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File: 6'2 vs 5'7.webm (2.59 MB, 480x852)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB WEBM
6'2 260 lbs Turkish bodybuilder and Youtuber says he will not lose to a 150 lbs guy if he is the world champion
5'7 150 lbs Turkish mma fighter challenges him
Here is the result
Thanks anon, now I can post this anytime some retard posts the “I’m sure to win because of my speed” comic
manlets rise up!
Based drunken bodybuilder was just looking for a fun scrap. You can see that he's barely stanced up. He thought they'd slap fight a little bit. Seething sober manlet wrestler had to go and make things weird.
>issue a challenge
>get ass kicked by the guy who answers it
>a bloo bloo bloo I didn’t really mean it though :(
Shorter MMA twink can destroy big strong dude? I'm dropping gym
Lol imagine spending all that time in a dominant position and being completely unable to do any damage
Manlet looked more worn down at the end
What's to cope about? Imagine throwing everything you have at a guy and it has barely any effect
Completely pathetic
>absolute strength machine got his ass raped by some amateur skinny DYEL
>b-but l-look, his ass was not completely torn to million small pieces, rather it was torn into several large pieces!!!
I think the big guy was bleeding but I would like to know how did the fight end
Look at his face and clothes retard. That nigga was leaking
Video in better quality
Why this board believes that fight against a bodybuilder its something common to happen?
The big guy should try to submit the manlet with buggy choke. The manlet should try americana. Some say you can't use americana against bigger person but I've never tried it so I don't know.
I don't think a substantial number of people believe that. OP is just another entry in the long list of videos showing that martial skill matters and size and strength isn't absolutely everything.

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