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File: pepe-the-frog-running.gif (371 KB, 498x498)
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I'm tired of seeing smug redditors and quora posters getting upvotes for just telling people to be cowards and thinking they're so fucking clever. What is so damn intriguing about being a coward and running of your problems instead of facing them solving things like a warrior would?
Beats getting shot, stabbed, or finding out martial arts training doesn't do shit against a wild urban youth that has nothing to loose and would do anything to smash your head against a curb.
that's why you literally train until you can face and avoid gun fire and prepare for any an all situations. Why are you so weak minded? Where is your ambition?
File: s'truth.jpg (122 KB, 590x775)
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It's easier.

If anything, learning how to run and divert somebody so you can take them down more effectively from behind is better.
It's a cop out answer and a red flag that the instructor doesnt respect your intelligence or worse yet really values his own
Probably the kind of guy that really likes to hear himself talk with 15 minute sermons at the end of class

You should always try to run away from danger, also don't forget to breathe plenty of oxygen and sleep at least once a day
Because it's easier for someone to stab you than it is not get stabbed yourself. In general, if you're a bad situation, it's because someone go the drop on you.

This is to say nothing of dealing with niggers, where you can win and the nigger's friends will all jump you anyway.

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