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DT SWISS editon

>FAQ on buying a bike that nobody reads anyway:
>> What good bike can I get for under $500?
>a stolen bike. Possibly a newer used entry level hardtail but don't expect it to survive rock gardens, jumps, or drops. Or an older mtb which won't be as good as newer ones and will still have a front derailleur, but it'll be good enough.
>> What good bike can I get for under $1000
>Good used hardtail, new entry level hardtail
>> What good bike can I get for under $2000?
>New Hardtail, decent used full suspension
>> What good bike can I get for under $3000?
>Used full suspension, decent entry level full suspension but prepared to put more money into it.
>> What are the excellent value brands?
>Marin, Commencal, Canyon, Polygon, YT, Propain, Kona, and many more. Sometimes the expensive brands have an excellent value bike
>> What are the differences between an XC, Trail, Enduro, and Downhill bikes?
>XC bikes are for going up fast, go down not as fast. Trail bikes are for going up and down. Enduro bikes are for going down fast, and slower up. Downhill bikes are for going down really fast, needs a ski lift, truck, or the rider pushing it to go up.
>Link to previous thread
File: 1681931895649113.png (354 KB, 512x512)
354 KB
354 KB PNG
DT swiss rims are cheap and durable as fuck. Best rims for price.
For me, it's NOBL wheels.
DT Swiss 350 hubs with an upgraded star ratchet is goodly. No need to waste money on some meme hub that sounds like a bee in your war.
You can't really beat DT wheels for their price. I think that's something everyone on /MTB/ can agree on
And its even cheaper to build them yourself. A rear Ex1700 is 320€ and a 350hub(160€)+ex511( 75€) +34 spokes(20€) is 255€. 70€ for lacing it up. Which is what you would pay in a bike shop or even more to build it.
I wish my i9 hubs were louder and sounded like a stuka bomber. I have a wheelset with Onyx hubs >>166564 and I don't really care about the silence. I heard a roadie flying down a road on a hill climb my friends and I were doing and it this guy's hubs or brake rotors sounded like a stuka.
Some dude in one of my gravel groups made a post bitching about loud hubs so all us dudes with loud hubs started posting our loud hubs and one guy had these custom hubs that his builder nicknamed the "Aztec Death Whistle" because they were so incredibly loud and menacing sounding. My ENVE Foundation 65 wheels have the loudest hubs I have followed by the i9 1/1, the DT Swiss hubs on my Dirt Jumper, i9 hydra, the Mercury hubs on my 650b gravel wheels, and lastly the Onyx hubs which are completely silent so all I hear while pedalling is the chain moving through the chainring. I would have bought ENVE MTB wheels for my XC build if they were in stock, but I ended up buying another pair of NOBL wheels(TR35 rims with i9 Hydra hubs)

I really need to learn how to build wheels. I can do everything else, but I can't build wheels yet. I need some more space to store the wheel building tools. I don't want to use the ziptie on a chainstay method to true the wheels, I want to do it the right way and have them true, perfectly tensioned, and the rims dished properly.
Loud hubs are fuckng gay. I'm sure you'd be the guy riding a straight piped Harley-Davidson
>loud pipes/hubs save lives
No, just attention seeking faggots.
>I'm sure you'd be the guy riding a straight piped Harley-Davidson
Nope, I have whistle tips
It's not about safety, it's about making noise I like. I would have bought my latest wheels with Chris WE WUZ King hubs but the special was only for i9 Hydras.
The "loud pipes save lives" crowd are a bunch of fucking idiots because motorcycles come equipped with horns and those are actually pointed forward where it's useful
>gearfaggotry shitting up the thread already

What is the last place you traveled to for a biking vacation? How was it? If you haven't traveled for biking, where do you want to go?

