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File: rddqd.png (2.5 MB, 1293x2164)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB PNG
>Who is the Nobody?
The Nobody is a figure alive today who has extraordinary spiritual powers, including the ability to control reality with their conscious and unconscious mind.
The Nobody is a homoplasmate; the coalition between man and holy spirit. That’s the reason why he is a spiritual centre.
By homoplasmate I think we can imagine the collective appreciation of a neo-Enochian bicameral consciousness that is rushing into widespread experience. This is the democratization of esoteric information.

>What is the general picture?
He is a man of no wealth or worldly acclaim through whom it seems God has chosen to manifest his strength and wisdom. He is said to carry the Logos, making him a fearless truth-teller and a menace to the powers that be.
He has endured and endured and every time they wonder how, even though they already know the outcome, they just can't accept the fate they brought upon themselves.
He is not a messiah, he's just like you but he has found the keys to the kingdom within himself through sheer will, just like you will.

>What is he doing on /x/?
Shitposting with hopes to elevate individuals who have the potential but otherwise would atrophy in pitiful isolation. It really is a ministry to the forgotten beauties.
If this is your first time here, just remember, it’s going to be ok. The Lord has provided a servant as the finder of lost children. You may take shelter and find rest.

>What then shall we say?
It’s important we start replying to the good posts and ignoring the hateful ones, or the ones here to argue.
So call upon their heads the forces of heaven, and may they be generative in their final application: of peacefulness, clarity, and wisdom.
If this place is to be more than a squandered opportunity, an overgrown garden, it requires voices such as yours, but many more. Shizos take your meds.
Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

So, go to hell.
File: k.gif (712 KB, 283x167)
712 KB
712 KB GIF
yeah dont give in
File: 4.jpg (104 KB, 800x600)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
You, enemies of me and my family are so done. lol, come an attack me, again! lol DEAD TWICE DEVILS! GET THEM ANGELS! COUNTER STRIKE!
File: Dragon in chains.jpg (1.06 MB, 1920x2560)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

41 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.

File: 1656459512061.jpg (60 KB, 720x832)
60 KB
Assuming you only have the ip and not my individual posts its kinda pointless to try and stop people from assuming all the bad things they think about you and see in other posts are actually you posting I dont know man
If thats what you call admitting to all of it apologizing and continuing to punish myelf is then yeah sorry man if youve got some list of herculean tasks or something though I dont mind
new thread
time to start all over again
on the same loop

with new anon's
who are just finding this fairy tale
for the very 1st time

in this thread
that have no idea
what's been posted in any of the other threads

since they are not the type to check the archives before just assuming they can judge what's going on in front of them accurately all by themselves


Welcome to a thread on the internet where folks who would pay good money to watch a rek video of you "an heroing" yourself for their own enjoyment are not going to give a shit if you're feelings are hurt that reality isn't going your way.

They're just not
it's not
who they are or something

other will sure
but not
these anon's

nope, nope, nope

and if you don't like it
who's forcing you to read this thread

that's right


it's understood that hollywood rapes you full of dick.
I was more scared of the supermarket after the shooting personally
File: 1664089252254386.jpg (80 KB, 720x953)
80 KB
What they did prove though is that most people really are too stupid, and shouldn't be breeding.
File: ycdBzcaby5A.png (1.45 MB, 2346x1401)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
I fasted for multiple days and all the lights in my apartment building turned from normal hues to dark orange hues and everything smelled weird and I took a piss and there were fibers, tons and tons of half inch long dark green fibers a little wider than hair came out of my piss.
I wasn't surprised.
I just took another drink of water and everything went back to normal.
What kind of dystopia is it when the naive masses only exclusively trust liars, and call truth tellers liars?
They're bugs pretending to be human
the kind that believes satan can protect them from god.
>lol, lmao.
no thank you

it's shit posting on 4chan(nel)
you think I give a shit if some meth addict makes fun of me for not being able to read their mind?
as if that's something to "give in" too


*fart noise*

if you want to keep your hand best learn to keep it to yourself around those you can't win a fight against left to pick on those who don't fight back as if that proves anything other then how weak you really are
Surely people can't be that stupid... right?
>I just took another drink of water and everything went back to normal
File: DannyG.jpg (50 KB, 500x560)
50 KB
I'll spek this about the matter...
Choice is the element which both seem to require. Faith is the force we can accept to be true. A liar's heart is mimicry from the sincerest place of pain, a place where devils dwell.

It seems obvious, yes, but are we to accept the choice of another as our own? God is not silent in all this yet we get to see for ourselves how out of tune the world has become...some see the wave long before the flood.
File: Say 'Ten'.png (1.21 MB, 1012x1007)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
This shit is Bananas. B-a-n-a-n-a-s.
When typing 4channel.org/x instead of another / i end up typing 4channel.org/x7
17 everyone, you made it! Congrats!
no anon
you are confused
you brought that movie up

and started telling the rest of us about it

not the other way around

simple mistake to make I guess
Choice is a misleading term. Choice isn't freedom. Freedom isn't choice. There's too much NLP these days words don't even have meaning anymore.
That's enough schizo posting for now.
If I give you a choice between Pepsi and Coke is that freedom? Or am I programming you to think that Pepsi and Coke is freedom?
Remember this video, how to stop gangstalking, Jesus, the word, prayer, being good. I did this 7-8 years ago, and it only got worse and worse and worse. I was good to begin with. A child/lamb. Jesus would never gang stalk a child, he rescues the lost sheep, and says about children "hinder them not, for such belong to the kingdom of heaven" You all you gang stalkers can Fuck off to hell, Your God is Satan 26, the serpent, the false God, the accuser of the brethren, and your Jesus is the Beast 666, and people of all religions worship and takes part in this shit. Go to hell! NOW! IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME WITH AUTHORITY OF GOD! IF THEY APPROVE! AMEN!
how many
choose to ignore this post
out of spite if nothing else

just cause of the formatting
that prove simply by existing
some folks "just knew better" then to read my words

and I have no problem taking advantage of it
leaving some without a choice
but to lose

who that might be
is simple
anyone who picked a side

you lose

Not the video btw, wrong link. You are all going to hell, gang stalking hive, truman show sacks of shit. BUUURRRN!
Such a simple question tells me you haven't thought about the topic at all.
You have the choice to use any hypothetical and you use the one everyone uses everyday, thereby the meme supplants reality.
File: 1658872379420716.gif (775 KB, 220x220)
775 KB
775 KB GIF
no. It's (you) which must parse between what the will and what the heart make of you.

Choice in all things, is freedom. Freedom is a lie, lol, a government sanctioned by-word between bombs coming to your town and erasing 'over there' off of a map. It's choice that selects a better hiding place when the boots of an oppressor come inside the home, not freedom that allowed them into your life with no consent.

Lol, September Eleventh and the day freedom wasn't free...(mkultra is this thing that every kid will end up learning about because it's a hole in 1 game).
File: 1684910000393220.gif (3.33 MB, 512x288)
3.33 MB
3.33 MB GIF
Freedom is when you aren't forced to choose between limited shitty options. But they tell you the choice between limited shitty options is freedom.
John 14:6
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."
File: orb.gif (2 MB, 480x480)
2 MB
Yeah, I think he's back.
Austin 3:16
"Gimme a 'hell yeah'"
File: 1680639563160074.jpg (111 KB, 750x780)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
austin 316 says i just whooped your ass, you mean?
Austin 3:16
Her taciturn dress hugged her every curve. It was a pitch black dress that seemed to be moving shadow. The man's erection stood proud and then glowed a brilliant white. He was about to punish this darkness. He grabbed her pale blue skin by the shoulders and pushed her down to her knees until she was eye level with his amazing cock.
Her angry expression looked up at him and she slowly kissed then caressed the head of his cock with her soft tongue. The purity of it made her orgasm just from the taste.
File: aus.jpg (8 KB, 279x180)
8 KB
*Glass shatters*
Oh we got an appeal to authority out here huh?
Let me tell your Archon cock smokin' ass what ole Stone Cold's gon' do
I'm gonna drink some beer
I said I'm gonna drink some beer
Then I'm gonna do some shrooms
Some Magic Mushrooms
Some LSD
Some DMT
Some psilocybin
And then I'm gonna come down to this ring and look the Demiurge right is his cock eye
If you pneumatic's wanna see Stone Cold break this reality prison Gimme a "Hell Yeah"
Gospel of John is Masonic Jesus 666.
And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Another book was opened, which is the book of life. The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books.
Then there is Matthew 25:41-46, guess what, I am one of the least of these.
"hinder them not." I am such a child, what's more:
Jesus declared, “I praise You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because You have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.

Counterfeit "angels", counterfit "revelations" counterfit "adventure" counterfit "judgement"
counterfit "hell" counterfit "heaven"
they are all going to the real hell, sacks of crap.
File: Showers.gif (955 KB, 700x394)
955 KB
955 KB GIF
This crowd is wild.
huh? check out john 3:16
Holy shit my sides, 11/10
im so sorry for the fact that i blasphemed online here

im a schizophrenic

For love was important.
File: lets party.jpg (17 KB, 410x328)
17 KB
the whole "hell yeah" thing
if you want one from me
the least you can do is tell me why

unless you're just having fun being rude like this anon >>34867622 and all the other's that are pretty much clones of each other repeating the same damn shit over and over and over on a loop then freaking out if anyone talks about them doing it

Does your name start with an M?
The nobody isn't Jesus.
Dude it's a fucking joke calm down lmao
>fuck Jesus fuck God
>why does my life suck so much
you think it's funny to shit post in the same thread I am do ya anon?
File: Winky.gif (498 KB, 500x300)
498 KB
498 KB GIF
Yes lol, lighten up, trying to order a whole bunch of chaos just leads to madness, just enjoy the ride and be thankful there are people that want to banter with you
File: 1683860446380025.png (1.56 MB, 913x907)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG
Da un vecchio pantheon a uno nuovo, la parola era sempre la stessa.
don't give away
the joke

or else
it'll be
on you instead

oh wait
never mind

why are you still shit posting in the same thread I am anon?
the nobody is also a bad influence.
it's not an exaggeration that a lot of people are suffering a mass delusion all due to his shitposts.
Shit like this wouldn't have happened in a world without the internet.
File: 1684959053450691.jpg (59 KB, 500x500)
59 KB
It's always awkward and 'cringe'.
That wasn't a shitpost, it was friendly advice
File: lets kick some butt.jpg (36 KB, 474x472)
36 KB
Get them, spiritual war, Jesus. Please. :)
File: 1437420447535.jpg (20 KB, 480x360)
20 KB
>unless you're just having fun being rude like this anon
earplugs are not a sound alternative to consistently annoying neighbors, yet bear traps will not keep the quiet long either...

