arm grabbing unless you're grabbing at least some of the gi (or at least clearly trying to)
>Defensive slapping and shoving are allowed
>Throws and slams are allowed and encouraged
>It was MMA-lite: shin and leg kicking was typically allowed, as well as light and occasional bare-knuckled boxing strikes (within the bounds of propriety and so long as it's in service to the wrestling: no surprise shots and keep the fight mostly wrestling with a sprinkle of boxing, because it's not a boxing match - after all, you took an oath to non-treachery and non-brutality when defeating your opponent, that "Fair play is sweet play.")
>Fight ends when majority of judges say 3 out of your ass-cheeks and shoulder blades were touching the ground.
>No time limits or points on fights till 1927. The fight continues until someone is pinned, meaning fights could take hours and sometimes multiple days

Sir Thomas Parkyns, a 6'3 235lb master wrestler who was known for being a solid slab of muscle and who started his own 100 year competition series and won every award they gave out back in the early 1700s in Cornwall, wrote at length about some old-timey wrestling takedowns and submissions he recommended back in https://neohemas.wordpress.com/library/the-inn-play-or-cornish-hugg-wrestler-by-sir-thomas-parkyns-of-bunny-baronet/, highly recommend because it's sick as hell.
Stopped watching instructionals all the time and started just paying more attention in class while taking & reviewing notes and all off a sudden I’m starting to improve
Taking notes in general is hilariously undervalued. And most people don't bother learning the various ways to do it, or apply them for long enough to find out which ways work for them and which don't. Once you're fully comfortable with them, try going back to your instructionals and doing it there. I'd bet you suddenly start getting results there too.
Greg souders is a pseudointellectual that likes to flim flam by using lingo nobody understands then autisticslly screeches about haters not taking him seriously when he failed to articulate in simple terms exactly how what he's doing is any different than the positional sparring everyone else already does
90% of content he's involved in it just bitching about other people being skeptical of his position without actually explaining it, while flexing how educated he is, the other 10% is repeating the same buzzwords nobody understands

According to THE SCIENCE the individual level determinants forming an antagonist relationship within the mesosystem and chronosystem respectively...

But how do you finish the arm bar?

Finally starting to feel like i remember what im doing. My base was good, my wrestling was there, and i really felt good today. i almost forgot how good it feels to not just get smashed all the time.
Thanks for reading my blogpost
Thank you for sharing.
I agree with some of Greg's stuff but he is pretty annoying and only has like 2 successful students that he actually brought up from nothing.
At this point I kind of enjoy how much of a combative asshole he is, his cornering/coaching is pretty funny
>easy work
>make him suffer!
>punish him!
lol that shit would get to my head if I was competing or cornering someone
Kit Dale is a much more reasonable "ecological" coach if you're curious about learning this way
I genuinely think he's a liar, His claim is that he has never shown a technique
If he's going to sit there and say not one single time did he ever show his athletes the breaking mechanics for an ankle lock or an armbar or what have you and they just figured it out on their own he's totally full of beans
I don't even care if he just showed at once and then never again, I don't believe for a second he never showed it because leg locks in particular are not intuitive movements for the breaking mechanics
You apply a lot of the pressure opposite the direction of where it visibly looks like
>His claim is that he has never shown a technique
Yeah I don't believe him either.
I think it's a good idea to explore positions and do situational rounds, but to not augment that with instruction seems inefficient. A combination of the two seems better, though I'm pretty sure he had a tantrum when someone suggested combining the approaches
A bit demoralised desu lads.

