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hi anons
i was reading up on Law of Assumption and related concepts and did some experiments of my own all of which were frighteningly effective.

-one was getting a subway train to be held by dispatch at a station so I could enter it (I saw the train arrive from like a block away and held it at the station for that long-- didn't even run, just knew i could get away with walking)

-i got a dust particle to land a precise location by 10 minutes of focus and faith.

-finally, and this was the big one, I tried to get an irl yandere encounter. specifically, I was attempting to get a girl about my age to put a knife around my kneck and make me add her to my phone's contacts. she was supposed to have stalked me since the beginning of the year and i made it a point to have her dress in a full suit (its really hot-- like outside, its summer) be blonde with green eyes (mostly asian presence around here) and obv be attractive and i wanted her to be shy so that i won't get murdered, confident yanderes never end well imo. anyway, point is i was trying to push this.

now let me tell you want actually happened with my latest experiement
-an asian girl in my class randomly comes to school in a suit (with a blazar, I imagined the other girl coming with no blazar) interesting. as if whatever heard my request did its best and got 'a' girl in a suit near me.

-a different asian girl speaks about how she notices me glancing in her direction when she does some stupid shit (not stalking per say, but we've had these stare across the classroom moments since the beginning of the school year, so once again, very, very close to what i had envisioned.)

-i take two trains to get home. one of them were randomly delayed and i got off at a relatively empty station to simply walk home-- the location I imagined I would be held at knife point. (of course i didn't get held at knifepoint, but still, very, very interesting)

now anons, what do you make of this? and, hypothetically, if one was to really push the limits of LoA and attempt to get a monster gf sprout out from under their bed, how could this be done?
>that escalation from the second to third experiment
Anyway, with the law it's really hard to tell apart incomplete results from confirmation bias. I'd say you're in the right track so keep persisting, just be careful with this stuff. Normally I'd see no risk in those types of "tips" but getting a half assed result that involves getting threatened with a knife without the yandere part doesn't sound very nice.
She is just beginning to stalk you. Don't overthink it or the end will shatter before you finish the introduction. The Universe already gave you the Characters and some Set Pieces, congratulations and welcome.
Interesting desire... related; I do know a girl that surprised a guy to ask him out by hiding under his truck for 4 hours than crawling out to scare him. So, it's plausible. She's 6'2", so somewhat of a monster of a woman. Maybe my reality will help your subconscious imagination.
thank you for your concern. i should do well to try to move slower and work on my control before doing something so brash in the future.

thank you both, too, this really is a mind over matter situation, I feel. perhaps altering the past is too drastic a measure at the present moment. the idea that i *will be* stalked rather than *having been* stalked the entire seems logical to me which aids in manifestation very much. also its more literally plasuable since she has a motive (something i unironically forgot to include in my intial attempt, i know, i know)

also lol perhaps i can just get away with a woman that has monstrous yet human features, so thanks for that, too, >>34871726 although >>34871669 has me a bit afraid to try more risky maneuvers for the time being.
so just any female?
you can make an egregore then feed it your blood so it has enough energy to use telekinesis to manifest physically, or you can just take the time to learn clairvoyance and tactile sensation
look into the succubus threads
you can't manifest something that isn't yet made, you'd have to manifest an entity of mythology (which I do NOT suggest)
expecting to get just anything out of an anime is like expecting to be able to use biomancy to hyjack your body's healing mechanism in an attempt to become a "real woman", when you can't even draw a female skeleton
>asian women
when you get 'near miss', persist. the bullseye lies ahead of you.
>whatever heard my request did its best
That's exactly what it feels like every time. Congrats anon, that's some good stuff.
Be careful exposing yourself to the conscious or subconscious disbeliefs of others as it might affect your results (be secretive), and don't get discouraged by any apparent failures (attachment is the bane of manifestation).
>get a monster gf sprout out from under their bed, how could this be done?
I think this hinges completely on your belief. Many people around the world constantly experience seemingly impossible "paranormal" things involving cryptids and aliens, so it's not beyond the realm of possibility. And in the worst cases (like when I tried to imagine hair back into my head), it will manifest as a really vivid dream.
>perhaps altering the past is too drastic a measure at the present moment
Moving forward, you would do well to abandon the concept of time we usually have. The past and the future don't exist. Only the present exists, in which stuff happens and changes. Whatever you remember, is only real in as much "the universe" remembers it by the effects that it produced (causal chains, memories, etc). And the same for the future (except the human organism is not able to "remember" the future, but that's essentially what you're doing with this technique).
So "changing the past" is Neville Goddard's method of revision, in which you manifest a change in your current circumstances by neutralizing a "past" event. That means that the ever existing present will slowly (or rapidly) change to adapt to the new reality in which that past event barely had any effect. To completely erase something from the past, everybody involved would need to forget down to the subatomic grooves in their brains, and any circumstances stemming from the changed event would need to be similarly eradicated. Not impossible, but difficult (and how would you even know).

You sound like a natural at this, so please don't take anything anyone tells you about this (including me) as truth if your experience doesn't tell you the same. Your beliefs are enormously important and precious in this.
This channel is giving me 2016 occult youtube vibes. Thank you.
thanks for the advice and the videos. like >>34877634 said, it gave some really nice nostalgic vibes and what it was pretty informative. but i'd probably have to pass on feeding my blood to a spirit... for now, maybe when I know I'm good enough to not die or something. like the guy in the video could pull it off safely, but definitely not me.
>Congrats anon, that's some good stuff.
!! thanks, can't exactly talk with anyone irl about this so it's usually just me myself and I reviewing and learning and understanding and it's hard to tell if you're even doing anything right in the first place its so intangible.
>I think this hinges completely on your belief
yeah that's what I'm thinking too. problem is that you can't just 'believe harder' because you want to. you have to kinda manipulate yourself. like it I can imagine that everyone holds strong beliefs in the power of blood so feeding a egregore on blood or something would probably be very 'powerful' but not because its blood but because of how blood is perceived or something idk idk but that's the way i see it.
>it will manifest as a really vivid dream
speaking of which, that aforementioned asian girl who >>34871726 said is 'beginning to stalk me' appeared in a really vivid dream although it could just be my incel status so maybe my brain was just so surprised that i attracted feminine attention, but it's something since I was actively imagining something completely different, too. strength of incelness or something else?

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