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/xs/ - Extreme Sports

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Would the standard way of beating people (punches, kicks to the tigh, oblique kicks if allowed) be effective?
no, they probably do kudo
Stall. They'll explode from no 3rd party resetting or dqing you.
wear short sleeves and he'll panic
Go deadweight when they try to throw you.
Have a gun
If you can only strike, then your best bet against a judoka is using angles and throwing high volume combos and immediately getting away, If you get grabbed then you might as well start throwing elbows and uppercuts as fast as you can before you get thrown
Muay Thai. If they grab you and put your head first into concrete, things have gone to shit.
It’s not as simple as how to beat [x] you have to make the right choices in a fight and hope your opponent makes a wrong choice. Generally against a grappler like a judoka or wrestler you would want to make space and move laterally, but you should also account for them grappling you by knowing how to grapple to get away
Literally don't walk out there in a big sailcloth dress from bushido era Japan that's specifically designed so he can grab it and throw you.
Laugh as his pathetic attempts to substitute a thai clench with cup grips for a collar grab backfire as soon as you microadjust.
Sock him in the mouth. He grabs your wrist. Pull it out while drawing it back, so you can sock him in the mouth with your other fist.
No Gi Judo is just worse no Gi BJJ. Plus the Judo practitioner ('Judoka' implies there's something special about it) is probably going to be less experienced with striking, given the relative populations that go to either, and then go to the likes of MMA.
>But I can't not wear a GI because...
Then don't fight the Judo practitioner in his own sport.
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>how to beat a judoko
unironically just sit down

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