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Klein old is reported to have asked one of the girls who he killed if she believed in God. When she said yes, he shot her. So yes, there was very likely some paranormal or spiritual aspect to their psyche and their actions.
That sounds like something an edgy kid would do, straight out of a comic book
if by "paranormal" you mean jewish, yes.

christcucks say the darndest things.
it was actually the opposite
Yes. They were both Jewish and they did the massacre of Goys during Passover.
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>it was actually the opposite
could you elaborate on that a little bit? i'm not trolling you, i'm genuinely curious.
i hear christcucks say >>34341923 this one all the time so i'm curious as to how one goes about debunking it.
It’s in a book written by one of the survivors. He did ask her if she believed in god. They were just sadistic and fucking with people.
ok, i'll give it a look.
hehe care to save me the trouble of which book it was? there's 3 major ones out there
Oh fuck really? Lol I’m sorry that’s all I remember. It was a line commonly used By the media but I believed it was when they were plugging one of those books. It’s been a long time. Fuck, could of just been a line the media came up with but it was said immediately after Colombine and it’s been carried to 2023.
i'll do a bit of digging either way. rule of thumb is assume the christcucks are lying, so i'd believe you lol don't worry. if i find something interesting, keep your eyes peeled for any columbine threads later this week.
>assume the christcucks are lying
Checked and wise words.
>le lying christians
did you get bullied for being gay in school again
There should really be an age and iq limit to the internet
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Eric Harris was MK Ultra'd. There were multiple shooters who were CIA but they were left out of official reports.
File: Eric's father_II.png (95 KB, 1334x382)
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is that why you're a christcuck now? just because you got bullied in school?
oh, i get it.
"nobody can pick on me with someone as big as god on my team!"
do you also have the power of anime?
your god is twitter.
your communion is a vaccine.
Your life is worth nothing and you cheer for it
No, just two losers. Unimportant.
Another theory is that the gunmen were looking for the 911 caller, who recited the Lord's Prayer while on the phone and described fleeing from a gunman firing into the double glass doors outside the library, on the upper level of the school. This was art teacher Patti Nielson - who at 35, looked / sounded very young and was often mistaken for a student - and when seeing one of the gunmen, described in early media coverage as "a man", firing at her and male student Brian Anderson through an outer door as the shooting started. Her description did not initially appear to fit Harris and Klebold - e.g. "I thought he was small, but I found out later he was pretty tall" (interestingly, several others mentioned a gunman who was notably shorter than Harris / Klebold), she described a lone assailant when Harris and Klebold were together for almost the entirety of the attack, and as early coverage notes the attack started outside the lower level of the school while Nielson appeared to be describing an attack at the upper level at roughly the same time.

The student with Nielson, Brian Anderson, was by his own account wearing a white hat and of course E & D explicitly targeted boys wearing white hats. The logic is that the gunmen were communicating with headsets, walkie talkies, transceivers, etc., and were instructed by this third assailant to target male students in white caps and a female student who believed in God in an attempt to eliminate these witnesses. It is interesting to note that there isn't a single report of asking male students whether they believed in God, yet it was reported that several of the girls were. Of course this theory would imply that not only were the gunmen communicating with each other, but had access to school and / or law enforcement phone systems.
she said she believed in god, pulled out a solid gold luger with peridot jewels, said "this is my god", referring to her gun, blew his brains out, and said "I hope you confessed your sins buckaroo"?
>trust me bro
Anything else? This has potential for a good thread.

Anytime someone drops a turd in a toilet, you fucktards will immediately rush to "OMG PARANORMAL CONFIRMED!!?!?!?"

Why is it so hard to understand that certain people are just pieces of shit, and do shitty things? I know, big fucking shocker right there, but give it some thought.
There certainly were deeper forces at work, including evidence of a satanic element.

--Why did 100+ witnesses report seeing more than two gunmen or assailants (including an adult) who did not resemble Harris nor Klebold? Why was no action taken when 40+ witnesses identified the other assailants by name? Why were these other assailants - associates of the suspects who had histories of violence, support for Satanism and Nazism, hatred of the school and students, and sketchy alibis - cleared so quickly?

--Police found at least 99 homemade bombs, 75+ of them in and around the school (including, in order to early media coverage, in at least 3 cars). How could two teenagers have transported and positioned all of these devices? Why do witnesses identify others - not Harris and Klebold - as carrying duffel bags into the school? Sheriff John Stone said: "I've never thought it was just two [suspects] because of the amount of stuff that was brought in. But we don't have enough to charge anyone." (Associated Press, 7-29-99) Dave Thomas (New York Post, 4-22-99): “There is some belief that there may be other people who are knowledgeable about this ... There are an awful lot of devices and this took a lot of time.” Following a tour of the school, Gov. Bill Owens told Channel 9 News (4-23-99): "The officers in there are convinced there had to be more people involved. There's just too much stuff in there."

-Why did at least 35 witnesses report hearing gunfire or explosions after 12 PM when Harris and Klebold were alleged to have killed themselves? This includes teacher Patti Nielson, who heard gunfire and checked her watch: it was 1:30 PM. According to the Denver Post (4-21-99): "By 3:45 p.m., shots still rang out inside the school."

--Why did so many witnesses recall hearing gunfire and explosions simultaneously or near-simultaneously in different parts of the building when the suspects were officially together for almost the entirety of the attack?
File: McDuffee1.png (272 KB, 888x848)
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272 KB PNG
--Why does the Final Report of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office indicate that the suspects never went to science rooms 1 and 8 when numerous shell casings were discovered in this area? Is it a coincidence that witness statements for dozens of students in the science area were and remain inexplicably missing from the tens of thousands of pages of law enforcement files? Or that several witnesses indicated the presence of an adult male with a sawed off shotgun? Eyewitness Jennifer (Smull) Thompson recently reaffirming her account and stating that the man had a "military" shape and build, indicating she thought he was police until she saw the sawed off shotgun.

--Why does the Final Report of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office include no mention of one suspect's brief exit on the east side of the school (as reported by multiple witnesses)?

--If the suspect on the roof was in fact an innocent repairman, why did witnesses see him aiming a weapon? Were shell casings found on the roof (as some said)? Did a film showing people on the roof - provided to law enforcement - exist as several witnesses and a report from Colorado State Patrol suggest? Was a tape of suspects on the roof "thrown in the trash", as Donna Taylor (mother of wounded student Mark Taylor) suggests - noting that she had once had a copy before it disappeared from her home: https://archive.org/details/donna-taylor-columbine-mark-taylor/ShooterOnRoof.mp3

--Why do police maintain that Harris and Klebold set the "diversionary bombs" at South Wadsworth when they've never produced any physical evidence or witnesses to support this? Why have they ignored witnesses who identified another suspect - an associate of the Trench Coat Mafia who had a history of threats, boasted about owning weapons and reportedly cast "hexes" on school faculty - as fleeing one of the bombs? As with other Trench Coat Mafia suspects, this suspect's alibi was highly problematic.
File: McDuffee2.png (282 KB, 913x848)
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282 KB PNG
--Why did police announce the shotguns recovered had no serial numbers when their serial numbers appear in the police files? Were four shotguns found - two with serial numbers and two without? Why didn't police investigate where the Hi-Point 9mm rifle and the pump-action shotgun used in the attack came from?

--Why were none of Harris' and Klebold's fingerprints found on all but two of the items seized by the police? Whose fingerprints (if any) were on the weapons?

--Why would two students who (contrary to popular myth) were not loners, do not appear to have been sociopaths / psychopaths, and did not hate everyone commit a suicide attack on their high school only weeks before graduation?

--Why did Harris and Klebold continue to hand in assignments, study for tests, and select colleges? Why did Harris make plans with his friends in New York for that summer?

--In the photo of their suicides, why / how are the guns under Harris and Klebold's legs? Officially, their bodies were turned over providing a possible explanation of this. However, a close examination of the photos shows that ejecta from the gunshot to Klebold's head splattered Harris' leg, suggesting they were in roughly these positions when they were shot.

Another anomaly is presented by the position of Klebold's TEC 9, in his right hand even though he was reportedly left handed - and even though his wound was in the left temple, making this seemingly inexplicable and giving rise to the theory that Harris murdered Klebold, then himself. But based on the position of the bodies with these other anomalies, doesn't it appear more likely that both Harris and Klebold were murdered?

--Why was an affidavit that was drafted to search Harris' home for explosives in Mar. 1998 never filed? Why did 20+ state officials meet several days after the massacre and conclude they would suppress this, destroy the originals, and hide this until it emerged in Sep. 2001 (an auspicious time for 'bad press').
Shut the fuck up, you wall of text spamming clown.

You're trying to attribute two virgins who shot up a school because mommy and daddy didn't love them enough and they lacked social skills to some sort of paranormal or alphabet boi involvement?