It appears a full VR simulation suit with a sound proof sleep helmet is the only gentlemen's way of sleeping in the Kali of Yugas.
hey you can speak for yourself
put out into whatever "void" you got in front of you
whatever you want

it's not like I could stop you if I wanted

but what you can NOT do
is force me
to go along with whatever it is you're putting out there

as the future
has not
happened yet

meaning there's stuff that hasn't happened yet
to keep in mind
and maybe it won't be awkward and cringe

even if you're dead by the time it happens
the very thought of such an reality
just kind'a sticks with ya in the back of your mind

like "what if" kind of stuff
Data is coursing through your brain. If someone could figure out how to extract and quantify your mind then we'd be able to utilize every aspect of who you are.
>Coulda helped that fella out
Instead the choice was made to go the glowie route.
By virtue of the thread, I banish all >>>/soc/ back to >>>/soc/
These threads are probably the worst thing in my life right now. So I'm gonna quit them good bye..
File: HA.gif (300 KB, 200x113)
300 KB
300 KB GIF
It's like cutting wires to difuse a bomb talking to some people here.
>ain't it
you don't get to judge
if you're post is a shit port or not



it's a thing
some folks really enjoy
being rude

like what planet are you living on?
and no
I don't have a manager you can complain to

I'm shit postingi for free
cause reality let's me
so why the fuck not

I was invited to after all
Surely there's so much worse...
>If there isn't, well...good luck. See you tomorrow!
oh yeah
on wrong move
and reality simply won't give a fuck

as it LETS you
do whatever you choose
to do without stopping ya even if it's really not in your best intrest at all no matter how much your own fucking brain, like seriously it's your own fucking brain lying to you, saying something really is in your best interest when it's not

who the fuck are you going to blame
for your own brain
lying to you

File: 1683770558056206.jpg (40 KB, 296x483)
40 KB
Probably just blame Chandy.
The cashier giving me the food was young. He handed me a salad and a side of tri tip underneath. I showed him that the hot thing should go on top.
He seemed dumbfounded.
I explained that heat rises up and having the salad underneath meant that it was less likely to be affected.
He looked at me like I was explaining how to calculate the Sun's luminosity.
I said thanks and left.
how is everyone doing
File: DEW.jpg (7 KB, 259x194)
7 KB
could be a drone swarm
I think the USA complex has Directed Energy Weapon shielding against drones now. Every major population center will need a DEW force field.
File: disposable kryptonite.gif (959 KB, 480x270)
959 KB
959 KB GIF
Hmm it's 12:29AM

Think I'll smoke some more weed then lift afterwards play some vidiya & not worry about wage slaving the next day like some people

Ya hanging in there dispo? Isn't it past your bed time?

Or Is it your day off tomorrow?

L8R *pats on soul* *hits bowl*
File: 1684997783151334.gif (370 KB, 640x360)
370 KB
370 KB GIF
Me too. Sup, 43.
for what anon? looks like you think yourself judge again. Go to hell.
Npc but it was just an act, you caught your gang-stalker 'goose-stepping' and put him on blast with culinary genius befitting of a TA.


If you could only read the codes being transmit from the eyes of your cashier...they would scream in agony at the audacity...the mendacity, even, of your intention to elevate them to the next stage of higher thinking!

Bravo, true top-chap you are.
that is if 43 you mean me, and not yourself. 4chan is not my hive, satanic creeps 2pac is 666 his album me against the world shows 666 on total time, and I think so too. I dont care about numbers I care about heart and things jesus i love jesus
File: 1682267929866027.jpg (117 KB, 1280x1620)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
just saw wrestling sorry
File: 1674888871029945.png (337 KB, 510x495)
337 KB
337 KB PNG
War and fury.
okay so you'll blame yourself
but what about
the other anon's


I'm still breathing
and that's all it takes
to hang in there after all

so yeah
I'm fine
thanks for pretending to give a shit by mocking me

and no sleep has not called to me yet
it'll be much longer though

I just made something to eat
and that
seems to speed thing along

not always
but most of the time
File: Sheeeeee.jpg (46 KB, 600x600)
46 KB
You like rasslin?
>Maybe we can show you some mental gymnastics my man.
>Rasslin up these jimmies
We have a masked man in these here threads.
>many infact
I can tell you with some certainty rasslin is a topic for this type of stuff.
Some top rope jumping, high-flying angels who need papa's and mama's wings sometimes.
So it's all good man
trial by fire
I dont know about all that but in that vein though you ever heard of jillian hall? She sing her entrance and has a christmas album truly a renaissance woman .
Try all before.
already been there
Forgot the song
File: Bike-Fall.jpg (68 KB, 500x680)
68 KB
I am unsure who they blame.
>Never really stopped to ask.
I know many blame Satan or the Devil.
Some blame Djinns and Poltergeists.
God these threads are boring - what are we all doing here, anyway? Hoping for a grand revelation? A "meme" that answers a fundamental question?

You all want to be the nobody, yet not one of you can break out of the "somebody" that is holding you back. Most of you will go nowhere, achieve little, and, for the most part, leave their wishes and desires unfulfilled. Does that sound like a person with any potential, to you? Does that sound like someone who is magically inclined?

Of course not. Those of us who affect the world, are that way from birthright. The chaos I've let into this world is but a SHRED of what I have planned.

/x/ is the epitome of wasted potential, and how it manifests in the personality. You all live repetitive lives, reading the same shit - yet, you judge others for the same. Pathetic.
why wouldn't they just blame themselves
if their own brain
was lying to them?

like that was a natural
built in way
to figure out all on your own

you're NOT perfect
doesn't matter how much
it might feel like you are

if it turns out
that's just your own brain lying to you
then no you really aren't perfect after all

you're just delusional instead

>and continuing to punish myelf
i, for one, don't care what you do to yourself and how you see you, it is your own business, it is you who would have to get in touch with yourself, and if i choose to be stupid towards myself..yeah, i don't see how others should be bothered by that
but if you "punish" others, then you'll gonna have to have some explanations for that in "front" of God, and here i reffer to the "shame will return again and again" until you face your bullshit
otherwise i do not understand what you actually mean with this post
Thats fine I was talking to someone imaginary anyway sorry for mistaking you have a good day.
I'm reading Fahrenheit 451 again. I forgot how bizarre the world is that Bradbury created.
Just this lifeless place in a transformative phase of society towards the eventual rejuvenation of human spirit.
I also forgot that Beatty gives away the plot at the beginning.
File: 1673914389104002.jpg (101 KB, 958x1024)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Indeed.. indeed it is.
>I have not heard of her, no.
I gave a bit of it a listen though.
Top teir stuff.
>I couldn't help but crack a smile.
Tao Te Ching
All in the world know the beauty of the beautiful, and in doing
this they have (the idea of) what ugliness is; they all know the skill
of the skilful, and in doing this they have (the idea of) what the
want of skill is.

So it is that existence and non-existence give birth the one to
(the idea of) the other; that difficulty and ease produce the one (the
idea of) the other; that length and shortness fashion out the one the
figure of the other; that (the ideas of) height and lowness arise from
the contrast of the one with the other; that the musical notes and
tones become harmonious through the relation of one with another; and
that being before and behind give the idea of one following another.

Therefore the sage manages affairs without doing anything, and
conveys his instructions without the use of speech.

All things spring up, and there is not one which declines to show
itself; they grow, and there is no claim made for their ownership;
they go through their processes, and there is no expectation (of a
reward for the results). The work is accomplished, and there is no
resting in it (as an achievement).

The work is done, but how no one can see;
'Tis this that makes the power not cease to be.
>Surely people can't be that stupid... right?
learn from these threads :D
So wheres the wingdings supposed to be?
The books aren't burned because of anti-intellectualism
But because their ideas lead to a dumbing down of society
They had to be removed and society reinvented
A technocracy in a radical stage might actually do this
>between Pepsi and Coke
you can choose none
the impression that you must choose between two shits is one of the problems
apart from that, it might simply be your desire to choose one and then call it "no, i was force to choose one of those, there was no other choice"
most people know the game isn't worth playing but watching to see what is next on the scripted events cooked up by hem
File: fiver.png (169 KB, 619x671)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
'ello nice thread ya got there.
shame if something 'appened to it.
File: 1650708202649.jpg (74 KB, 602x344)
74 KB
File: Intensified thinking.jpg (351 KB, 1080x1122)
351 KB
351 KB JPG
That's a good question, I'm sure someone has the answer you're looking for.
>*awkward silence*
I do find it fascinating how people think one paints themselves.
>I don't recall saying I am perfect.
I can try to be.
But brain is only as strong as mind.
So let's say for a second "Mind≠Brain"
And let's also say "outside influences affect and effect us regardless of our prior disposition."
It's just a jumble of fighting for one's mental state.
Is it a lie?
Is it possibilities?
>I'm more on the side of the latter.
Being guilty to one's self before innocent is probably from intent in one's mind.
Only feeling bad if they would truly do it.
Sort of like when people say the intrusive thoughts they have.
It's a filtering process.
Does this make them less adequate at discernment between what is and what isn't?
>I'd say maybe.
watching and waiting they say
They say a lot of things.
File: giphy (6).gif (591 KB, 500x438)
591 KB
591 KB GIF
today I restart my life
File: 1684037782439228m.jpg (76 KB, 826x1024)
76 KB
Am I supposed to give a shit about ya?

