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File: graveyard.jpg (460 KB, 1920x1200)
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has anyone heard of graveyards appearing out of nowhere or seen one?
i got my own story that happened to me

>be like 7 months ago
>just moved across country, now in tennessee
>having a late night walk around 2am, trying to get used to the place
>nice quiet night, moon is bright
>trying to get home but can't find the path where i came from
>as i'm walking around, i see a large graveyard spanning across the area
>now know i'm officially lost
>end up getting out phone & looking up directions
>using google maps, pinging my location
>internet is being shitty because it just is, finally load up where i'm at
>doesn't show a graveyard, but whatever, end up finding the right path, turns out i made a turn too early
>easily get back home, call it a night
>later wondering about the graveyard, didn't know there was a huge one right next to my house, so i wanna see it
>during the day drive over where the graveyard would be
>there isn't one, just a different set of buildings
>drive around the area wondering where it is, look at maps again, still no graveyard
>only ones are small & not near where i was before
>still no explanation on why i saw one
the graveyard was sorta similar to this one, but it was pretty big, and visibly not what buildings are there now
even after driving by the area at night, it looks nothing at all like what i saw, i got no logical explanation other than "i hallucinated"
You crossed between boundaries. Glad you made it back, op.
It's too bad you didn't get a good look at the grave stones to see what was etched onto them.
I had a similar experience with this. Not gonna use greentext because I don't know how. But basically me and my dad are walking through my grandmas land. Basic hiking and shit and then all of a sudden we find a random unmarked grave yard. Tombstones from like 1830's in middle of fuck no where backwoods Mississippi. We end up feeling weird and intrigued we leave and ask Grandma about it and she had no idea. Went there recently and some of the tombstones had either fallen out of place or just disappeared flat out.

Did you ever read the tombstones op? What were the dates?

pic semi related. looks like one of the tombstones we found
>having a late night walk around 2am, trying to get used to the place
Ok, Juicy Smollett
File: 578056956.jpg (57 KB, 852x480)
57 KB
thanks, guess maybe i can call myself some kind of dimension hopper now
didn't get close enough to read them, was more focused on the being lost bit, i wasn't scared or anything though, nothing was spooky like how people say happens
i still just find it weird to have seen an entire nonexistent place during a clear night on a full moon, and then a couple days later, being completely unable to find it, all the while i can picture it perfectly, existing features included
i wonder if it was either a "gone to another universe" or a "gone back in time" (or maybe future?), i don't believe there was ever a graveyard there, seeing as theres a bunch of buildings there now, but there might have been one during the civil war, even though i've never seen any signage to imply as such
i like night walks, feels good
i also walk along forest trails on full moons too, its surprisingly easy to see once your eyes are adjusted to the dark
You're a fucking liar, bro.
File: 043697002.jpg (2.13 MB, 4128x1908)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB JPG
liar to what?
seeing weird shit or walking around the forest at night?
the "seeing weird shit" is literally me just describing whats happened, i don't know why i saw it, just that i did, i might be crazy, or i might have somehow mistaken something, i don't know nor am able to see a reasonable explanation there of
the "walking around the forest at night" part is a straight undeniable fact, imagerelated was from one of my walks
Why did you have a gun on your walk?
In case he gets wendigo raped
File: 5747474000.jpg (2.41 MB, 4128x1908)
2.41 MB
2.41 MB JPG
its good to be armed in the middle of the night at a place you're not familiar with, especially when theres reports mountan lions & bears
plus, i just like it
any more details ?
it was just a little one-off event, never really had anything spooky happen in my life before either, especially something like that
Do you still live there? Where was this?
still live here, and its right next to my house, so saying would dox me
its nowhere significant or special in any way, i don't know what the folklore of the area is either
> Green TEXT



you ever think your grandma just didn't know & the tombstones either got buried / were stolen?
it's actually really common for both of those situations to happen
File: 6759087459060.jpg (900 KB, 1648x4032)
900 KB
900 KB JPG
OP here
does nobody have any stories other than >>36489282?
i've see stories of graveyard appearances over the years, but never saved any
kinda fuckin wish i did now though, seeing as it apparently happened to me
i don't care if it happened to you, i just wanna see more about it, pray tell any other
maybe theres a correlation, paranormal or not, i just want more info on the phenomena
i guess for a calling card i can leave the gun i have, though its not the one i had when i saw the graveyard
thinking about it i did actually see another thing that might be 2spooky4u when it happened, i thought nothing of it since i was more worried about getting home & there were multiple cases of it happening at the time
its probably a coincidence, but you /x/ fucks love that shit anyways
i just wanna know what fucking happened, i can't explain it
i'm not weird about it or anything, no obsession, just curiosity, its just really weird to see shit that isn't there; i don't even think its ominous, just strange
Not a full blown graveyard, but some gravestones appeared by the side of the road on a walk that we regularly went on when we went on holiday when I was younger. I must've been around 5, my parents were kind of freaked out by the gravestones because they'd been going on holiday there for years, even before I was born and they'd never seen these graves, but they were pretty hard to miss. My dad went to check the dates and he exclaimed "no way! Check this out!" So we came over to him, he pointed the date of death out, that person had died exactly 100 years ago to the day. When I put it together that we'd never seen these graves before, and the first one we checked had died 100 years ago exactly to the day I just started screaming and running away. That was my first major scare. When we went back a couple years later, the graves were nowhere to be seen and I just felt so uneasy. I have tried to rationalise that maybe we were just being pranked, but the graves looked as old as they claimed to be, it was a very well executed prank if it was one.
quite interesting to be a "prank", a hundred years by the day & noticeable enough to be something of worth
At the time while we were looking at the graves there was no suspicion we were being pranked. But when I got older and I tried to rationalise it, a possible prank was the only thing I could think of that made sense. Pretty crazy prank if it was one, if they were watching us they must have got a good laugh at my freak out.
reminds me of civil war stories of people passing by known recent grave sites & seeing people that shouldn't be there
they even had basic small talk, nothing strange, and then they just disappear before their eyes

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