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File: squintpepe.jpg (6 KB, 250x207)
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how common is fixed fights in mma and boxing is there any fights you think were fixed?
Devin Haney vs. Jorge Linares
Linares was paid to lose
Fights are easier to fix because its just two guys. Also they dont even have to lose, just change the odds a bit
I think plenty of fights are fixed, just not in the way you think. The fighters aren't really in the know about it.
The officials are though. They can't be perfect because knockouts or submissions can come out of nowhere but the refs and judges can decide an enormous amount.
Suppose I'm a striker and the other guy is a grappler. They want him to win. No matter how long he holds me against the cage or ground in one position the ref will never stand him up and I can lose round after round being stalemated by a poor fighter. Conversely if they wanted me to win, they could stand us up nearly immediately or split us up nearly immediately and despite action going on each time which would give me a giant edge. In this way if you understand the fighters going in and the preferences of when refs like to stand people up (quickly, medium, or long time on the ground and never stand people up) you could have an enormous amount of control over the fight through this simple means alone and virtually no one but the promoter would be truly in on how it was rigged in this way.
You could take things a step further and bribe judges to give close rounds to your guy every time. We have all seen rather questionable calls on our day after all but this is slightly more obvious when it transpires.
Then there are less obvious ways, giving fighters new steroids that testing methods haven't caught up with yet for instance or having someone bribed on the commission for testing so they don't get caught.
As far as one guy deliberately throwing a fight I'm sure it has happened but this seems like the least likely scenario to me.
It's the norm. Anytime money is involved, there will be cheating/fixing.
more than half of Emelianenko's losses most notable werdum and bader
>inb4 he isn't the GOAT
File: R.jpg (28 KB, 462x352)
28 KB
Every fight that Irish Jack O'Halloran lost
After the Rio Olympics all 36 boxing refs and judges were fired for being paid off
Tyson v Douglas
This is not how they would fix a fight. It isn't guarenteed enough.

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