Fuck off.
File: McDuffee3.png (203 KB, 791x539)
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203 KB PNG
--Why did the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office destroy the basement tapes? Why are multiple witness statements missing, at least hundreds of government files relevant to the attack still not released, thousands of crime scene photos not released, gunshot residue tests for Harris, Klebold, and other suspects not released, evidence from other suspects' computers not released, the school district's internal report (including disciplinary records of the Trench Coat Mafia members) not released, and footage from surveillance cameras in other parts of the school - e.g. the administration area, where there was considerable damage (but no deaths / injuries) along with sightings of suspects other than Harris or Klebold - not released?

--Why does local media refuse to release their footage from the first half-hour of the attack?

--Why have some former students indicated they were blown off or even intimidated by police?

--Why do so many student families believed they were targeted and harassed after the attack (strange calls, phones tapped, mail opened)?

--Why did police refuse to enter the building (with the exception of special SWAT / FBI units) or allow emergency services to save victims for hours? Why wasn't School Resource Officer Neil Gardner present when the shooting started? Why was a sniper who had a clear shot on one of the armed suspects ordered not to fire?

-Why were the ATF, FBI and U.S. Army present? Who was the two-star general visible on tape and what function did he serve? Why was the memorial days later lined with military trucks?

--Why were law enforcement personnel - including a sheriff from Jefferson County - at Columbine High School earlier that morning?

There's a lot more where this came from. :)
>There's a lot more where this came from. :)

Oh I know; there's no stopping delusional children like you. Post away. Just know that not a single soul is reading a fucking word you say past the first sentence because of the sheer amount of "information" you try to condense into one post.

You might as well be a homeless person drunkenly slurring about how they saw aliens one time.
your ancestors got cucked by christians, you can have that title lmao
Also why did you ignore me asking if youre a faggot? no way youre an actual tranny right?
File: McDuffee4.png (193 KB, 848x752)
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193 KB PNG
--Why did FEMA conduct a four-day "disaster drill" in 1997 "designed specifically to address the needs of Jefferson County," in which future sheriff John Stone and a number of county officials participated?

--Who scheduled the 'crisis drills' conducted at Columbine High in the weeks before the shooting? Was there, as one teacher said, a fire drill expected that morning?

--Were school administrators warned, as rumored?

--Did a student notice a bomb in one of the trash cans on April 19 (as one police report suggests)? Were bomb threats phoned into the school and / or police the morning of April 20 as indicated by media coverage, and a secretary in the school's main office? If so, why wasn't the school evacuated?

--Is it a coincidence that 100 school administrators, "including a handful from Littleton," attended a workshop entitled "Crisis Response — Prepare for the Unthinkable: It Could Happen to You" on April 19 - the day before the attack? Is it also coincidence that the main presenters at this workshop were the the Jefferson County school response team?

--Why were six of seven of the teams assigned to investigate the attack headed or co-headed by an FBI agent (the one exception headed by a "former" FBI agent)?

--Is it a coincidence that Dwayne Fuselier, the FBI psychologist heading the investigation of the Columbine High School attack - and notably a key figure at the Waco siege, reportedly the last person to speak to Koresh before the Branch Davidian compound was set ablaze) - had two sons who attended Columbine, Brian Fuselier who witnessed the attack in the cafeteria and Scott Fuselier, a recent graduate who had produced a video in 1997 with members / associates of the Trench Coat Mafia, depicting trench-coated gunmen shooting through the halls of the school? Why didn't Dwayne Fuselier recuse himself from the case?
File: McDuffee5.png (51 KB, 911x490)
51 KB
--Why was the U.S. Attorney's Office consulted on "prosecutive" decisions in this (local) case?

--Why didn't the Governor's Office give Justice Erickson (of the Columbine Review Commission) subpoena power? How could the Columbine Review Commission conduct a meaningful investigation without subpoena power?

--Why did investigators show a remarkable lack of curiosity about connections with numerous similar school violence-related incidents occurring around the same time in the metro-Denver area and around the country?

--Is it a coincidence that "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (WB) and "Promised Land" (CBS) both aired episodes that week depicting plans to commit shootings at high schools (the latter set in Denver)? Is it similarly a coincidence that "The Matrix" - featuring black-clad antiheroes in trench coats was released in March? Is it a coincidence MTV scheduled "Warning Signs" - about youth violence - for April 22 (it had been scheduled before) and the History Channel had scheduled "Slaughter in Schools" for May 2?

- - - - - - - - - -

My source for these statements are 30,000+ pages of documents released by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (JCSO), Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office (ACSO), El Paso County Sheriff's Office (EPCSO), the FBI, and other government agencies.

Many of them are available here:

This information is largely derived from these files as well as the coverage of the Denver Post, Denver Rocky Mountain News and other newspapers, and from the research collected by local groups such as the Columbine Research Task Force.

Now, let's talk about the eyewitness accounts which strongly suggest others were involved with the attacks. There are well over 100 statements to this effect, from scores of witnesses.
Jake Apodaca, sophomore (p. 653, JCSO files):

"At soccer field with a friend and heard what sounded like firecrackers; saw 3 subjects near school, shooting; one threw bombs onto roof of school; subjects shopt shotgun toward him and his friend; e and his friend ran to a house and called 911; he saw a gunman ducked down with a shotgun in Weaver Park; subjects were W/M, 2 wearing black trenchcoats, black berets, black pants, black Army boots, black T-shirts, carrying shotguns; he has seen them at school before, but did not find them in the yearbook he was shown; the third subject had light brown hair, wearing a white T-shirt and jeans, throwing bombs onto the roof; saw one explode; Apodaca had seen him at school before (SEE WRITTEN STATEMENT)."

Apodaca's written Statement - p. 1 (p. 654, JCSO files):


Notably, just before "3 men" it appears the original number was penciled out. On the next page are several names:
Boles, Thaddeus
Perry, Robert
Sargent, Brian
Stair, Joseph

As noted by Apodaca, all were members of the Trench Coat Mafia (though Perry and Stair were no longer enrolled, the latter graduating in 1998 while Perry had dropped out the year before that - nevertheless, there were eyewitnesses who placed them on campus that day). Apodaca indicates none of them were the gunmen he saw.

Apodaca, who also relayed his account on television the day of the attacks (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9v-Gb8rims), appears to have given a more detailed account of the day to the FBI on April 28, 1999.
>getting mad at words and possible disinfo or maybe the truth

makes you look dubious
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that's where you're wrong, i will read every single word of it

please mr. jester of wall of texts please deliver more for me to read. if you ever wondered if pasting these walls of text does any good, it do.
Dubious? Really shithead? I'm gonna bet your next words are going to be
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You faggots are all the same. Call out genuine insanity, get called a glowie, etc etc.

Here's some food for thought; who's to say this entire board isn't just one giant honey pot? Holy fuck! what a concept, right?
However, according to the FBI report his story has changed drastically: the second black-clad assailant now disappears from the narrative, leaving two assailants.

FBI report, p. 1:

"Abodaca [sic] is a sophomore at Columbine High School. On April 20, 1999 at 11:10 a.m., which is the end of fourth period, he went to the cafeteria to meet his friends, Chris Wisher, Josh Chavez, and John (Last Name Unknown). Just prior to the 11:154 bell, while sitting at a table near the south window in the cafeteria, he saw Dylan Klebold walk into the cafeteria through the southwest entrance. He was dressed all in black, black boots, black trousers, black shirt, a black trenchcoat, and was wearing a backwards hat with a Boston Red Sox emblem."

"[Apodaca] knew Klebold only by sight and indicated that during lunch, he normally sat in his BMW in the parking lot on the south side of the cafeteria."

"[Apodaca] and his friends walked out of the southwest exit of the cafeteria towards the soccer field. He heard what sounded like a string of firecrackers going off, and turned towards the school and saw two white males crouching along the northwest corner of the cafeteria."

"One person was dressed in a white short-sleeved tee shirt and blue jeans, with no weapon visible. The other person was dressed all in black, black trousers, black shirt, black trenchcoat, a black beret, and was wearing what appeared to be a black mask. He did not recognize either of these individuals since one had on a mask and the person in the white tee shirt because [he] was crouched down with his back to him."

The new account presents additional problems with the official version. Harris had black pants, not blue jeans, Harris did have a gun, Harris is not supposed to have removed his trench coat this early into the shooting, and - most importantly - no masks or berets were found, yet more than one witness described assailants who were wearing them.
Dozens of posts. Going nowhere fast.

You know, I entertain conspiracy therories. I believe in a couple myself. But if you can't summarize your horseshit in one paragprah, you're grasping.
Yes. They were demon possessed. Many such cases. End freemasonry and their satanic witchcraft techniques in police and these shooting events will stop
of course its a honeypot and of course i'm going call you a glowie because i haven't seen anybody get mad at walls of text like you do since the console wars of 2008
Alright, that last part made me laugh.

