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File: sumo.jpg (57 KB, 976x549)
57 KB
In a one on one fight with no weapons, how would you defeat a sumo wrestler in a helmet? You cant really count on a lucky punch or kick to knock him out cause he has a helmet and if you try to get in the sumo wrestler already won. An average person weighs like half of what a sumo wrestler does and definitely isnt stronger than him.
Damn look at those tiddies
File: 1201622199_6289.jpg (36 KB, 340x275)
36 KB
I avoid direct striking and grappling and just run around low kicking until either he gasses or their infamously terrible knees give out. At that point I push him over and start stomping.
File: WOOOOOOOW.webm (2.4 MB, 1280x720)
2.4 MB
kick him in the knees
File: KjJ9EH.gif (1.94 MB, 320x213)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB GIF
headbutt and kicking in the knees
>kicking knees
I feel like this is about the best approach you could take but would you even be able to reach the knees for a good kick without also putting yourself in range of being grabbed and tossed around like a ragdoll by someone who routinely does that to people twice your weight?
Jog backwards with a light midbody jab and the occasional cross until his heart fails.
>dodges instead of tanking it
is that really allowed?
If kicking in the knees worked, it would be the dominant strategy in Sumo because it's fully allowed within the rules
File: Image_20220316_1210.png (51 KB, 600x800)
51 KB
Yes, but it's considered "bad sumo." It's like dancing and tapping to win on points in a boxing match or stalling with a hip-hinged posture in a judo match.
>option 1
armbar, leg locks, etc. Sumo fatties don't know shut about submissions

>option 2
stay in range and kick his legs until collapses
make him fall to thw ground with judo and kick the shit out of his troath
They are incredibly fat and can't reach the other opponents knees.
you realize sumo is basically built on judo throws? youre not gonna out-judo someone who does judo for a living and also weighs twice what you do
The only way this works is if you miraculously dodge and kick with perfect force and accuracy. Otherwise you are trying to low kick a 300-400lb wrestler with tree trunk legs charging straight at you. They would plow straight through the kick or grab your leg.
Sumo came first dumbass
File: proxy-image.jpg (142 KB, 1280x720)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
They are fat because fat is what works in the sport. There's no weight division and there have been a small number of lighter dudes. Takanoyama on the left here did very briefly make it to the top division but he didn't last long. He did use a lot of leg trips but it just doesn't help when you get bowled over immediatly by a guy with an olympic speed 3m sprint that weighs 300lbs.
What rule set and ring are we talking here?
Do I have a helmet too?
What kind of helmet, like can I still bang up his face or concuss him with it on? Because if I keep hitting clean to his nose and eyes with jabs and occasional combinations he won't be able to continue after a few rounds regardless of wearing head gear.

Like if it's kickboxing rules I wound not even be that worried.
Could alternate between outside fighting using counters and pressure fighting to overwhelm depending on his gas level and how aggressive he is during the fight.

If it's more MMA oriented rules then in fight camp I would REALLY push endurance to prepare.
Then for the fight go full wolverien for the duration of the fight. What I mean in maintain extremely high pressure and maxed out work rate. Just every second of the match not giving him any room to think or catch a breath, or feel in control.
Preferably while keeping things standing up, but if things end up on the ground maintaining a high intensity so he can't just get a pin and catch his breath or wait out the clock is necessary.
I highly doubt he will have much gas after the first minute or so.
So unless HE gets a lucky strike that gets the KO super early it's highly unlikely for him to be able to go the distance.

If I don't get time to train up to the fight then I would just beat him by being highly technical and conserve energy while intentionally making him waste his until I see he is gassed, then crank on the heat to try and get the finish.
Lot of controlling distance, counters, short combos before disengaging, and overall just picking at him with hit and run if he plays things defensive, and lots of front and side kicks whenever he attempts to advance or be aggressive to shut that shit down.

If it's no holds bared then I would mix in groin kicks with leg kicks but otherwise my strategy would remain the same.

Still wonder what kind of helmit and if I get one too?
mix up jabs teeps and calf kicks until big bro gets tired then i go home
redditor crossposter

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