For me, I last went to squampton in BC. The trails are probably the best of anywhere I've ridden, and they never get old. I want to do a heli-drop ride out in revelstoke next time I'm out in BC
>If you haven't traveled for biking, where do you want to go?
What counts as "traveling"? I do day trips but I've never used my bike bag to go on a flight. I planned to ride in Arizona last year while I was there for a business trip, but my plans changed.
Outside of my state, I want to ride in Bellingham WA or something on the east coast.
Outside of the US, I want to ride New Zealand since the NZ anons post some fun looking trails. I'd like to ride in Mexico but the only place where I could do it and not get bothered is my dad's hometown, but there aren't trails there.
I’m riding more and more and getting more skilled to tackle whatever trail I feel like and more fit to reach whatever trail I feel like and I feel better than ever before in my life and surely this is due to my 30 year old virgin wizard powers rapidly accumulating
this feeling is the true meaning of "making it" and it feels fantastic
My last 'proper' riding trip away was Rotorua, before that was Rotorua x5 but before that was a private park called "that place" near whanganui where you go and camp and ride their trails. Place is fuckin sick, they have some really cool trails. It's not huge - you could ride every trail in a day if you were shuttling or e-homoing but the trails are all really fuckin cool.

My dream trip would be Canada. It seems like a super fucking cool place to ride.

File: 1693999652860607.jpg (21 KB, 334x360)
21 KB
>riding bike
>travelling and dealing with the logistics to ride bike
not fun
Did you really just save that from the other bike thread and add a filter
Getting cold weather clothes and good lights got rid of a lot of my excuses, I have started a mtb ride at 11pm before
File: 1682112737821664.png (629 KB, 713x874)
629 KB
629 KB PNG
i dont understand
That’s why you have woobly wheels
File: 1686614857482891.png (234 KB, 367x451)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
i save and post whatever animal reaction pic i want, and you WILL reply to my posts
looking at bike clothes always seem to improve my mood, it's nice to look forward to something.
vietnam next place I want to go is greece
Unless you spend big bucks and buy a proper truing stand that isn't some plastic piece of crap the wheel in bike with cable tie method is actually better. Buy a spoke tension tool and a dishing tool and don't bother with the super expensive stand.
File: PXL_20220202_020441696.jpg (106 KB, 768x1020)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Yup, a good pair of merino wool socks, winter gloves, balaclava, and the Giordana ceramic short sleeve base layer are all I add to my mtb winter kit. It doesn't get too cold here so I don't need anything built for snow. I'm only cold at the start of the ride and then I get hot and warm up when I start pedalling. The Giordana baselayer is so good because it keeps me toasty when it's cold and I soaked it with sweat, but it still stays cool when it's warms up so it's great for mid-season rides and temperature swings. I'd buy more of them but they're $80 and you can probably get the same performance out of merino wool and possibly save money. Not sure if you really would save money, proper merino wool kit is still expensive. I always wear knee and elbow pads when I ride one of my mountain bikes and they also work to keep me warm. I need a lot more to keep me warm when I'm on the gravel bike in the winter, but that's because the speeds are much higher and I'm willing to ride in worse conditions since I'm not damaging good singletrack

Thanks for the advice. I do have spoke tension tools and spoke wrenches, I've just been ducking the work because the spoke length calculator tools are confusing. I do keep zip ties in my backpack and a multitool to trim them. There have been times where someone I ride with has spokes break or come loose so I'll practice with their wheels before breaking my own
Last place I traveled to was Greyson Highlands, VA.

>Pic related my car at the campsite

The trails were okay nothing special, I did a 66 mile loop the first day,

smashed a derailleur on the second day, 1 mile into a morning ride. I just slept, hiked mt.rogers and played whiffle ball that day.
3rd day I did a 12 mile loop which consisted of only rock garden early in the morning and drove back.

Sharing trails with horses sucks, I can now empathize with Californiggas. The make every rock loose, shit everywhere, and turn a trail into an 8 inch deep path of mud and manure. They and their owner also freak out passing a bike on the opposite side of a 2 lane highway.

You only need a tension tool, zipties accomplish everything else. I have built multiple wheels using the ziptie method, and they are just as straight and evenly tensioned as my old i9s and store bought downhill wheels.
My advice for you is, make sure the spoke tension is spot on all around and you relieve torsion in your spokes. That and go do a hard day for the first ride, to let them settle. No matter how good the builder or the wheels are a new set will need a retrue after a month
File: 1682572769401926.png (176 KB, 407x485)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
I've lost an allen key. It was there and POOF, its gone. Just like that
I accidentally put mine in the wheelie bin with an old seatpost once. It took a full 2 days to figure out
File: PXL_20230916_161154353.jpg (1.93 MB, 3072x4080)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB JPG
Found a mummified alien on the trail today. Some say that it's impossible for humans to have built the berms and jumps here.

