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File: 1695148411910188.jpg (53 KB, 558x558)
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>train Jiu Jitsu at JJ/BJJ gym
>all the men who train Jiu Jitsu are fat and out of shape and old (including my skinnyfat DYEL-ass)
>everyone who trains BJJ are all mid 20's shredded dudes
Is the steroid culture just really prominent in BJJ or should I make the switch?
This japanese martial art destroyed by judo because jj guys hardly ever sparred and when they did, they were getting braing damage?
I’m guessing the Japanese jujutsu guys don’t care to compete. People who compete want to win and as a result take care of their bodies
have you tried training more than you eat anon?
JJ schools are archaic, and most are not teaching practical skills. Do BJJ or combat JJ if you want to learn something
Japanese Ju Jutsu is fag nerd shit like Aikido, BJJ is the ground game of MMA
I was going to say the exact same thing. It's not a real martial art, that's why the participants are out of shape.
In addition to what's been said, as more and more wrestlers have moved into it post high school/college, the general level of conditioning rose both passively from their existence, and actively to keep up with the new blood.
>steroid culture just really prominent in BJJ
Yes, adcc is the premier tournament everyone is striving for and steroids aren't illegal in it so there's no reason not to do it

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