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/xs/ - Extreme Sports

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File: buhurt helm.jpg (286 KB, 518x524)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
Does aqnybody know the name of the helmet on the left??
Whole fuckin' thread, huh? For this?
Do you see buhurt general cunt?!
Go jump out if a plane
Why didn't you just make a general for you to ask your retarded question to the other 3 people who do Buhurt?
Nobody answer OP’s question for this reason alone. Delete this gay thread and just make a general
It’s a grand bascinet, don’t know the type of visor though.
you ever see how much a helmet and armor weighs faggot? it's a sport
that's a cheeked up helmet
>he thinks larping as sir faggot of gayshire is a sport
lol, lmao even
>bashing the fuck out of eachother wearing chainmail and steel plates
Less gay than lawn bowling
>Turn up to event.
>Everyone important is in medieval gear. Women are in dresses, men are in robes.
>Spectators and lesser men are treating it like another boring sports event. The chads and important people are getting into the medieval meme, mostly just taking the piss though.
>Wear nearly eighty pounds of cloth, leather and steel over your body. Can barely see or hear in your own little armoured space suit.
>You are no longer Fred. You are Ser Dickus Maximillion the third, heir to castle Pawgasson in the land of Notimportantus.
>Last event you were Lord Magnus Phallus, slayer of men, layer of wenches, but continuity isn't important in the medieval period.
>Everyone cheers for you and your team as you enter the pit because fuck yeah.
>Raise your arms up, and scream autistically at the crowd. For this is how Knights communicate.
>Scream autistically at the dudes on the other side of the pitch.
>Scream autistically at the other dudes on your side of the pitch.
>The next thirty seconds are all maneuvering, only broken when one retard suddenly runs full tilt at a group of guys because he got bored of waiting. What follows is two minutes of chaotic ruck where you're doing everything you can to wail on the guys who aren't coloured like you are.
>People are running around in delerium due to lack of oxygen. Nail one of the fuckers in the dome before someone else drop kicks you into the ground.
>Get dragged off the field due to exhaustion. It takes three men to bear you due to all the armour you're wearing.
>Find out later you broke three fingers, and another guy on your team fractured a rib. There is a finger sized divot in your helmet where a poleaxe hit and didn't slide.
based Im hoping to get into this later this year

Lol youre arguing with people who think drilling counts as sparring.

Let them suck their senseis dick.
Some kind of Spoletto. Dunno if it’s HA. Don’t bother asking the midwits on this board for any kind of advice unless it’s about the best way to get fucked in the ass while doing some faggy shit like bjj. Btw bjj is jj for weaklings remember that bjj fags
File: 1636005948082.png (279 KB, 421x421)
279 KB
279 KB PNG
>literally just retards beating the shit out of each other in armor
is it the most autistic activity?
File: Griffith.png (839 KB, 610x763)
839 KB
839 KB PNG
What armorers would /xs/ recommend for a Griffith-inspired piece? I don't want a full recreation, I'm fine with standard patterns and custom sizing. I just want to complete my 16th century armored femboy look.
Can anyone post femboy-ish armor pieces? Asking for myself, I want to into armor making.
File: 16thcfrenchplate.jpg (126 KB, 770x960)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
16th century french dress armor is pretty femboyish imo
File: demonssoulspenetrator.jpg (79 KB, 516x933)
79 KB
For fantasy stuff I like Souls art. Demons is my favorite, something about the PS1 graphics.
>penetrating sword
>2023 ICMF world championship
>Murrica fields an army of XBOX HUEG meat towers in the first round
>tires everyone out
>second round subs EVERYONE with speedy boys and le striker guys
>proceed to smash the tired fighters from the opposing team
>rinse and repeat until gold medal

They need a subbing limit asap
File: 8420019124_f4d9fd0eaa.jpg (48 KB, 334x500)
48 KB
Nice. Same here. Any ideas for good shit to start out trying to make?
The Sallet, and the wavy fixed skirt (picrel) on 16th century french plate is maximum femboy.
Agreed. It's supposed to be a little fucking chivalric with all the autism.
I mean, Americans have no knowledge of what that is, so fair-nuff. But it's a place to improve.
Is that what fencinh & hemafags call sparring.... Huh. Wonder if OP of the MAG general is one of these dudes.
could have just asked a /his/ or /tg/ or in a relivent thread here. didnt need whole thread.
Left isnt a particularly buhurt helmet. Its just a bascinet with a particular visor.
I dont think think your pic is a dedicated dress armor. looks like a well made gendarme armor for active duty. Which they would pretty up besides. More dress 1500s stuff might be even fancier with blueing and gold etching and stuff. But agree it would fit for the topic of active duty but refined.
A more dedicated dress armor might be those worn in portrates from the 1600s-1700s, which where still technically functional, but tended not to be used on the battlefeild much and more for the tradition of it all. like pic related.
happened in the female categories as well, in a 3vs3 USA would rotate 9 fighters in some fights.

Subbing should be capped to max five fighters depending on the category. Or else clubs or countries that bring in the most people have a clear advantage.
What are you trying to communicate
That sparring should be a pressure test of your skills against a resisting opponent. Not drills.
I agree. Thankfully I’ve found a HEMA club that doesn’t pull punches but also gives a shit about safety. That’s a fine line sometimes.
Wrong thread retard. Fantasy armor is not allowed in Buhurt or HMB. Get this shit out of here
Only 13th-15th century armor is allowed in Buhurt.
IMCF allows up to XVIIth century

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