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/xs/ - Extreme Sports

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How do you anons meet other like minded people to practice these hobbies? A lot of these seem more fun/easier to get into with friends. Obviously many /xs/ports are a lot more niche and finding a local club or similar can be challenging.

How did you anons first discover your preferred sport? Did you go in alone, or have irl friends introduce you?

I've been thinking of browsing around meetup.com and seeing what it offers.
My main thing is martial arts, which already has built in a group structure and incentives for getting together.

So unless you live in the ass end of nowhere you can probably find some kind of martial art's related group to train with and spar.

Back in the 00s I went to a parkor meet up I heard about through word of mouth, but they spend 90% doing calestetics which I found boring so I never went back.

And back when I was in my backyard wrestling phase it was just really generally popular at the time. So all it really took was going to local events and talking to people, or being willing to hop in and wrestle whenever and wherever and eventually bump into someone who knows someone until you get a invite to someone who actually has a ring and sets up meet ups.

Scene is WAY smaller now but a hell of a lot easier to get into if you are willing due to the internet.
A facespace search and a few emails and you can get in touch with dudes putting on real deal semi-organized events or get access to training schools and boot camps to get people who have been in the industry actually teach you for surprisingly low amounts of money.
Though admittedly this only really works in major cities.
I happened to live in Phily when I was into it, which had (and I think still has) a major backyard and indie wrestling scene.

Every other extreme sport or hobby I did solo.
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Ffs. These aren't single person hobbies you absolute spergs. Just find the local clubs/gyms for the sports/arts you are interested in and go to those. It's not fucking difficult. You don't need some undercover gay cruising on meetup.com shite. Google motherfuckers.
Local martial arts gyms are usually easy to find, but if you wanna try base jumping or something it'd be more difficult. Not like base jumping clubs are on every street corner. How would you 'get into' that world?

True. Look for base jumping clubs near you with google or when you go away to university/college, any decent one will have clubs for every conceivable sport. If there are no base jumping clubs near you or you can't go away to uni/college you are sol.
well I'm past college, but even when I was in I don't recall there ever being a base jumping club lol. What uni did you go to where that was normal?

My old uni in the UK is what is called a Redbrick uni. These are the universities for rich kids not quite smart enough for Oxford or Cambridge. There like 6-8 of them.

It has a skydiving club who also do wingsuit and base jumping. Not sure what the U.S. equivalent type of college is if that is where you are based.

There is a skydiving centre the next county over who also do wingsuit and base jumping.

I know about these from having lived/been to these places but they are the top entries on "x base jumping" in google where x is the location.
Hello Skybro

If you want to jump in Norcal let me know

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