>Sign up for first comp as a white.
>In the lead-up I thought I'd do reasonably well because bros in the gym were giving me props. Occasionally tapping the weaker blues, killing most white belts.
>Don't do any specific training or hard rolling in the lead-up. Just rolled haphazardly 3X a week.
>First match in gi, I hit a strong uchi makikomi but didn't get points because I fumbled the follow up.
>Completely taken off guard by the intensity of my opponent and experience a huge adrenaline dump. I get completely gassed in what feels like 20 seconds until I'm so fucked that I can't even retain guard because my hip flexors seized up like I'd done 100 reps of leg raises.
>Opponent casually hops into mount, chair sits and subs me.
>Proceed to nogi match after a proper warm-up but feeling mentally rough and unconfident after being raped in first match.
>Get points from a double leg but came stupidly close to being subbed with guillotine.
>Get swept trying some retarded pseudo bodylock pass (death-gripping a tight waist and collar tie???).
>Miraculously spaz out of two other terminal sub attempts before being caught in armbar.

The guy who beat me in nogi went on to win absolute and gold in his division and got promoted at the podium but it doesn't make me feel much better. I felt like I basically forgot how to do BJJ: I didn't do anything resembling my usual game and pretty much went on autopilot where everything I did was totally counter productive to the point where I behaved like someone who'd never trained. I feel like it was a valuable experience in the end but I was just embarrassed at how badly I performed on a technical and physical level.

Has anyone had any similar experiences their first time competing?
>first comp
>adrenaline dump
You already figured out what happened. Competition anxiety is it's own thing, almost separate from any particular competitive event beyond your experience of it there. I really wouldn't worry about it unless you have like 4 or 5 and it never gets better.
>adrenaline dump
>trying bullshit technique
>lose to a guy who was hours away from blue belt
Sounds about right for a white belt tournament experience. How long have you been training?
Don't beat yourself up about it, just try to improve on the things you fucked up. Now you know what competition intensity feels like.
It's different for everyone, but warming up to the point of sweating (but not fatigue) usually helps with the adrenaline dump.
You put yourself out there and fought and that's what matters. Learn from it. I competed too at white and took silver from multiple matches, what failed me in the end was my stamina. Now I know what to improve on.
Reflect on what went wrong and how to avoid it. Reflect on what went well and how to do it even better. Work harder if you want to win the next one. For copium I’d add that a lot of niggers sandbag and delete their smoothcomp profiles to seem new and sometimes as a white belt you’ll go up against teenagers with no match record on smoothcomp but who’s dad is a black belt that’s been coaching them for 15 years.
File: IMG_9401.jpg (54 KB, 900x600)
54 KB
>all these coping manlets training for “self defense”

Imagine training for any reason but competition. If you’re 160 pounds and thinking you can use BJJ techniques on normal adult male humans in the real world you’re delusional.
File: the jiujitsu way.png (251 KB, 860x1920)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
>caring about your shitty local competitions you paid a small fortune to participate in and roll against 2 other people
I don't see any discussion about self defense. Take your meds and get back to krav maga class, Moshe
My coach says that competing is a separate skill from jiujitsu. One might be pretty good at jiujitsu, but might still need more practice at competing. Personally I hate competing but I force myself to do it anyway. I'm overdue to suffer through another comp.
In years of Judo i've heard anyone whine so much about white belts being rough as in bjj, nobody gave a fuck.
Because bjj doesn't work, so a white belt in judo is easily handled by an upper belt but in bjj white belts are still a threat to everyone all the way down the line
>bjj doesn't work
>white belts are still a threat
great logic bud
Cheers guys, this is all really solid advice. I’m back in the swing of training now and might just sign up for a few local comps to try desensitize myself and meanwhile keep sharpening my game. I’m not so bothered about losing now but was put off comps for a while afterwards. A cringey thought I had was better experience the adrenaline dump in a controlled environment rather than later on in a real fight.

I try to take the bitter truth that I just performed really badly but in all fairness the guys who beat me had a lot more experience and I couldn’t have had a tougher opponent in nogi. What bothered me was not even using anything I’d learned though; I would’ve been fine losing if I just put up a decent fight.
Just to keep in mind with that "cringe" thought, an AD isn't necessarily something that will or won't happen or that ever may stop. What does stop is you doing things to actively psyche yourself into one, or being able to recognize getting too worked up and doing whatever you've been taught to or self learned to help stem it. It can happen to old guys with 1,000 matches if they get careless. A real world dump typically happens post event, for a variety of reasons. Chief among them being you didn't know you were going to be in an altercation when you left your house.
Protip: think about what distinguishes standing grappling and ground grappling, and you should be able to figure out why beginners are far more likely to hurt someone on the ground. This really all comes down to basic principles and how they can be applied in certain circumstances.
Ground grappling is done in judo too.
Yes, but that shouldn't stop you from realizing what the differences are.

