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Newfags, namefags, zoomers, and all the other fucks are tanking the creativity and originality of the board. Namefags are attention whores we all know this and the larping zoomers derail decent threads almost right away.
Where this gets into paranormal or ,more likely, conspiracy is that I propose the idea this was deliberately done to deter any and all decent ideas when discussing conspiracies (even actual paranormal/ghost/alien type threads) because the glowies don’t want any real discussion to get close to the truth or any discussion that has real sources. I’m fairly certain that this isn’t something that’s going away any time soon and it seems like most oldfags are jumping ship.
I'm an oldfag who went all around the web and came back a few months ago. I'm all about contributing around here but I guess things have changed, I've already been b& 3 times.
I got banned a while back too. And yeah things have changed, anons always say this place was never that good and I partially agree but it’s to the point that most threads don’t have any good, real discussion. All the things that sucked about this board have only gotten way worse and the newfags refuse to lurk more. Genuinely pretty sad about that. I used to really enjoy the gangstalking and RNM threads but those get derailed and shilled like no tomorrow
File: lgbt egregore 22c.png (206 KB, 1383x789)
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206 KB PNG
wouldn't it be funny if all the shills and feds suddenly trooned out? felt like talking abt this but didn't have somewhere to shoehorn it in. i love gawking at the troon shitshow and speculating on it. in light of the serpent seed thing, i'm strongly thinking this is God's "grand delusion" upon the tainted masses. not everyone walking around is a real person, though real people can fall into the cult, but usually good forces keep them away from harm. when i indulge in the more SFW troon vids (taking a break from wallowing in filthy troon gore, and getting excited at seeing a grody new amhole or rotdog that's exceptionally horrible), i usually feel some evil little spirit bothering me.
some nasty little demon is coming at me, like a wasp trying to infiltrate a clear container with food inside. the wasp wants to get the food, but it pointlessly bonks into the clear walls forever. that's what the little demon is doing. it's known that just reading and discussing succubi or similar sex daemons, will summon them. having knowledge or patterns in one's mind can attract certain entities. i'm pretty well-protected from evil, so this little wasp-demon is only a weird pest. but it made me think.
serpentseed "sneeps" don't have this kind of protection. real people with very low vibes are EXTREMELY at risk for this "troon wasp" to sting them and get them wanting to blow $10K on being hacked to pieces by a butcher. btw i love reading abt butchers and the medical & legal shitstorms.
but the gender cult thing is absolutely demonic in nature, but it seems tb caused by the Good Entities having a big ol' laugh at the devils on earth.

long rambles here:
Snake-People / Repto-World
1 http://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/33859503/
2 http://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/33869605/
3 http://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/33883784/
4 http://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/33892315/
5 http://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/33900814/
File: tesla-horrors.gif (689 KB, 607x609)
689 KB
689 KB GIF
here's the video saga of Ashton Williams, my favorite new troon. the ride gets worse and worse. AW has a "gf", who does have a soul. AW is a sneep, but the "GF" is playing a MAJOR role off-cam, and has first row seats to the horrors. but God wouldn't let this happen to a real soul.

1: feb 10. 12mb
2: feb 10-26. 20m 34s. 86.2mb
3: feb 28 - mar 21. 72mb. 19m.
4: mar 23 - apr 26. 96mb. 22m 37s.
5: apr 29 - july 7. 186mb. 41m 50s.
6: jul 7 - dec 16?. 177mb. 40m 32s.

07: dec 11 2022. 9.3mb.
08: dec 13 2022. 5.6mb.
09: dec 17 2022. 27mb.
10: dec 18 2022. 27mb.

11: dec 17? 2022. 7mb.
12: dec 29 2022. 17.3mb.
13: jan 05 2023. 8mb.
14: jan 07 2023. 20mb.
15: jan 11 2023. 24mb.
Glad to see you here, you’re snake people threads have been my favorites lately. Thanks for the archive links.