I once lost a fucking nut in a fucking naked motorcycle. THERE ISN'T ANY FUCKING BODY WORK FOR IT FALL INTO, WHERE THE FUCK IS IT.
rode my bike today - hope you did too
File: 169439303614252213.jpg (533 KB, 1920x1080)
533 KB
533 KB JPG
Didn't ride, but finished my temporary trail repair across a section of hill that had slipped. Half way thru I went for a walk to get some water came back and there were fresh tyre tracks across it. Some dick rode past a "trail closed" sign and 2 sets of cones to ride across my still soft patch of dirt. I can see why proper trail builders get so aggro about this now.
File: 169491657160081425.jpg (373 KB, 949x1265)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
I have also continued clearing overgrown grass from some other trails. It's harder work than the slip was, the grass is so thick.
I did, I went 5 minutes up the chairlift and 5 minutes riding down and literally maintained that for over 3 hours and then went to flip burgers for 6 hours
And then in 7 hours from now, I have to flip burgers for 5 more hours and then I’m thinking of riding my bike for another 2 hours
I can’t imagine why people choose to have responsibilities
Who else /removable chin strap full face enduro helmet/ here?
it never ceases to amaze me that people are totally incapable of reading trail closed signs. my favourite memory is some dick wad literally pedaling in to a sign that says slow down trail crew ahead, and then proceeded to ride straight through my halfway finished berm. fucking sick

Nope fuck those things. Dunno why you'd want your chin strap to break off and leave your jaw exposed to whatever you impacted in to with the added now broken bits of chin strap to stab your throat with. Its like dudes rocking go pros on the top of their helmets.
Thats the ideal I think. I run mine at the center but if I were using smaller cranks they'd be like yours.
File: 20230917_155102.jpg (3.74 MB, 3686x2073)
3.74 MB
3.74 MB JPG
CSU creaking increased 10000x this time. Previously I had to pump down the bike with force or do a frontal force to cause it. Now just even turning the handlebars (push left side down and pull right side up, or vice versa) causes some intense creaking. And hitting rocky bikeparks and jumps doesn't help at all. I'll die by Nov 1st lastest when this shit snaps over a rocky rockgarden
File: 1692389449280033.webm (1.44 MB, 676x720)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB WEBM
>What counts as "traveling"?
At least an overnight trip I'd say. It looks like there's tonnes of great riding in the US. I'd want to check out Alaska personally.
Based. Definitely on my list of places to go once I have more spare time.
>My dream trip would be Canada. It seems like a super fucking cool place to ride.
The coasts of canada are great, pretty much anywhere in BC will be full of world-class trails. Quebec is pretty good as well, but the trail systems are more sparse. VBN is my favorite place to ride there, but my favorite trail is Boneshaker at MSM. The rest of canada has a few good trails here or there, but is not worth going to.
What were the trails like in nam?
Just about to head out for a ride
First ride on new bike today. It has a sram nx derailleur. When I quickly downshift, the cable seems to be too quick for the derailleur to move and the cable comes out of its guide. Pic rel. I replaced the shifter cable and housing but it still felt quite tough to upshift compared to my last bike with shimano xt.
My guess is gunked up pulley wheels or possibly a clutch issue, or your b-screw is set retarded and your upper pulley is meshing into your cassette. derailleurs want to spring back with a lot of tension, there has to be something major preventing that springback
If it does it when turning check you headset.

>>167184 I did, until I broke the fork
File: 1675809434045615.png (132 KB, 777x854)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
>get to trailhead
>starts raining 5 minutes after I start riding
>about an hour into the ride trails start to turn into peanut butter
>not fun conditions for XC riding
>decide to call it and head out
>rain stops a few minutes after
File: 1678576446436200.gif (87 KB, 220x220)
87 KB
>for XC riding