Standing vs ground
>feet are planted while standing, risk of getting kicked and kneed is far lower
>grips and posture can shut down upper body movement and stuff throw/takedown entries
>grips permit distance management, lowering risk of elbows and headbutts
>combined, this means a Judo white belt can effectively be controlled with one hand by an experienced grappler using proper posture
>biggest remaining risk while standing is bad falls, but experienced Judoka or wrestlers know when it's safe to allow beginners to execute a throw and can fall properly
Tl;dr beginners are very easy to control standing with proper knowledge. Admittedly, to the detriment of BJJ this knowledge is often lacking in the sport. Same for breakfalls.

Judo vs BJJ ground game
>Judo mindset is to go for fast pin or submission
>this emphasis on pins in Judo means beginners are given less opportunity to move or escape (read: spaz out) - pin, then reset
>fast submissions entail greater physicality, beginners are physically dominated resulting in less time and opportunities to injure someone
>BJJ mindset is to work towards a submission through a series of controlled steps, every step and transition allowing a beginner a potential spaz moment when improperly executed
That said, once you have BJJ down, you'll be able to preemptively shut down anything a beginner does, thus bringing down the risk of accidental elbows, knees or injuries to a degree that's pretty much the same as standing Judo. I haven't been injured by beginners in either sport for over half a decade I believe. Don't forget people getting injured by beginners aren't the most experienced grapplers themselves.
File: 077.png (365 KB, 646x595)
365 KB
365 KB PNG
I failed NNN today
>morning class
>one bluebelt girl around my age has been rolling with me every class
>she's not really all that pretty, but she's got a 10/10 body
>we're doing back attacks
>I'll only really train with women when I have to, and I try to be as gentle as I can while still being technical and not babying them
>We swap to do the drill and I partner up with her because she's closest
>"You can go first, Anon teehee~"
>do the xguard backtake and plop her down onto my lap, put in a seatbelt
>she softly sighs and looks back at me while smiling
>her ass is so fucking soft, even with the gi on I can feel it
>she's also wearing some sort of perfume
>have to adjust to hide my massive fucking erection as she also does the drill and we switch partners again
>"N-Nice job."
>go home and jerk off in the shower like a madman, twice in a row
I don't know if I should ask her out. I've never seen her with a boyfriend or anyone. My main concern is that it'd cause problems in my gym if we started dating and something goes wrong.
Don't shit where you eat, right?
>I don't know if I should ask her out
Didn't read, my eyes just went here immediately
The answer is fuck no

Now I will read
...the answer is still fuck no, but not because "if you break up things get awkward"
It'll be even more awkward if she says no because you've misinterpreted her platonic kindness as a romantic signal
And now you have a reputation as a creep in the gym

Or shoot your shot, I don't really care
The right answer is probably somewhere in the middle. I have a learning disability, don't listen to me.
Thoughts on Submission wrestling/No-gi/ CACC?
Catch is dead, but submission grappling is the future
The only money and fame to be had are on the nogi side of things
The gi will be phased out over time, some dinosaurs just haven't given way to the new guard yet
The current state of gi vs no-gi kind of reminds me of the karate vs kickboxing relationship in the 70s in the USA. At that time, amateur karate was point fighting, and pro fighting was full contact. That was the divide. Most kickboxers would come up through amateur sport karate, and then "turn pro" and fight full contact.