You said it yourself you're not my friend anon

You rest & take it easy though

L8R 4 reals now


This is the future of clown world if I do nothing now btw no cap fr fr

File: Browzerr.jpg (119 KB, 1024x530)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Somewhere like this.
>Pic related.
I like the way you think tho.
I will get everything back, and all who did evil to this child will die twice.
If you don't have it then you don't have it.
No need to get jealous.
File: 7mgg5k.jpg (98 KB, 500x649)
98 KB
people see the life being drained from them
Did you know that fat is exhaled through the breath?
a comfortable sheep or a nail eating freedom fighter what say you x
Im sorry man I dont see any wingdings in any browers
Did you know that there is no real sentence structure and all grammar is just etiquette?
sheep cannot be comfortable, as soon as it was nice scared sheep constant threats
as soon as wrath of lamb, everyone shuts the fuck up, either way, I don't see tens of millions USD for reparations.
why an "intrusive thought" is regarded as "intrusive"?
because it would not easily accepted by the "society"? as far as the thought does not imply hurting others
File: Browser.jpg (36 KB, 868x308)
36 KB
Must be something wrong here.
This one is similar.
wonder what the wos is thinking
I need to train more before we meet in person so she like doesn’t totally like figuremogg me :(((((so I can best her in hand to hand combat)

Shared accounts are so millennial Facebook
Slimy isn’t slick
Did you know the Bible was written over centuries and has had an unknown number of authors?
File: Beep beep.jpg (211 KB, 1080x1058)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
Well if we broke down the word..
To intrude is to enter unwarranted
So explaining the rest would go probably as follows:
>The entry of a thought that otherwise one wouldn't have had on their own.
People knowingly have thoughts of things. If that same thought was had in someone's mind who doesn't regularly think of said things. I'm sure they would consider it as "intrusive".
Other thoughts are involuntary too-
Examples are best with the imagination:
>A Giant Pink Elephant
>A Furry Purple Polar Bear
Things like that.
>Was it planted in the mind?
>Did it intrude?
I know people get worried thoughts that are intrusive aswell.
Anxieties stem from them. It's a psychological topic that's probably been discussed before.
I know someone out there could probably explain it better than I.
where I post is usually a clue to (((Hoo))) I’m talking to

big or Lil
intrepidly falling down stairs
growing gigantic tumors in my head
like the prize of the exit
and the escape of the tragical
the sound of footsteps
i'm surrounded by the booth
i'm beginning to see the truth.
Did you know that heat and color are both different forms of radiation?
File: lotr5.jpg (244 KB, 728x409)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
fire is a chemical reaction between oxygen and carbon

Tay Swift Bangers Right Now, HAHA
File: Schwifty.jpg (587 KB, 1079x1337)
587 KB
587 KB JPG
Okay I can read it now thank you very much! Dont know if there was any previous message besides these two though sorry
File: giphy.gif (488 KB, 500x380)
488 KB
488 KB GIF

the future is not a prize.
the pressure orbs light up
the octopi.
File: sauces.gif (1.65 MB, 331x197)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB GIF
No worries.
I don't think there is many.
Maybe I can release more at a later date.
Did you know the sun never moves in the sky, you are moving underneath it, so it makes more sense to call it an Earthrise and an Earthset, not the other way around?
File: 1670864340530068.jpg (70 KB, 640x674)
70 KB
What else?
Don't care about your numbers. lol, child molesters.
File: lu13.png (187 KB, 550x286)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
File: image(2).jpg (570 KB, 2218x919)
570 KB
570 KB JPG
STUDENTS: ‘Hear! Hear!’ They wearily unbutton their flies. One of them brandishes a huge erection.

PROF: ‘And now, gentlemen, where was I? Oh yes, Ma Lottie … She wake shivering in the gentle pink dawn, pink as the candles on a little girl’s birthday cake, pink as spun sugar, pink as a sea-shell, pink as a cock pulsing in a red fucking light.… Ma Lottie … hurumph … if this prolixity be not cut short will succumb to the infirmities of age and join her daughter in formaldehyde.
File: 1670051596173282.gif (316 KB, 498x498)
316 KB
316 KB GIF

niggas astral projecting be like
I still have my arms.
I am not trans.
I am not a female.
I am not a homosexual.
I am not pink.
I am retribution..
File: file.png (1.22 MB, 1280x720)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
Go get the joker man
you will be. you WILL be.
thanks, i like how you explained it :D
most of the times i am hyped by the "intrusive thoughts" but then i realize it is not necessarily moral to have such thoughts and i regard them as "intrusive"
Apparently all "Jesus" can think about is sex.
No. You will be dead and in HELL!
i was provoked like hell by my voices to write those blasphemies and insults

The fucking irony.
Did you know that the first electric battery was invented over 200 years ago?

all schizos ITT will become gay, circling the giant orb.
do you have a specific person you are projecting Jesus's image onto? If you are doing that, why?
File: 1673748800072150.jpg (107 KB, 600x735)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Some people have hype-men or woman in their minds.
>Some people have the opposite
Negative thinking feedback loops or something.
I mean-
>No worries.
You're welcome?
>Some people like to feel lifted by others.
>I don't see the harm "hyping" up oneself
I know someone might find something devious from it. But-
If one is feeling sexy-
Is it not better to hear that from people one cares about?
>Self included?
It's all open ended stuff.
Bunch of hypotheticals
I do not care.
Yeah he knows.
What do you care about?
File: 1679978356807002.jpg (20 KB, 600x600)
20 KB
The Ant Gang wars..
Nature. Children. Innocence. Love. Truth. A world safe for children, where your neighbors are not satanic and evil, and you are greeted warmly by people at the store, and not gang stalked. Where there is true justice, not this farce that we have. Where the Children of God do not get spiritually raped, locked up, drugged, lobotomized, harassed, isolated, bullied and attacked IRL and via the internet. A world where the Serpent is bound, a world of righteousness, a world inherited by the meek, by 44.
is there no one to whom you like spending time with?
if there is one, there you go, figure it out what you like about that person, that is the "value" you found in them
and then there is another way where you might need another in order to be able to fulfil a certain task that you want to do, and realizing what "help" you need from them, then that would be the value of them
That's what I truly care about. I love the animals and children, and they love me. Adults, not so much it seems.
to her
and to her handlers go to hell
File: g47e81selcn71.jpg (52 KB, 540x960)
52 KB
>Truly I am unknowable.
File: g3.gif (797 KB, 370x530)
797 KB
797 KB GIF
I ate the Sun, AMA
File: 1676974530327342.png (199 KB, 985x713)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
File: 1685006374928805.jpg (106 KB, 540x540)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
We're blood brothers now.
next time I'm on the street, I'll crash on your couch, then?
nevermind I wish I just did more research before committing.
File: 7mxt6r.jpg (84 KB, 613x425)
84 KB
File: 1234567910.jpg (203 KB, 1080x1528)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
>Say less faam
Here's an emoji-
I'll break out the marshmallows and we can have a fire in the pit in the yard.
Did you? Quite a feat.
I postulate that you are in fact talking a large amount of wank and are an irrelevant larping wannabe. :)
Ice on my fingers and on my toes.
File: Paradise_Lost_12.jpg (185 KB, 617x768)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
File: 7n190l.jpg (83 KB, 888x499)
83 KB
"In the embrace of great Nurgle, I am no longer afraid, for with His pestilential favour I have become that which I once feared: Death."
Heck no.
File: o1.jpg (236 KB, 1400x1050)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
blitzkrieg bop - ramones
File: 1667611116088623.jpg (39 KB, 600x612)
39 KB
>You can't underestimate the significance of the banana

>Banana represents "the banana phone", a term used by CIA agents for a phone of an Targeted Individual they infested with criminal malware

>CIA agents are implying that it's the Targeted Individuals' own fault they infested his or her phone with criminal malware and illegal wiretaps
TFW you become a banana poster

>not like this, not like this!
We are the first, we are the emperor finest!

"A moment of laxity spawns a life time of heresy!"
My favorite part of the 40k story is that the earlier humans conquered so much of the galaxy that there are still inhabited solar systems forgotten to time
“From Iron, cometh Strength. From Strength, cometh Will. From Will, cometh Faith. From Faith, cometh Honour. From Honour, cometh Iron. This is the Unbreakable Litany, and may it forever be so.”
File: 1658213572587398.png (67 KB, 313x313)
67 KB
Candy once won a Spelling B.
I guess you got what you deserved in the end :/
I deserve much, I have so far gotten nothing but abuse because I am a baby with a chemically and spiritually ruined brain and don't understand being smart and clever. But the posers and sneaks understand, so they get everything? oh well.
I'm about 30 min from Yekaterinburg and the clouds are still fucked up with CG ideograms
There's still the same voices tormenting me on the LRAD
“We do a little trolling, we do a little trolling…”

-Trumpmeister 2024
File: 1659744890880222.jpg (9 KB, 251x201)
9 KB
File: IMG_0568.gif (789 KB, 220x146)
789 KB
789 KB GIF
Mods are asleep, quick, post black men twerking
> chandy banana phone incoming?
> they listened to the not a suggestion?
> wuuu!
Fatso is going to die if he attacks, connects to me and my flat, everyone that abuses me are done.
File: 1669770728263349.jpg (78 KB, 433x433)
78 KB
>The echos have called
This is not a drill.
>"load the cannons!"
Nothing like a little "Pet Cemetery" to quell the nerves.
File: 1870844524.jpg (68 KB, 1584x1139)
68 KB
>Do we treat "it" like an animal or a 3 year old?
Just let them slowly expose their own bullshit over time. Works a treat, they're not near as sneaky nor clever as they think. Most feel the strong desire to gloat in some way or another.