Also I agree, the troon shit is despicable but would be funny for the shills and glowies to fall to.
I’ll try to get through these, definitely a lot there though. You have a summary?
Also since I mentioned gangstalkers in my OP here’s a screenshot from while back when those threads actually went somewhere. Gives a good guildline
Also could be my own paranoia but around the same time I posted in one of those GS threads and the response I got was odd, wanted some others experiences but just got this vague answer. Got me thinking of it was someone I knew trying to tell me they were behind some shit but I’ve got no evidence. Though a lot of gangstalking is done so any evidence can be chalked up to paranoia
File: gold nose smiley spin.gif (528 KB, 255x255)
528 KB
528 KB GIF
aww thanks! i see more people making connections! times have been so dark, but now the dawn is breaking through the cracks of night as people awaken and realize our oneness and power!
off the top of my head for AW, i don't want to spoil the surprise, also spoiler tags dont work for me fsr. but it starts off with, AW gayden wants to stand to pee. with a rotdog. but then things get complicated, and AW ends up being a guinea pig for insane torturous surgeries. i dont want to spoil it, but if you read the KF GRS/SRS Horrors thread, she's still kicking somehow. wild. but various people have survived things that logically should have killed them.
troon circus has a million things going on, but a very common theme is "bait & switch". also each butchery is experimental, nothing is standardized, they have "trade secrets", it's all privately funded, and usually a troon will be shown false works done by another butcher to give them false hope, or main Dr. Stabby leaves and Dr. Slice appears out of nowhere to take over, no forewarning. or some "sudden extreme complication" arises, and since the surgical team already got their condor claws on a victim, they just turn them into a guinea pig that PAYS OUT THE WAZOO to be tortured in horrific new ways. the ride never ends.

also i have half a mind to outright create an image & name for the Troon-Wasp demons. instead of summoning them to smack them, i think i'll just play with them like the buzzy demonic little toys they are. give them a visual, a name, and just let that loose.
interesting list. personally, since i have some particular things going on (wont get into, just life stuff) - when i see a synchro that i actually want, i want to pump it up somehow. amplify it. boost it. usually i get predictable stuff. i like looking at both sides of the troon coin, i get troon ads, i'll probably watch them for a laugh.
btw, watching "sunny side" troon vids will summon the pesky troon-wasp demon to bonk into me over and over, but reading butchery horror threads doesn't summon it. interesting. obvious, but still it's a thing to keep in mind.
also general LOA will have little quirks. just how it is. thoughts/events can ping off of anyone. NPCs will react to it, so will real people. if someone has a phase where they're obsessed with acorns or smth, and people randomly bring up acorns, it's probably just a side effect of LOA just being a thing.
I see I’ll definitely be watching those then, seems interesting in a fucked up sorta way. If this thread lasts long enough we can discuss deeper.
For a while I’ve done the opposite, synchronization causes me great paranoia since it comes from the people I heavily suspect watch me or from technology (phone,radio, etc) so I can’t find myself believing I’m actually finding synchronization but rather clues would be the best way to describe it. Clues that I’m being watched and I can’t do anything about it, just to drive my paranoia and lower my “vibration”. The RNM and gangstalking stuff goes way deeper than people realize and any thread I’ve made on it in the recent months has pretty much been shot down. At first it was definitely my paranoia getting the best of me (run of the mill schizo GS stuff, red cars and the like) but once I really focused on not letting that be the case I learned that it’s much more real than I thought. It can be tough to research too since a lot of it is indeed schizo. Even looking into deeper into Robert Gunn can be a tall task, he was an NSA guy responsible for looking deep into the electrical wiring of the brain and how it can be detected and manipulated.
Because of all that it can be hard to tell if certain people are contracted to “gangstalk” or if they are under the “spell” of RNM/V2K considering the amount of people who can’t really create images in their head, just words. Manipulate those words you have their thoughts, therefore you have their mind, their being.