You're still a fag, though.
FBI report, p. 2:

"[Apodaca] saw the person in the white tee shirt throw an object about the size of a soda can on top of the library. This object appeared metallic, since it looked silver in the sunlight. One or two seconds after landing on the roof, it exploded with a loud boom, a flash of fire and puff of smoke. He then threw a second object on the roof which also exploded."

"After the second device exploded, the person dressed in the black trenchcoat walked west from the northwest side of the cafeteria, and shot at three students near the southwest corner of the cafeteria, with what [Apodaca] believes was a shotgun."

"After shooting at these three people, the shooter fired four or five times at [Apodaca] and his friends, who were about 40 to 50 yards away. They fell to the ground, and after the shooter entered the school through the southwest cafeteria entrance, they got up and ran to a nearby house on Teller Court."

"[Apodaca] knew who Eric Harris was, but never talked with him. He knows two other members of the Trenchcoat Mafia, Joe Stair [who graduated from Columbine High School last year] and Chris Morris. During lunch, Morris usually sits by himself at a table on the south side of the cafeteria, but he cannot recall if he saw Morris there on April 20, 1999."

"According to [Apodaca], the audiovisual class transmits a "Phrase of the Day" over the school television system each day at the end of second period. [Apodaca] recalls the Phrase of the Day on April 20, 1999, which was broadcast on televisions in each classroom, appeared to be written in German. he later heard from other friends this Phrase of the Day was transmitted by Trenchcoat Mafia members in the audiovisual class, and was translated to mean "Today is the day you wish you weren't here."

Other witnesses confirmed that suspect had blue jeans, that he did not appear to have a gun, and that he was throwing explosive devices onto the roof of the school. This clearly was not Harris.
Keep posting friend
I believe a lot of paranormal ahit but I agree. Those kids were just jacked up in the head
PLEASE HELP with this. Years ago someone posted a politician running for office somewhere that looked EXACTLY like Robert Perry and had the last name Perry but different first name. There also pictures of him running in a marathon. He was running for whatever position around the same time Robert disaapeared from his last known location. Does anyone still have that?
File: 1584966217713.jpg (480 KB, 1620x1080)
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480 KB JPG

It's getting old, anon. This is the tumblr equivilanet of calling someone a "bigot";
completely meaningless and nobody gives a fuck.
I remember reading about how in Harris's diary there was an entry where he talked about taking a plane and flying it into the world trade center.
I always thought it was eerie. Although I suppose it's not too bizarre a thing to think up. But if he was being brainwashed then it seems highly interesting one of his violent impulses was to literally do the thing that happened years later.
it’s just feds.

grab guns, take away rights, more regulation.
Further witnesses / analysis on this point:

Also note how the gunman crouching in Weaver Park disappears from Apodaca's statement to the FBI. Based on his early interview, this was a fourth assailant - distinct from the two black-clad suspects and unidentified suspect in a white t-shirt and blue jeans.

So eight days after Apodaca's interview with the Littleton PD on April 20 (and his televised interview, in which he confirms three assailants outside the school), two suspects have disappeared from his account - but for the official version to be correct, Apodaca would still have to be mistaken and have really seen two suspects dressed in all black with black trench coats, both with guns, and neither with masks. And since he knew Harris and Klebold by sight, he should have recognized them - but he told the FBI he did not.

William Arapkiles, freshman (p. 658, JCSO files):

"[William Arapkiles] related that about five (5) minutes after he began playing soccer he heard what sounded like fire works going off in the area of the cafeteria. Billy said he and the others on the field began to cheer and shout thinking it was a prank. He said that he looked toward the school and observed three people near the west entrance to the north main hall. Billy stated that two [of] the subjects were wearing trench coats, and the third was wearing a white shirt. According to Billy the two subjects wearing trench coats had guns. He did not see the subject with the white shirt with a fire arm. Billy related that the subject wearing the white shirt was pacing back and forth and was about five feet away from the two in trench coats. Billy did not think the subject wearing the white shirt was a victim but was with the other two. Billy reported that he was too far away to recognize the subjects."

Arapkiles is a major problem for "Harris as White Shirt Bomber": he saw all 3 together (as did others).
Its lost its meaning by being far, far over used. Same as take your meds
Take your meds
File: Eric Veik 2.jpg (33 KB, 252x357)
33 KB
Before leaving Jake Apodaca, it's worth noting this interesting detail which emerged in his April 28, 1999 interview with the FBI:

"According to [Apodaca], the audiovisual class transmits a "Phrase of the Day" over the school television system each day at the end of second period. [Apodaca] recalls the Phrase of the Day on April 20, 1999, which was broadcast on televisions in each classroom, appeared to be written in German. he later heard from other friends this Phrase of the Day was transmitted by Trenchcoat Mafia members in the audiovisual class, and was translated to mean "Today is the day you wish you weren't here."

This and other variations of the ominous "Phrase of the Day" were described by scores of students - and as Apodaca suggests, the suspicion was that this had been planned by the Trench Coat Mafia.

>During second period Tuesday morning at Columbine High School, the daily list of school announcements was telecast to every classroom from the video center.

>At the end of the announcements came the "phrase of the day," often an irreverent bit of teen commentary meant to provoke a thought or a laugh. On Tuesday, recalls Columbine sophomore Patrick Simington, the phrase on the screen, accompanied by the music of a German techno-pop group, was: "I BET YOU WISH YOU WEREN'T HERE TODAY - 4-20, 4-20, 4-20."

>"They obviously were very prepared" for Tuesday's assault and "gave clues," says Simington, 16, who is convinced the eerie classroom message was no coincidence.


As it turned out, the Trench Coat Mafia and their associates did have direct control of the Phrase of the Day. And the one who set it on April 20, 1999 was Eric Veik, a close associate of Harris and Klebold who was later arrested in October 1999 in connection with an alleged plot against the school - reportedly talked about "finishing the job".
File: Eric Veik - 4-21-99.gif (1.38 MB, 384x288)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB GIF
On May 11, 1999, Veik was investigated (but not arrested) for allegedly discussing plans to "blow up Chatfield High School." (p. 10925, JCSO files) According to Pat McDuffee, who was part of the Trench Coat Mafia at Columbine, there was a branch of the Trench Coat Mafia at Chatfield (p. 10787, JCSO files). Dakota Ridge student Briana Kass (p. 18154, JCSO files) overheard classmate Jordana Spaven telling others that she "knows everyone involved at Columbine." She went onto say: "This is definitely not over ... every thirteen (13) days they will hit another school ... Chatfield is next then Dakota Ridge." Lauren Waterbury, a student at Columbine, told investigators (p. 6005, JCSO files) that "while at a LaCrosse meeting with Chatfield students she noticed backpacks with "CHS 4-20" "CHS 13th day" "Chatfield TCM."

Veik played the bullying victim in Harris and Klebold's infamous video, Hitmen for Hire - reportedly inspired by the Trench Coat Mafia. And he participated in other video productions with them, often appearing in this context when the home videos are played in documentaries (with Veik's face blurred).

"Another acquaintance, 16-year-old Eric Veik, said he helped Harris and Klebold make several videos – all with the same dark theme."

“They always wore trench coats. They always wanted to be the intimidators, the good guys out to get the bad guys,” Veik said."

"The student, who said he turned over several copies of the tapes to investigators, said the videos contained a hidden warning."

“If you watched it closely, there could be subtle hints that something could happen,” he said."


Veik insisted that the Phrase of the Day was only inspired by the nice weather on April 20, 1999. The government files do not support this, and suggest that the message was related to the attack.
Must have been some kinda spirit protecting the school desu. The amount of weapons and explosives they had and how few people they actually managed to kill is pretty shocking. Didn't they have something like two dozen bombs and none of them went off?
>Veik insisted that the Phrase of the Day was only inspired by the nice weather on April 20, 1999. The government files do not support this, and suggest that the message was related to the attack.
I hate to sound naive, but I could actually buy that. I remember that towards the end of the year there were loads of days that seniors would skip. We even had "senior skip day" where almost all the graduating seniors would just go to the beach or somewhere fun to fuck off.
I remember seeing the senior kids peel out of the school parking lot all the time to skip on nice summer days. So the whole "today is the day you shouldn't be here" being a simple joke at nice weather could be plausible.
Terrible coincidence if that's true, and it seems like the kid had problems beyond that. So it's definitely suspicious.
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It was the music they were listening to. some influence from the internet influence them to do it in 99

No two white high school americans would do such a thing. these are targeted individuals like all the other white "lone wolf" by no other than gangstakers.

