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which gospel or apocryphon was it where one of the disciples or saints gave instructions on what to say to archons juding you?
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I don't remember any of the gospels explaining what to say to the accusers who tell you to feel bad for your sins, though I do recognize it's a psychological trap since they're the ones who generally entice you to fall into said sin however.
I haven't read all of the Apocrypha though, there could be some specific thing. That being said, it's a valid accusation if it's a sin you haven't shed. We are by and large powerless to cast out entities when we ourselves are too evil to partake of God's divine Holy Spirit to a sufficient extent.
>t. furfag, as an result of a poorly kept prayer habit, as a result of probably valuing spellwork over God
Remember the story of the disciples who tried to cast out demons in Jesus' name and were stripped naked and thrown out in the street? That's the same principle at work, even though I haven't really answered your question.
Try not to let them trick you into the logic of "you're a sinner, therefore dig yourself deeper into sin in a self-perpetuating act of self-pity". Don't end up like me.
the fuck is an archon?
don't remember but I know what you're talking about. you have to actually understand the esoteric concepts that are brought up in the recitation for it to work, thought. and those concepts are pretty high level. luckily, the real God is good and gnosticism is sort of bunk.
which is the real God?
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I don't think the amount of knowledge is large to properly cast a spell by your own power, all that's needed is belief if you're doing it yourself, and righteousness if you're doing it by the Holy Spirit. The whole knowledge and esoteric understanding of why it's okay and logically sound to literally play pretend like a fucking autist is probably what you're referring to, which is only an issue to thinking type people rather than feeling type people. This is why women are better at magic on average, women are logically retarded. Men on the other hand are conversely intuitively retarded, but each has the option of sharpening what they weren't given gifts in out of the womb.
Sorry if I talked your ear off, or if I'm being annoying.
Barney the purple dinosaur, second to the Jew Jesus with the long nose who smokes pot and likes gay people. This is an unpopular opinion, but Christianity is bad and the Jewish Synagogue of Satan is good. Anything besides Christianity is good, again this is a very unpopular opinion and very few people tread this ultra secret real true path.
all Good things are God. evil things are ignorance and therefore a lack of God. the demiurge is the collective universal ego. you don't have to escape it or trash it though, just realize it's a great tool and very important to survival and spiritual growth. that's what all this esoteric shit is about, even gnosticism.
Ah yes, the DEM-UR-GAY. Anything is good and holy, everything is worshipping God. Masturbation is an occult escoteric ritual, and very important to spiritual growth.
What this esoteric shit is all about is guhnosticism and guhknowledge, totally not another thinly veiled Judaism for misleading White Christians into heresy.
>The whole knowledge and esoteric understanding of why it's okay and logically sound to literally play pretend like a fucking autist is probably what you're referring to
I'm talking about the gospel where the disciple gives instructions on what to say to the archons after death when they question you. you say things like you are from the father before the father, you say you have a spark in you, stuff like that. the thing is unless you have connected the esoteric dots of what those concepts actually mean, it basically won't work. and to connect those dots you have to study esotericism for years like any other system.
everything is good and holy in the long term. would you rather it not be? but in the short term our goal as humans is to connect to the good of God, enjoy life, and cast aside negative material shit that doesn't serve us any purpose.
jesus might even be the antichrist
uh... no
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If there is in fact a singular antichrist, when in fact the word used for "antichrist" is plural, he will of course be a "Christ". So to say "Jesus is the antichrist" isn't entirely incorrect, because he will also be Jewish (as from what bloodline is he to come from but of Caanan, of Cain the original seed of the Serpent).
Must be the gospel of Thomas, the afterlife isn't a game of question and answer. Your soul ascends or descends to the plane it belongs to based on it's weight, and you sound like the majority of doctors who do everything by the book even when certain practices are EMPIRICALLY found to have been wrong. To draw a clearer line for your 300 iq dot connecting genius brain, study of God's invisible creation is prone to error. It's not the written facts that we must focus on, but an understanding of something beyond just "I memorized 100 facts about X mythology system". Many facts are false, and many to not correlate with other facts. An iota of wisdom is needed in order to grasp a true understanding of magic, as opposed to egotistical INTJ midwit parroting.
Good luck memorizing your "how to get out of jail free password" though, even though spells are the exact same when it comes to true power. Spells aren't magic passwords, they are psychological triggers to metaphysical mechanics which can be grasped through learning to conceptualize and correlate.
I know you probably already hate me by now, but read or listen to Franz Bardon's Initiation into Hermetics if you haven't already. It offers a view into the unseen world that will make what I'm describing just a little bit easier.
The will of God is more complex than us having fun and practicing basic aura cleaning, even Satanists clean their aura and have fun.
Discipline is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, but self-control isn't the Holy Spirit itself. Successful pedophiles are disciplined.
it's quite simply the person who would steal the aspects association...
Christ is unconditional love...
>the mothers love is unconditional
as a 'source' of Christ, you represent a fraud in a single man ever being able to claim a mothers source resonance ~we all know~ intrinsically and likely haven't GUESSED this is a UNIVERSAL ECHO we translated through our body to become COMMON knowledge.
only Mary saves Jesus name and that involves accepting her as a source resonance
What is absolutely crucial to know here is that the archons have access to various parts of your mind and subconscious mind and can read both, so you need to truly know that your soul/spirit is innocent. They can take on the appearance of any god/prophet/whatever and "judge" you accordingly based on whatever belief system you have, so if you don't truly know that they've been manipulating you to sin and you only say that you know, they'll call your bluff and you're fucked. Know Thyself.
>Christ is unconditional love
Nope, Christ so loved the world. Christ is the embodiment of the Will of God, not the embodiment of tolerance.
>no one can claim to be a source of truth regarding Jesus Christ
You just did, and so does anyone who makes as much as one statement regarding God the son.
This is all unrelated to the archons anyways, and to the false gospel OP wanted.
>Mary saves Jesus' name, a mother's resonance
Mary isn't above God or his savior, that sounds like Roman Catholic heresy. The "UNIVERSAL" path isn't the Logos, for narrow is the way, and wide is the path that leadeth to destruction.
Christ is risen.

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