Peanut butter/clay is not fun to ride in either way. You get 5kg worth of clay stuck to the bike and another 5kg on you
filthy casual
File: sinkhole.jpg (745 KB, 1709x1287)
745 KB
745 KB JPG
Even when I just had to get out there and ride, I always regretted riding through it because it wasn't even fun to ride through. At least there are plenty of rocky and sandy trails around here so I can always find something to ride when my usual trails turn to shit. I've been riding my gravel bike less this summer because it was all I rode for the first 3-4 months of the year due to how fucked and destroyed the trails were from the constant rainfall. Wasn't just mud, trails washed out, sinkholes formed in the trails and on the roads to get to them, and trails became completely blocked off by trees with no way through or around.
Enjoy your trails while you have them. You never know when a catastrophic weather event is going to come through and fuck everything. One of my favorite spots to ride is still closed
File: 1682835152129490.jpg (213 KB, 1079x1325)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
>filthy casual
Said the nigga doing XC
I'm lusting after a Santa Cruz Chameleon. I want to return to hardtail riding and then down the line single speed it.
If you go with flat pedals you'll be reborn on bike handling
File: PXL_20230819_183315146.jpg (485 KB, 2040x1536)
485 KB
485 KB JPG
luv me Arc.
Chamleon is good but I don't know what you want a hardtail for. I got my Arc for XC but I ended up just using it for bike parks and the same chunky trails I use my full suspension trail bike on. I have a friend with a Chameleon but she's a beginner and she's on the budget tier with the RS Judy fork so it's hard to tell how capable is really is. I've seen people do some serious shredding on trails and hit jump lines at bike parks with them but I've never paid close attention to how they're riding
EvansMTBSaga on youtube just did a series on trying to find the best aluminum 29er hardtail. He didn't try out the Chameleon but he tried out some of its competitors. He ended up going with the Bird Zero 29
File: 1646958906575.jpg (74 KB, 526x567)
74 KB
>He thinks the anon that replied him was me (>>167338)
>Single speed it
You should look at bikes with sliding dropouts, otherwise you'll very likely have to run a chain tensioner. It's not necessarily bad to have one, but it's one more thing to break on a bike that is presumably intended to be as simple as possible
He can also use eccentric BB which is the hot thing for singlespeed
You mean flats + single speed = amazing handling?
I ride flats right now but I thought most single speed riders went clipless
I just want a chameleon for enjoying the hardtail simplicity on easier trials I don't need my stumpy for.
>You should look at bikes with sliding dropouts
Yup that's a big selling point of the chameleon
Woah this is my first time seeing these. Interesting concept, leaning towards just using the adjustability of the frame tho.
>single speed
Not this. I really don't get singlespeed unless trails are nearly flat or ride in cities. If you want to climb you want a big cog but to pedal in flat/down you need a a small cog. Doing alot of effort to keep cadence on a climb seems like it'll fuck with the knee, and after getting the IBS I've been careful with it.
Not him but I run single speed sometimes. I just run a small front gear and larger rear+stand on harder climbs.
Mine's an old ridgid so it's my "gravel" bike when i want to make trails hard.
Chameleon is cool. I would look into your use case first, then build it up for that, or go a little stronger for the parts. Hardtails are great fun just to give a different experience compared to full suss all the time.
>less than a month since last fork service
>fork has already 24±1H of use
>from strava moving time
After how many hours do you do lowers? Does 1hour in mud/shitty conditions equal 2hours or 1.5hours of standard riding?
As soon as your fork starts feeling worse after the last service. So like, minimum of 2 weeks, maximum of 2 years
I clean and lube mine up with WPL forkboost lube. I also use it on my rear air shocks and dropper posts to keep them operating smoothly. I just do it every few rides or after muddy ones. It doesn't replace the 50 hour service but it keeps it feeling good.
Fellas, don't be intimidated by fork lower and air can 50 hour services. They're stupid easy to do and I did them combined in under an hour on my first time when I didn't know what I was doing.
I would do them when you want to and at a good frequency.
Not doing them enough sucks and you get forbidden glitter.
Realistically you could log your intervals to find the optimal time period.
I used fork lube a couple years ago but it collected alot more dust so I stopped with it.
It felt a bit worse on sunday compared to the sunday before. But might be as I was riding stiff as I woke up with a slight fever.

