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File: Polish_20230429_152728393.png (862 KB, 2560x5476)
862 KB
862 KB PNG
1. Fight takes place inside of a perfectly circular hole, 8 feet deep and 30 feet in diameter. The ground is covered in sand and gravel.

2. Both fighters can wear whatever they want as for as clothing. That means work boots, belts, sapper gloves, motorcycle helmets and athlete cups are allowed.

3. All gouging and otherwise prohibited fighting moves are allowed.

4. Weaponary with the execption of firearms or other explosive devices are permitted.

5. Rounds have no limits, it's 1 round until whoever loses.

6. Ring-side suregons can not intervene with the fight for things such as deep cuts or fractures.

7. Weight-classes are removed. As part of the recognition effort for the 2024 BPF (Body Positive Fighting) Movement this promotion will no longer hold weigh-ins or weight-classes. This means a fighter of 300 lbs. can fight another fighter who is only 135 lbs. Height rules are no longer in act either.

8. Gender-classes have been removed. As part of the recognition effort for the 2024 GIF (Gender Inclusivity Fighting) Movement this promotion will no longer hold rules for gender-based fighting. This means a biological woman can fight a biological man if wanted.

9. TKOs and submission winning is removed, a fighter MUST knockout the other fighter in order to win.

10. Each fighter will be designated a brand that they want to sponser while fighting as well as a temporary implanted shocking device in the bottom of the calf muscle, every 30 minutes both fighters will have to yell how much they love their selected brand for 30 seconds or else they will be shocked until they begin advertising.

11. Spectators are allowed to throw in garbage, animals, weaponry or themselves into the hole.

12. Physiological warfare is allowed.

13. No referee is present and no water breaks are allowed.
Mine would be a mix between boxing and MMA since I love boxing:

1. Fighters wear MMA gloves.

2. 3x3 mins match, 1 min rest in-between, Olympic-style tournament format.

3. Throwing is allowed twice in a match (ground fighting is prohibited).

4. The attacker will gain points for a successful clean throw (extra points for a standing throw).

5. Standing grappling cannot exceed 5 seconds.

6. Holding and hitting an opponent simultaneously is prohibited.

7. Every other rule should be the same for boxing.

*Value for clean throws = Value for clean strikes.
>Ring like PRIDE
>No gloves
>3x2min rounds
>All techniques that are legal in any combat sport are legal, eg. headbutts like in combat sambo or lethwei
>All techniques that are not legal in any combat sport are illegal, eg. groin kicks, rabbit punches
>Only KO or submission wins, no points
>3 weightclasses: 70kg and under: Lightweight, 71-85 kg: Middleweight, 86+: Heavyweight
>No women
It's called shootboxing.
Shootboxing have kicks. Real men should never have to kick in combat.
1. Takes place during the Olympics
2. Takes place in the octagon
3. Tournament system similar to olympic boxing
4. Fighters wear shin guards and MMA gloves
5. Fight has one 5 minute round + 3 minute overtime if it's draw
6. Banned stuff are:
>heel hooks
>oblique kicks
>falling onto the ground for no reason and butt scooting
>any strikes to a grounded opponent
>everything that is banned from UFC
7. Judges decision is based on points
8. You get:
>1 point for a punch, hammer, elbow, knee to the body or low kick
>2 points for a spinning backfist, spinning elbow, mid kick, knee to the head in clinch or putting a knee on stomach
>3 points for a high kick, spinning mid kick, flying knee to the head, submission attempt or passing the guard
>4 points for a spinning high kick, takedown that involves a leg grab or full mount
>5 points for a takedown that doesn't involve a leg grab
9. If there is no submission attempts or significant position changes for 20 seconds of groundfight, ref tells fighters to stand up and the one who was on top gets 2 points
10. Weightclasses same as op
I always thought this was such a cope guys would use
"No kicking and none of that bjj shit you fucking pussy!"

Ah ok so you want to fight me but only if I agree to your terms, lol what a tough man you are
Flying MMA: UFC rules except every strike must be a jump attack
It's called a gentlemen's agreement. Both parties have a mutual understanding that you should not behave like animals

>>but you have to do anything to win a fight!!