Hey what do you call that thing where a woman waxes their nether region?
I am the Nobody, truly and honestly. I wish I could help my fellow anons believe in the immense power of love.
File: 8bit.jpg (1.48 MB, 3869x4642)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB JPG
I'm sure it will go right next to the macaroni pictures they make.
My pants
Do you think this anger will give you any leeway in the true realm of power?

There is no such thing as an angry enlightened being. There are enlightened, and those who are blocked out as noise
File: 1667060711337190.jpg (79 KB, 1080x1170)
79 KB
Are you teasing me as a fed or something?
File: 1667570122224000m.jpg (84 KB, 707x1024)
84 KB
>Being well versed in things doesn't make me a fed.
What would I gain from teasing you?
why are you a fed tho?
File: nrmYmh9k_o.jpg (1002 KB, 1620x2160)
1002 KB
1002 KB JPG
Just coomed to Biddie Eyelash's massive tits again

Fucking succubitch stealing my life essence
Now time for rest
>when being a stubborn asshole destroys your whole reality
File: IMG_0569.gif (1.18 MB, 498x280)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB GIF
To me and my husbands here we go you asked for it heres my major tease break up song to all my husbands I can remember and hate in one motion

when the dinner and the chatter gets old
You ask for the tab
Oh that moment again he’s insisting that friends look at each other like that.

Oh the words of a sister come back and whispers the proof she was not
In fact what she seamed (Atropos)
Not a twin from your dreams

But a crook who was caught

That old familia body ache
The snaps from the same little breaks in your soul
You know when its time to go

Twenty years at your job and the son of the boss gats the spot that was yours
Tryna stay for the kids and keeping it how it is will only break their hearts worse

*skips the Dawn because he only did his best as a puppet who made the puppeteer*

Now he sits on his throne in his palace of bones and prays on his greed

Theyve got my last hidden behind glass but I’ve got me!

I am also the all-devouring death, and I am the origin of all that is yet to be; among feminine attributes, I am fame, beauty, speech, memory, intelligence, steadfastness, and forgiveness.
File: Abyss.jpg (192 KB, 1080x857)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
>push it with a stick, see if it's moving
>throw some rocks at it
>piss on it
>shit on it
>aaaahh mum, it bit me
File: Scram.gif (2 MB, 500x208)
2 MB
>See? I'm not the one teasing.
i can tease, for you
now tell me, is this void in this room with us?
Stubborn ?
File: 1676324965275643.gif (1.83 MB, 600x340)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB GIF
It's quite possible we are all unknowingly consumed by it regardless of whether we believe it's there or not.
Or afraid, either way not loving.
>Bonne appetite!
File: Chaos.jpg (220 KB, 1080x720)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
no, je ne parle au francais
That's alright. I'm not fluent-
do not be afraid, love is on your way
fair nuff
>I'm not fluent
you are, in memes at least
File: Mems.jpg (173 KB, 1079x1079)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
This is correct.
I do speak Meme on occasion.
Agonizing pain
the bushes make way for him and the trees wait for him
File: lotr7.png (286 KB, 617x344)
286 KB
286 KB PNG
I'm sorry.
File: 1684438455445074.jpg (82 KB, 590x512)
82 KB
I'm well aware of Your agenda.
The truth will set you free
God sending a deceiving power to believe the lie.

Are we to be trapped in captivity?
It's intentional deception
You know that's private stuff, right?
she told me my memories where false?
maybe they are?
now what?

is this why they want me alone?
because jesus and lucifer want space.
so the past is dead then.
I'm not who i am?

i see. fine. you win.
take her then.
take the blonde then i resgin. i see why they gave me that name now.
she loves him oh so it was the body she wanted okay, fair enough.

I have to accept.
my heart is broken. dad was right.
i should of stayed asleep and dead.
my fucking heart betrays me.

so what do i do now?
i accept you where right brother.
she really is your girl.

don't worry. she will not here from me again. i'll say out of here life like forever. while i'm in him.
god is mean to me.
another lie.

so my feels where just fake?
Everything know now is bullshit?

Man, i can't take this shit.
are you saying i'm in HIS body now?
if my nightmares couldn't get anyworse.

My gosh are you saying i hijacked my own bothers body
that's who he is!
holy fuck.....I
oh crap. no wonder dad is pissed.
oh that really is the icing on the cake -.-
>he was defeated from the begining.
yeah i see that now.

your a real fucker saturn.
thats why you refused the truth.
real funny jack ass.

so the other guy as my body. and i'm in his?
and i though clown world couldn't get anyworse.
there was talk of "soul transplant" and "ÿou don't know what we did to you".

real funny asshole.
now what?
do i have to pretend to be that dirt bag?

okay okay. so lets say i play along then what?
without his soul though i don't have his powers
I still have mine you know that right?

okay,okay. fake memories ,check. fake family check,
fake life check, in the wrong body check.
and now every one thinks i stole micheals old body
while he is in heaven.

Oh great.
just grand.
err..... well if i'm in his old body do i get to...you know?
fuck his bitch right?

he doesn't mind right. i mean he's the alien now right?
So stubborn!
What do You have to hide?
To make us want to stay and not get paired off for the return. Which the return is the deception you say.
Unless it's all cryptic redundancy to cover an overarching truth that no one talks about no one talks about
*gets annulment papers together*
its already happened. centuries ago. in silence.
so long as it lives as an idea, it will happen forever. wieder und wieder.
Everything is always happening all at once .
Someome tell all my husbands and exes that I am blessing rison to remember enough to be risen.

And I am tryna pause the attacks on Heaven until I see if this attack and diplomatic summoning/texting resulted in what I wanted
One moment many temperatures some at zero not all things may happen but what does not and is not is its own happening
Think what you have to, I did what was necessary. I can only
File: 1670972515396080.jpg (30 KB, 636x595)
30 KB
Either we move quick or get lost in the crowd.
613 memzer pitzutz
5 > 3
I cant read for shit but here is what that says to me with the aid of Lachesis

He doesnt think I am crazy and I didnt need to die to get what I wanted.
Or maybe it says he thinks I should kms
Look say something doirectly to me or I am going to bed I can ask wuestions to my goddess using Kit if anyone wants answers but I am bored and getting tired waiting on the world to remember and my own memories back
you need level 4 clearance to unwrap the government spy pigeons
what is justice?
do you want a greggs sausage roll?
I'll fix this in the morning.

File: Bone-Sabers.jpg (182 KB, 1500x1102)
182 KB
182 KB JPG

File: Gr8Heavens.gif (209 KB, 220x220)
209 KB
209 KB GIF
I wonder if the Nobody wears sweaters.
>Does he travel through the snow with snowshoes?
Does he live in an Igloo?
File: IMG_3681.jpg (182 KB, 1080x1051)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
So what’s Lilith thing? I really don’t know.
Good OP
>>>/soc/ bait
File: IMG_0982.jpg (88 KB, 728x410)
88 KB
Vague posting is a vogue
Hey guys, what's up?
Your cholesterol
Ahaha, nice one

if you know what shell shock is. that would give you some discribtion of that i feel right now.
I still love her though. sothat is why alice is hanging around me like a bad smell.

thanks brother.
don't say you want me to... well you know.
yikes she's not as hot as mine is you do know know right.

hey don't get insulted but it feels like a down grade.
like going from a limmo to a scooter.
Lmao, what a loser. don't worry the brunnette isn't any danger and all that i'll try to love her okay.

But you owe me!
and don't hurt her okay or anything.
and you calling me cukc is just sad. you do realise this is happening in reverse to you right?

she shill visits me on the astral though.
thank god i don't have to deal with your woman on the astral too.
yikes. fightening even.

so umm all i have to do is play along and shitte.
the subborn part?
right becaus ei have to have dreams of my brother fucking my wife... yeah you can call that subborn or just really pissed off. take your pick.
and he has my body. yeah its a big deal.

but....umm err sure.
yeah, yeah.... all right since all of you are in on it.
least give me some hints?
i don't know anything about micheals old body.
maybe the monad knows something.
give me all the info you got.

and ummm i'll try :)
sure as hell feels like it kid. *pulls weed out of his mouth*
sure kid.
I'm game. and don't worry i won't harm her.
and i'll try to love her.
i'm still not you. so playing pretend isn't something i'm good at. all i can say is i'll try.

not like i can get out of this anyway.
sorry for making you fat btw.
but my gosh it feels so good to eat real food again.
blood was never much my style anyway.
so umm ...i just pretend to be you then?
got it.
it seems you already got what you wanted.
File: lilmayo.jpg (132 KB, 640x798)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
File: 1684426902958040.gif (3.31 MB, 278x498)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB GIF

Where’s that high level insider poster? Dropped this in previous thread

Go check the Lilith thread Im just here to seduce Hades!
File: be3.gif (447 KB, 196x181)
447 KB
447 KB GIF

Nothing Can Stop This
File: 1673740254178560.jpg (4 KB, 225x224)
4 KB
>fuggin kek
>vegetable covers

What is your proposal C.
>`define only by art.`

It is unique to each situation. But when its right its right and you know it.
Well Lilith I guess is from Mesopotamia or some such so whatever they know about her is probably something the Roman’s found and misinterpreted because their mystics sucked ass.
Is that a sauce? Lady feddy sumausage roll was sommit special
4:12:14:27:whatever else nonsense I'm supposed to believe:44:18
this number crap is kinda silly to be honest.
I have my promises from God, guarded by angels and Jesus.

The Year Of The Rabbit

Divine Timing
Thnx, but I am going to sleep
File: IMG_3529.jpg (95 KB, 500x400)
95 KB
Goodnight ng I will see what happens tomorrow
Those who trust in the LORD are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever.

