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/xs/ - Extreme Sports

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/sp/ guy here
/v/irgin here, me too
/asp/ - Alternative Sports was created back in the day and was a slightly more active version of this place. Hiroshimoot turned it into /asp/ - Alternative Sports and Wrestling and put all of the stagefight soap opera fans that had been booted from shitting up /tv/ and /sp/ onto our tiny board. After allowing that cancer to fester for a couple years and kill 99% of old /asp/ (skateboard and airsoft threads survived, everything else was pro wrestling shitposts), /xs/ - Extreme Sports and >>>/pw/ - Professional Wrestling were created and >>>/asp/ was closed.
so what do you guys do. tape yourself to the roof of a car and drive 100 miles an hour through an urban area?
I think most of us just do martial arts but that sounds pretty based.
As a martial artist, martial arts aren't even extreme sports
Talk to hiroshimoot. He killed /asp/ and the. Gave us this gay name.
/sp/ still has /heem/, but imo TMAs don't even count as regular sports either, so no one talks about them there
/heem/ is as far as I know primarily for spectators though, not participants.

Not that most of the people here leave their house either but they at least pretend to.
Emma is /xs/
extreme shit
wow, thanks so much for letting us know. what is /sp/?
I mean, you joke, but I've always wanted to try car jousting. Tried to get my (considerably less based) friends in on it at Uni.
Apparently, it's "too dangerous" to consider, and "It's all but definitely going to end in tears".
If my Mom would have used tape she wouldn't have fallen off of the car as a teenager.

People still joust on horseback. If you wanted to get into it I imagine the friends you'd make there would be more open to car jousting than your university friends.

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