Cope. Boxing is the most practical MA in all situations
Lol not even wing Chun practitioners tell opponents no kicking
Boxing is such shit, imagine being so cowardly even someone that does shotokan is more down to fight than you are
Imagine dickriding a martial art that isn't submission grappling or combat sambo
>Trans people can't fight against women
Just remove weight-classes and replace it with testosterone-level classes.
There are literally hundreds of videos of boxers knocking out kung fu and karate practitioners. It boggles the mind to see people still believe in traditional martial arts.
Why'd you ever need to grapple in a fight? Serious question.
The only mind boggling thing is that someone would choose to limit themselves and still go around thinking they know how to fight

There's a reason MMA fighters dabble in boxing but it never goes in the other direction
Boxing is only effective under the very specific rules of boxing
>Why'd you ever need to grapple in a fight?

Because if someone is better striker than you, taking him down will put him in worse position and take away his advantage.

Because throwing someone onto the ground, wrapping your arms around his neck, overextenting one of his joints or having him in full mount gives you bigger advantage than a punch to his face.

Because if someone tries to take you down, you better know some wrestling to avoid it. Also, guillotine choke can sometimes be useful in this situation.

Because if someone has already taken you down, you better know how to submit him from guard.

And most importantly, because people who know advanced submission grappling, basic wrestling and basic striking usually win against people who only know advanced striking.
Theres that over quoted everyone has a plan blah blah blah

But the real truth is everyone's a wrestler when they're losing a fight
Mcgrundle Diaz is a perfect example, even he took a desperation shot.

It doesn't matter how intent the other person is to stand and "fight like a man"
If you are winning the fight and your punches didn't flat line the guy theres a 100% probability he will try to tackle you to the ground
Most grappling styles would not work in a street fight except for wrestling. That's why I included it in my rules >>145106 (with limitations).

But if you ever have a fight irl, you need to always use your fist first regardless of your opponent. You can never expect what you're getting into, he could have a knife or bring friends. BJJ won't help in those conditions, but a well-timed right hook to the chin would end it quickly. Fuck dragging it out. Also, you can always run if the situation is heading in a bad direction.

I'm not saying learning bjj or mma is bad for self-defense. A boxer would definitely crumble facing a grappler in a 1 on 1 fight. But that's what they're only good for, 1v1 situations.

It's not about style versatility. It's about the most versatile style.
a line needs to be drawn between fighting and self defense, and I'm not a "teh streetz" fudd but they are different considerations
if you're having a fight it means you and someone else decided you don't like each other and you're gonna settle it the old fashioned way
but you're describing with getting attacked with weapons or jumped you're not really having a fight anymore, you're surviving an ambush

of course this is why I carry a katana. I don't see any difference between carrying a gun or carrying a sword, but in the close range of most attacks the quick draw techniques of a katana are better suited for fighting off an attacker than a gun in most cases
the second point is you don't fuck with someone carrying a katana because he legitimately probably has a screw loose because he's carrying a fucking katana around
>>letting everybody know you have a katana.
Based if not living in the US.
>muh speed
Dude, I can assure you this guy is faster.
>side steps you
1. the use of weapons is not allowed
that is all
>no gloves
Also no wraps.
>bans more stuff than MMA
>bans a bunch of stuff bullshido tournaments also ban
Get the fuck out of here karate kid
>no gloves or wraps
>no eye gouging
>no fishooking
>no strikes to back of head
>all other strikes and submissions allowed
>all fights are 5 rounds, championship rounds are 7
>6 minute rounds
>rounds are scored by points on striking and grappling, up to 3 points can be awarded for being the obviously better striker, if you tap someone with a submission you gain a point, person with most points at end of round wins that round.
>3 taps in a single round ends the fight
>KO or TKO ends the fight
>stood up if over 60 seconds of actual inactivity
Just look at judo, once it becomes an Olympic sport shit is banned every 4 years.
In 30 years Olympic MMA would look like light gym sparring with half the subs removed.
File: Confusion.jpg (64 KB, 459x448)
64 KB
>...very specific rules of boxing
Yeah like hit the other guy in the face and dont let him hit you?
>only hit above the belt
>only punch
>only use the knuckle of your fist
>we wear big pillows on your hands
>make sure to put a roll if medical tape on each one too, wouldn't want you to get hurt now
>no grappling either

