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File: Georges-St-Pierre-2-1.jpg (391 KB, 1315x740)
391 KB
391 KB JPG
Yes no one's close and I hated him during his reign
KO'd by a 185er and fought jokes during his run
beat 3 generations of fighters, won 2 belts, avenged all of his 2 losses

Could argue Jones if he didn't get popped. Could probably still argue it because both of them fought pre-USADA, so it's likely both Jones and gsp were juiced like everyone else was.
GSP magically developed nodules in the same exact places that one would from regular subcutaneous GH administration in the abdominal region, then decided he was done as soon as USADA shows up, then comes back at a higher weight looking like a Baki character. Whatever side of the fence someone puts Jones, GSP has to go to too. Personally I have GSP because of two twin division titles, but Jones seems to be attempting the same feat. If he's not only successful but also goes through a few contenders before the belt, then he takes it. Silva imo held #1 for his LHW work before all this, and may have kept it if he'd had a sense of what was coming up the ranks.
Reminder that gsp was the one who originally pushed for USADA testing..
and you while you can accuse guys there's definitely no way they're as bad as the guys who actually failed drug tests (sometimes multiple times).
Also you ignore that gsp came back after 4 years to compete at 185, when he had stated the whole time it would take him a long time to bulk up.

Silva got KO'd by weidman, never avenged that loss and went 1-7 to end his career in mma
that's pretty bad for a 'goat'

Literally the greatest hand to hand fighter in human history. Dunno why people worship Bruce Lee and not GSP.

Khabib is very good but Khabib is more like the Mozart of violence. GSP is like Shakespeare combined with the Beatles.
...and then walked away right before they showed up. Like I said, he's worth the label right now, but I'm not gonna shutter my eyes so quickly as you. I won't be ignoring anything, 4 years or 40, that mass isn't "natural".
and came back after they set up shop?
you seem a bit retarded

he has pretty obvious hgh gut but again never failed a drug test and he's the only fighter that actually pushed for more testing
>roids for silva but not gsp
based biased bro

why has only >>126138 mentioned khabib? ran through his entire division, never got cut or dropped. people say he didn't fight anyone because he made them all look too easy, but before each fight it was "oh, this is the guy to stop khabib..."
Khabib - not enough title defenses, simple as

Even kamaru is higher up on the goat list, and volkanovski too if he beats Islam.
Gsp is a homosexual and he tapped to strikes. eternal bitch
Cant accuse guys who dont fail after all everyone os on roids
And khabib is the ultimate paper tiger lmao hes only in the hof becaise dana likes to auck kadyrovs dick (also see danas ties to bahrain lol dude loves faggot dictators who pay him to feature their guys or send fighters to tgeir countries for photo ops
Some fighters have more title defenses than khabibble has fights in the ufc and the first half of his career he fought 0-10 goat fucking mountain peasants

Silva got ko'd, broke his leg in the rematch (the roids he was on give you brittle bones btw) and got knocked down by jake paul
If fighters stick around long enough they usually have some goofy shit happen, jones almost lost to chael because his toe ripped itself off
And you have done nothing close to that, eternal cuck
File: demetrious-johnson.jpg (213 KB, 1200x1200)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
It really depends on what is important to you in determining GOAT. If we're talking flat our most skilled then there is a strong argument for Might Mouse over GSP. George even said once on Rogan that he's glad he wasn't in the same weight class as the smaller guys because they would kick his ass. In this conversation he was specifically talking about Dominick Cruz and Demetrious. With GSP you can point to things like "yeah his wrestling made him successful" DJ was just so good everywhere that he doesn't have something like that. It's not even that he was well rounded he was just better than everyone at everything. It took an Olympic Gold medalist wrestler in Cejudo to finally find an area of the fight we was better in and even then it was a controversial spilt decision loss. This man is as we speak still an MMA World champion despite the different and more dangerous rules of ONE Fc. DJ is the GOAT.
even if gsp was cheating, he would have hidden it the best which arguably makes him more deserving of goat status
Literally every pro athlete roids
GSP is just humble, besides fighters say a lot
DJs division was so fucking shallow the dude defended his belt against Ian fucking Mccall (Who the actual fuck) and they had to have an entire tuf season to find a warm body to fight for the belt and that dude took DJ to the brink (tim elliot)
DJ is good, but he fought in a shallow division and he never beat cruz, by comparison fighters like BJ Penn beat hughes for the ww strap, gsp beat bisping for the mw belt, both higher weight champions
so if you get caught you must be really god damn shitty and stupid?
The point about never beating Cruz is a good one that I have to agree with. I disagree that the division was shallow though. I'm of the belief that Dominant champions just make their division seem shallow. Also "shallow" really just means fighters the fans don't know. I'd argue 90% of the time it isn't indicative of skill.