Btw might not be able to watch all the videos now, it’s pretty late where I’m at and I’ll have to get some shut eye soon
File: 1673048019653071.jpg (139 KB, 489x466)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
you must've done something important or saw something very interesting to get that kind of attention. i actually can relate. some people do report hi-tech GS type stuff, and obviously many of them don't say too much abt their real lives, where they live. but i'd imagine someone in England is going to have a vastly different experience than someone out in rural Kansas when it comes to things like this. i do often get weird numbers that i go "hmmm" at, or see synchros, but i dont always know what they mean, nor do i get a particular feeling. other than "hmm there it is again, it's happening a lot this week. what does it mean??" but then usually it kinda fades out and has yet tb brought up again. so many things i shrug off as LoA type fluff. but i have made some enemies by having some laffs irl. rich bastards in the family that get super assblasted when someone says something they don't like, and of course they get soooo mad i just gotta poke them and laugh.
>>33918194 before it's off the archive
some ugly freaks didn't like what i was doing (truthing openly), and in the distant past, they made a weirdly specific request: that my immediate family give them a wooden object i made. whatever for? i didn't question it, i just handed it over and shrugged it off. now i know timey wimey stuff is a thing, since im blatantly manipulating my timelines as much as possible.
one night a week after pissing them off, i sensed a NASTY dark evil cloud of wretchedness looming menacingly at me... fortunately i was prepared, and as it turns out, maybe the reason i never got found out was because... environmental factors. i'm always careful abt privacy, though very recently i'm done giving a shit. now i'm letting my online wires cross cuz idgaf no more, the plug will be pulled on all this soon. anyway, i just grabbed some nifty things and sent all that evil stuff away. not a scratch or blot on me. i hope it blasted them hard when it went back, hah!
the most powerful physical thing in everyday life on earth is, making allies. who can be surprising and appear in strange places. i've been on a personal quest of magic, learning abt magic, picking up bits of info on astrology but man that's a big topic. i've been chronically ill for a huge portion of my life, and that itself has been a MAJOR lesson abt cause & effect. shit happens for seemingly no reason, but life is hell & suffering, no way around it. what i didn't know when i was badly injured & violated as a child, was how much other people were hurting, how bad shit was done to them, even worse than what i got. realizing how deeply trauma can go. i've had several waves of learning tough lessons abt judging based on appearances, and how layered it goes. Jesus says judge by fruits, not appearances. a few years ago, it was so easy to become super arrogant, think i got it all figured out, cuz i could see past layers 1 & 2 of the Illusions... but it goes way beyond that, and more people are involved in this. usually family, cuz this seems tb a bloodline thing i'm involved in. the people most in my life. learning who's trustworthy, who's not, and being in a certain "club" isn't necessarily an indicator per se. usually club members with real souls, had "sold" their souls in past lives, meaning they're now the slaves of archons and are forced to reincarnate in captivity. they CAN escape, but it involves self-sacrifice, literally. or being martyred knowingly. which is powerful, a blood sacrifice, their own lives, for what they believe in. so much power in that. when someone leaves a cult and is KILLED, that shed blood opens up the gates. it DECIMATES the integrity of the cult. one person died trying to leave, now suddenly 20 people are scrambling to leave the cult now that the gate is open.
depth of emotion. vertical emotions. that's the fruit. that's the tell. anyone can be involved in bad shit, get trapped, get MK Ultra'd...
someone i had big problems with, i thought they were usual NPC cult members... no. they had been BRUTALIZED as a child, even put on PUBERTY BLOCKERS before those fell out of use, back in what, 1920s? idk. secret medical shit no one ever breathes a word abt. this cult is SECRETIVE. but real eyes realize, all that stuff. learning not only to see visuals, but also to watch behavior, animation, hear cadence of speech, hear tone of speech. watch what they do. these people can be tricky. smart sociopaths know to make lots of normie souled friends for plausible deniability.
two can play that game. if a freak wants to hide behind normie friends, i can make freako friends to hide behind. works amazing. they'll want to leave. they'll realize how much they can't stand the cult.
i realized the sneep thing when i was going to offer something extremely precious to someone, but a force prevented me. familiar with that, i know some spirits. i wondered why was i being told not to? then it made me think abt the people i knew... ponder deeply the sameness of some folks i won't get into. but seeing how their lives rhymed, their weird behaviors, and others who were exactly the same way...
