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What stance do you use for your martial art? I've been going to a kickboxing (sanda) and MMA gym and they advised me to have my dominant hand forward so I've been training southpaw, but I've previously trained Jiu Jitsu in orthodox stance for a short time.
Generally in striking martial arts you keep your dominant hand back so your jab can set up your cross, but in other martial arts like Judo, Jeet Kune Do or Wrestling you're supposed to have your dominant hand forward, so which one should I train? I feel more comfortable as a southpaw personally.
Assuming youre right handed.
whichever youre better at. if youre better at grappling/wrestling than you are a striker, you go right foot/hand forward and learn to strike southpaw. Thats whay khabib and islam did.
If your background is striking you learn to grapple left handed, but this is generally easier since wrestling in nondominant hand is not as bad as striking with your nondominant hand.
The idea of a stance is some esoteric bullshit charlatans came up with so they can harp on really minute unimportant details and seem really wise
Move foot quarter inch left
Straighten up that back 3.2 Degrees

The stance you take should constantly be changing and adjusting to the situation, sometimes second to second
how close you are, how much area you have to move in, with the size difference between you and your opponent, what kinds of skills does your opponent have, are their abilities known or unknown. all of these things will change the way that you need to be standing during a fight

So at the end of the day stay loose, protect your head, adjust as needed
Not at all. You just need a foundation to start from and things like footwork and spacing actually matter

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