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I really like the idea of the Armored Combat League. Suiting up in armor and hacking at each other sounds like blast. Though, I've always been drawn more to Japanese marital arts.

Is there a Japanese MA equivalent to ACL? Where participants dress up in Samurai Armor and go at it with Japanese weapons? I know of Kendo, and have looked into it, but I feel that Kendo doesn't really satisfy that itch. I want something that's aggressive like ACL.
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Just do competitive Kendo ffs. You're wanting to do an ultra-endurance marathon before you can even crawl you retard.
>I want something that's aggressive like ACL
So... kendo, police kendo maybe. You're drawn to japanese martial arts but apparently don't understand how they operate. Last time the japanese went on to see how swords were relevant in the modern era, well... it's called the invasion of china and decapitation contests so, let's say it healed their desire to "suit up and hack at it".
Besides, suiting up in armor and bashing the armor is exactly what kendo is. They just use bamboo swords to be able to bash at each other for longer.
>You're wanting to do an ultra-endurance marathon before you can even crawl you retard.
>Already having a background in Japanese Martial arts
>Besides, suiting up in armor and bashing the armor is exactly what kendo is. They just use bamboo swords to be able to bash at each other for longer.
I know what kendo is, but I wanted something aggressive like ACL, the close thing to a no holds bar sword fight, but something with Japanese marital arts
Armored combat league is miles away from a no holds bar sword fight. Its not even like real armored sword fights.
>miles away from a no holds bar sword fight
I get that, but it's aggressive, and I like that. Im not a fan of kendo's restricted ROE.
>know what kendo is, but I wanted something aggressive
Apparently you don't know what kendo is
>Im not a fan of kendo's restricted ROE.
Why exactly? Why are ACL's rules better? Have you "looked" at kendo or have you actually done anything like kendo?

Also you're looking at a unicorn basically. You're looking from a western view to a japanese thing, it's not really happening. Anything with armor and steel is extremely rare beyond even things that are rare in Japan because of their crazy laws regarding melee weapons. I know that Toyama-ryu did organized some competition with blunt steel but these have nothing to do with ACL's style stuff.
Why don't you just do ACL in japan-esque gear? Boom, problem solved.
File: myanmar-arnis-sea-games.jpg (300 KB, 1170x850)
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This. OP is a turbo week retard. Sounds like they want to larp rather than actually do martial arts.

And seriously who the fuck has anything approaching real Samurai armour even in Japan let alone the West?

Either do a real martial art competitively like HEMA, Kendo, or Eskrima; or fucking cosplay in your yard in homemade Samurai armour. There isn't anything that is both, not even mentioning how dorky it is.
Armored Combat League employs European plate armour. Suits made in the 17th century were able to withstand even gunpowder weapons of the day, sometimes at point-blank range (see Richard Atkin's account of his encounter with General Haselrig at the Battle of Roundway Down). You can batter away at modern plate with any metal weapon and it'll happily redistribute the impact, hence people smacking away merrily in ACL.
Japanese armour, on the other hand, was made of smaller scales and plates. You can't batter away freely at it in an armoured contest without a much higher chance of injuring the other person. Japanese ACL isn't possible in the same way as European ACL, hence Kendo.
[spoiler]I'd also point out that "aggressive" has different meanings in different contexts. "Aggressive hobbyist battering another hobbyist, allowed to hit anywhere" isn't the same as "aggressive professional in an international martial sport". There's much more aggression in kendo than you'll see in ACL, because there's a lot more on the line. [/spoiler]
>Im not a fan of kendo's restricted ROE.
>I'm a sloppy retard with no control and want to hand-wave my poor technique*
ftfy. As the other anon said, you'll see much more aggression in Kendo because there's more at stake and you'll bump up against professional athletes.
File: 04apr02.jpg (43 KB, 629x419)
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A lot of people here are suggesting OP "just join kendo", but honestly, I think that's a mistake. Kendo is not 'hack and slash, and that's what OP is looking for. If he goes into it with that kind of attitude he is going to end up hurting someone, annoying the sensei and leaving after he's dissatisfied with the practice. Fast pace aggressive combat comes much much later with dedication and expertise, maybe around 2nd-3rd dan?
Op, unless you can change your autistic mindset, you will not enjoy kendo. I do however suggest you try changing your mindset. It's faggy to be unhinged and psycho, you will get your ass kicked, you will look like a fool and you will quit. But you can find great enjoyment in kendo if you join for the right reasons.
Just woundering, wouldnt kendo be more for unarmored simulation? given that katanas wherent usually the battlefeild main weapon but a Naginata and long katana stuff with the katata as secondary? Like I have a hard time thinking a abdomin hit in kendo by a katana would do much of anything vs abdomen armor.

Sounds a bit like youtube psuedo-historian teir erm ackhually spouting out barely relivent and half wrong info in a frankly uninformative way just so you can say it.
Plate made in the 1600s is barely relevant to the usually 1200's-early 1500's stuff usually used in the league (much of which actually being lamellar like designs of smaller plates fashioned together, especially with the prevalence of eastern euros in it. Not to mention the league uses uparmored versions with extra padding and stuff for safety from their historical counterparts and most combatents seem to have generally 1300s stuff), and the bulletproof thing isnt all that relivent in such a competition. And even i it was, jap plate of at least the waring states period in the 1500s did have the scale stuff you mentioned (which is used in the league), but also had a large amount of euro imported and influenced bullet proofed plate like pic related given the importance of gun warfare and euro contact at the time. And given that waring states is usually the period of interest, that point doesn't seem relevant either.

Japanese ACL is definitely possible and is not very much illustrated in the likes of kendo (not that ACL is all that illustrative of armored combat either).
>Just woundering, wouldnt kendo be more for unarmored simulation?
Kendo is not a practical martial art, it's goal isn't to replicate or train yourself practically for a fight, though the mental discipline it brings might help. Thus it's missing the point to ponder if it's more for unarmored simulations. The idea that the katana wasn't the main weapon is similarly irrelevant. The katana was developped as a weapon for close combat, either inside buildings or more simply when the pike push ended in a quick melee. It's a short, quick to deploy blade when the facing of pikes erupts into a sudden short range fight.
Do giri, the abdomen strike actually targets the usual weakness in the japanese armor between the cuirass and the thigh armor plates. It's often only attached by silk strings and thus weak for a slash or a thrust. It's also why it was often for foot soldiers reinforced with a thick rope. Regardless, low-status warrior would often only have a cuirass that would be somehow weak to the do giri sort of strike.

Besides, the idea that the western type of armor, nanban-do, was in any way common place in Japan is a misunderstanding. It existed, some rich samurai would have them, but they are very very few, a tiny amount of rich lords who would wear them for their protection just as much as for the social prestige they entailed. Samurai doing the actual fighting wouldn't have those, though they could have tosei gusoku that aimed to emulate the protective capabilities of the western armors, to a mixed degree. The Okegawa-do was a perfectly suitable weapon for japanese warfare, but it certainly doesn't operate exactly like a western plate armor. Iron was the most common metal used for armor in japan, compared to steel in many parts of Europe.
>Is there a Japanese MA equivalent to ACL? Where participants dress up in Samurai Armor and go at it with Japanese weapons?
Kendo, Jukendo etc.
Some koryu styles also don armor for sparring. Then you have the whole prewar Gekken which is basically dirty kendo with some grappling.
t. western kendoka

Kendo is all about aggressiveness, almost going berserk. It's pretty much the basic principle of the style, attack > defense. This has to do with the Japanese mindset: If the enemy is dead you win, your own survival is optional.

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