This is a message that they can do this to the model american and they can't be stopped
>all the other white "lone wolf"
they were jews but you know that
It didn’t really happen so there’s that
i was there. there was definitely something in the air that day. it's hard to define it. the closest thing i can compare it to is the nervous smell of steel wool being burned by a 9 volt battery. it's the like the air felt nervous but everybody seemed fine until
link? I wanna see this
search engines suck now so i can't find anything
File: GigaChad made it up.jpg (60 KB, 631x658)
60 KB
I know, >reddit but here is a compilation of this one girl's research she did delving into the Gematria behind Columbine and how it was planned years in advance. Some of it is actually mind-blowing. Eric and Dylan were both targeted. Definitely mind control victims and their suicides were also blood sacrifices.
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MK ULTRA is much more than radio waves and TV programme
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Shut the fuck up faggot. You're the reason this site is so fucking shit now. Do I believe what he's posting? I'm not educated enough on all angles of the story to know. But God damn if I'm not grateful somebody is finally posting a substantial amount of content that isn't religious rambling.
Im surprised no one's posted it yet (I think), does anyone have or remember the video from some weird class or seminar the school has on death and dying that happened before the massacre It was all very morbid and it could have been faked or staged, but I remember it existing, and it would fit perfectly with this thread.
Here it is, ABC's 20/20 did a special in 1990 on "death education" - they featured Columbine High School. The courses included assignments such as writing 'final letters' to loved ones, writing your own suicide note and obituary, field trips to the morgue where students viewed and touched dead bodies.

They interview Columbine student Tara Becker who described how she had become obsessed with suicide as a result of the course, and its unorthodox spiritual orientation.

[ABC:] "Six years ago, Tara was a junior at Columbine High in Littleton, Colorado. Her English literature teacher began weaving her own beliefs on reincarnation into the classroom discussions of death."

[Tara:] "This is what the teacher was teaching us: 'When you die you get all of the knowledge that God has, and then you're - you're recreated, you come back again in another life form and you have all the knowledge that God knows ... We talked about how we wanted to look in our casket ... The things that we learned in class taught us how to be brave enough to face death."

Tara details how she made plans to kill herself, and says one girl in her class tried to kill herself four times in one week.

[ABC:] "Was death taught to you as being something terrible, something to dread?"

[Tara:] "Oh, no, no it was exciting, it was something to look forward to."
Tara Becker was interviewed again in the documentary "American Tragedy" (produced by the right wing Eagle Forum), describing how one class project was called "Masquerade" - a 'magazine journal' that was "full of subliminal messages and images", how teacher "Jean Newman" (phonetic) was "overly sexual" with female students / claimed to have psychic powers, etc. She also described how the class had suicide "talk" days in which students were encouraged to talk about how they'd kill themselves, and how she had written an assignment in which she produced her own suicide note and obituary.

It's been speculated in some quarters that these death courses may have provided a mechanism for leading Harris and Klebold to produce some of the material later used as evidence in the official version (e.g. Eric Harris' diary, the basement tapes, etc.) . It may also account for yet another strange facet of the case: a number of the victims had allegedly made statements foreshadowing their own deaths, most notably Rachel Scott whose diary indicated she was going to die soon, struck down with bullets.

Either way, it is evidence that something very strange was brewing at Columbine High School.

- - - - -

In another strange turn, the aforementioned Chatfield High School - where survivors of Columbine were sent to finish the 1999 school year - allowed U.S. intelligence contractor Psi Tech to offer classes in "remote viewing" after the massacre.

A number of Trench Coat Mafia members would be left out, quietly asked not to return. Even still, several including Brian Sargent (who was positively identified to investigators as one of the gunmen by eyewitness Cara Sander) were allowed to - with student Chris Wisher, whose account we will discuss next, reportedly telling journalist John Quinn that "that many Columbine students, including himself, WILL NOT RETURN TO SCHOOL, because some of the murderers are RIGHT THERE, ATTENDING SCHOOL!"
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All mass killers are possessed by demons. Most regular killers too
File: 1536954953455.png (315 KB, 680x694)
315 KB
315 KB PNG
Though before leaving death education, there have been other 'incidents' linked to it - one in particular deserves attention:

>"This emotionally charged program, entitled "Every 15 Minutes" ...

>During the first day events the "Grim Reaper" calls students who have been selected from a cross-section of the entire student body out of class. One student is removed from class every 15 minutes. A police officer will immediately enter the classroom to read an obituary which has been written by the "dead" student's parent(s) - explaining the circumstances of their classmate's demise and the contributions the student has made to the school and the community. A few minutes later, the student will return to class as the "living dead," complete with white face make-up, a coroner's tag, and a black "Every 15 Minutes" T-shirt. From that point on "victims" will not speak or interact with other students for the remainder of the school day. Simultaneously, uniformed officers will make mock death notifications to the parents of these children at their home, place of employment or business.

>After lunch, a simulated traffic collision will be viewable on the school grounds. Rescue workers will treat injured student participants. These students will experience first hand, the sensations of being involved in a tragic, alcohol-related accident. The coroner will handle fatalities on the scene, while the injured students will be extricated by the jaws-of-life manned by Fire-Fighters and Paramedics ... Student participants will continue their experience by an actual trip to the morgue ...

>At the end of the day, those students who participated in the staged accident as well as those who were made-up as the "living dead" will be transported to a local hotel for an overnight student retreat. The retreat will simulate the separation from friends and family.

Thank you Anon, this is the WEIRDEST shit I've seen about it concerning the whole case.
Good post wall of text anon. I remember there was an in depth thread a year or less ago, either on this board or /his. It had a bunch of info on the satanism and govt/mil connections of many of the families. It certainly seems to have been some sort of trial run or ritual.
File: Jason Hoffman.jpg (258 KB, 1200x1714)
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258 KB JPG
This event was held from May 31 - June 1, 2000.

On March 22, 2001:

"During fifth period, minutes after lunch period had ended on March 22, 2001, 18-year-old Former GHHS Student, Jason Hoffman arrived on campus and opened fire on the attendance office, which also houses the principal and vice principals' offices, from the outside. Five people were either injured by shrapnel or suffered severe symptoms from the traumatic experience but few victims incurred bullet wounds. Hoffman was shot in the buttocks and jaw. He was arrested by police officer Rich Agundez, who had been on campus during school hours since the shooting two weeks earlier at a high school within the same district, Santana High School. Hoffman would later commit suicide by hanging himself from bedsheets in his prison cell in November 2002."


One of the social science teachers at Granite Hills, Gene Kraszewski, described herself thusly:

" I recently completed a Masters in Forensic Science with an emphasis in criminal profiling, crime scene investigation, and forensic DNA databases. Prior to teaching I worked in the federal government in intelligence analysis and law enforcement."

Another's bio:
"I have over nine years of teaching experience, spanning the military, corporate, and educational fields. I am a veteran of instruction."

""Before teaching, I Was a Judge Avdocate (sic) in the U.S. Marines for 4 years."

One teacher, Joanne Climie, was a delegate to the Democratic Convention in 2000. She posts web-photos of a party she held for the Democrats at a beach-front home. Her union, the NEA, brought more people to the Democratic convention than any other organized group, to support the 2000 candidacy of Al Gore (who appeared at the Columbine Memorial, wearing a black trench coat).
More incidents:

>Kay Fradenecks, a pupil of Values Clarification, said: “As a result of the indoctrination I received as a student, I began abusing drugs and became sexually promiscuous. I became pregnant twice, and twice aborted my babies, the effects of which are still evident with me today. I was applauded by my teachers for my decision to abort and encouraged to share my experience with my peers.”

>Another student explained: “We had an English course in the sixth grade junior high whose title was ‘Death Education.’ In the manual, 73 out of 80 stories had to do with death, dying, killing, murder, suicide, and what you wanted on your tombstone. One girl, a sixth grader, blew her brains out after having written a note on her front door that said what she wanted on her tombstone.”

>For decades, schools internationally have used “death education.” Apparently to deflect attention away from the negative connotation, “Death Education” is now also euphemistically called “forensic education courses.” One U.S. class involved taking students to a deserted river shoreline to observe a mock crime scene complete with a “dismembered mannequin in the car trunk, a severed arm in a grocery bag and a bloody hacksaw.”

>A mother told of her son’s drug use and subsequent suicide after “Death Education” classes. “He had used marijuana since junior high school and, about a month before he died, he told my husband that he had decided to give up smoking pot. He went into deep depression and took his life by carbon monoxide poisoning. He left a note saying ‘I did it because I couldn’t think or nothing.’”


According to the Eagle Forum, death education was piloted in Jefferson County in 1984 with Columbine High School one of the first to adopt the program. By the late 1980s, Jefferson County reportedly had record high numbers of teen suicides.
Is the entire lesson of columbine being that you should just leave certain people the hell alone?
Among them was Sheriff John Stone's son, Brian, who had been a student at Chatfield High School and reportedly committed suicide at age 15. In 1997, Columbine honor student Robert Malin Craig allegedly killed his stepfather (an ex-sheriff's deputy) and then himself.

