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/xs/ - Extreme Sports

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File: MVG.jpg (209 KB, 1021x1024)
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Darts are extreme

The pastebin:
based MVGposter
i have enjoyed darts whenever i have been somewhere that had them.

That Winmau Blade 5 in the OP PB has a ton of one star reviews that revolve around poor QC it looks like.
shame no one else interested in darts.
i wonder if its from generallly no interest or not extreme enough?

thread discussion: how do you practice/play without messing up the wall around your board?

>inb4 garage
I know this is a common answer but if I have to go stand in the cold garage to play im not gonna play.
Go to a pub
>Go to a pub
not really my thing. i'm not much of a drinker and paying to play every time when you could get an affordable setup doesnt seem that great either.

benefits of a home setup
>whenever you want
>however you want
>no one else competeing for it
>no one else walking through
>not having to ask for darts and thus order a beer or a snack
>no drunk people
i could go on
For me its throwing 26 when attempting 180
You DO shit yourself to distract your opponent right?
>“Normally if I fart on stage I shit myself, and you know that because I told you in a documentary.”

I mounted my dartboard on a piece of particle board to catch misses at first, I've since put it on corkboard that my gf painted and put a border on so it doesn't look like trash
>fart controvery
fucken kek.

congrats /xs/ dart player(s); i bought a board and set of darts. [spoiler] at walmart for $20 + $5 [/spoiler]

on the plus side it took me about 5 minutes to know i was gonna buy some real tungsten darts. ill practice on that board till i get gud or its too ugly to use.

a good board is a luxury, good darts are a neccessity.
bump for interest.
>want to play darts
>don't like the pub

The board split really should have been /wsp/ - watching sports and /psp/ - playing sports.
i have thrown a ton of darts since i bought the board.
yea man not much of a pub dweller. not really my thing. i swear id bowl every day if i had 100k to buy a lane in my home instead of having to crash a bowling alley.
File: 1373072739213.gif (1.21 MB, 330x248)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB GIF
>pick up darts
>first throw is a bulleye
I am a darts beginner. They are really fun. I will support this thread even though it is old
since when is darts paranormal lmao get real guys jeez

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