Same deal with jiujitsu today. Most hobbyists/amateurs start in the gi and dabble in no-gi, but the most highly prized titles (ADCC) and cash prizes (WNO, superfights, etc) are pretty much reserved for no-gi.
File: koscheck froth.jpg (124 KB, 1024x868)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Even then, neck cranks are legit. I won't can-opener someone's guard but if I'm training with a buddy of mine we'll sub each other with neck cranks all day.
Also, anything below the eyebrows counts as the neck.
Agreed that the gi is dying, disagree that catch is dead. It's not thriving by any means, but there are still a handful of legit catch schools around and the martial art itself is solid.
I really enjoy bjj but my work schedule only allows me to train two days a week right now, both of which are gi classes. I'm far more interested in nogi but really like where i train. As a result, i generally don't use techniques that rely on gi grips and only focus on things that would work without the japanese larp outfit.
Blue belt here. Had a bit of a fucked up seminar experience. I went to a passing seminar with Bernardo Faris. Sure enough the seminar was great and he was really friendly with everyone from white to black belt. He rolled with everyone who asked, casually submitting everyone with his trademark kneebar from top half guard. Which was mega impressive to me because everyone knew what was coming from a mile away, but couldn't stop it.

I'd been studying his matches and wanted to see if I could at least escape the dog bar and concede a pass. Of course when the moment came to roll, Bernardo - probably bored of knee-barring everyone - lets me turn out of the dog bar and begins passing into mount. What came next though shocked me.

After smothering me fairly aggressively (I'm almost about to tap at this point but he keeps relieving pressure to let me breathe), he reaches down into his gi pants. Next thing you know, he's taken dog biscuits out of what I presume was his underwears and starts stuffing them into my mouth. He leans to my ear and whispers "Should've taken the dog bar f****t, now you're in the dog house. Woof woof". At this point I can't breathe and freaking out now I've got dry dog biscuits clogging my throat so I panic tap.

I'm coughing up crumbs and half choking as I get up asking him "What the f*k are you doing bro?!" and he just gives me this spooky dead-eyed stare. I noticed my coach was watching the whole thing but he's just staring with a similar weird unaffected expression.

I get up and just sit by the sidelines for a few minutes trying to process what happened and notice Bernardo is sat next to my coach eyeballing me. I got up, got changed and just cried in the car the whole way home. I couldn't bring myself to train for 2 weeks afterwards and now I get flashbacks every time a heavier guy gets mount.
Bernardo Faria I meant sorry
can someone post this webm again >>168102
What was it?
I have spent way to long looking for bjj torrents
been using a judo gi for bjj but about time i get a bjj gi. i weigh 68kg and am about 173cm, do i het a1L or go for a2?
Freedom units?
He's five foot three and three hundred pounds.
Is he literally me?
Peak performance.
A1L for you, shorty.
Make sure you use two j's.
ive joined my first bjj comp, a lad that has 15yrs exp told me to work on atleast 3 techniques and try to master them and find different variants. he also told me not to have 100 different techniques with no depth. i am white belt btw with only 4 months in bjj but ive trained 5 times a week.
For competition purposes, it's pretty hard to argue that as a basic truth, especially at higher levels. But I think a lot of people lose the forest for the trees there, forgetting that you often need to go through those 1,000 techs in training to find out which ones you like, make sense to you, maximize whatever attributes you have, etc. And having had some longer term exposure to them, overall makes you a way better practitoner.

Tldr you're new, don't limit yourself before you know anything.
in my opinion this is the most powerful martial art, but it takes a lot of practice to master the full list of techniques
my advice is to abandon this idea of techniques because techniques don't work,
techniques are carrying around a spanish dictionary and learning phrases to ask where the bathroom is or how much something costs
eventually you might even memorize enough phrases that you can communicate a little bit but you don't speak spanish and as soon as someone says something you've never seen before you go "I don't know what to do here"
techniques are merely a suggestion to handle a very specific orientation of your bodies and any divergence in the configuration from what you've practiced and they no longer work
the people that use a techniques based approach are the ones that take 12+ years go get a black belt
a principles based approach is the people that get it in <5

just do the mental check list
are you on top? you are winning
are you occupying the space between your partners armpit and hip? you are winning
is your head higher than your hips? you are winning
if you ask any of those questions and the answer is no that's where the alarm bells should be going off and you address it immediately, do something to make it a yes and now you are winning
I'm roughly the same size as you, maybe a cm or two shorter, I wear an A1 and it fits just so
So I think an A2 is going to be too big for you, get an A1L. If you have doubts, maybe try on both if you have the opportunity
Should I just build a /xs/ torrent server? So all these fags posting about torrents and Muh no seeders can stop complaining?
>techniques don't work