Took headset apart to clean. There was a bit of corrosion on the steerer tube and when I pulled the retainer ring the inner race came out aswell kek. I can't put the seal back so gotta get a new one. I'll use marine grease this time as the other one just runs off with water despite being thick.
Judging by your headset condition I would find a good weekend/day and do an oil change on your fork.
any Sydney anons? looking for a riding buddy next week
Sydney Aus?
Planning on doing my first race. Any tips for an aspiring racist?
The beginner category will be 8 miles of what looks like easier greens and blues.
Don't drink booze the week before, sleep well, and have fun.
Don't blow up and push too fast in the first lap, be smart about passing, and have fun.
This>>167981 and don't masturbate/have SEXO 2 days before the race, your legs will fall apart. 3 days before eat like a pig and healthy shit with at least a ride for bowel movement. I take oatmeal 1 night before and the morning to poo and prevent poo issues.
I usually eat heavy on the morning before the race with lots of fruits. And poo, you don't want to get the shits mid ride.
Stretch and warm up your body alot before starting, the first lap you'll start with a stiff body.
Just take a water bottle, no bladder or anything. Be as light as possible.
Ye, I'm there from next week
What's the obsession with shitting?

Don't drink alcohol the night before racing, make sure you are properly hydrated the morning of the race and take some lollies to eat during the race. 30 grams of sugar every 30 minutes, equivalent to about 6 jet planes.
If you aren't empty and move alot, that will want to come out. I've had 2 instances where I had to stop in a race to concentrate to not shit myself.
I wanna buy a 170mm oneup dropper but I know that if they used Fox’s new extra-low seat clamp I’d be able to fit a 180mm but oneup is never gonna get Fox’s clamp and Fox is never gonna make a post with as short of an insertion depth as oneup and I want those extra fucking millimeters of drop
Having to shit mid race is a terrible time. Always manage your shit schedule to avoid needing to go during the ride

>Weight savings
Thinking of trying clipless pedals after only riding flats on mtb. My freeriders are slowly falling apart and aren't waterproof which isn't great during the majority of the year in the UK. Additionally, there is now play in my left hand side pedal (old superstar components nano) which after taking it apart just seems really poorly designed as there is no inboard bushing/bearing and only have them in the centre/outboard.
Wondering what clip-in mechanism or shoes people would recommend.
Shimano saint or xt8120 pedals. Shimano me7 shoes, that or ride concepts tallac clips
>sleep well
start time is 8:30am fuuuuck
>be smart about passing
kinda nervous about this, I have no idea what the etiquette is. The single track around here is narrow and winds between trees so it seems like there will be segments where no one can pass unless they send it. I just want to chill and finish so I'll try to be patient (I'll probably be the one holding others up).
>don't have SEXO 2 days before the race
that won't be a problem...
File: 1686849538924424.webm (2.68 MB, 1280x720)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB WEBM
>Planning on doing my first race. Any tips for an aspiring racist? The beginner category will be 8 miles of what looks like easier greens and blues.
Is it an xc or enduro race? In any case go ride the trails if the course has been released to find the good lines and have an idea of the pace you can keep.
>kinda nervous about this, I have no idea what the etiquette is.
If it's enduro, say something like "rider up" of "when you have a chance", and they should pull over at a safe spot. In XC there are usually doubletrack sections and parts with multiple lines, which are where you pass. Otherwise you could ask them to pass on singletrack, and if they're nice they'll pull over, but it's less likely that they will as in an enduro race.
>Wondering what clip-in mechanism or shoes people would recommend.
For me, it's time pedals and ride concepts shoes
File: smoke.jpg (99 KB, 1124x1117)
99 KB
Air quality is fucked from wildfire smoke again. Not sure I'll get the chance to ride in the morning this weekend but it seems like I can ride in the afternoon which is normal for a workday, but feels wrong for a weekend.
It's the worst. Especially on a mountain bike race where you are descending or having to focus and instead feel a turtle head popping out.
I use to do clipless. I ran almost any shimano spd variant, but the ones with exterior platforms tend to be stronger and better for heavier riders.
something that fits and has a stiff sole. Kinda like flats in that regard.
Oh and different people like different amounts of "float" in the pedal. I prefer more float so it's easy to dab a foot on a techy climb, or unclip while bailing/crashing.

It does take time to get used to it, so do some easy trails first and maybe wear knee pads.
be safe
File: smokey.webm (2.9 MB, 634x476)
2.9 MB
The fires are nowhere near me. I'm just staying inside and sticking to Armored Core 6 and indoor rock climbing. The smoke isn't as bad as it's been in the past, but I'm going to breathing this stuff in for the rest of my life so I want to minimize exposure to it so I don't get lung cancer without ever touching a cigarette.
File: 4352362346234632.png (482 KB, 542x390)
482 KB
482 KB PNG
>Is it an xc or enduro race? In any case go ride the trails if the course has been released to find the good lines and have an idea of the pace you can keep.
xc. Just got back from checking out the loop. I've never been on these trails before but they're surprisingly fun. I think I finished with some gas in the tank so I can go a little harder in the race.
Those fox transfer posts fuck out a lot I'd get the oneup or PNW both are super reliable and good value for money
dang. Funny that both the big names in suspension can't make reliable dropper posts. Rockshox reverbs have been a mess, and it sounds like the fox is bad.