... then the pieces fell together. the serpent seedline. then more questions asked, more doors explored, more examining this & that.
and sometimes you get an Ace. a big mysterious hand from the clouds, suddenly drops some new thing on you. starting a new journey.
yeah life's a trip. it's hell sometimes, but man the heights can be pretty great!
realizing what sneeps are, made me realize who traumatized true people are. how they've been hurt, how i made it worse because i didn't know. now i have to fix it. doing so repaired my karma, generated love-fire energy, won powerful allies. that's some real power.
I’m in Mass. so I wouldn’t doubt being a very looked out for person considering the types that typically are known to live here. I think when it comes to family they only know random bullshit I’ve said on /pol/, even just being there is enough for them to watch me and say things to get me paranoid as well as justify to themselves watching what I do online. When it comes to govt it has to be more the conclusions I’ve come to with certain information given, might be a lot to get into in this thread also I don’t write this shit down lately for fear of having room searched for notebooks or flash drives. I’ve only heard “V2K” once telling me I was loved and shit like that, seems more like a tired one off hallucination than anything but worth the note (I don’t hallucinate visually or audibly btw). Guess it should also be said I have two grandmothers (each side of family) one was very into the occult and the other very religious claiming to have a sort of psychic ability which I never believed until she managed to figure me out off the bat before. I’ve had many occurrences of religious people feeling the need to speak to me (gangstalker or not still pretty odd, one was even a coworker at a place I worked a while back who gave me his bible). Recent place I worked I was fucked with a lot by two coworkers, one though very much wanted to talk about conspiracy once in a while but to the other glancing at me while they did. I never butted in since he was admittedly stupid and made shit up, perhaps trying to see if I would say something but I never did. I believe they hire dumb people at times, more about hiring those morally corrupt but still speculation so I can’t be certain. Best for me to play a dumb character, n fit right in. My bad for long response
Wish I could get the few friends I have to see my side but I’m already seen as the “schizo” without even going too far. As I said, living where I’m at and thinking the way I do is an anomaly in of itself. They wouldn’t take half of what I told you with a grain of salt. In fact I believe they are in the same “know” as my family is, making me pretty alone in all this. I’ve noticed way too many odd behaviors despite playing dumb. I believe a good amount of my family and friends count as “sneeple”
>>33925914 >>33925935
huh, we certainly relate. i know abt playing dumb, or saying too much big stuff too soon and getting neg attention, then having to backpedal, damage control, and be super nicey wicey and stuff to get them to cool down. eh, sneeps really are very dumb. the big brained ones CAN be smart *on the moment*, like learning a skill, craft, doing a bigbrain thing for a moment. but their long-term thinking is SHIT.
if people are looking at you funny, you might have shall we say, a "unique appearance". how's your physiognomy game? also yeah i met kooky randos in my dark, miserable past. today *i* am the kooky rando that appears out of nowhere to say some unexpected weird stuff, hah! love weirdening up someone's day! the look a person gets when you just shatter their worldview with a few words. but redpills gotta be dispersed sparingly. and some tough ones, you can only drop one at a time, cuz people tend to really choke on some harder redpills.