>you should be on top
>how do I get on top?
>principles bro it just works

Only memorizing technique-of-the-day is retarded, but trying to go full principle learning for a white belt who doesn't know his head from his ass is also retarded. The sport is full of 3deep5u white belts trying to be the next Danaher who couldn't roll their own way out of a paper bag. Principles is long term learning, technique is what gets you from point a-b until you understand the big picture.
This is a problem with the bjj learning structure and the idiotic way beginners are expected to start sparring their first day
Boxing has like 3 moves and you'll spend up to 6 months practicing on pads and doing drills before they let you ever go live with someone

Beginners should only be doing positional drills for a few months, and you can show some techniques as examples to play around with and get them started but learning comes from live practice and only live practice, because the instincts and body awareness that come from it are better than thousands of hours of drilling and repping against a compliant partner.
For all the shit talk bjj says about things like like karate the teachers really insist on doing things the same way. Static, compliant, unalive..

So if you want someone to learn how to pass a guard, give him a guard and say pass it. Every time he does, have him do it again and again and again
Do that with every position
But for God's sake don't teach him a move and then nitpick it "hand on the hip, elbow inside, pressure the thigh..." none of that is important
Technique drilling makes people focus on the unimportant things
The only thing that matters is get past the legs. The method doesn't matter.
Yeah, do that.
takedowns are fun to do. i have literally no wrestling experience before I went to my own gym and I constantly go for any single or double legs
takedowns are nice when you can get em
cant hit a single or double to save my life though
Work on hand fighting, and try doing positional rounds. Start with a single leg (kneeling or standing) and try to finish from there. It’s important to try and keep your partner off balanced and moving while attempting different finishes
They are fun for a while after a few years of wrestling back in highschool started to hurt my knees. Needed compression sleeves for both legs.
Hey mild mma fan here that wants to start grappling, I am stuck in between no-gi bjj and judo so I just have a few questions,
What are the best tools to learn out side of classes (i.e. videos, guides, books)?
Is it better without a belt system in no-gi?
What do you think of the future of your sport?
How much stand up is in a avg class?
Is there anything I should I about autodidact no-gi?
>stuck between no-gi bjj and judo
If you're an MMA fan and can only pick 1 thing, you should go for no-gi BJJ. Any decent no-gi gym should teach you takedowns and no-gi judo techniques. Judo is awesome but wearing a gi sucks imo, and you won't get to work on as many things that you might enjoy from the MMA world (wrestling techniques, certain submissions/positions)
>What are the best tools to learn out side of classes (i.e. videos, guides, books)?
For a beginner, youtube is plenty. Beyond that, there are instructionals on BJJFanatics and custom sites (submeta)
>Is it better without a belt system in no-gi?
There are still promotions and belt ranks in no-gi, but I do prefer not having to display it
>What do you think of the future of your sport?
"Submission wrestling" is the accurate term. To compete in important events (i.e. ADCC), you have to work on wrestling and that is becoming evident in gyms around the world. People are stepping up their standup game significantly and wrestlers are excelling in BJJ rulesets
>How much stand up is in a avg class?
Depends on the gym. Some gyms even have wrestling classes. If you can find a gym with active competitors, there should be a fair amount of standup (or at least good wrestlers to learn from)
>Is there anything I should I about autodidact no-gi?
Just get into a habit of training frequently before you worry about learning stuff on your own. The only thing to know before training is basic hygiene - cut your nails, wash your gear and body immediately after training
bjj is dying, it peaked probably around 2016-17ish and is in steep decline now
it's like the pickleball of grappling, mostly popular with the middle age+ crowd
nearly impossible to even fill a purple belt bracket these days, forget about anything beyond that