"Nobody's going to believe me, but they [Robert Craig and his stepfather] didn't fight. They got along very well,'' she [Craig's mother] said. ... He [Craig] had said he hated school, but wouldn't elaborate on why."

One student claimed that Robert Craig introduced her to Eric Harris (Westword, 10-31-2002): "There are so many haunting loose ends. Take the case of Sarah Cudworth, an eighteen-year-old interviewed by an Arapahoe County investigator less than two weeks after the shootings. Cudworth told the deputy that she'd been introduced to Eric Harris in 1997 by her friend Robert Craig, a Columbine honor student who killed his stepfather and himself later that year."

By 2001, three other Columbine students had allegedly died by hanging themselves - the first one three months before the massacre.

A year later:

(May 4, 2000) Columbine basketball star Greg Barnes allegedly hangs himself. He had been close with Matt Kechter, and had been one of the students who stayed with teacher Dave Sanders as he lay dying.

However, friends said that Barnes seemed to be in good spirits before he died. One said: "I talked to him the night before [the alleged suicide], and it didn't seem like anything was wrong ... We talked about the usual stuff, girls."

Accompanying the army of police, federal agencies, and military entities following April 20 were scores of government-sponsored 'grief counselors'. The community was subsequently flooded with prescription drugs for treatment of depression, anxiety, and other psychological fallout.
File: MKULTRage.gif (1.53 MB, 260x195)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB GIF
>"The present human derelict will change from a social pariah to a socially contributive being … Education in the future could benefit tremendously from concentration conditioning. Accelerated learning could be assured through programmed instructions while the student is in a semi-hypnotic state of concentration … Besides greater efficiency in the areas of education, work, sports and social interaction, the most fruitful possibility will be the therapeutic conditioning for improved emotions or moods."

>- Dr. Paul Verdier, clinical psychologist, founder and first president of the California State Hypnosis Association, and director of the 'Institute of Behavioral Conditioning'.

Ironically, Eric Harris - and virtually every other teenager who opened fire in American high schools in the 1990s - had been prescribed this new type of behaviour modification drug (known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs), authorities acknowledging that "a lower mid-level therapeutic amount" of Luvox was found in his bloodstream.

These drugs were derived directly from MK-ULTRA, and America's lead distributor of prescription medication was Eli Lilly, which was the primary source for the Central Intelligence Agency's LSD supply. Eli Lilly's influence extends to the highest levels of the government, medicine, and state 'mental health' programs throughout the country, and it has an especially close relationship with the Bush family, including former CIA head George H. W. Bush - a major stockholder and onetime director.

These are the outlines of a mind control program, aimed at pacifying the masses as they are controlled, exploited, and kept in the dark by an expanding shadow government - and providing one layer of the altered state induced in teenagers conditioned for acts of choreographed terrorism in the days, weeks, years before they are "activated".
>You know, I entertain conspiracy therories. I believe in a couple myself
Can you point us to the post where someone asked?
File: 15991032-15991032.jpg (20 KB, 640x360)
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There is no indication that Harris nor the larger Trench Coat Mafia was Jewish. A story linking the massacre to a Jewish conspiracy was promulgated by the Judicial Inc website, a well known disinformation mill which fabricated evidence - e.g. a quote from a Columbine student, "My mother's Jewish!", falsely attributed to Harris.

Dylan Klebold's family was Jewish, but both Harris & Klebold as well as the Trench Coat Mafia and other elements of Columbine High School's culture were widely reported to be racist, antisemitic, and to have embraced pro-Nazi imagery and a social darwinist philosophy (epitomized by the white shirt worn by Harris on 4/20, with the words "Natural Selection" printed in large black letters), etc. Eventually, the Trench Coat Mafia was sanitized as a harmless group of misfits who developed as a resistance to the toxic culture at the school, and had phased out by 1999. This is simply not the case.

Interestingly, the massacre at Columbine High School occurred around exactly the same time period as a wave of nail bombings in London, England by a neo-Nazi group, called the Hammerskins - who had a presence in the Denver area! The Denver chapter was raided not long after Columbine, and according to a local journalist among the items found were four long black trench coats.

On Aug. 5, 2012, Wade Michael Page, a white supremacist and former member of the Army's Psychological Operations branch launched an attack on the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, WI, killing 8 including the temple's president.

Page was a member of the Hammerskins and lived in Littleton, CO at the time of the Columbine High School massacre. He was arrested on a DUI on April 27, 1999, and curiously Littleton PD refused to release his mug shot - despite the fact that he's dead. Is it possible that survivors of the Columbine High School massacre might recognize him?
File: Columbine-jta-1024x640.jpg (188 KB, 1024x640)
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188 KB JPG
1) "They [the Trench Coat Mafia] include about a dozen juniors and seniors at Columbine HS who worship Hitler and the Nazis and are deep into Gothic culture." -- NY Post, 4-21-99

2) "They [TCM]'re into anarchy. They're white supremacists and they're into Nostradamus stuff and Doomsday." -- Peter Maher, Washington Post, 4-21-99

3) "They [TCM]'re into Nazis, They take pride in Hitler. They're really, really creepy." -- Unidentified Student, Denver Post, 4-22-99)

4) "While on patrol in area of a local homeowner association [on 4-21-99], I received an emergency call from a resident of another homeowner association [in Aurora, CO]. The resident said that he was afraid of what was going on next door in a town-house next to him. He said there were several teens next door having a party and celebrating Adolf Hitler's birthday and the 'victory' of Klebold and Harris in the Columbine massacre of students. ... "The officer contacted me and shared the results of his investigation. He said the father jumped all over him and the kid went ballistic. We know as a security firm that we have past reports on this youth being involved in Neo-Nazi activities. This he does not deny and he is proud of being part of this large group. He also has been arrested for other disturbances, and for selling and using drugs often." -- David G. Penland, Colorado Property Bureau Investigation

5) "Students gave varying accounts of the group's fetishes. Some say the boys were obsessed with World War II and wore Nazi crosses." - Christian Science Monitor, 4-22-99
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if the feds were somehow involved, then yes
File: Trench Coat Mafia.png (474 KB, 798x532)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
6) "The attack occurred on the 110th birthday of Adolf Hitler. Students reported that one of the killers called 18-year-old Isaiah Shoels a "nigger" just before shooting him, and others said that members of the so-called "Trench Coat Mafia" idolized Hitler, spoke German to one another and listened to German music. There were even reports that members of the group wore red shoelaces — a symbol of neo-Nazi Skinheads." - SPLC's Intelligence Report, 6-15-99

[Is it possible SPLC, ADL, and / or other U.S. intelligence entities were tracking, infiltrating or manipulating the TCM before the massacre?]

7) "The Trenchcoat Mafia was no secret society. Members posed for a yearbook photo last year. They had their own special spot in the cafeteria, near the stairs. They wore black trench coats - no matter the season - and berets with Nazi crosses. They openly admired Hitler." -- Associated Press, 4-22-99

8) "Some members of Harris' and Klebold's clique, tagged in derision a few years before as the Trench Coat Mafia, had embraced enough Nazi mythology to spook their classmates. They reportedly wore swastikas on black shirts, spoke German in the halls, re-enacted World War II battles, played the most vicious video games, talked about whom they hated, whom they would like to kill. Harris and Klebold liked to bowl: when Harris made a good shot, he would throw his arm up, "Heil Hitler!"" - CNN, 4-26-99

9) "While friends of Dylan Klebold and Harris said the two wore swastikas, shouted "Heil Hitler!'' during bowling class and chose the anniversary of Adolf Hitler's birthday to carry out their rampage, Tom Klebold "said he didn't know where the Nazi stuff or the violence came from,'' [Rev. Don] Marxhausen said." - Denver Post, 4-28-99
File: MesaRidgeInformant9.png (289 KB, 1136x536)
289 KB
289 KB PNG
10) TCMer Chris Tobaldo's sister Nicole Marie Tobaldo and another girl - Dominique Simpson - suspended from Ken Caryl middle school for making threats against five 7th graders on 5-7-99, which included threats of "blowing up their houses." One of the 7th graders was Maggie Ireland. The victims also advised that Tibaldo and Simpson also said "Heil Hitler," while following them, which scared the girls. (p. 14513, JCSO files)

11) "That Eric [Harris] was obsessed with Hitler and big on atomic bombs and gunpowder at that time ... That Eric tried to get (Redacted) to shave her head and also tried to get (Redacted) to go to "Secret Nazi Cult Meetings" with him, although she never did." - (Redacted), student at Highlands Ranch H.S. (p. 806, ACSO files)

