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Do you guys have any experience in the heavier weight classes? What advice do you have for big guys who are into grappling, be it wrestling, judo, BJJ, sambo, etc. I'm 6'4 200 pounds and I find fighting people my own size to be really exhausting. Is it just a matter of hitting the gym and getting stronger?
Power grip and lean on them
That's it
It's not just the gym. That can help, sure. But most big dudes simply haven't spent most of their life up against people their size, if you assume they move as much as other people at all in the first place. Which usually isn't the case, since most of the world is designed for 5'10"ish. At that size you're almost certainly not fat, so just keep going. Half the problem is that you're just holding too much tension, and that can't be gym'd out.
Wrecking ball maneuvering. Instead of grip fighting, save your strength and ram into them with maximum intensity when you see a moment of weakness in stature. I do Judo and main Osoto-Otoshi, pouncing into them with all of my weight and punching into them with my body has worked well.
I've been trying that lately
Thanks for the advice, guys

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