nogi submission grappling seems to have a decent future
judo is and always will be the premier jacket wrestling format because the people running it for all their faults really actively try to grow it
the people in charge of bjj wanted to gatekeep it as much as possible and mission accomplished
the one main downside of judo is because the hobbyists are on the same circuits as the professionals you hit a wall really hard in competition level
you're just some random club guy that will find himself in a bracket with a guy from a national team

as far as belts go, hierarchies will manifest with or without them
in bjj they go "yo that guys is a 4th degree black belt"
in wrestling they go "yo that guys an all american and went to olympic trials"
only one of those however actually indicates the skill level of the person being talked about
I really do dislike the gi but judo is pretty much my favorite parts of grappling all together. Standing lots of throws and takes downs with just some submission so its better then greco. I will probably go with nogi. Thanks I thought class would be mainly sitting so good to know there will be a mix of wrestling and no-gi judo.
>For a beginner, youtube is plenty. Beyond that, there are instructionals on BJJFanatics and custom sites (submeta)
I meant to for channel names or specific instructionals that would be good for beginners sorry for being unclear

Once again thank you for taking the time to answer my questions
Totally Judo is so open it is almost free and I think that is mainly Olympic funding, and a bjj gi cost almost a full pay check for a half month.
File: 1678994377377486.jpg (16 KB, 289x400)
16 KB
>a bjj gi cost almost a full pay check for a half month
Where do you live where this is the case?
belt system is good for distinguishing skill level at open mats, stripes and belts are good for dopamine for the vast majority of people cause people aren’t used to commiting to something for +1 year much less +10 years
If you start with judo or bjj doesn’t matter much, go with whichever has the best coaches and produces good competitors
anybody know a way to filter smoothcomp so I don’t need to scroll past 5000 kindergarteners to find out how somebody did
Two stripe white belt here.
Worst part about my BJJ experience is I feel I'm really slow at learning.. there's people who have started after me and have just surpassed me in skill and I feel like I just suck.
The other part is everyone is very social and I'm not at all, often when it's time to partner up I'm alone. It's like that last kid to be picked in gym class.
I'm a brown belt, learn fast, and even I get overtaken by more talented or extremely athletic individuals. That'll always happen.

Same goes for the social part. I'm social and happy to help people, but it still happens that I am one of the last ones to be picked. Being social and helpful is a big plus in that respect though, so I recommend small talk, asking some questions etc.
If you want to make the transition to black belt that attitude if yours needs to change
Now is the time when you become a legend in the minds of others by dodging any rolls you won't win
You need to show up late and only roll with athletic people when they've already done a few rounds and are tired
Always have an injury to cultivate the idea you're not really going very hard and "have to take it easy" even though you dont
Create the illusion that if you got tapped it's because you were letting him work
Nobody remembers the context, they just remember you being untouchable and beating everyone
This will even create mental blocks in some people where they're afraid to even go hard at you because they know their efforts will fail
That's the path to black belt

Man I completely suck but everyone thinks I'm great because I'm so selective
I've achieved the singularity where I could be going 100% and if I get tapped the other person will say "thanks for letting me have that"
I guess that can be applied to white belt too. (My position) Just be like I've got an injury and select my opponents, someone who isn't too heavy for me. (When heavy people get me in side control it's a struggle).
Turn up to the open mate late where people are tired and I'm fresh. Good ideas.
There are accomplished black belts that get beat by athletic or technical freaks in competition. There's no way to avoid it, just focus on identifying and fixing your mistakes.
The social thing will improve. You'll end up working with people that recognize and trust you. Sometimes you just have to be proactive and remember that you're not the only one who gets anxious in class.
Now you're thinking like a Brazilian

Your next lesson will be tapping in such a way that the person let's go but it was subtle enough that you can save face and go "why'd you stop? I didn't tap"

Gaslighting people is at least 60% of jiujitsu

I don't care too much about belts anymore though, been doing this for too long by now. The upside is I'll be comfortable wearing a black belt once I get one.
ah I am retard
>and a bjj gi class cost almost a half pay check for a full month.