12) "[Joseph] Stair [a founding member of the Trench Coat Mafia and a suspect in the investigation] said members were not "gothic" and not into Nazi symbols, although some members had checked out books on Adolf Hitler. They listened to music by German bands, "but so do a lot of people."" - Denver Rocky Mountain News, 'Trench Coat Mafia shocked by violence,' 4-23-99

13) "Four freshly "etched" swastikas were found on Columbine school grounds on August 16th. Two were found in the recently repainted girl's bathroom, one in the boy's bathroom, and one outside the school on a wall. The swastikas were small in size. "It's like they are laughing in our faces, 'Ha, ha, school's back in session and so are we,' " said parent Tammy Theus." - CRTF (7-14-00)

According to one informant (whose credibility was disputed by friends / family but who possessed pornographic images which led to a separate law enforcement investigation), the TCM was much larger, many members were graduates / adults, and were part of a broader underground engaged in "bloodletting, cutting and violence." This network was allegedly tied to at least one adult pedophile / child pornographer identified as "Pedophile Bill." (p. 16510-16518, JCSO files)
The Trench Coat Mafia was also deeply immersed in Satanism, presenting a window into the spiritual philosophy underlying some level of the attacks and its possible esoteric motivations and / or implications. After all, isn't it strange how in spite of a relatively low death toll, the events at Columbine High School remain the cultural archetype, and blueprint, for mass school shootings - almost as if the event itself functioned as a type of mind control program?

1) "[TCMer] Eric [Ault] had called the Littleton Police Dept. after he heard what was going on at Columbine ... [Ault stated] that they [the TCM] were into satanic worship." - p. 10646, JCSO files

2) "[Steve] Ogle [maintenance worker at Clement Park] advised that the only thing he heard the juveniles [four to five students fleeing from the school] say was "The Trench Coat Mafia did it," and other juveniles spoke of a friend being shot ... Ogle advised that the juveniles were asked how many kids were involved in the assault and Ogle said that the juveniles told them that there was 50 who did it and claimed they were "satanists." - p. 1060, JCSO files

3) "Jecoa [Catt] said he would consider the Trench Coat Mafia kids to be "Gothic," and said he believed they were "Satanic."" - p. 1365, JCSO files

4) "Lacey Shotts said she did not know very much about the Trench Coat Mafia or the Trench Coat Mafia students. Lacey said she believed the Trench Coat Mafia students were "devil worshipers" and said she has seen a female who she believes is a Trench Coat Mafia student wear black fishnet stockings, long black dresses, and wears a lot of black eyeliner and also wears "horns" on her head. Lacey said she did not know this female student's name, but she has seen her with the students that wear the trench coats at Columbine." - p. 1652, JCSO files
5) "They practice Satanic rituals, I believe, and walk around the school in black clothing, usually in a trench coat. They're clearly a gang. They don't move for people in the hall. They're not courteous to anybody. They'll bump you in the shoulder or something like that...they'll turn around and just give you a stare like they don't care, and what can you do to them? Kind of like they're above everybody." - Jonathan Vandermark, NBC, 4-20-99

6) "I asked Trista Fogarty what she knew about the "Trench Coat Mafia" and/or the "Trench Coat Mafia" students. Trista said when she first began attending Columbine High School her friends advised her to avoid the "Trench Coat Mafia" students. Trista said she was told the reason to avoid the "Trench Coat Mafia" was that they were "satanic", that they used drugs together, and "they all have sex together." - p. 1420, JCSO files

7) "They're (TCM) all big on anti-God Satanism. They are really just 'pure hate'." - TCM associate Brooks Brown, CNN, 4-21-99

8) "Some were Wiccans, some were Satanists, some didn't proclaim any faith whatsoever. I sat with them at lunch a few times, and they were very accepting of me. It was the jocks they hated." - TCM associate Brooks Brown, 2002, "No Easy Answers," (p. 69)

9) "Rick [Dendorfer] stated "[TCMer] Alex [Marsh] is proud of the fact that she is a witch and wears a pentagram." ... Erika was trying to be nice to Alex, telling her that she was welcome back at the church and Alex flashed her pentagram and stated, "I don't think they'd want me back." - p. 13149, JCSO files

Robyn Anderson told investigators that Trench Coat Mafia leader Chris Morris told her that the group was part of a "national organization". This is immediately followed by a whole section of the report on her interview which has been redacted with black marker. There were indeed near-identical groups of students linked to multiple planned and executed attacks on high schools around the U.S.
Columbine followed by 9/11 I think was the big one two punch that fucked America up into what it is now.
What really amazed me is that they had lots of explosives set in such a way in order to kill 100+ students and even more explosives outside in order to kill policemen and firefighters but they failed to detonate.

Dunno if demonic possession was playing a role here, but angelic intervention may have happened.
>(CNN, Dec. 6, 2001) "LITTLETON, Colorado (CNN) -- One of the two teen-age gunmen who killed 12 other students and a teacher before killing themselves in a 1999 attack on Columbine High School described their plan in detail in his journals, and said that if they could not get out of the country after the attack, they would hijack a plane and crash it into New York City."

>Eric Harris, 18, outlined his plans a year before he and 17-year-old Dylan Klebold carried out the April 1999 attack. The entries quoted are here verbatim, including numerous misspellings, although obscenities have been edited.

>"If by some wierd as s--t luck my and V survive and escape we will move to some island somewhere or maybe mexico, new zelend or some exotic place where americans cant get us. if there isnt such a place, then we will hijack a hell of a lot of bombs and crash a plane into NYC with us inside firing away as we go down," Harris wrote.

Interestingly, Harris' father was an Air Force officer involved with top-secret, classified aerospace weapons research going back decades. He was employed at FlightSafety International, a company with a close relationship to the Defense Department - which operated flight simulation courses which reportedly trained one or more of the alleged hijackers. A flight school operated by FlightSafety was subject to an FBI investigation soon after 9/11, allegedly a hotbed for training Middle Eastern pilots.

Was this line in Harris' diary a wink from the programmers? Or was the idea of flying planes into buildings foreshadowed in the programming instilled by CIA controllers in the decades before 9/11? The cults associated with Jim Jones and Baghwan Rajneesh, both CIA-connected, planned to fly planes into government buildings, as did the similarly CIA-connected al Qaeda network whose Operation Bojinka was exposed in the 1990s. One might say that something was in the air.
Interestingly, Timothy McVeigh who was convicted in the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City worked as a security guard at the Calspan facility in Buffalo, NY, which was involved in classified aerospace weapons research since the 1930s and immersed in top secret defense projects at the time McVeigh was employed there. Interestingly, western New York and the U.S.-Canadian border were a hotbed for reported UFO phenomena for decades - at least a significant portion attributable to the weapons programs at Calspan and similar U.S. defense installations. McVeigh had a keen interest in UFOs before and during his stint guarding the facility where highly advanced aircraft were being tested.

After World War II, the U.S. largely adopted the Nazi aerospace program - including advances made in 'electrogravitics' aka antigravity - and secretly transported thousands of German scientists, many sought as war criminals, to the U.S. and giving them high level positions in every branch of the military and defense giants like Lockheed Aircraft, which had previously sold aircraft to Germany, Italy and Japan. These Germans played a key role in the U.S. air defense program, and much of their highly classified projects were tested at the Calspan facility. In fact, Calspan's Nazi connection dates back to the 1930s when the facility was operated by the Curtiss Wright Aircraft Corporation, at that time the largest aircraft manufacturer in the U.S. They sold aircraft to both the U.S. and Germany, providing the latter with dive bombers and giving company demonstrations of the technology at German air shows (to circumvent a ban on providing flight training to foreign countries). And during World War II, Curtiss Wright sold defective engine parts to the U.S. military - in the ensuing scandal, they sold their facility in Buffalo to Cornell University and it became the Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory (later Calspan).
Notably, Calspan worked on airplanes for the U.S. government as well as foreign countries. FlightSafety International was involved with, Wayne Harris (Eric's father) as an instructor training classes on how to fly large refueling aircraft, i.e. military operations.

Before his move to Littleton, CO, Wayne Harris had been stationed at Plattsburgh Air Force Base and his family lived on the base, which has also been a hotbed for classified aerospace research connected with the Strategic Air Command. In 1999, independent journalist John Quinn reported that he'd received information from a source that Plattsburgh AFB was housing mind control programs using young boys who lived on the base (including Eric Harris). This was markedly similar to the testimony of Franklin witness Paul Bonacci, who described being subject to mind control programs at Offutt AFB - another major facility of the Strategic Air Command.