PNW basically made their company out of dropper posts.
File: 169466836348766208.jpg (96 KB, 1080x2400)
96 KB
Yeah it's funny.

Sram can't make brakes, Shimano can't make ebike motors, Giant can't make wheels.

DVO seats are ok, I guess that's something. Who knows what DT swiss suspension is like?
But the transfer is very reliable and well
loved, it’s just more expensive than it needs to be. The rockshox is garbage because they insisted on using hydraulic lever lines, the AXS one that doesn’t use hydraulic lines (as well as 100% of cable actuated ones) work fine
Im just going to say it. I hate tubeless
Juat use DH casing lmao. Never geta flat and when you do, the COOM you put as sealant will plug it
Im just going to say it. I love tubeless
>PNW basically made their company out of dropper posts.
Those are just rebranded TranzX droppers.
File: PXL_20230923_165713862.jpg (344 KB, 756x1008)
344 KB
344 KB JPG
newb here with newb question

My shifting has been feeling shitty lately, especially upshifting. It's like grabbing the higher gear is always rough and I have to focus on smoothly turning the pedals into the gear so my feet don't get popped off the pedals from the harsh shift.
Usually when I start feeling shifting problems cleaning the chain helps it but the problem is persisting now.
I saw a youtube video that said you should see if the derailleur got bent so I'm looking at that. Is this bent? If I squint my eyes it kinda goes inward but maybe that's fine.

How do I into making shifts good?
File: 169532510164747018.jpg (935 KB, 2736x2048)
935 KB
935 KB JPG
After saying I didn't want to build another bike for a while, this Norco torrent A frame popped up on marketplace. And all my friends have hardtails now so I bought it.

Build is going to be GX 12s, XT 4 pot brakes, 36 performance Grip 160mm - il possibly swap this with the 170mm 36 rhythm off my ebike - 203/180 rotors and Magic Mary's just because I have a set hanging on the wall. At this point i still need to buy a front wheel and maybe some cable outers but I have just about everything else I need. Thanks for reading my blog post.
Poggers dude. I aspire to own multiple bikes one day
Have you made a single speed rigid meme machine yet? They're genuinely great fun, I just wouldn't want to ride it all the time
ah, okay. I only look at fox transfers on the used market since MSRP is too much for me.
I am mostly looking for a 27.2 for my old freeride hardtail but most travel I can get is 5in so we shall see.

my dad built up a 29er and it has a reverse crown dt swiss fork.... need to ride it since the bike is pimped out with hope brakes.
I feel both of these ways at different times. When I see sealant coming out of a tire I love tubeless.
When I fight with a tire sealing up while inflating I hate tubeless.
looks fine.
watch this park video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkZxPIZ1ngY
if it doesn't fix it make sure your cassette and chain are in spec.
What a nice frame. Build seems nice and comfy.
Lol @ ur mondraker in the bin cunt
Want to replace my shitty steam for a shorter one in hopes to make the bike feel smaller. Current one is 7 degrees at 70mm. Will a 50mm feel like a huge deference or should I go smaller? any recommendation appreciated.
File: p5pb22604750.jpg (338 KB, 683x1024)
338 KB
338 KB JPG
Thoughts on women at rampage lads? Personally I don't care either way but I do love being a chud. However I did watch the 2022 formation video and these ladies are way fucking better than me and it was actually pretty gnarly. I dunno man, I like keeping some things women free.
Went through painstaking effort to get a single Saturday off of work to drive 3 hours to the bike park that’s only open on weekends to use my one free day pass, for 6 hours, this year there. And I slept through my alarm.
40mm or 35mm.
50mm isn't enought for a huge difference.
I agree but it's never going to happen since it's 2023(current year).
If they are good enough to do tricks on the jumps it's fine imo.
>70mm stem
Top kek
Pain. Gotta drive faster now. Theres no other way
>he doesn't know
t. 100mm stem user

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