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Thread about everything that's banned from UFC and using random objects as weapons. Guns don't count.

You can discuss if there is any haram in street a fight, how to use dirty techniques effectively, examples of practical usage of them from your life.
Yu can also post fights ended by cool moves like this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Atpk_FBsuZE&pp=ygUXQ29jYWluZSBDaGFybGllIHZzIGFkYW0%3D

I used it once when I was 12. I fought against other 12 yo kid. He got me in clinch and was stabbing my back with a sharp stick (not as sharp as a knife but about as sharp as a fork). I bit his face and he ran away. I also know someone who stopped a charging bully by throwing a stone at his head.
>Rabbit punching
>Eye gouging
>Fish hooking
>Throwing sand or dirt in eyes
>Sticks, rocks, bricks, construction rods, and glass.

Someone trained but in any formal martial art and in dirty fight is dangerous, usually that people is ruthless and won't stop if you got by a chance knock out.

Usually you find them in prisions and are drug addicts or fully phisycal trained
Strokes are dirty within a set of rules, headbutts were legal within ValeTudo and within letwey, they are also super effective in fights because people pay more attention to the arms. Elbow strikes are legal in muaythai and illegal in boxing, etc. Fights are dirty by nature, focusing on these techniques is a waste of time, someone who practices fast and hard kicks can aim for the testicles, practicing kicking only on the testicles is difficult, as well as fingers in the eyes are effective, but who trains a quick punch has more chances of getting it, hook in the mouth is risking losing a finger in the bite.
Kinda retarded, really. Professional fighters can fuck up amateurs without problems. Gouging eyes or kicking balls won't give you an edge in a cage fight.

In a street fight, it's a gamble but if you are in a street fight you are already fucked no matter the odds.
Fighting would be so different if it allowed finger/toe breaks. Imagine getting ahold of someones hand or wrist and instead of going for a kimura or armbar you quickly just pull back a finger of your choice. It completly changes the momentum of a fight even more than the aforementioned submissions because its so effective. Sure the opponnent can clench his fists closed tightly but then you can keep working traditional submissions until they open up and the power of your hand to the opponents single finger will provide little resistance.

Hair pulling is also something many people with siblings have been the victim of. Not only does it provide a stronger grip than lets say the wrestling stance of hand on neck but you can basically do anything you want as they have to follow along the path you pull, its very hard to outwill and outstrength a person pulling your hair.

Biting I feel is as natural as hair pulling in wrestling but we actually have mouths not meant for ripping or a strong bite force. It's only that we have soft skin that it hurts but really its not that effective unless you go for the neck or ears. It's also easier to lose your teeth if you bite down somewhere that can be punished like biting a forearm your opponent can just hit you in the mouth, a real sub-inch punch Bruce Lee would be proud of.

Eye Gouging is perhaps the most violent attack possible by Humans with just hands. Not only are you disabling your opponents vision but unless they are in a position to squeeze your nuts or eye gouge back they can only fail to resist before giving up and pleading. It's truly a terrible attack.

Kick in the balls, traditional and funny this also ends most fights either by a low blow or squeezing in a life or death scenario. You can't train your nuts like shins or know when too much is too much like bracing for an armbar or kimura.

Dirty fighting is equivalent to torture in my opinion.
Yea i'm sure you'd ko mike tyson if you could bend his pinky back lol

What a fag

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