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File: tsg_day_out.jpg (353 KB, 1280x720)
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The Surfing General

First edition edition

>how do I learn to surf?

>How do I pick the right board?
Use a volume calculator, and find the right board type for your local break or waves you want to ride

>how do I know if the waves are good?
go check surfline or magicseaweed for reports
>First edition

We had a thread for more than a year here. It probably still hasn't reached page 10.
That was the pilot edition now we are officially having our first edition edition
File: 1661993112097295.jpg (69 KB, 430x311)
69 KB
Fuck off we're full
Bodyboarders welcome?
I’m a manlet (5’6”)
What size surf board can I get so I can stop body boarding ?
no go start a dick dragger general
7ft 6 soft top or something gay like that
>moving to MA soon
>read online that cape cod can be a good spot for surfing if you ignore sharks and such
>everywhere on the internet it says the best time of the year for cape surfing is starting at sept
>been checking magicseaweed all sept - oct on some cape beaches
>no star/1 (unfilled) star 99% of the time and the other 1% isn't much better with 2 full stars being the max I've ever seen EVER
>check some beach cams too so I can confirm the info is right and it always is
This feels like shit. Whoever wrote those articles about MA surfing must have been on fucking weed.
Wouldn't it be cold as fuck as well? you're basically in canada up there
How much better are reef and point breaks than beach breaks? I've surfed a fair amount of beach breaks but nothing else, are they actually that shitty?
My scale from fun to intense goes
>Point breaks

However I'd rather any of the later 3 on a big day over a beachies. More predictable and less like to get caught with 10 on the head.
A good point break can be God tier good. Like legitimately the most fun I can imagine having
>Same wave everytime
>Perfect wall
>30 second rides
>Do whatever you want
That said there are good and shit points
Reefs can be good but hitting the bottom is quite painful and you can't be as carefree as a beachy but normally you can really feel the power difference to a beachy
>A good point break can be God tier good. Like legitimately the most fun I can imagine having

Agreed, plus you can paddle out around them rather than through like a beach break.
When two or more connect it's possible to ride so long your legs get tired and you'll kick out with some wave left just so you can rest.
River mouths and estuaries can also be a blast with similar consistency and often a combintion of current and bottom shape that produces deep bowls that jack up quickly, especially where a jetty is involved.
My home spot for years was like that: jump in the current to get out, wait at the takeoff spot next to the jetty for a big bowl to form around and launch you, play around across the channel then off the lip and glide ahead on the other side just in time for the sandbar to engage like a point break and if you want connect from that to the beach break on the inside.
The other cool thing with that jetty was that there was a refractive action so that a swell would come straight in and look promising but not peak until it was way inside, and way further away from the jetty....but right behind it peeling off the rocks was the refraction that was angled about 30° from the first wave and would produce that big bowl effect.
That first wave was super enticing so it would distract and draw the uninitiated and impatient away from the real takeoff spot behind it...then you had less interference and an audience as you got the best waves over and over and over and over.
anyone here kitesurf?
sounds fun whats the break?

What do you guys ride?
I'm taking a wild guess of Moruya. But that would be random as fuck.
oi cunt
I do in San Francisco
It's called a peak you kook faggot.
Galveston Texas
9'1" Senator performance LB
Beachies are absolutely dogshit compared to a good point / reef. The wave always breaks over the same spot in the same way so it's very predictable and perfect for practicing your turns, you won't have to paddle like an idiot to get out and especially on big days that really is very nice
Should I do windsurfing or Wing Foiling?
location of your intended body of water?
I live by a large river with some small islands and no beaches
File: hatch.jpg (36 KB, 480x360)
36 KB

it's going to depend a lot on how the wind works where you are, but I know there are some people doing absolutely batshit crazy cool wingfoil runs from the Hatchery in the columbia river.

My vague understanding is that they are basically able to foil across the wind, upstream against the current, then just come back down with the current so they get like a downwinder type scenario without having to shuttle.

You're going to want to check out and keep an eye on wind forecast websites and go scout places you think you might want to get on the water. Wings are a lot easier to get in to compact launch sites than windsurf gear.
you should get a surfboard you gay homosexual wind surfing is a democrat sport for sissies
It's literally impossible to surf where I live otherwise I would
Can you surf the river

Anyone watching the challenger series

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