In Nunes and Valentina didn't exist no one would say their division was shallow. If Woman's strawweight had 1 dominant champion who got 7 defenses in a row everyone would claim say it's a shallow division. GSP faced shallow division claims towards the end of his run too. It's just a part of being dominant.
It's worth mentioning DJ would've had to beat the greatest bantamweight of all time in Cruz and Bisping basically won the title in a fluke. The caliber of champions they faced a weight class up were very different.
>bisping getting a KO is a fluke !
>ignoring that rockhold gets KO'd the same way a lot because he drops his hands
oh you're one of those retards

>DJ would've had to beat the greatest bantamweight of all time
And that would have cemented his greatness, but he lost.

The division was shallow since they were pulling guys from other divisions and putting them into title fights like tim elliot
or when DJ defended his belt against such great fighters as Chris Cariaso (had back to back losses and won 3 whole fights before fighting for the belt)
or when DJ fought fucking john moraga who had literally just made his debut in the weight class (John foguht Ulysses Gomes, the aforementioned Chris Cariaso and than he was fighting for the title, 2 whole fights after he actually set foot in the division)
Wilson Reis again, 3 whole wins in the division after he lost to Jussier Formiga and he got to fight for the title.
Ray Borg couldn't make weight, literally missed against Smolka, then he fought Formiga and guess what was next after two (2) whole fights (before those he lose to scoggins) one of which he didn't make weight for? That's right! he fought the illustrious DJ for his belt!

it's pretty laughable that this dude is hailed as THE GOAT, meanwhile guys like GSP fought dudes who were on 11 fight win streaks. It's just not at all comparable.
Nunes also fights in the shallowest nonexistant division of all time just so the ufc can suck her roid clit and call her a 2x champion
kinda like kayla harrison
File: file.png (2.9 MB, 1080x1350)
2.9 MB
2.9 MB PNG
Yes, followed closely by DJ who had the better skills but not the better record, followed then by Khabib who hasn't had that many title defenses but never lost a round and is undefeated, followed by Fedor then Aldo/Silva and finally Roid Jones.

That's the objecively list, you may not like it but it is what it is.
File: Capture.jpg (39 KB, 567x298)
39 KB

3 title defenses and 12 wins in the ufc
he also missed weight multiple times and had to cancel fights due to his weight
and how can khabib be better than fighters who have more title defences than he has fights in the ufc?
what a joke

also ranking fedor is tough because his run was actually so bad after winning the 2004 GP which was his claim to fame
fedor's "Legendary run" is as follows
>Tsuyoshi Kohsaka
Rematch from Rings because fedor had lost to him due to a cut. But TK was also much smaller. Had no business fighting "the champ" but they wanted fedor to have avenged his loss.
>Mirko Cro Cop
Decent win.
>Mark Hunt
Decent win.
>Matt Lindland
Lmao, and this is where it gets kinda fucked. Matt Lindland is a career 185er but here he is fighting a heavyweight because japan.
>Hong-man Choi
Joke fight and HMC is a bad kickboxer let alone mma fighter.
>Tim Sylvia
Decent win. But sylvia had just been beaten and cut from the ufc for being a fat bum. He was 1-2 in his last three going into this fight.
>Andrei Arlovski
Decent win.
>Brett Rogers
lol but we'll call it a decent win.

After that fedor got clowned, lost 3 in a row including being KO'd by a 185er.
People say "oh he was so old by then!" dude was 35
And the worst of all is Fedor tucked his tail and went back to fight in russia where he's conveniently the head of MMA in the country. This is handy because he fought Maldonaldo and got the absolute dogshit beaten out of him, but the fight went to decision and amazingly he won. But after the judges went to do interviews saying shit like "it would be very hard to judge a fight against your boss"
No conflict of interest whatsoever, lmao

and silva and jones are known roiders (interestingly enough so were a ton of guys on fedors now completely dead as fuck "Red Devils" team that famously had kiril "baby fedor" test positive for roids in all his fights and got exiled from the sport.)
Here is the GOAT list people. Fight me. I know nothing about Fedor so he gets an honorable mention.

1) GSP
2) Jon Jones
3) Demetrious
4) Silva
5) Nunes
6) Khabib
7) Valentina
8) Aldo
9) DC
10) Cejudo
>gsp top
>jones above dc but still ranking dc
I think dc is the best heavyweight of all time, but jones beat his ass handily roids or not, still a very good fighter and out of all the roiders he's clearly the best
roids and people overrate him for his wins at LHW
decent, and as long as she's above valentina
decent but >wmma
definitely deserves a mention, still the most dominant FW champion of all time and it's a travesty that his WEC title defences don't count on his "ufc record" would probably move him up a space or 2
sure, one of the best heavyweight runs of all time
and the fact that he retired before the stipe rematch, had hand and back surgery and then came back gives me a bit of leniency with him, should have stayed retired though
I'm not really sure where to put CCC, he's a extremely good fighter, I love watching his matches
but he stepped away from the sport and like khabib has no legacy/longevity as a champion
Yes, Khabib.