Plattsburgh has similarly been rife with reported UFO phenomena for decades, sometimes directly linked to the base. Quinn reported that the base housed an eighteen-level underground complex which remained active after its official closure in 1995. Curiously, while the Harris family officially left for Littleton, CO in 1993 following Wayne's 'retirement' from the military, the Plattsburgh Press-Republican reported that Wayne Harris had been stationed at the base until *1996* (a year after it was closed). If he was doing anything at the base as late as '96, it may well suggest that he was involved in covert operations there.
File: 1678899939142067.jpg (46 KB, 700x635)
46 KB
In addition to UFOs, alleged hauntings and other paranormal activity are widely reported in and around Plattsburgh AFB and other U.S. military and intelligence-related installations. This includes the Wright Patterson AFB, alleged home of 'Hangar 18' where debris from the Roswell, New Mexico crash was believed to be housed - and where Wayne Harris was stationed before his assignment to the SAC. The relationship of the anomalous activity to generations of classified military projects in these locales can only be speculated.

Columbine was in close proximity to a large facility operated by Lockheed Martin, employing thousands of residents including a number of parents who sent their children to the school. According to the Associated Press, April 21, 1999, "Littleton is Anytown, USA": "In the late 1950s, the Pentagon ordered the construction of the nation's intercontinental missile factory in a secluded canyon here. At the factory, owned by Lockheed Martin, more than 10,000 employees build unmanned rockets and satellites for telecommunications and space exploration, as well as classified military projects."

The events of April 20, 1999 thus grew in a backdrop of top secret defense aerospace research, just like the April 19, 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. To briefly return to Timothy McVeigh, the Calspan facility was also housing covert areas such as drug interdiction and counterintelligence operations, the latter targeting antigovernment extremists. Interestingly, McVeigh was serving in the New York State National Guard at the time he was posted as a guard at Calspan - and this clandestine program, called 'Patriot Conspiracy' (or PATCON) was run by the FBI who interfaced closely with the Defense Department and National Guard units following the apparent theft of military equipment by 'antigovernment' groups from U.S. bases. Upon leaving the National Guard (and soon afterward, Calspan) he became deeply involved with America's Nazi underground.
File: 1670774439455407.png (883 KB, 1278x480)
883 KB
883 KB PNG
The Columbine shooters wanted to hijack a airplane and do a terrorist attack on New York. That was 1999, not 2001.



The news report I linked above began with strange interviews from the children i.e. some didn’t sound as terrified as one would expect. The report then focuses on the date of April 20th. Waco: ended April 19, 1993. Oklahoma bombing: April 19, 1995. Ruby Ridge is said to have happened in April, but only the spineless media would forget that event was in August of 1992. The report makes note of Hitler’s birthday on April 20. April 20, 1999 was the 110th anniversary of his birth. It is also the date of the Columbine shootings. The report then interviews this Jewish terrorism expert, Harvey Kushner, who explains that more far-right attacks are to be expected on this date given its historical significance.

Here’s where things get spooky. Remember the anniversary in Columbine? 110th to be exact. It turns out Hitler’s birthday is 110 days from the start of the year, and 111 in leap years. The biblical significance of this number is defined here:


Prepare to be surprised when you find the second number (noun) mentioned in this article.
File: 1679090454217693.png (1.86 MB, 3017x1862)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB PNG
This is the Brazilian immigration card of the man who ordered Lee Harvey Oswald to kill President John F. Kennedy. This man belonged to the precursor of the World Trade Centers Association (of the 9/11 Twin Towers), called Centro Mondiale Commerciale (better known as Permindex). The CMC was founded by a Hungarian Jew named George Mandel who had deep connections with Israel and the Mossad. A primary shareholder in Permindex was the Banque De Credit International of Geneva, founded by Tibor Rosenbaum, an arms procurer and financier for the Mossad. That bank was used by Mafia Boss Meyer Lansky to launder hot money. The Chairman of the Board at Permindex was Louis Bloomfield, a Canadian Jew and close associate of Edgar Bronfman. His father Samuel Bronfman was a bootlegging partner of Lewis Rosenstiel and the Mafia during the Prohibition of Alcohol in US, his brother Charles Bronfman is one of the founders of the Mega Group, a coalition of Jewish billionaires with links to Mossad/CIA/MI6 and the Mafia syndicate led by Meyer Lansky, who who blackmailed J. Edgar Hoover and was a great contributor/agent of the ADL (less known as B'nai B'rith, but not as unknown as their fellow Knights of the Golden Circle, who are better known as the Ku Klux Klan). Edgar Bronfman also had long standing connections with the Rothschilds dating back before WWII. Les Wexner, another founding member of the Mega Group, donated his Manhattan mansion to Jeffrey Epstein, which became the center of his blackmail operations.
File: 1590191717697.jpg (84 KB, 392x640)
84 KB
This man was named Knight of the Order of the Crown of Belgium after WW2 and his address book was filled with members of the European Nobility, including a Princess Jacqueline de Chimay. The Chimay family was implicated in Belgium's pedophile ring (Dutroux Affair), accused of organizing sick child-hunts on their vast estate. They worshiped a Gnostic god named Abrasax, an allegedly satanic sect called the Process Church of the Final Judgment was incorporated in the US by a defense witness for this man. One of the members of this sect was Charles Manson, who claimed to be Abrasax. They worshiped a Gnostic god called Abrasax, an allegedly Satanist sect called the Process Church of the Final Judgment was incorporated in the US by Tommy Baumler, who was a "defense witness" for this man during his trial. One of the members of this sect was Charles Manson, who claimed to be Abrasax. The term "Snuff Movie" comes from Manson, who claimed Roman Polanski and other Hollywood Stars did.
File: 1665115833655829.jpg (200 KB, 997x1500)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Lee Harvey Oswald was a friend of Barry Seal, who was a drug smuggler for the Medellin Cartel in Colombia and was a figure in the Iran-Contra Nicaragua affair. Mexico is today what Colombia and the Caribbean was in the 70s/80s/90s. The book "Hand of Death" by Max Call recounts the story of Henry Lee Lucas, a serial killer who told authorities he was a hit man for a alleged politically connected satanic cult. Lucas indicates he was told Lee Harvey Oswald had been a member of the cult, and there are reasons to believe this: (a) Lucas said the cult had a paramilitary training camp in the Florida Everglades, this is where CIA was operating paramilitary training camps for Cuban exiles, and former CIA agent Marita Lorenz testified under oath to seeing Oswald at one of these camps; (b) Another Oswald friend, David Ferrie, who trained Cubans for the Bay of Pigs Invasion, allegedly told a girlfriend of Oswald's that he was connected to satanic cults and displayed a ring with a demonic face, Lucas said Hand of Death members wore rings with demonic faces; (c) Lucas said the Hand of Death was based in Mexico, where Oswald is reported to have made a visit, still shrouded in mystery, in the fall of 1963.
File: 1665115728554012.png (2.83 MB, 1440x1440)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB PNG
In fact, Lucas' accomplice in the officially-acknowledged killing spree, a man named Ottis Toole, confirmed his allegations about the Hand of Death cult, providing detailed descriptions of their rituals, and telling chronicler Sondra London that he was born into a family that had been involved with black witchcraft for generations. Toole also revealed, quite interestingly, that he'd visited the Process Church of the Final Judgment in New Orleans! Following a sojourn to (you guessed it) Mexico, they arrived in the U.S. where they were incorporated in New Orleans with the assistance of attorney Tommy Baumler, who belonged to the same CIA-associated circle as Shaw, Ferrie, and Oswald, and later interviewed by the D.A.'s investigators in connection with the Kennedy plot. Small world, isn't it?
File: 1678890831075074.png (851 KB, 896x474)
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851 KB PNG
The same guys that were involved in the Kennedy Assassination and 9/11 are the same guys that were involved in the Iran Contra affair. You want to know who trained and assisted with this, dig into the Iran Contra affair. Central America/Caribbean politics factor heavily into both conspiracies. David Ferrie, a associate of Clay Shaw was alstrained Cuban militants at the Belle Chasse Naval Station in preparatn Bay of Pigs Invasion, and flew a number of missions over the island. Ferrie was also a agency asset used to funnel the Alpha 66 squad into Nicaragua for training against Castro, when Kennedy didn't want all out war against Castro, the MIL redirected this cell toward JFK. This was joint KGB/Mafia/CIA operation (being directed behind the scenes by the Mossad). Ferrie was also too attached to a New Orleans detective agency run by Guy Banister, formerly a top-ranking FBI agent who briefly served as Superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department and maintained a cozy relationship with the FBI, as well as the CIA and ONI which regularly used his detective agency as a cover for black operations. Their activities reportedly included arming anticommunist groups in the Caribbean, penetrating "subversive" groups on college campuses, and guiding the activities of a young Lee Harvey Oswald, who was according to former employees one of Banister's agents. A serial child molester, Ferrie had been accused by 20+ boys, many of whom had been cadets in his Civil Air Patrol unit. The allegations involved Ferrie's taking nude photos of the boys (i.e. child pornography) and flying them to South America for "mining expeditions" (i.e. likely child traffic, with international connections). He was also a professional hypnotist with an extensive library on the subject, and testimony from ex-cadets suggested he was taking these teenagers to Tulane University for "experiments". Tulane is documented to have been a hive of MKULTRA-related activities.
File: 1673077246973266.jpg (30 KB, 324x500)
30 KB
The CIA was full on supporting the Contras in Nicaragua and their drug/arms trafficking well before that. After the first hostage/arms exchange with Iran, Oliver North found he had a convenient source of black money to funnel to any off the books operations he wanted. One of the arms dealers they worked with on the Iran side was also selling to the Contras, who then sold the arms to gangs in LA (Contras moved most of their drugs and guns through LA). The entire "Gangsta Rap" scene of drugs and guns was fueled by the CIA and the Contras. There were several occasions where the DEA wanted to arrest Contra-connected druglords but were told to back off by higher ups. Iran-Contra deserves attention because you can see a direct line between IC and the modern day American police state. Police militarization was a direct effect of the guns and drugs the Contras moved into the US. The CIA and Sinaloa (formerly Guadalajara) Cartel have a long partnership. In the 80s, the CIA was using Guadalajara Cartel ranch with airstrip to train Contras and drug profits to arm them. This was done under the supervision of infamous CIA operative Felix Rodriguez. After DEA Agent Kiki Camarena refused bribes the rest of his DEA office took, he found and busted a marijuana plantation in the desert belonging to the Guadalajara Cartel, and CIA operative Felix Rodriguez began to worry Kiki Camarena was investigating the Guadalajara Cartel ranch where the Contras were training. So Felix Rodriguez orchestrated and oversaw the horrific kidnapping/torture/murder of Kiki Camarena. El Chapo at that time worked in the clean-up crew disposing bodies for the Guadalajara Cartel and interacted with Felix Rodriguez in this murder. This was all revealed in a docu-series The Last Narc, featuring the DEA Chief of the Pacific whose investigation was suppressed and he was sidelined.
File: 1679091439884518.jpg (9 KB, 268x250)
9 KB
CIA operative Felix Rodriguez is cuban btw, he was in the Bay Of Pigs disaster with Ferrie, worked with Klaus Barbie to hunt down Che Guevara, was best buds with George HW Bush, who was secret CIA as Zapata Oil and connected with the JFK assassination and later elevated to CIA Head, so Felix Rodriguez likely was one of the snipers or oversaw the cuban sniper team.
File: 1510703264620.png (77 KB, 215x377)
77 KB
A former employee of infamous Lawrence King of the Franklin pedophile ring who admitted serving as a photographer at child-sex parties stated that he saw King deliver a suitcase of cash to Michael Aquino, and that King told him the cash was to be directed to the Nicaraguan Contras through Oliver North's Citizens for America, and a witness reportedly placed North at one of King's parties, who were being backed by the CIA. Michael Aquino was associated with CIA, NSA, and the U.S. Army's psychological warfare service, as well as a member of the American Security Council's advisory board along with a host of top FBI, CIA, and Pentagon hawks. Throughout much of the 1980s, Aquino was at the center of a controversy involving the Pentagon's acquiescence to outright Satanic practices inside the military services. Aquino was also a prime suspect in a series of pedophile scandals involving the sexual abuse of hundreds of children, including the children of military personnel serving at the Presidio U.S. Army station in the San Francisco Bay Area. On February 5, 1999, in U.S. District Court in Lincoln, Nebraska, an extraordinary hearing occurred in Paul A. Bonacci v. Lawrence E. King, a civil action in which the plaintiff charged that he had been ritualistically abused by the defendant, as part of a nationwide pedophile ring linked to powerful political figures in Washington and to elements of the U.S. military and intelligence establishment. Three weeks later, on February 27, Judge Warren K. Urbom ordered King, who is currently in Federal prison, to pay $1 million in damages to Bonacci, in what Bonacci's attorney John DeCamp said was a clear signal that "the evidence presented was credible."
File: 1678890981191004.jpg (32 KB, 600x315)
32 KB
During the February 5 hearing, Noreen Gosch stunned the court with sworn testimony linking U.S. Army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino (ret.) to the nationwide pedophile ring. Her son, Johnny, then 12 years old, was kidnapped off the streets of West Des Moines, Iowa on September 5, 1982, while he was doing his early-morning newspaper deliveries. Since his kidnapping, she has devoted all of her time and resources to finding her son, and to exposing the dangers that millions of children in American face from this hideous, literally Satanic underground of ritualistic deviants.