... that "club" thing, yeah. sounds like your family's big into that. it afflicts every single town, from big city to rural nowheresville. that pervasive.
what's V2K? i heard of it before, but dont know much abt it.
sometimes figuring people out doesn't necessarily rely on retrieving data from the aethers, but can boil down to simple knowledge and putting the pieces together. that's how i realized some stuff abt people i was close to, that very deeply hurt mkultra'd person who got stunted as a child. has been reincarnated. done fantastic in the eyes of God, all mistakes forgiven. it makes sense. knowledge is power, and these days im really thinking knowledge is just the ultimate good, ignorance is the ultimate evil. sneeps don't know good/evil beyond foggy notions. they're just not like us, they lack our capacity. speaking of brain capacity, yeah the hurt elder-child got damaged from the poisons they were subjected to, but the SOUL shone so bright. the soul. that's the thing. O instead of I, like a sneep's. ->
File: horseshoe-crab 3.png (1.7 MB, 3000x1688)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB PNG
those slippery people. shifting from live host to live host. but for this person, let's call them "HSC". HSC developed dementia later in their life, and i could SEE their holey brain resetting behind their surgeried eyes. HSC had a massive heap of health problems, no doubt caused by the early childhood abuse. but what a trooper HSC is, and while they'd fade from their decrepit old host, the soul was off in a new one.

how interesting you mention massachusetts... im not sure where the host of HSC is rn, but i got a vision. teen white male, irish descent (... not sure what type desu, but has "a look"), and boston is one of the places that vision might've been from. or ireland. so im wondering, iffff HSC is in mass, then what if... you encountered him? i'm really sending him all the love and goodwill i can. let's just say, his prev life was A MESS, and i really didn't make things better, but it was a horrible disaster. now i'm just using magic to fix it all best as i can. cuz ripple effects and the other people he knew. somewhere in his soul data, he remembers us. it's kind of a big deal over here... one person can make such a huge impact. yeah, that was a BIG lesson in looking deep and understanding the how's and why's of the way things be. but for him, he earned his rest, and a new life of freedom. he can be who HE wants, and do what HE wants. he's no longer a broken little slave. he's easily one of my favorite people ever. i even tried to make a post directed at him, but that didn't work out. if you meet him... tell him i said he's one of my top 10 fave people ever.
also yeah things are awk when the club members know you know, but that's where charisma and smoothing things over, generosity, kindness really save the day. that's the only reason my ass isn't locked up somewhere.
File: pallas-cat 7.jpg (202 KB, 1728x1080)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
most people thought i was crazy, and yeah i was wrong abt A LOT, probably most stuff i said in my life, cumulatively... more bad karma for me. woe to the idle shepherd, eye & arm dmg on the right side. sucks but karma is empirical, it's based on fact. like how magic works, magic doesn't use negatives, it's 1 or 0, and if someone does anything bad, that's bad karma, they get punished for it. karma farming only goes so far (feed the nogs and all that), but kindness & generosity always generate the real stuff.
when i realized the sneep thing after figuring out WHY i was prevented from offering something valuable to someone, went down a bit of a rabbit hole, thought abt people... and someone stood out. i could SEE CLEARLY how those two people, HSC & "Eagle" were kindred spirits, like me. but we all really hurt each other in a big nasty cycle another thing, we had emotional burdens. visibly. traumas register as physical injuries inside. sneeps can be injured, but not from emotional trauma, they lack that capacity. another big, big clue.
i dropped some heavy redpills these past few years, but it's one thing to convince a total skeptic with 0 knowledge on an obscure topic, when you have a perfect example to put in their hands and make them examine it. but when it's abt people close to you, people you spent your life with... that's a new level of challenge. harder battles every time. each time you level up, your enemies scale up, your challenges get bigger, the stakes are raised higher. always an upward struggle.
but when i realized the severity of the situation, how much bad would INEVITABLY come, it was _*IMPERATIVE*_ that i speak to Eagle on the matter. knowing how hard it would be, this wouldn't be like putting some weird crazy thing in his hands. he'd have to see for himself and learn to think critically. and he was badly traumatized too, he shut himself up & hid from everything. but there's no hiding from this one.