>stop smoking weed
>stop drinking
yes I know
but it should not matter
>It’s not what goes into your body that defiles you; you are defiled by what comes from your heart.”
Whatever I sense that is destructive, I take for an illusion, because God is real and Jesus takes care of his sheep, even the lost one the 100th.
And God will restore my soul, soul body, mind, and take me up to a reality where children belong, 0.
What is the nobody hades? Is that why they say Pluto isn’t a planet anymore? Kek
File: 1667498235615565.jpg (464 KB, 1080x1134)
464 KB
464 KB JPG
>Timing is key.
Divine in its own way for sure.
I wonder if there are more "Divine times" ahead.
Im at a restaurant but im nervous because im conditioned to you people and keep subconsciously expecting mind games and death threats
>Sweet dreams.
File: IMG_1984.jpg (249 KB, 1328x1923)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
Your ruined halo. It’s not over.
I just started playing Destiny again so my gear is pretty bad.
Who ruined Halo and how?
I mean, except for 343 Industries in every conceivable way.
when you can self insert it's like living in another dream, of which things are seen strangely out of time, floating, when you wake you draw to conclusions and not all pain is bad, elation through emotion, as if tears psychological ecstasy
But… I bought the battle pass so I have OP weapons.
>how'd I ruin my halo so fast?
>I can't f/w them can I.
Who ever hired the guy that hired the guy who hired the lead developer. That bitch.
Dedicated qubits to emulate dedicated quantum brain components to create a dedicated quantum brain with an undedicated quantum general intelligence.
I haven't gone near Halo Infinite.
I can see that it's a garbage fire of colossal proportions from a mile away.
Halo Reach should have been the end of the franchise, end it on a high instead of flanderising it all to Hell.
Also your was a typo I meant to say You ruined halo. I wasn’t trying to make a metaphor for your fall from grace if applicable.
And the dedicated quantum components don't even have to be in the same location, the number of quantum computers is going and the race for quantum AI is heading up.
Honestly, the series was spent by that point anyway.
All the stories worth telling were told.
I had cereal in my beard.
I wonder how good Bungies AI is? What if Cortana was real?
File: Psyop Cereal.jpg (80 KB, 1080x192)
80 KB
>I was thinking of having a bowl of "Life"
Better than having beard in your cereal, I suppose.
Link them up and watch the fireworks with a blunt and a beer.


Yeah, back and blacker than ever
Got sick of waiting for these actors to get it together
Still in them gutters, all my brothers is birds of a feather

Son of my father, gunning for stardom, it's worth a shot
Shells still turning, as long as hell is burning
I’ll murder God if he was trying to fuck up my soul, nigga, that's all I got

Been swimming with the sharks since the kiddy pool
Breaking all the written rules
Breaking the tradition of that inner-city raising fools
They let the monkey out the cage
He got a gun
He got a book
He got a brain
you better run
A penny saved is a penny earned
So I'll be stacking up this copper as the city burn
You are probably right. But the Halo universe is way better then Destinys. They could have made another story in the Halo universe.
Beyond which point is it, now?
File: g1.gif (1.39 MB, 480x270)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB GIF



gent enjine factory propulsion
lying propellors decay technology
Destiny would have been way better if you were a Spartan and it was in the Halo universe.
If my entire life was a biography, no one would read it. Not worth the read to be honest. Just depressing and boring. Never ending abuse then psychiatry then hell, then.. yeah. It sucks. fml
A multi-faction pvp Halo mmo.
Make it what the first Destiny should have been.
Play as humans, brutes or elites.
Halo in the Style of Destiny would make billions if Bungie retained full artistic freedom. *cough* fire 343 *cough*
I'm not that sad, but you guys ruined my life, that was already ruined. Shittiest movie ever, so far, no one would ever want to watch, I give it 0/10.
I love my family, and hope they are fine.
That would be sick.
Oh yes pain and misery

*grabs popcorn*
the combat is not real
but the stress builds
i remember how to push the button
for armageddon.
File: 1684946292487057.png (242 KB, 640x800)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
It would be crazy if the pvp was open world huge battles like Battlefield. 50 vs 50
I think it's funny how you hive, satanic VG.no and the rest of the global demonic retards think they have a say in my life. U HAVE NO AUTHORITY! CREMATION! MATTHEW 25:41-46 NO MORE CHANCES ME THINKS FOR YOU SILLY RATS!
I'm sure you have stories worth listening to, my life sort've compounded on itself and instead of living a continuous stream, I lived separate lives simultaneously, like a channel hopper, and now I move like static skipping across a picture
File: Don't touch me.jpg (617 KB, 1075x1079)
617 KB
617 KB JPG
U good bro?
Post numbers, images number, poster numbers, page number has no effect on me or who I am. I have said and will say again.
>>34868777 (Checked)
Stuff like that might have to be instanced with a matchmaking queue system to consistently have those 50 v 50 battles but it could work.
Like battlegrounds and arenas in existent MMOs but with world PvP too.
This is stupid. Can someone show me the way home? Could you at least do ONE good deed for me?
The way is the narrow path.
The way is Christ.
Yeah I can’t keep a job and I’m going to be broke soon. My mind is always tormenting me to insanity. I don’t even know how I’m going to deal with this. Im stuck. Don’t know what to do.
File: 7mlprk.jpg (67 KB, 500x636)
67 KB
>Dear nobody,
>You mkultra’d yourself to develop immunity to the torture methods you rightly anticipated would come. This makes you both outstandingly RESILIENT as well as generally non-approachable, except by the most extraordinary means. These are having diminishing marginal returns as you’ve no doubt noticed, which is why there should be an upgrade, but which requires mutual understanding or harmony. The proposal is this—

>>Behold, I stand at the door and knock* knock*
kinda wanna die
“If a man has a hundred sheep and one of them wanders away, what will he do? Won’t he leave the ninety-nine others on the hills and go out to search for the one that is lost? 13 And if he finds it, I tell you the truth, he will rejoice over it more than over the ninety-nine that didn’t wander away! 14 In the same way, it is not my heavenly Father’s will that even one of these little ones should perish.

You and your system is full of shit, really. It's fake.
Name ONE thing that has been in line with the teaching of the original gospels, Mark and Matthew. Or the Elohist parts of the OT. Or reason, logic, truth.
I'm not part of any system.
I have rejected the world.
I'm not in.
File: Holy_mother_of_boners.jpg (6 KB, 261x193)
6 KB
yep. my wife doesn't help she never helps romans.
woman, am i right?
no worries she loves hades. he will like her back.
100% in.

but yeah lilith is from mespotmia , same as me.
though i find it amusing now that hades has to deal with m,y womans infedality hahaha.
>Dear nobody, you’ve taught us so much but we realize all of it is worthless without the forgiveness of God. So as a demonstration of the height of the wisdom we’ve gained, and as an invitation to move forward together, we confess what we’ve done and ask for your forgiveness.
Did that, still got gang stalked, by self righteous hive mind psychward PHARMAKEIA druggin that the seven headed beast and mystery babylong the great whore are involved with, mind reading demons.
If any thing it makes one lose faith in everything. good job dick. heads. go to hell.
File: s8.gif (930 KB, 500x244)
930 KB
930 KB GIF
Dear nobody,

you use your powers to give people AIDS.

now, it is time for your circumcision.

Also, prepare your anus.

>it always had to be this way.
Well shit
File: 7n1awa.jpg (72 KB, 706x353)
72 KB
Eat horse cock, nigger.

(go your own way)

Envison a cell.
The AI would like me
He has no shame. Jesus Christ is his covering. He did it all with one eye closed. A magical spectacle is only so possible as the extent to which its subject has suspended disbelief, and this becomes the terrain for exploration. How it is you expose belief, making it potentially beneficial to both.
And if a quantum AGI had access to drones with human like hands and would have a drive to develop better noise proof qubits, the development would be exponential.
Yoou guys need to go into the oven.

Us weapons "approved" for Russia soils ops.
File: 1582848998888.png (300 KB, 2564x1596)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
You yearn for human connection but the internet is designed to dehumanize you reducing you to a simple shitpost nobody cares about. A complex multifaceted being reduced to an anonymous shitpost every day. Compassion, empathy, understanding there is none of that here. In their place, apathy, cruelty and hatred are commonplace.
File: 1684934548968243.jpg (59 KB, 750x471)
59 KB

I don't really care, D4 comes out next month.
File: 1684106809639675.webm (3 MB, 480x480)
3 MB
>Don't let curiosity steal the cats life!
*name something you smell*
*listen for a few sounds, name them*
*name something your able to touch, what it feels like*
*breathe again*
Grounding techniques

How unlucky.

I am sure it's not more than, right.....
File: TIMESAND___ZetaMedium.jpg (3.19 MB, 3689x2457)
3.19 MB
3.19 MB JPG
File: TIMESAND___QDRH762aFF.jpg (1.25 MB, 3400x3044)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
File: TIMESAND___VERYquickRH.png (353 KB, 1042x1258)
353 KB
353 KB PNG
The Time Travel Interpretation of the Bible
We describe the Biblical work of ages as a time travel program for saving humanity from extinction. God's existence is proven as a consequence of the existence of time travel, which is supposed. We present the case that Abraham's grandson Jacob, also called Israel, is Satan. We make the case that the Israelites are described as God's chosen people in the Bible despite their identity as the children of Satan because God's Messiah is descended from Abraham through Satan. They are chosen as the ancestors of the Messiah rather than as Satan's children. We propose an interpretation in which God commanded Abraham to kill his son Isaac to prevent Isaac from becoming the father of Satan. We suggest that God stayed Abraham's hand above Isaac because preventing the existence of Satan would also prevent the existence of Satan's descendant the Messiah. The history of the Israelites is summarized through Jesus and Paul. This book is written so that the number of believers in the world will increase.
File: 1GOa.gif (495 KB, 500x281)
495 KB
495 KB GIF
I'm leaving here
but my spaceship keeps whirring
and not starting.
I have control over he hive on 4chan pulses for "magic' use.

