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File: Georges-St-Pierre-2-1.jpg (391 KB, 1315x740)
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Yes no one's close and I hated him during his reign
KO'd by a 185er and fought jokes during his run
beat 3 generations of fighters, won 2 belts, avenged all of his 2 losses

Could argue Jones if he didn't get popped. Could probably still argue it because both of them fought pre-USADA, so it's likely both Jones and gsp were juiced like everyone else was.
GSP magically developed nodules in the same exact places that one would from regular subcutaneous GH administration in the abdominal region, then decided he was done as soon as USADA shows up, then comes back at a higher weight looking like a Baki character. Whatever side of the fence someone puts Jones, GSP has to go to too. Personally I have GSP because of two twin division titles, but Jones seems to be attempting the same feat. If he's not only successful but also goes through a few contenders before the belt, then he takes it. Silva imo held #1 for his LHW work before all this, and may have kept it if he'd had a sense of what was coming up the ranks.
Reminder that gsp was the one who originally pushed for USADA testing..
and you while you can accuse guys there's definitely no way they're as bad as the guys who actually failed drug tests (sometimes multiple times).
Also you ignore that gsp came back after 4 years to compete at 185, when he had stated the whole time it would take him a long time to bulk up.

Silva got KO'd by weidman, never avenged that loss and went 1-7 to end his career in mma
that's pretty bad for a 'goat'

Literally the greatest hand to hand fighter in human history. Dunno why people worship Bruce Lee and not GSP.

Khabib is very good but Khabib is more like the Mozart of violence. GSP is like Shakespeare combined with the Beatles.
...and then walked away right before they showed up. Like I said, he's worth the label right now, but I'm not gonna shutter my eyes so quickly as you. I won't be ignoring anything, 4 years or 40, that mass isn't "natural".
and came back after they set up shop?
you seem a bit retarded

he has pretty obvious hgh gut but again never failed a drug test and he's the only fighter that actually pushed for more testing
>roids for silva but not gsp
based biased bro

why has only >>126138 mentioned khabib? ran through his entire division, never got cut or dropped. people say he didn't fight anyone because he made them all look too easy, but before each fight it was "oh, this is the guy to stop khabib..."
Khabib - not enough title defenses, simple as

Even kamaru is higher up on the goat list, and volkanovski too if he beats Islam.
Gsp is a homosexual and he tapped to strikes. eternal bitch

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