What online resources do you recommend for a judoka who wants to add BJJ to his repertoire, but has no access to real-life instruction?
Gonna depend heavily on whether you have a dummy. Flesh or vinyl. And whether you're looking to keep the jammies on.
the main question is why
Kenta is so good. I think he can at least medal this ADCC
My adcc dreams are over, too many spinal injuries
Losing drive in my legs, numbness
Worried I'm one bad scramble away from never rolling again

Pretty depressed, should probably quit all together for my health
File: 1679694663676014.jpg (43 KB, 585x461)
43 KB
>I feel I'm really slow at learning
I think that's most people's experience when they're just starting out. It sure as hell was mine.
There's always going to be people that catch on a lot quicker like that other anon said. That's just life.
You just have to realize that you're your own worst critic, nobody else is going to care about how "bad" you are.

We extend a lot of sympathy to others, but not to ourselves; when your training partner gets stuck and doesn't know how to drill a move, what are you usually thinking? You're probably not thinking about how dumb they are, but rather you're thinking of ways to help them out.

>The other part is everyone is very social and I'm not at all
I started out with zero athletic abilities or social skills. I felt the same way for the first 6 months or so. It's hard to learn a new hobby and how to function like a normal human being at the same time.

This one depends on your training partners as much as yourself: if they're not particularly inclusive, it can be hard to feel part of the group, especially in a bigger gym where most people won't even learn your name until you've shown that you'll stick around.

You're probably overthinking picking a partner. I usually just point and nod at the person closest to me when it's time to spar or drill. Sometimes I think ahead of time and consciously decide who I want to drill with in advance, so when the time comes I make a beeline for that person.

If there are a lot of new people attending, I'll usually try and partner up with them because I know how awkward it feels being left without a partner, or being picked last.

>t. blue belt
black belt in my town got exposed as a pedo trying to meet up with a girl the same age as his daughter
on a domestic forum they found his xhamster profile and it was filled with BBC cuck and cd sissy hypno shit

good reminder to view higher belts as authorities on BJJ but not anything else
How do I deal with an opponent that can literally just bench press me out of side control?
Use it as a baiting tactic to isolate one of those pushing arms. Think about it like a flying armbar/triangle as far as your lower trunk and legs. If he holds you up, who are you to try and stop him from giving you a base to move from.
Are they much bigger than you (weight class) or just strong as fuck?
Any chest to chest pin will be hard to manage on someone that strong. I would prioritize the back, front headlock, leg entanglements
I wouldn't mind giving OP pic a quickie if you know what I mean..
>Boxing has like 3 moves and you'll spend up to 6 months practicing on pads and doing drills before they let you ever go live with someone
Mostly because the default outcome of boxing sparring is "someone gets mild brain damage" and throwing a beginner into the ring who doesn't know those 3 moves COLD is like saying
>the amount of brain damage you'll be receiving will be entirely at the mercy of your much, much better opponent
which doesn't seem particularly fair or conducive to the sport's long-term health
im a first stripe white belt and all I'm focusing on is defense. i hold my own for a long time against people better than me but my basic offense (shit that I should know day 1) kinda sucks ass because I cant go on offensive that often. not sure where exactly I should do from here. also closed guard fucking tires my legs out, I fucking hate closed guard

Who would even make an account on a porn site, that's when you've crossed the line into a terminal coomer. Dealing with a real degenerate here

Recently a gym we were friendly with had a SA claim leveled against an instructor so we cut ties and no longer cooperate
You don't want your name getting pulled in by association
Something I've learned that helped me was thinking about offensive and defensive cycles. Your escapes and defense should immediately be followed by offense, don't just reset to neutral.
You want to spend as little time as possible in defensive cycles (defending move after move), and as much time as you can in offensive cycles (chaining attacks).
Offense can mean off-balancing, submissions, sweeps. You want your opponent reacting to you, not the other way around.
Have you learned any sweeps or submissions? This will be hard if your coach isn't teaching you offense.