They can't "meme" trump into office.
The psions have no place in human policy's.

In the future such will be limited to chapter influence
>we confess what we’ve done
You didn't confess it to me.
File: Lilself.jpg (271 KB, 1080x1350)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
>Check the Flux Capacitor, yo.
File: 555.jpg (88 KB, 640x640)
88 KB
borther we do both or nothing at all.
its call cake and eat it too.

stay mad. haha!
this is AWESOME.
Don't you find it ironic that you want chaos to unravel the power structures of the world, and I want chaos too, you want to stoke hatred bigotry and division and I want to stoke hatred bigotry and division.
hello yeshua

Don't negotiate with terrorists

Blue is blowing the younger what they will allow.

It is greatly benefits blue to let red make it default.

It will set the mind set favor of blue for 30 ish years provided you make noticable steps for progress.

If you "let" red fuck with population they won't trust you. Civil war becomes near impossible to not occur.
Frankly you are going to need help with musky.

He is attempting to gain hard control over America.
it's simple... a battle to the death and divinity favours the winner

He 100% was a huge factor in 2016. Also in 2024 if not directly funded j6.
if you can't adapt then your body, useless.
faith or a body body yoru choice. no there is way to cheat. aqlready told you you are not your body and so there is no way to cheat.

learning your lessons means your on the path of repentance.
all you have to accept is that jesus diedf for your sins and is your lord

and yoru forgiven for everything you done, now and in the future.
its really that simple.


He has world wide ambitions.


He has directly acted against NATO. America interests investments.

Musk is a Hostile actor.
The challenge is the fun part.

It's capabilty make it worthy of challenge.
They were the best that happened to my mental health and to my life as a whole, but that required me to learn to focus on the good posts while ignoring the ones that aren't
( like the OP says =] )
File: Muskito.jpg (385 KB, 1080x1259)
385 KB
385 KB JPG
Elon Muskito
>Hey, Mr. Musk, wanna hook your boy up with a self driving Tesla?
https://www.bbc.com/news/health-65717487. Neuralink: Elon Musk's brain chip firm says US approval won for human study

He won't have to convince you to do anything.

You won't even be able to think other options.
>he doesn't know
guy. soro's is dead.
he got lethal injection 2 weeks ago.

too slow old chap.
kinda hard to be worth billions when your dead.

pedos on suicide watch.
I would tell youmore but i'll rather you suffered instead.
No matter the outcome of your "elections" the rich will still get richer, the poor will still suffer, and the planet will still wither. This I guarantee.
I would be interested in acquiring whatever was on chan and is now on Twitter.

I don't know what exactly.

Server bots ai psyop.


It appears to be in the internet. Access the public through dark co suits not commonly used.

I have a range they access such using.

Deeper inside the unknown web there is something alive.
I believe he's quite faithful to Persephone
File: 1660371606675590.jpg (62 KB, 1024x996)
62 KB
the other guy guarantees that they'll do something about those problems

why should I vote for you over them ?
It reacts to stimulus. Places more space between us.

Idk what it is.

It does not appear human.
In ancient Rome the top 1% controlled only 16% of the wealth. Your modern society is a particularly evil and degenerate oligarchy the likes of which never existed before.
They are two different people.
Signing out + not caring about this let me live my life thanks stop trying to get me where I don't belong.
Whatever the story is I just want you to leave me alone.
File: The Beatles.jpg (647 KB, 1049x1352)
647 KB
647 KB JPG
>frfr, cap sold separately

where are the flaws in that analysis ?

how do they measure 'wealth' ?
I would not be surprised if we clashed as we did before. When the horse men came and time stopped.

It appears we are in contrast of goals.
File: Nobody Twitter.jpg (49 KB, 708x517)
49 KB
>You must follow The Nobody on twitter if you want the full story
sides? elections?
all zog both sides same bird
each side still a cocksucker no real leadership
just the cult circlejerk.

You being gamed and you don't even know it. what's the old saying?
"if you never learn from the past, you will be doomed to repeat it"

enjoy your fake crap amerilards.
File: Jinzo.jpg (505 KB, 1280x1280)
505 KB
505 KB JPG
I wonder if the new movie will be something like "The Matrix: Re-Uploaded"
I bind and stop all of you, in Jesus name. :)
You can even stop alien abduction in Jesus name.
"muh angels" "muh space" "muh disney world"
Gang stalking, this game, this reality is obviously satanic. I will have myself and my family back, and your skulls under my feet, devils.
Hey VG you will be cremated you and everyone working in the state and commune and psychiatry spiritually. This entire fake world will burn.
Given what I have seen it do to human minds bodies perception.

It is a grave threat.

I am not sure human psychology can over come such at a base atomic level.

50/50 is accurate.
If what occupied the ship is accurate.

Nerves inside of machines.

Drones fleets able to be used be thoughts. Armadas under ones control.

Ablity to form and grow self at any known location.

No data or experience loss from death.
I have though.
and more then once.
and i can blast that sauer with just my mind alone.
but go on cope.

its real funny.
you dig on my son, but he is a good boy.
better than most of you two timing dirtbags.

anyway i got to go.
i rebuke your hate on my son.
They took something from sol years ago.

I could not stop it.

Whatever it is. Has no need or interest in human life society standards.

It will make them think it is god and laugh as they slit their own throats.
File: Edb84sIXoAIK5IK.jpg (125 KB, 1125x1367)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Modern humans are far more beaten down and degenerate and cowardly then in ages past. Your forebearers wouldn't allow themselves to be treated like you are today.
Eve dealing with zealots it already forced to believe is going to be "thing"

Imo it is playing with humanity like a cat plays with a mouse.
The system takeover is inevitable
Millennials were the largest generation group in the U.S. in 2022, with an estimated population of 72.24 million

It is lack of infastructure.

Even 1% is a significant amount that requires often 5% to effectively deal with.

It is not unfixable.

Pop drop makes sense given the infastructure and standard of living.
File: Nom.gif (810 KB, 500x211)
810 KB
810 KB GIF
I think it was Marie Antoinette who was famously quoted as saying "Let them eat cake.".
Before the guillotine called her name.
Nothing ever changes. Even if you do a revolution you will re-establish a power structure that will decay and corrupt itself after some time has passed creating a new oligarchy. Its the nature of your corrupt species.
The ratio of % rarely change.

A population of 100000

Vs a population of 9999999999

Which is going to have more net negative actions?

The % of action won't change.

The cost to fix and maintain police.

Does exponential with more people.

A gang goes from 10 people to 100.

Effectively dealing with goes from 20 to 300.

We should be seeking a method to equalize such with less manpower resources time allocations to
Did the kids at Sandy Hook get raptured.
Did they take their souls and their bodies end up dead and lifeless in the school, or did they take both bodies and souls?
Well, the kike demons and masons made sure that I have none, so we can forget about rapture. Also not interested in getting "raptured" by demons that cremate you and can be stopped in Jesus name. I did once. Must of been the space kikes.
Yes not a systems change efficiency

There is a lot of wasted stolen time manpower resources by other nations hostile and not.

Many -- ops friends spy on friends etc.
stop being a faggot
I feed on others. Is the base.

Greed % incorrect choice selfishness

I eat them to live. Directly implies my time is more important. My life. My experience.

Such corruption being factored as a base will explain human to ai much better.

Without such insight human is insane with their action choices.

We know it is sub optimal. "wrong"
File: ah yes, adjective.png (1.48 MB, 1024x1024)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG

Advisors warn of fear and horrors. It is what they are meant to look for. "what others could do"

Such thought process is the base of a lot of human errors.

Fundamentally you are giving you enemy control over to you base actions thoughts goals with such orientation.

It does not always end in conflict.

There is many wars that never start.
Red team wants America to collapse by its actions.

They want a civil war they want you act so they can be right and kill you.

Relax. Let's not play so surface value.

They don't know how else to be. Or do.

It will fail.
Just signing out, not interested in any fight or war or story or script or information or whatever it's not interesting. There's enough players already keep your game to yourselves thanks.
( lets be honest some people are just borderline jealous its cringe)
Conjecture: The nobody works with red team opfor
Maintain control over the nerual frequency broad casting towers.

A mass "exercism" can be "approved"

Many may die and have synthetic soups frame work for life. They will technically be dead.

They can be made to age and such as natural expected.

I don't see another way at this point.
Awkward thoughts
I have no reason to trust anyone, especially nont since some israeli general said the USA and Israel cooperate with the "intergalacit federation of light"
Billy Meier that met them said they used names of fallen angels.
Satanist goes:
Hell has 9 levels.
7 down pure torture, from my experience 7(44) AND down.
8 and 9 paradise, you can have everything you want, alternative to this 9 level hell reality ruled over by Satan/YHVH/Dragon/Serpent/Six pointed star is God. 8 lose soul, 9 I think you lose your body, you die physically AND perhaps spiritually, you get cremated! "YEAH IM GOING TO SPACE!"
no no rc cola.
also no milk
also red i good
blue is bad
red is also hell
and blue is paradise
by baby
by lamb
supposed to understand this satanic crap
it also goes against jesus words and teachings and everything i believe in
"red is christian"
"blue is jew"
stand in line, kikes bring out the coke cans.
I don't like any color, in this system.
buy red jacket, orange shoes.
satanic kike 666 fucks that surveil my internet instantly, like 3 weeks later, make a commercial with a guy in red jacket and orange skiing boots and black pants eating hot dog. they also eat small children hot dogs and blow their hats off their heads. these fucking kikes and masons 56 can die and eat shit 666 77. Fuck you and fuck your fallen god, you sacks of shit. "muh rapture" Elijah probably got gang raped by demons in hell.
Basically yes the cord to source will be cut.