V2K means “voice to skull” direct worded messages to the mind (after this I’ll post something about it, though since I only experienced it once I can’t say I know too much for someone who doesn’t have much experience). A person who can see in their mind can pick up on these, but one who thinks in only words cannot. My physiognomy game is pronounced nose
kinda jewy but Italian decent, good jawline and headshape and brow, the GS coworker even expressed jealousy over it and my facial hair for being the age I am, I do not look my age. Also, don’t say too much too soon just trust me on that even if you wind up being wrong or just sounding crazy. The GS want that. >>33925972
Interesting you noticed that, the grandmother I have that was into the occult seems to be showing signs of early dementia. My mother (the mother to the grandmother I just mentioned) has shown signs of narcissism but has since hidden said signs. Also explain HSC and what it stands for, I’m very interested. Living in Worcester County I only know certain people from Boston since I’ve worked in the city before. Perhaps I have encountered him and didn’t know it. I play my character to a T so I probably wouldn’t have found him as he wouldn’t have found me. Although fair to say, many of us in Mass are of Irish decent like I am (as well as Italian and German). I’d like to hear your thoughts on this man I like hearing your thinking
Also I know I complained about zoomers but this thread is going down a page every response I swear, if you want to speak about these things with me I’ll link my discord. Let me know if you’d want that, otherwise let’s have another thread like this. You post the cat or I’ll make another thread like this and post picrel as OP
File: alternate-maryland.png (765 KB, 1279x4974)
765 KB
765 KB PNG
a year or so ago, an anon said "do you feel that oscillating feel down your spine? that's your soul degrading. when you're done, it'll be given to someone else". sneep. sometimes someone says "i just realized im an NPC". snoids come in diff grades, and new souls will be manufactured sometimes. and this is... where Eagle comes in, and this is going to be too brutal for him. he's been hiding from hard stuff, but there's no hiding. if he doesn't wake up to this one, something really bad's gonna happen. i couldn't not tell him. they're just not like us.
it's so weird now, looking back on the explosion of NPC awareness among real people, or sneeps becoming self-aware. i do believe there are true, actual NPCs, but sneeps can and do have souls. just not good ones. some are nice people, maybe they'll ascend. God is merciful and generous.
we're facing this cycle closing up and new one beginning, lots of people are going tb left behind. the pushing of "Among Us" and "zombie apocalypse" scenarios... read this. remember china eradicated most of their real people hundreds of years ago, so they fled to nearby asian countries. china's full of nogs waiting to go feral any second. BLM is stirring this up. they're going to snap at any moment. the sneeps are just trooning out. it'll ruin Eagle if someone troons out on him when he doesn't expect. and repairing my broken relationship with him, forgiving EVERYTHING, cuz old shit doesn't matter and we don't have time for it. can't waste time thinking abt that shit when we're facing some real wacky stuff now. the future's coming fast.
File: oh snap no foolin.png (316 KB, 1893x711)
316 KB
316 KB PNG
oh shit. kay, tellfun at proton me.
HSC = horseshoe crab, the person i have in mind is a cancer. Eagle is a scorpio. i'm a pisces. kinda oversimplified. also yeah there's crazy wacky lies n shit in my family.
from your description, i know you're a rye an! heh hope that wasn't saying too much. but i see now! yeah they're gonna look at you with jealousy and try to hurt you.
Idk what tellfun at proton means but there’s my discord. I’ll accept and respond in a while. Got laid off, sleep schedule is messed up so going to bed at 6am I’ll respond later
i don't use discord at all, and couldnt if i tried cuz reasons. but that's the proton.me to email if you want to. yeah, you're definitely flagged. this thread got set to "perma sage" or something when you posted... now im curious. im a fly under the radar type.
Fair enough, discord is a cesspool. I only use it for the few friends I’ve got. I made the thread though, and it says there are 3 posters. You and the other must have some type of flag on you aswell, perhaps that’s why my threads never work out. Proton mail is definitely much better than discord.
Mine is thereignman4
Typed in tellfun, recipient not found??
try the longer name. protonmail.com

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