Have any of these fighters that had more title defenses ever lost a round? Because Khabib never lost one, have they bled? Khabib never bled on the octagon.
He dominated every fight he was on, nobody did what he did.
But potential is different from actually accomplishing and that's why he's not THE GOAT he could've been but he didn't go the extra mile.
Also you're talking about missing weight like it's worse than being caught with roids.

It's not.

And about Fedor, I can also pick a each one of GSP and nitpick each one of his fights.

>BJ Penn.
Lmao had just returned to UFC and GSP almost lost by split decision.

See? Everyone can do it.

Final argument:
>Muh people on his team were roiders.
Kek, irrelevant. Has HE got caught roiding like Jones or Silva? What if's don't cut it buddy.
he defended his belt 3 times
that's pathetic
BJ Penn literally had a better championship run
all his stats mean nothing because for half his fights he fought literal trash tier fighters
let's put this into context for someone as retarded as you are

Bj Penn's 3rd (that's his first Three) fight in MMA was against Caol Uno who at the time was 13-5 and it was a title eliminator

Khabib didn't even fight a guy with a winning record until his 7th fight, and he was 2-0. Khaib was fight 2 round exhibitions and guys with 0-10 records before that. For his next fight the illustrious bear grappling mountain peasant fought the amazing Alo Bagov, who went on to have 30 or so odd fights and a decent career, but when khabibbly fought him? 2-1 lmao
Khabib at the time was 7-0
easy to look good when people keep pitching you softballs lmao

>nitpicked 1 fight
>BJ is still a better champion than khabib

It's irrelevant but it's still hilarious, and fedor is a pretty bad fighter and again fought other bad fighters and didn't even have great success against them
what's even more hilarious is khabibblyboo's exhibition matches are counted on his official record but most guys don't get that luxury
hell even tuf fights weren't counted as real fights for guys pro records

note that khabobly was fighting two (2) 5 minute rounds instead of 3 like proper fighters, literally wmma tier
File: file.png (196 KB, 345x247)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
There are either people who say Khabib is the goat because of his stats and dominance "29-0" "never lost a round" etc.
And others saying he only fought 3 good fighters and the rest were bums.

My personal opinion is that Khabib is definitely up there with the top tier, but to me he hasn't had enough UFC fights to be the goat like >>127038 mentions.

Still >>127049 is underselling Khabib (and Fedor) way too much, be with the bums or with those 3 he dominated all the same, I mean, in his division, who could realistic defeat him? Islam is basically Khabib 2.0 (with better striking) and we saw how he dominated Charles and will probably dominate Volk too.

Khabib has had 13 UFC fights in 8 years when people like GSP, Silva, Jones etc are all almost double of Khabib's fights. Jones is technically still undefeated as both his losses were disqualifications(one was overturned due to roids, still kind of a DQ though). Which means in terms of "fight stats" he's 28-0. 22-0 if you count UFC-only. That's 9 more UFC fights than Khabib.
However both Silva and Jones were caught using roids at some points of their careers. Therefore it's pretty simple for me: the goat is GSP simply by legacy, the era and timeperiod he fought in and how many fights he had and still dominated. He took drug tests all the time, advocated for better and more thorough drug tests and never failed one. Not to mention he ended on a 13 fight win-streak with his last match being 15(!!) years after his first fight.
Although I agree Khabib should be in the GOAt conversation he did loes a round. 2 actually.

Khabib lost the 1st round to Justing and I believe the 3rd round to Conor.
>no one remembers tibau
>In Nunes and Valentina didn't exist no one would say their division was shallow.
Their divisions ARE shallow. Compare the top strawweights to the top WMMA fighters in any other division and the difference is like night and day in terms of skill. You take the skills of Weili or JJ and transpose them into a man and they'd still be good fighters. You take the skills of Juliana Pena (who was champ 1 fight ago) and put them into a man, you'd get a scrappy journeyman fighter at best.

I give slightly more props to Val since skillwise I think she's better than Nunes, even though Nunes has the better resume. But their divisions are not good (and Nunes' "champ-champ" status is a joke).

>any WMMA fighter above Aldo
absolute disrespect to Aldo
The caliber of competition that he's beaten is leagues higher than anybody they've beaten.

Aldo has reinvented himself multiple times throughout his career. He went from one division of killers, where his only losses were to other champions, down to another division also full of killers and did very well. Even in his mid 30s, he was competitive with top 5 fighters and beat top 10 fighters handily. Even though he has losses, I'd still put him above somebody like Khabib.
jones is a roider so he is deleted off this list
>4) Silva

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