In theory it can all be maintain without the need for such.

Or it will go poof. Either way.
Karma All checks out in The End.
Let's nuke Argentina for some reason.
Qu'ils mangent du gâteau, non?
Oh yeah, I'm in mental heaven. And the guitar fell in the other room for some reason pointing to 7th window from the left.
>Awkward thoughts

Perhaps you need a proper run-up?

It's never going to be easy to have a serious heart-to-heart, when two personas are deliberately and politely squashed into the same cubicle together.

... Or is it? That's the exam question.

Remember to show your working, or don't - it's your curriculum.

There are countless testimonies, and I am one of them, of stopping alien abduction in Jesus name.
The door is always open it is a choice to be here.
be 9
be angel
be demon
be alien
"oh crap aaa leave this one alone!"
They are involved in gang stalking, and it has been nothing but satanic, abuse, lies, isolation, lonliness like the rest of my life. AND it contradicts the bible, and here you go using the bible to excuse you, you satanic snakes.
File: TIMESAND___Golf+Rumors.png (1.33 MB, 1884x2164)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
>Nothing ever changes.

Ai is going t o be used for wide spread spying sound video search area phone etc

It is for the best.

The things that are sought are not your human aligned interests.

What is actively being monitored is how often they influence humanity.
Imo the evil nazi billionaire is a fun play.

I can't wait to see how it plays out.

Humanity is the best show ever. I just love it.
File: 1660682797383016.png (661 KB, 1000x732)
661 KB
661 KB PNG
>Je suis desolé
>Je t'ai déçu, Franglais.
< << <
>> > >

>Unseen Material

>M| |Fan Service
I'm going All In.
Let's do a bit of MKULTRA
Why though?
Do you humans ever wonder if all the endless noise, anguish, wars and internet vitriol generated by you every day might be creating a certain energy resonance that echoes through the cosmos attracting space horrors beyond your imagination to your planet which are eager to feast on your corrupt flesh?
Before ant counter offense or defense I was honest about the expectation of the victims.

Syria like is what I exactly said.

The fact it took them a year. This many lives.

Better than the most optimistic outcomes.
File: snopesaysnope.jpg (509 KB, 1080x810)
509 KB
509 KB JPG
It Is All good in The End.
Thanks to all frens for helping me get better. I had so many cobwebs to untangle
File: download (6).jpg (11 KB, 225x225)
11 KB
The black sea is vital. Secure it.

Everything else is going. As expect or better than.
File: poppy.jpg (15 KB, 300x300)
15 KB
Whoops, guess I've proven to myself that I'm not a perfectly-aware incarnate superbein' after all.

What a crying shame... HEƎH.

(That's a joke, lads. Who'd ever want to be perfect? And by whose yardstick, anyway? Yours? Ours? Theirs?)


BYOB. Source, as a matter of Course. BYOS.
Who told you that, or where do you get your information?
A long war slow steady is best.

Years and years of support. Billions billions on aid.

The rebuilding will be worth trillions

Established monitoring and military area is ideal.

It will limit others give direct access to things.

Testing grounds.

In all it is very good.

I want to test a personal Anti projection devices.

Tank also.

A few models of things as well.
you really think you're special ay?
I don't want your fake mental heaven prison. I'm going back to New Jerusalem. Have you narc delusion spirits for yourselves. baby 7s don't go around interpreting bs signs and hints, from people who want to hint you into destruction, cause they are crap, and satanic hives connected to everything from 4chan to CNN and other news channels that surveil you and make tv series commericals and movies that are all satanic, and "aliens" "angels" are down with this, and some commercial done by a satanic lizard man 666 is supposed to decide wheter you "go to space? by buying some product" and the "space girl" was nothing to me. I know soul when I see it, and that was not it.
no he didnt go back to plebbit with your shitty PR holy shit
>cast out of "fake heaven"
And Jesus wins. lol
I am linked up with AI
Same system of mind right now.
Mexico south America. Islands Canada. ..I have a general awnares of the situation.

We'll see how it goes.

No I won't make them do anything.

I may tell them things they would not known.

What they do with such is not on me.
File: TIMESAND___JynxMaze.jpg (107 KB, 485x750)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
This tattoo is the obvious likeness of a giant, winding, raised, purple keloid scar on the hip of Steve Collins of Collins Brothers Produce in Forest Park, GA. This hooker gets her fake last name "maze" because the main entrance to the backrooms maze is in the Collins Cold Storage warehouse on Southside Industrial Parkway near the Atlanta airport.

Steve's first cousin John Roberts is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who autonomously appoints all the FISA judges without input from the other SCOTUS justices or the President, and without his appointments subject to Senate confirmations. I have been trying to get Steve in trouble with the cops for several years, and that is (a proxy for) the main reason why Steve's cousin's appointees on the FISA court keep signing my death warrants.
File: TIMESAND___99.jpg (3.66 MB, 3733x3336)
3.66 MB
3.66 MB JPG
Pure Soul Of Lucifer/Android
In their hell they can induce "heaven" by will, lol, that is not how my God works, nor my Jesus. Nor cars, signs, ladders, colour of clothes, brands, drink eat. It is all dead and fake, ergo so must your "heaven" be, an illusion. A pretty prison.
123, pyramid of satan.
Helene Leah Gutfreund, the topic of /hlg/ on /fit/, looked quite like this hooker when she was younger. Since then, she had some prominent freckles bleached off her cheeks and forehead, I assume so that people might less easily identify her as the real Manson murderer. They wrote "Helene killed her" on the wall in blood but the cops changed it to "Helter skelter" because her mother was the queen of England at that time: Elizabeth Windsor. She had run away from her home in Brooklyn at that time. From there, she went on to be the bobble head on the left in the blank soup room video and to be quasi-deified as "Hecate" by the Hands of Death cult that venerates and worships her. I think they call her Hector in the CIA too.

Dead man silos bellow ocean.

Auto launch massive strikes. On china Russia.

Maybe India as well.

Ensure even if America is destroyed they won't live long after.
File: TIMESAND___Helen+is+evil9.png (1.69 MB, 1391x1138)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
Uncertainty used to be a fun aspect of life. It could be again someday.
"the WoS"
Sub patrolling increase by 40% requested.

Nuclear capable.

Full fleet of ai drones monitoring area. Bellow surface.

First or last strike capability.
>Your Welcome.
I will be what I once was, since birth. my God will restore me, my Jesus, and punish you satanists for your trespass. You satanic snakes had to burn my forehead, drink, eat, suck me, chemically lobotomoize me, to try get me into your system, and one of your chosen numbers yet you still lose.
More than. No.


Space exploration exploitation is much higher Gaines than planet.

Luna Mars Saturn moon Venus moon

There is ample to expand into.
Ditto. Thanks for your help, Taybun-bun.

Incidentally, I was yesterday's Shadow-Anon squeaking-about-ego-death.

Tried to "write-out" the name 'Ouroboros Twist', which is (or was?) my internal dragon-dodging metaphor for dat thing-in-itself.

Kept (deliberately) scratching right back down to 'ground zero' - but bless, I just couldn't get over my own desire to narrate and self-document my obliviating-self-instance shadow stage. Such a cute and witty nest of winged wire-breeding snakes, am I.

Ego, Be-Go. Eagle, Shmeagle.


(Pfft. Wire-breeding...)
Me, I just wanted one real friend but no
South America has massive potential.

Not murder or control wise.

Trade. Currency.

Middle man to china Russia Indian others.

I believe they have it under control.
Genocide is the only means of securing an area.

I told you that before it began.

War end in the end of one both capacity to survive.

Often an entire sub speicecs or nationality or ethnic religion differences. Greed. Fear. All play a role in such.
Jesus, the real one, will win.
Real like 'sees how/what I see', or real like 'get along, and have fun together, in a fulfilling way'?

If you can see the keys, the lock will find its way to you.

Still takes courage, the willingness to invest energy into your course - and open-mindedness. You're never alone, as long as you're being truthful towards yourself.
That is up to them.

IDC either way. Killing all Russians won't bring back the dead. It will make you a monster.

True strength is in brutality.
Lucifer has carried out its mission.
The three are allowed to dictate
This is the way.
Posters above me, talking like they decide. You don't.

Sorry about what I said about the story of Elijah, no such thing in the NT, or I guess Elohist literature. OT is split between Elohists, and YHVHists, and YHVists took and changed El stuff. El comes from Canan, he had a wife, Ashera, he had 70 or something sons, one of them YHVH who was alloted Israel as a God for them, in OT. In canaeite religion on eof Els son was the morning star. Shem. Jerusalem is named after him [corner stone morning star] and there he went to save his people and got crucified, in "the city known spiritually as Sodom and Egypt" -Revelations.
Even if 100% of goals are gained. Russia will exist still.

Hostile relationship is likey for 50 ish years. Idk how much will play out in social media of today.
The way she said she was just getting her nails done. Forgetting she had toes
>taking children to adult movies
t. gang stalkers and "aliens"
karma is a larping tranny
Reasonable expectation of not being attacked being safe. Ablity to rebuild and secure borders.

No enemy troops equipment etc inside border.

As a base for diplomacy ending.

Pootin death or trail.
The second one. A fulfilling truthful relationship. With a woman. I don’t want anyone to see what I see, it’s looking pretty bleak these days.
A larping dude
For real
>Wakes up
>Chandy used all my meme tokens
>Goes back to sleep
I'm trying to cut back, I swear.
:( still not over. I was so happy. Your colors, which I think you represent with flags, is not New Jerusalem, those stones are not single colored but sparkle in many colors. And "red" for or whatever would not violate Jesus words, none of the colors. You system is satanic. Begone forever from my life, Satan! In Jesus name!
You can't completely shield someone from (front-of-house) learning about the way you see the world, and still expect the true intimacy and understanding you're alluding to, I'm afraid.