It is actually pretty funny how you can just simply hug a boxer in the ring and completely shuts their game down, just do double overs and they are helpless until the referee breaks them up
And that's when another boxer is doing it to them. Imagine how it would go if a trained grappler did that
I'm talking in terms of street fights, boxing is more effective than BJJ.

Not all people in the world know how to box or grapple, but if you have to face one of them, you better off knowing striking to end the fight early, it's way safer than touching strangers for more than 6 seconds.
Got one for stand up and one for full free fighting.

I call the stand up version Pugilistic since it's inspired by old school pugilism.
No gloves or wraps, though maybe a bracing the wrist exclusively could be allowed.
Hand techniques are allowed, elbow are fine, kicks are fine too.
Stand up grappling using one arm is fine indefinitely but two arm grabs/clenching has a time limit of around 3 seconds before the ref breaks the combatants apart. This is to keep the match moving and stop boring hug matches and stalling with excessive holding. But allows for throws and active clench striking to be allowed.
Standard matches have 3 minute rounds.
Champion and special matches have rounds to fall. Basically the round last until a knockdown. The fighters then have 30 seconds to come up to scratch. If they both do after 30s then next round begins. If one can't then the one who can wins.
If both can't then it goes to the judges.

Standard probationary stuff. No biting, no gouging, no groin hits, shit like that.
Otherwise it's basically bareknuckle brawling with a few rules to encourage things to stay active.
Standard ring is fine, but could mix things up with other rings depending on promotional value of doing so.

Second one is basically modern prancration.
Most of the standardized mma rules but no gloves or hand wraps. Maybe including no closed hand techniques to the head to make it more traditional, but probably not.
5 minutes rounds. 3 rounds for standard, 5 for championship.
No biting, gouging, ball attacks, etc. that would cause problems getting the promotion licenced.
Other than that all reasonable techniques are allowed.
MMA cage is honistly best fit for purpose. If funding is good then maybe Carbonite or plexy glass style unbreakable panels for the ring would make the promotion stand out beyond the bareknuckle aspect. Though I am not a engineer so I don't know if that's a bad idea or not.
I suspect it's more expensive than using a standard mma cage though.
There's this thing in the NYC gay scene called fag bagging where you get naked and lubed up and go under a dark tarp with a bunch of other guys and just fuck and suck everything you can get your hands on
And the main rule is you cant deny access to your cock or holes, everyone's body is free use
And when you nut you're eliminated from the fag bag so the goal is to be the last one standing

I know its definitely an /xs/treme sport but does it count as martial arts?
File: uAUMK4Y.gif (1.95 MB, 540x240)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB GIF
Battlebots rules
>Ring will have stage hazards, including rising and falling platforms and electric shock walls
>Rings will occasionally have several randomly chosen household objects scattered about to spice up combat (EG brooms, steel chairs, paint buckets, piano keyboards)
>Fights continue until submission, they go limp, or ref calls the fight for fear of a fighter's safety.
>headbutts, fence holding and bicycle kicks are allowed.
>No intentional back of the head or throat strikes, finger manipulation, hair pulling, groin strikes, eye gouging, fishhooking, 12-6 elbows, or biting
>If the fight goes longer than 20 minutes we unleash 2 of pic relateds in the field per minute to kick at the fighter's ankles until someone goes down
Why no 12-6?
I find them to be ugly blows that mostly come out in situations where the fighter is soundly winning anyways like high mount. Literally everything wins in high mount, you can punch them and they can't punch back.

Since that's typically game even when someone's abnormally good on the ground, no need to give the fighter's brain damage in a fight they've already lost.

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