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Been training and competed in Muay Thai for 7 years now and have recently become interested in Lethwei. I have struggled to find to find any form of Lethwei gym outside of Myanmar and imo the situation over there does no seem ideal for foreigners atm. Does anybody have any pointers on ways to get into training Lethwei? or ideally gyms that could help me get a fight eventually?
Nobody here has ever trained lethwei and the people praise it are larpers
It's literally Muay Thai with headbutts
youre only options like you said are either actually going to Myanmar (not practical) or finding someone (likely at a muay thai gym) who did go to myanmar and learn it to pass it on to you, but realistically
just learn how to add headbutts in the clinch and practive your bag work bare knuckle
Dave Leduc gets shit on a lot but his youtube channel has pretty good techniques instructional videos
Why? It's washed, third rate nak muays beating on cans.
in my opinion you have better chance finding muay boran trainer rather than lethwei if you dont want to move to Myanmar
ahh man i can't stand dave leduc but yeah, maybe he is my best option
seems fun and i am a third rate nak muay
i guess but im more so interested in competing, i've had 1 kard chuek fight which is probably the closest you could get with muay thai, ive heard bad things about muay boran if im being honest but ill give it a lookk
>he is my best option
He's a failed nak muay who mostly looks good because he beats up Cambodian manlets with poor kickboxing fundamentals.

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