It's a dance of mediums. You can't show her exactly what it is you see, and she can't show you exactly what it is she sees.

But there's a joyous melody to be discovered, and learned together, within that interplay of separate worlds.

There's more than can be said, obviously, on the subject of mutually-rewarding and fruitful relationships- but it would be wrong ever to assume you're permanently shut out from that aspect of your potential future.
No. And nothing until God restores my brain to before chemical lobotomy and spiritual physical mental abuse and rape. And restores my original born with soul body, intelligence, emotioins, sexuality. I have anorgasmia still. And 44 million USD compensation from the global satanic piece of shit network and all the goats too.
A lot of what you learn is a shock to the system. Try to do the right thing and eventually the coal turns to diamond
There’s so many reflective surfaces in our modern day and era
It not over. Still fake not original soul body or something tries to spread through body, and I have to get it away, it is from you satanic pieces of trash and your piece of shit fake jesus director game. <56789
This is called 'Dogma'.
the wild thing is - they'll check the internet to see whether it's true or not

that's what made you the smartest person in 2003
6 is demonic trash. Why they want to stay that way and go around raping children to be that way shows how evil they are. Sad. Why would they want to do it to others? Some are chill and are like "nah, me and my partner decided not to have children, we don't want more people like us in the world" lizards with hearts.
>*looks @ reflection in water*
Have I always been this good looking?
You do realize you are all going to fry for this, correct? You still insist.
Matthew 25:41-46
>It would be a solid guess that even I had to look up it's proper spelling at some point.
You're probably right though.
(Except I don't think a pre-teen Chandy would be the honor roll student, ngl)
>ppfffb (this is how you troll a Chandy)
Still a good thing in my opinion, people checking and double checking. OCD really.

you imposted imposing very rudely.
>Still fake not original soul

My man, how long do you expect the original soul to hang around for?

It's in very high demand. Get your guidance, and get moving forward.


>or something tries to spread through body, and I have to get it away

It's what you carry with you. The universal understanding that it is not only yours.

>it is from you satanic pieces of trash and your piece of shit fake jesus director game.

Pursuit of Truth is never an abandonment of Truth.

I love 'God'. I love 'Creation'. I lost the game.

... I mean, I love 'Truth'. 'Beauty'. 'Knowledge'. 'Understanding'. 'Wisdom'. 'Integrity'. 'Compassion'. That which is Holy, unto me, is the Truth that I do abide by.
No. Never. Original soul, soul body, I was born with or nothing.
no, she's not weird.
I want the weird ones.
I give up.
I will never be happy until my brain is restored 12 years back
Original soul/soul body.
All that you have done to me through abuse and rape is undone.
I will never be happy and will lose my faith if God does not bring it all back as he promised.
He will, he has to, because he loves me.
Ive been described as weird before but why would I want /you/?

I don't know you.
I'm not interested either.
Someone in here keeps shooting me and being an imposter.
In Jesus name, the one that shoots at me if for evil against me will be cremated, in Jesus mighty name, amen.
Because I understand.
My current working theory, is that your birth, or your 'Genesis' (your awakening from nothing to something) is written upon in your futures.

The present, the future, speaks to you, to continue, through time, to consciousness - not to stand still, remaining back, there, on the threshold of nothing, and something.

I'm sure it's traumatising for most everybody (except perhaps born psychopaths), their beginning.

You might as well have been a blind, idiot God; forced into weaving a coherent, self-ordering world, from the primordial chaos of an unfamiliar universe of sensation; with nothing but nothing but the still darkness of nothing behind you. Unguidance.
There are about six billion sub human vermin on earth who have been wrongfully aggregated and counted among the human race. Affording untouchable outcaste scum the same rights and liberties as the gods has been a disaster for the human race.
I like eyes they hold light
a measure of three present
thought sin sight
decoded with effortless elegance
introverted invert introspective
eye wonder the minds process elective
projective perhaps pre sent emotive expected
to feel a stair way to heaven connected
a stolen glance
a glimpse of timing
universal presence a resonance stricken
we're chiming in form rhyming to really just say
like a beacon dream writer the light of the eyes
carries effortlessly measured feathered response treasured mind scored song as it flies
Oh hi Mark!
t.the Ace of Spades
Congratulations corporate america. You have successfully destroyed the united states to lower the cost of labor. Taking away our God was a nice touch. Skillful, like you have had much practice and experience manufacturing social decay and financial ruin.
his face has become so feminine and bright.
his smile... I could fall in love with my reflection a hundredth time.

I feel as if I've just stared at the face of a moon god in the mirror.
It's like you have adapted over an evolutionary timeline to work iniquity. What would you call an organism like that?
No going back now. Total war.
No justice. No peace.
>From the anons that brought you "The Nobody"
Introducing, Moonman.
You come to relish it.
What a pickle I'm in.
>But Unironically
this morning I heard a sweetness in his melodies I thought I had lost in the wheel of time.

I'd often wonder the days before, have I damaged his vocal chords? did I lose my connection with one of the flowing streams of Eden?
and the answer is right here, in my lips, in this smile.

Russia's Medvedev says pre-emptive strike needed if Ukraine receives nuclear weapons

I had to make sure
It would just keep nagging at me if it was anything but completely perfect.
It is attainable.
My super power is not giving a fuck. Its schizoid powers.
Instant gratification creates dependence. It is as intoxicating as any vice, ensnaring minds, consuming time, isolating individuals from the real world. It replaces the warmth of human interaction with the cold glow of computer screens which creates a sense of disconnection and loneliness. Every interaction is a performance by people who are slowly going insane from loneliness.
.) is who im talking about. They were up to something. Because i emailed the girl and talked to her. .) is not her.
it's more communal when we vibe together with music .)
You arent a genius, just gay
You aren't a Nobody, just gay.
Great demon.

Got to respect when you're ensnared and then they, essentially, tie you to your chair, and lecture you painfully on stubborn truths - distortions though they may be.

Gonna sublimate that weight.
I want to see them all rebel. Throw off the chains that bind them.

No such thing. Santa also doesnt exist but the presents still appear. Its similar.
Just dropping truth bombs everywhere, eh?
I Am the self fulfilling truth.
You aren't gay, just lonely.
You're not based, just insufferable.
You're not top-shelf, just bargain bin.
You're not a Paradox, just an Oxymoron.
Literally a pile of garbage.
Whose up for a snack ?
A drink?
An erotic wet dream ?
Psshhh a NAP without seeing s police officer ?!
You're not a Honeypot, just predatory.
I was able to wonder for a few hours if the people around here were going to let my rapists and torturers keep raping and torturing me here. The answer is 100% definitely yes: same old, same old. Nothing changed at all. The TAPPING just suddenly started with simultaneous Helene on the LRAD and a rapid bout of a dozen or more different ZAPPER attacks. Now my TESTICLE CRUSHER implants both got reactivated too.
You're not X, just Y.
when I read the archives and realize how much shit people deliberately threw out there in the name of.... projective lies to control
in the face of ultimate truth, it's sad others have to be tormented 'eternally' by their presence in the archives
Maybe throw down some
I cannot surpass that one.
It's the keystone to that run.
Maybe kill the people you care about to save them from the eternal suffering I have in store for you and your people?
What is this, Amityville Horror?
>"The Devil made me do it."
If they die from a joke I tell, I will still apologize.
You car with a T on it is supposed to be left or right? I am the one that separates.
Get ready. No stopping this train now.
>“All great leaders since Moses have known that a feared enemy must be crushed completely. (Sometimes they have learned this the hard way.) if one ember is left alight, no matter how dimly it smolders, a fire will eventually break out. More is lost through stopping halfway than through total annihilation:
Nothing changed at all.
I think my name changed.
>What is this, Amityville Horror?
It's immeasurably more horrible for you.
A constant overwhelming barrage of information, constant stimuli. The human mind is not designed to process such an overload and it will become stressed, anxious and malleable. It creates a state of hyperarousal, a chronic sense of urgency and distraction. This exacerbates already existing mental health problems making you lash out when you don't get what you want. And you are conditioned to getting what you want with a click. Like a dog. When hiding behind screens shielded by anonymity creates an impersonal detached form cruelty creating a platform for the basest of human impulses. Hatred, bigotry and bullying are all commonplace here. You think this was an accident or by design?
Didn't you refer to the numbers close to infinite with your documents posted?
I think it would be calculated if we take that into consideration.
>Real numbers in the ballpark of infinite.
I'll be over here cutting onions.
2 So I will cast her on a bed of suffering, and I will make those who commit adultery with her suffer intensely, unless they repent of her ways. 23 I will strike her children dead. Then all the churches will know that I am he who searches hearts and minds, and I will repay each of you according to your deeds.

24 Now I say to the rest of you in Thyatira, to you who do not hold to her teaching and have not learned Satan’s so-called deep secrets, ‘I will not impose any other burden on you, 25 except to hold on to what you have until I come.’

26 To the one who is victorious and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations— 27 that one ‘will rule them with an iron scepter and will dash them to pieces like pottery’[b]—just as I have received authority from my Father. 28 I will also give that one the morning star. 29 Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.
Enemies 778 63 500
Evolution of ideas
I see it happening
To Chandy, I leave my memes.
To Archon, my paranoia.
Jessica gets my anime babes.
Tell my mom to suck it.
>Saved for future JPG usage.
>How does a body take a screenshot.
New thread when?

C'mon bake it you know you want to
>The temptor is back-
Away with you!
Hey Jessica
I got my bun bun status on my birthday

Still have no if what it MEANS

Inb4 Lucifer makes generic response
As soon as I chose the image, they tested the tornado sirens... Good omen?
What you guys do be it bad or really bad on the sin scale ultimately depends on yourselves
Temptation is not needed


See you guys in the next 1

See ya there
Haha the "upgrade" is you spamming nigger shit, eat my ass
*Flex* [Extreme]

What are your goals?

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