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/xs/ - Extreme Sports

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Grapplers of /xs/
I'm a bjj purple belt and im going to teach a friend a few hours a week privately
I assume doing it like my regular classes is not the best option since there is no one to demonstrate the moves on, also how hard should i roll with him and structure the class overall
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bjj is gay

How the fuck is football (soccer) considered harder than Alpine fucking skiing?

This. What if you get an erection while rolling?
one piece of advice i can give is dont drop them straight into live rolling until they get more experience work alot of situational and positional sparring with newbies
White Belt here, would have probably been nice to learn in this order:
1. Armbar & Cross collar choke from Mount (so I have a goal in rolling)
2. Elbow Escape from mount (so I know what to do when someone tries step 1 against me)
3. What is closed guard and scissor sweep from closed guars (so I know how to continue from step 2)
4. How to escape from closed guard
5. How to pin someone and what is side control
6. Pin escape from side control to closed guard
7. What is half guard and how to sweep with it
8. Passing half guard
9. Standup (single legs, double legs, and a simple judo throw because those are much easier at first)
10. The bullshit that is open guard and its 10000 variations.

If I was taught in this manner I feel like I would have progressed faster, because I would have a gameplan of always escape into guard>sweep from guard>mount>armbar or cross choke sooner.
You could try to "teach it backwards." Let's use back control fore example.

>start with how to finish the RNC
>have them do that 2-3 times to learn it
>then their partner starts resisting with it locked in for a couple reps
>back out and talk about how to get under the chin if the arms are already trapped
>2-3 reps with the arms starting trapped
>address how to trap arms and do a few reps of that
>address how to get hooks and do a few reps of that and so on

This way you get a bunch of reps doing chokes while also getting scaling resistance as you gain more competency.

You could also try a reverse/flipped classroom.

You post content online for your friend to review. When they come into class it's essentially all drilling and questions rather than the instructor showing/teaching stuff.
In terms of structure, everyone has their different styles but I used to always teach the old knee in butt guard pass, to staple, to side control, to mount then bridge and roll as the first thing. It's a sequence you can go back and forth from, and teaches them guard, guard passing, side control and mount. I prefer to run newer students over the really basic versions of each position and transition before going into a deep dive, so they at least have some kind of understanding of what the basic positions are if they get interested and look up their own videos. I've been at gyms the other way, where they'll do like a month or two on guard and all the ins and outs of guard, but you've got guys who have been to like 20 lessons by the end of the two months who have no idea what to do in mount or back mount. I find that way of teaching is better for people who already have a basic understanding of techniques, but isn't as good for people who are completely new.

Similar to the above, I like to teach things in sequences. Like if I want to teach a figure-four from side control, I might start teaching a takedown to guard, guard pass, then the figure-four for the night, so they have an idea of sequencing, then after a few classes of that they can mix and match and find their own game. That way if there's something specific they want to learn or ask you about, you can teach that in a sequence. Like if they want to learn a rear-naked choke, you could start from inside guard and have the defending person turtle while the attacker passes, then get from turtle to back, then the choke, as a way of enticing them to learn the positions. Different people learn different ways though, so just pay attention to how they're going. I'm like autistic or something so I'm fine to go in and just practice one throw for the whole hour, whereas some of my teammates can't stand it.
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shit I be bussin'
here you go
BJJ coaching is just creepy weirdos trying to justify molesting you as a totally legit grappling exercise.
Gymnastics is #2 on the list btw. Go try that shit some time
Well, what are his goals? If he just wants to learn BJJ for self defense and then quit (likely), just teach him basic shit
>basic wrestling
>arm drag
>white belt escapes
Otherwise, go the Danaher route and teach him from bottom to top: escapes, half guard, open guard, and eventually passing
Alpine skiiing is the npc of extreme sports because you only interact with a couple of non-moving trees deal with it

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