"We have investigated, we have talked to so far 35 victims of this said organization that took my son and is responsible for what happened to Paul, and they can verify everything that has happened," she told the court.

"What this story involves is an elaborate function, I will say, that was an offshoot of a government program. The MK-Ultra program was developed in the 1950s by the CIA. It was used to help spy on other countries during the Cold War because they felt that the other countries were spying on us.

"It was very successful. They could do it very well."
File: 1678891025131147.jpg (69 KB, 321x500)
69 KB
Then, the Aquino bombshell: "Well, then there was a man by the name of Michael Aquino. He was in the military. He had top Pentagon clearances. He was a pedophile. He was a Satanist. He's founded the Temple of Set. And he was a close friend of Anton LaVey. The two of them were very active in ritualistic sexual abuse. And they deferred funding from this government program to use [in] this experimentation on children.

"Where they deliberately split off the personalities of these children into multiples, so that when they're questioned or put under oath or questioned under lie detector, that unless the operator knows how to question a multiple-personality disorder, they turn up with no evidence."

She continued: "They used these kids to sexually compromise politicians or anyone else they wish to have control of. This sounds so far out and so bizarre I had trouble accepting it in the beginning myself until I was presented with the data. We have the proof. In black and white."

Under questioning from DeCamp, Gosch reported: "I know that Michael Aquino has been in Iowa. I know that Michael Aquino has been to Offutt Air Force Base [a Strategic Air Command base, near Omaha, which was linked to King's activities]. I know that he has had contact with many of these children."

Paul Bonacci, who was simultaneously a victim and a member of the nationwide pedophile crime syndicate, has subsequently identified Aquino as the man who ordered the kidnapping of Johnny Gosch. In his February 5 testimony, Bonacci referred to the mastermind of the Gosch abduction as "the Colonel."
Can you just share a document or webpage instead of spamming the thread.
This is some conspiracy corkboard material. I don't know if I buy it but it's a good read.
>The Columbine shooters wanted to hijack a airplane and do a terrorist attack on New York. That was 1999, not 2001.
I'm well aware of the years, but I think comparatively Columbine's impact is overlooked aside from the increased gun violence in schools. It shocked the nation and schools changed overnight. It suddenly became knowledge you could potentially be killed at school, certain fashion styles and attitudes became taboo by association, teachers and policies became far more restrictive and paranoid. Lot of schools I went to or knew of even banned playing friggin' tag, and of course anything involving make believe violence got you sent to the counselor.

It definitely played a part in ending 90s optimism.

It was Valeen Schnurr they asked, she said yes, they spared her.
this case like many others won't receive the attention it deserves until the parties involved including the chil witnesses are either dead, dying, retired , or simply just too old to bother pursuing those implicated by all the [redacted] shit.

sad. many such cases. of a truth the only thing that has remained constant in my lifetime is death and taxes. also arguably corruption. to those of you who think you found some super cool shit -you haven't. not really. they just won't ban you for talking about it here; at least not usually. you really do kinda have to go out of your way to get a ban here. to the new kids, especially the college age and younger twats, all I can say is that this world you are growing up in that is so cozy comfy will most likely not exist when you get your first grey 20 years from now even if you do still get by and make a living.

I'd offer a shoulder to those of you my age and older who are finally paying attention, but your lack of awareness this whole fucking time is large part of how we got here, so I have little sympathy for your "plight". What could we have really done when constantly outvoted by your ignorance?
we had the same fucking sources, man. yet only now have you begun to ask the most basic of questions about anything... and you blame us for not warning you? you were too busy mocking us all these years convinced of your own superiority just because you made a couple extra bucks on payday.

how does it feel knowing it was all for nothing more than "cum, eat the cookie, smoke a butt, and go to fucking bed"?

thanks for contributing to make the world so much better.
Imagine a Tibetan Vajrayana lama taking a shit in and pissing in your mouth, fucking chud.
Such based schizo-posting it’s like I had a mind-orgasm (not being sarcastic, just sound like it). Throw in the Bronfman heiresses’ ties to the NXIVM sex scandal/psychological and physical abuse, torture and mind-control cult, too.

It’s amazing how “conspiracy theories” not just intertwine and interlink, but astonishingly so the more you learn about them, like a holographic web or Indra’s Net.

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