>closed guard fucking tires my legs out, I fucking hate closed guard
Pretty normal to get tired there, especially when you're new.
You might end up abandoning it to some degree in a few years, but it's important to have a decent understanding of the position. Keep in mind that everything relies on controlling their posture, and then either isolating an arm or passing it across your body. You can attack based on which scenario you achieve
>I fucking hate closed guard
The good news is closed guard is not fundamental, you never have to do it if you don't want to
i know plenty of submissions, armbars from mount, Americana, triangle, all the basic shit, but not a lot of sweeps. mainly just hip bump and scissor. i think my problem is that most of my sparring partners are too fast for me to go on the offensive so I'm just perpetually stuck defending. at the very least I can practice all of my submission escapes and sweep prevention, but I think that's the main issue I've been having so far.
yeah, I've been trying to get into spider or half guard as much as possible. from what I've noticed, as by what one of my partners told me, I get into half guard a lot so thats what I'm trying to focus on for guards.
Focus on half guard, it's the best position in jiujitsu and unlike spider guard it works at all levels and there's parity in gi and nogi. You can do the same shit where as spider guard disappears as soon as the gi is off.

I don't think spider guard is very usable against good people
It's an annoying stall position but your offensive capabilities are limited and predictable because unlike a half guard or butterfly guard you will need to disassemble the guard to attack
As soon as your foot changes position you've indicated exactly where you intend to go
Only gonna work against shitters
i was actually thinking of trying out some butterfly guard since my sparring partner always fucks me up when he gets into it. good to know about half guard, as of now I don't know much about it so ill look into some stuff
I think the best way to learn is to pick a position and make that your thing, and the only stuff you have to worry about from other positions is how to get into the one you want

What you should do is if memory serves find mastering the rubber guard which I guarantee you can find a free pdf online and if I'm remembering correctly the first series in that book is a half guard system which is basic shit because it's a book from 2006 but it will give you some immediately usable sweeps from there
Yeah dude was terminally cooming, he deleted the profile yesterday but his profile pic was his ass bent over wearing his 14 yo daughter’s panties. I can feel for him cause he’s just mentally ill and a product of high speed internet porn escalating, but at the same time there’s pics like this of him still on their facebook page and it sickens me that he probably rolled with kids while having sexual thoughts about them. What’s more fucked up is that the other head instructor of their club/muay thai section has in DMs tried to deflect the accusations and accuse our gym of the same thing (while all our instructors advocate death penalties for predators lol) cause they’re themselves in such turmoil they can’t cope with it. Even their public post about the situation was kinda meek. The muay thai guy himself is openly a crossdresser so my personal belief is that he’s also a child molester since he knew the other guy for so long and share that fetish.

Your gym management handled it properly though. Once that line is crossed the bridge should be burnt to avoid associations with degenerate shit. There’s no benefits to cooperation that outweigh the cons.
I'd echo what the other anon said and do a dive into half guard. I did this about a year ago and I'm still here because it's such a solid position. At first it was a means of just getting my underhook and wrestling up, but now it's become a pretty solid attacking position where you have choi bars, triangles, kimuras and because you're already under their hips it's a brilliant staging point for leg attacks. It also combines well with other inside positions like butterfly/half-butterfly and reverse de la riva.

If it's new to you make sure you absolutely get a grasp of defensive frames and never let them control your head since a flattened half-guard is one of the worst places to be for the bottom player and it's fairly trivial to pass. Also be mindful of d'arce chokes! I've never been d'arced so much than in my first few months of experimenting with half guard.

If you can find a torrent anywhere, I'd recommend watching the first couple of volumes of Danaher's New Wave half guard at least.

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